If you haven’t checked out the viral site 9 Experiment and the Facebook page for “The Scientist” then you really are missing out. Both sites fill in the blanks of two of the key questions of 9, namely, “What happened to destroy life on Earth as we know it?” and “How did tech monsters and rag dolls ever come to life?”

Digging through the sites, you’ll learn all about mankind’s fall at the hands of technology, leading to The Scientist’s bold experiments, which gave birth to the rag dolls and “the talisman,” a key element in the story (see pic at the top of pg. 2). You can also learn what kind of unique details The Scientist built into each of his nine dolls, culminating with the advanced intelligence and intricate construction of the titular character, 9.

If you’re one of those people who HAS to know the entire backstory of a cinematic world (we saw with District 9 that some of you are sticklers for that sort of thing), then don’t wait to complain while you’re sitting in the movie: go check out the viral sites beforehand. The filmmakers put a good deal of work into making sure the story behind the world they created was logical and believable. Might as well take advantage.

After you visit 9 Experiment and The Scientist’s Facebook page head on back over here to enter our 9 Movie Giveaway. Prizes include the following:


limited edition official book for 9. There will only be 999 copies of the book printed and they come in a burlap pouch resembling the material the characters in the film are made from – as well as a DVD of the original short film that inspired the movie. The book contains tons of background information on the story and lots of beautiful images from the film.

Sounds good right? You can enter the contest by going here.

Speaking of “beautiful images” here a few from the movie:

The man behind it all: Shane Acker

‘9’ debuts in theaters on 9-9-09 – same time as our official Screen Rant review. Be sure to check back ASAP to see what we thought of the finished product.

Sources: YouTube, 9 Experiment and The Scientist Facebook page

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