‘Shame’ U.S. Trailer & Clip: Michael Fassbender Has Problems

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michael fassbender shame Shame U.S. Trailer & Clip: Michael Fassbender Has Problems

Every awards season there seems to be that one acclaimed flick that stands out as the “controversial dark horse” of the pack. In 2011, it’s co-writer/director Steve McQueen’s Shame, which reunites him with his acclaimed Hunger star, Michael Fassbender.

An official domestic green band trailer has been unveiled for Shame, which (for now) has been slapped with the incriminatory NC-17 Rating from the MPAA. However, it looks like Fox Searchlight is not going to attempt to get that stigma-heavy rating appealed – and based on the subject matter alone that’s probably fine, seeing how this film is truly not meant for anyone of a non-legal age.

Fassbender’s newfound popularity in the wake of X-Men: First Class hasn’t led him astray from his indie roots just yet – seeing how he’s set to reunite with McQueen a third time in the future, on 12 Years a Slave. Between Shame and his part as Carl Jung in David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, Fassbender will have a monopoly on playing (to put it politely) emotionally-stunted men who handle their personal demons in a less-than-healthy manner.

On that note – check out the official synopsis for Shame below:

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a New Yorker who shuns intimacy with women but feeds his desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. When his wayward younger sister (Carey Mulligan) moves into his apartment stirring memories of their shared painful past, Brandon’s insular life spirals out of control.

Now have a look at the official domestic Shame trailer and a new clip (both are safe for all audiences) below:

Based on this early footage alone, Fassbender looks to deliver yet another powerful performance – through a mixture of subtle expressiveness, explicit behavior, and uncouth action (there’s a reason this movie is controversial). The mixture of Sean Bobbitt’s unobtrusive yet effective cinematography, McQueen’s solid direction, and the naturalistic feel of everything from the dialogue to the collective performances of the Shame cast looks quite good right now. All things considered, this film seems like a must-see for diehard indie cinemaphiles.

Fair warning: if the glimpse of emotionally-raw and disturbing material shown in the theatrical preview and clip above left you feeling too uncomfortable, you’ll probably want to pass on Shame. Believe us – based on early word of mouth about what goes down in this movie, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Shame begins a limited theatrical release in the U.S. on December 2nd, 2011.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers (via Movieweb)

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  1. Fassbender delivered the performance of the year in my opinion. If he doesn’t get an Oscar nod for ‘Shame’, it just proves how irrelevant the academy is becoming. The film was powerful, heartbreaking, and thought provoking.

  2. Ok I guess I missed something, I didnt see anything potentially controversial except he likes tappin a variety.

    Umm but because of your warnings, I have to put my imagination to work here and going to guess incest plays a part somewhere.

    • It got the NC-17 rating because Fassbender goes full frontal, a lot.

      But yeah, based on that little scene with his sister in the trailer, I’m wondering if incest was involved?

  3. All I can think of when I watch the trailer is why doesn’t Magneto turn around and blast that guy.

    • Nice!!

  4. Now for the real reason the film is NC-17, Incest! anyone? yes, apparently his sexual addiction goes so far as taboo. Though i find this to be sicking, I still would watch this movie because the story line is compelling and realistic. I would not mind seeing Carey Mulligan nude in this movie. We need a “mulligan” once in a while?

    on a side note, Micheal Fassbender was great as Magneto, but looked horrible in the costume.

  5. looks cool

  6. Whoever thinks this film got a NC-17 rating because of incest, has clearly not seen the film. LOL Don’t want to give anything away but just had to put that out there.
    Michael shows full frontal, lots of sex, etc. That’s why it’s rated NC-17

    • OK. i have not seen the feature, but i still don’t believe you watched it.
      1.) If Micheal shows his junk “it’s probably not his junk”
      Mark Wahlberg – Boogie Nights? yea, not his junk.
      2.) The Full Monty was an R rated movie and the junk is everywhere.
      Oh, Boogie Nights had everything an NC-17 movie should (sex , drugs, porn nudity full frontal, rape), but guess what? it was an R rated movie.

