Now that you’ve seen the clips and have a better sense of the world of 9, allow me to introduce the film’s main characters, the living rag dolls numbered (you guessed it) 1-9.

Each doll was created with a unique personality, to serve a unique purpose. The posters do a good job of spelling it all out for you (click on any of them for a larger version). I’ve also listed the actors voicing each character:


Christopher Plummer is 1

Martin Landu is 2

The Twins 3&4 don't speak, so no voice actors needed

John C. Reily is 5

Crispin Glover is 6

Jennifer Connelly is 7

Fred Tatasciore is 8

Elijah Wood is 9

For a more in-depth summary of each of the dolls of 9 go here.

(Go to pg. 3 for info on the 9 viral sites, cool images from the movie and 9 contest info!)

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