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You know, the types of movies we here at Screen Rant like to revel in don’t always appeal to those without a Y chromosome (read: females). So in an attempt to remedy that, at least for the time being, we unleash upon you the very first official trailer for Sex and the City 2, the sequel to last year’s successful Sex and the City movie.

I’m not even going to pretend I know what I’m talking about it when it comes to the mega-success that was the HBO show (it’s one of the very few HBO shows I’m not into), and in fact, I admit to never having seen one episode of SATC; consequently, I never saw the movie either. However, I’m not in the target audience, so that’s understandable.

But I know there were plenty of people (mostly women) who DID go to see Sex and the City, and you might be one of them. So ladies (or men – I’m not here to judge), without further ado check out the trailer, thanks to First Showing:

You can view the trailer in HD by going HERE.

How did I know they were going to use Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” in that trailer? 😛 …

Clearly you have to be a fan of the show and the previous Sex and the City movie to “get” the tone and feel of that trailer, so needless to say I feel WAY out of the loop. I’m going to be honest in saying I probably won’t be first in line to see this one, not only because it doesn’t hook me in enough to lay down my hard-earned cash, but I haven’t seen the show or the first movie so what’s the point?

But as I said, I’m not the target audience for this movie, and I’m sure there will be some of you who ARE and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer. Leave them in the comments below.

Sex and the City 2 is once again written and directed by Michael Patrick King, writer and producer for the TV show and writer/director of the first movie. It reunites stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. The film is set to hit theaters on May 28th, 2010.

Source: First Showing

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  1. I never saw an episode of the show… so I thought I’d be out of the loop watching the original movie too. But I have to admit they have enough positive chemistry between the characters to give it a lot of charm and I actually ended up… *gulp*… enjoying it a little.

    Now I’m going to go watch UFC and drink beer.

  2. @John Campea,

    I remember you saying that back in the days of TMB Uncut with Doug. Do you think it’s worth watching the first movie, even without watching the show, then?

  3. Hi.

    I’m a HUGE fan of the series and would highly recommend it. Especially the first and second seasons. My husband isn’t a big TV watcher but he actually watched a few episodes with me and thought they were pretty funny.

    The first movie was okay and I’m not sure I’ll go see this one in the theaters. I’ll probably wait until it’s out on DVD.

  4. I’m turning in my grave already.

    Still the fiancée will want to see it.

  5. the wife loves the show and the other movie. she has tried for over 5 years to get me to watch the show and the movie and now probably this movie. and ill keep saying the same thing…Conan does not permit Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot.

  6. all they need now is a friends movie or a thats 70s show movie

  7. Is that a zombie movie ?

  8. Hard on the eyes!


  9. Iron Man 2-“is to”____(<Nerds)


    Sex and the City 2-"is to"_________(<Middle aged women)

    am i getting close ?

  10. This always kills me when a reviewer says that he he’s not into something, hence “it’s one of the very few HBO shows I’m not into” and then admits that he’s NEVER SEEN IT. WTH?? You should give it a shot. It’s a great series. Well written. FREAKING FUNNY. And enough foul language, sex scenes and talk about sex to keep the guys interested. I know many fellas who watch S&TC as a guilty pleasure. :) Maybe you should man-up!

  11. Sorry but the words “Man Up” so don’t apply when looking at a 20 foot image of Sarah Jessica Parkers mug on the screen.

  12. @790 … I’m not saying you have to like SJP. But the reviewer should at least check out the series before saying it was something he wasn’t into. Who knows, he might have been surprised since there are other characters. In the S&TC SERIES, I think the discussions the ladies have about life are honest. I was sorry to see the it end. It took me awhile to warm up to the S&TC movie, but it was still was good.

    And everyone has their own personal taste of what beauty is. You don’t like SJP. I get it. But I bet some women don’t want to see your 20-foot image on the big screen either … I’m just saying …. :)

  13. Lol, Tina, good point. 😯

  14. Well 790 you can take a joke :)

  15. “talk about sex to keep the guys interested.”

    If I want to see sex I’ll go watch porn on the internet, not sit through a crappy show.

  16. @Matt … usually the guys who need to keep watch porn on the net are not really into anything other than watching porn on the net. :) I wouldn’t expect you to able to sit through any show — crappy or otherwise.

  17. ” I wouldn’t expect you to able to sit through any show — crappy or otherwise.”

    Why, because I would rather just go ahead and watch porn than sit through a show just for the sex?

    PS: There are many shows/movies that I own and can watch that don’t involve sex. But, I would rather jump off a bridge than watch Sex and The City Again. Yes, I was forced to watch an episode once. Hell will freeze over before I watch it again.

  18. Dude, you brought up watching porn. And Internet porn at that :)

    I’m not suggesting ALL guys will like Sex and The City. I know some who don’t.

    And golf claps to you for watching shows/movies that don’t involve sex. My bad.

  19. Oh my God, you mentioned a female targeted movie *faints in shock*

    My hubby can’t stand it, but he’s not really in touch with his feminine side, however, I know a few men who secretly love the show, who happen to be straight. I know, shocker right?

    Anyway, admittedly I have been blessed with the X chromosome, thus programmed to love the Sex and The City franchise, but the shows really were rather brilliant, even from the point of view of a Brit who lives in a small town in England.

  20. Lol, golf claps!

  21. “790 says: Lol, golf claps!”

    I try :)

  22. Tina, you got a comeback for JAMIE’s comment?

    This isn’t the Ceti project JAMIE its a film site. Over,,,


  24. @790 … if I knew what Jamie was talking about, I would have sort of witty response, lol … :)

  25. This is a chick movie that the wife did not force me to go see thank goodness.

    Sex in the City is not a movie for your average beer drinkin, football, and basketball watching guy.

    It is still kind of neat to se it on Screen Rant…

  26. As a person without a Y chromosome, this is the most least appealing movie to me… period. I could never understand what was so appealing about middle-aged butt ugly sluts taking about how big of sluts they are and reveling in it. Maybe when I'm old, bitter, and my standards of quality entertainment has wittled down to “tv for women”, I'll understand but for now it's just… ewww.

  27. i'm a gay man and i cannot stomach the show or the movie. it irritated me to watch those vapid, insipid women brag about how independent they were, then whine about how they were incomplete without a good man.

  28. i'm a gay man and i cannot stomach the show or the movie. it irritated me to watch those vapid, insipid women brag about how independent they were, then whine about how they were incomplete without a good man.

  29. Soooo disapppointed. #1 was amazing but this one was terrible. I could have forgiven the pathetic storyline had the fashion been incredible or even but it was even worse. Hello…. 1980’s called and wants its MC Hammer pants back! What the hell was going on Samantha’s wardrobe? Did she lose a bet??

    Liza Manelli was FAB though!