      Got a better explanation or do need reasons?
      Not really questioning that you watched this, but…

      • Frankly I don’t care if you think i’ve seen it or not. It’s of no concern to me. And there’s already been plenty of discussion on Michael’s package. It’s the real deal, I’m sure if you care to know you’ll dig up the interviews and Q&A’s from the film festivals.
        Where have you been, everyone’s congradulating him on his fearlessness in baring all. I get the feeling you’re not old enough to see a NC-17 film.

        And once again I don’t need a better reason, it’s full frontal, threesomes, etc.You can draw your own conclusions. Won’t give anything away you’ll have t watch it yourself.

        • Burn. Lol I guess for those who haven’t seen it yet, there may be confusion on the NC-17 rating. If you didn’t go to one of the festivals you’ll have to wait until Dec. In the U.S., Fassy has a big er um ”talent” so that alone is enough to get a NC-17 rating. Lol I couldn’t resist. Oh and its not a prostetic like whalberg’s, its alreay been confirmed. McQueen isn’t down for that. If you saw Hunger you’ll know that Fassy and McQueen are comfortable with realism and nudity. You guys should check out the Venice and Toronto press interviews for starters, may help you understand the rating.

          • LOL. It’s just like kids who’ve seen him in X-men, then apply that to other areas, just annoy the hell out of me! I’ve been a fan of his since Angel, yes Angel, Hunger just solidified his greatness for me. The new fans don’t quite get it yet, if you can make a reference to Wahlberg on a Fassbender post it’s apparent. Smh, I’m glad you agree though. Let’s not spoil it for them, it’s the film of the year imo.

        • I think you missed my point, so I won’t say anything that’s beneath me.
          Although, I now see that intelligence is degraded in textual meaning. If you figure out what I am talking about, please let me know. Obviously, I am an underage idiot and me not see how stoopid me am.

  7. Yes, Michael Fassbender does have a problem…he is not in my bed!! =(

  8. So stoked for the U.S. premier, I’m traveling a couple hours to see it. I actually saw it in Toronto but it’s worth another view. And to ‘juiced’ I agree about his package. I was pleasantly surprised, hehe. I’m such a fangirl! xoxo

  9. Hey… I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t think I’ll get the chance to see the film… Do you think one of you that has seen the film just ruin it for me please? I was able to see Hunger, Angel, Eden Lake, Band of Brothers, Jane Eyre, First Class, Centrion, 300, Hex… and basically every film Fassy was ever in… Unfortuneatly where I live, I doubt they would ever show Shame… I want to know more about the movie so I was hoping one of you could give me a synopsis? I’m dying to figure it out! I’ll send my email or Facebook… I would like to know what the film is about, but I will not be able to see it… probably ever :( So anyone want to help me out? :D

    • Hey Lunetta I knew shame wouldn’t be shown in my town either, so I caught it In Dec. There will be spoilers and synopsis out there, u can’t wait until then? Also I don’t recommend pirating but their will be bootleg copies out there in Dec. And u can see it then :)

      • I meant I caught it at one of the festivals, (typing on my phone) it’ll be out in dec though

    • I’m not sure I would ever have figured out that was Fassbender in 300 had I not just read your post.

  10. It would be greatly appreciated!

    • Di brings up a good point. You know that these fangirls and guys will have ‘Shame’ online probably the same day it’s out in theater. It’s really stealing but I know some people will be desperate enough to do it.

  11. Hey it sucks that you won’t get to see the film! :( I know that if you’re not in a big progressive town they probably won’t show NC-17 anything, including ‘Shame’. So, you can’t wait until the DVD is out, huh? lol Okay, give me your email, and i’ll try my best to give a decent synopsis. I warn you though i’m not the best writer. I try to get it written up by the days end, I have Church, and then I have a paper to finish so be patient.

  12. My email is GraphicArtistJessi@yahoo Thanks so much! You are like, my only hope to see this film. I was worried that you wouldn’t respond, thanks!

  13. Oh and that part about the bootleg is hilarious, and unfortunatly I’m one of them… XD I Love Fassbender… He’s not only gorgeous, but a phenomenal actor so I can’t miss this film. I don’t bootleg anything, but if one happens to end up in my hands I won’t say anything. XD But I would much rather buy the dvd, but I don’t know if that’ll be available, so maybe online. But thanks I hope to hear from you soon! :D