‘Shameless’ Trailer Mixes Dark Comedy With Family Drama

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Shameless TV show trailer Shameless Trailer Mixes Dark Comedy With Family Drama

Acclaimed character actor William H. Macy – who received an Oscar nomination for his performance as the hapless Jerry Lundegaard in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo – is the unshaven, unemployed, and often unconscious (from drinking) patriarch of the family in Showtime’s new TV series, Shameless.

A trailer is now out for the first season of Shameless, which was originally a successful British comedy show before it got the American makeover from producer powerhouse John Wells (ER, The West Wing).

Macy stars in Shameless as Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic single father who lives with his six children in working-class Chicago and struggles to make ends meet in the wake of the U.S. economic recession. The cast of the show is otherwise populated by unknowns, with the exceptions of Emmy Rossum (Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera) as Frank’s eldest daughter, Fiona, and Joan Cusack as Sheila Jackson, the Gallagher clan’s agoraphobic neighbor.

Shameless features a more darkly comedic and adult perspective on the experiences of modern-day family life. It’s quite appropriate then that the show will premiere on the same cable channel responsible for the dysfunctional family dramedy Weeds and the twisted take on marriage and fatherhood presented on Dexter. Could Shameless be one Americanized take on a hit Brit TV series that works (besides the upcoming Being Human)?

Check out the trailer for Shameless below and decide for yourselves (NOTE: There’s no explicit content or language in this preview, but it not-so-subtly alludes to some NSFW material, so be careful about where you watch it):

This new version of Shameless could be worthwhile and it looks to mix some deliciously macabre bits of humor and innuendo with true-to-life family issues and drama. Macy has arguably never turned in a bad performance (though not even he could save Jurassic Park 3) and should lend an empathetic air to his portrayal of Frank, while still portraying the character’s drug problems and irresponsible nature in a realistic fashion. Color us intrigued for now.

Showtime will air the pilot episode for Shameless on January 9th, 2011.

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  1. anything Macy is involved in will be good

  2. After seeing the trailer, I have no desire to see this show. Like I really need another cable “comedy” featuring a dysfunctional family.

  3. sorry to say this but it sort of getting annoying that every british show have to get Americanized. its not like we do a British version of American show.

    • spot on. lol

    • What about Law and Order UK? It goes both ways.

      • i hated that idea cause ITV get rid of the classic show “The Bill” for Law and Order UK. alot of people over here are upset about them doing that. remember we have the original US Law and Order show on our tv first before they did the UK version. you guys never even get the British version shows first before you get the American version. so it does not go both ways we even got our Wife Swap and Wife Swap USA on our tv. i doubt you even get Wife Swap UK over there in the US.

        • so sorry jenn its not the same imo

    • I hear what you’re saying bit it does open eyes up to the originals and most americans don’t get british t.v. shows. Also cultural references and stuff don’t always translate as well. But really does it matter that much, just don’t watch it. On the other hand Dark Comedy and Macy = awesome. I.e. Fargo.

      • that dont make sense cause we in the UK we get America shows all the time and we never make a British version of the same show. we dont have a UK version of Friends, Ugly Betty, etc.

        the cultural references in American shows not even a issue over here in the UK i dont know why it should be a issue over there in the US. are people that closed minded to see a show that have British culture instead of American culture. i understand for remaking foreign language speaking tv shows and movies but this is a english speaking tv show its not hard to understand. i like William H. Macy but it gets annoying seeing another British show getting Americanized. i cant wait for the American version of Dr Who, Eastenders, Coronation Street, etc.

        • Btw i would never wanna see freinds remade cause it was a crap show about pretencious new yorkers. Most american t.v. isn’t very good in my opinion, with the exception of south park, simpsons, married with children, cheers and fraiser.

      • Sully,

        I just discovered The IT Crowd recently – HYSTERICAL show. :)


        • I heard about that one just recently too Vic, definitely wanna check it out.


          I totally hear and know what you’re saying man, trust me. U.k. t.v. definitely maybe original and not remake american t.v. at all, and props to that for sure. But everything is taken from something else, from shakespeare to modern literature. I mean look at the british envasion of music with the stones, floyd, clapton, beatles, the who ect. Those guys where all emulating southern african american blues bands and even covering ther songs to hone their skills. It all comes full circle is all. Point bieng if british t.v. remade south park or firefly, i wouldnt be offended.

          • Sorry my comment came off totally pretencious…fail

          • if we did a british version of south park or firefly i would be offended even though im British. music situation every artist take influence from other culture its not like Elvis never emulate african american blues music. i just feel the American TV Network should just release the British version over there so you can have a chance to see if you like the show or not instead of Americanized the show. look at this in the UK we got two big Australian tv soup opera called Home and Away and Neighbours these shows has been on our TV for years we never made a British version we expected their version as it is. did u see the new US Skins trailer that looks fricking awful to compare to the British version of Skins. im not attacking you guys for this situation i blaming the American TV Studio bosses for not making these shows available to you guys. if these TV Studio bosses liked the British show why the hell they dont try and release the actually show to you guys.

        • IT Crowd is great i love that show

  4. This looks like its an exact remake of the British one, but Americanised they could of changed a few things and put some creativity into it even the start intro is a copy word for word more or less, should of gone for a more hillbilly/trailer trash approach

  5. they certainly have the exact same style as the british one, this’ll be interesting.
    remember how the office started out? the very first episode was an exact copy of the british version’s pilot episode and that’s one of the highest rated american comedies of recent years so hopefully they’ll diverge from the british version’s storylines

  6. I adore Shameless! I rank it in my top 5 favourite shows of all time

    this will be horrible!
    I am so sick of americans adapting and bastardizing good british shows. You just know it wont be as good and will inevitably be dumbed down and will in no way reflect the brilliance of the channel 4 version. just look at the office and red dwarf… both great shows but the US remakes are appauling compared to the uk version… and as the article mentions Life on Mars…. shocking

    Why cant the americans just leave good shows as they are, maybe air them on their own networks?

    you dont see us in australia remaking lost or prisonbreak

    idiots, leave good shows alone… the british make the best shows.. just accept defeat and enjoy superior television from the UK

    • Biting tounge…god it hurts! Look its just art! Blah it came out! So many countrys have ripped of american music and we don’t complain! I’m sorry for my outburst, i will go back to my hole now.

  7. to be hnest i just watched the first episode, and yes it really was terrible, awful, and the actors completely missed the point, and the humor of the situations, however as i have american family can understand how a dumbed down version could appeal to an american audience, whose shows (typically shorter length of time than brit ones bt not all) are there for the quick fix of the american psyche of “we want gratification now” but its noware near as gritty or darly funny as the british original./

  8. I thought when this show came out…”oh great…another stupid show” . I have to tell you that this show is mine and my husbands FAVOURITE show!! I LOVE this show! It’s hilarious!! I look forward to it coming on every week!