Seth Rogen Spills Some ‘Green Hornet’ Details

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While promoting the new animated film Monsters Vs. Aliens in Australia this week, funny-man Seth Rogen has given us some welcome details about the upcoming movie The Green Hornet, which he is set to star in.

In talking to Australian radio show Jono & Dano he has revealed:

- The movie will begin filming in June.

- It will be an origin story but not in the traditional sense. It’ll be unlike every other superhero film out there.

- The film will concentrate a lot on the relationship between these two different “cats” – The Green Hornet (who Rogen says is just “a normal guy” whereas Kato’s the one that does all the superhero stuff) and Kato.

This is one of those projects that’s had a rocky road to say the least. It was on and off for a long time with the very notionĀ of it ever even being made coming into question. But now that we definitely have Rogen and Stephen Chow on-board to star, Michael Gondry has taken his place behind the camera and now a date for shooting to start (as well as a release date) has been locked, it looks like The Green Hornet is fully on track.

It’s certainly a bold statement for Rogen to make that this will be unlike every other superhero movie that’s been made so far. Not that I’m saying he’s a liar who’s just holding the movie up higher than it deserves (although it’s certainly a possibility – he’s not exactly going to criticize it, now is he?) but it just comes across as a pretty bold statement, is all. Besides, isn’t Watchmen the film that’s unlike every other superhero movie?

I’m not surprised to find out that the film will deal with the relationship between The Green Hornet and Kato. It’s not exactly an illogical way to go about things, and it will provide a humanistic aspect to it we wouldn’t get otherwise.

But is it just me or does this “concentrating on the relationship between the two characters” mentality smell a bit too much like the way Guy Ritchie seems to have handled his version of Sherlock Holmes? I know they’re completely different characters and stories but the comparison is striking nonetheless.

I very much look forward to The Green Hornet, even if I’m not exactly what you would call “enlightened” to what the original incarnation was. Rogen is always a likable and very watchable guy on-screen (although I am one of those people who doesn’t think he’s all that good in comedic leads – he’s much more effective in smaller, more supporting roles) and Chow never lets me down.

And the addition of Michel Gondry as the director (an out of left field choice, I must say) has me even more excited to see it than I otherwise would have been. He is one of my favorite modern directors – I was a fan of his music video work but when he transitioned from that to feature films he just blew me away. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my all time favourite movies, The Science of Sleep (although certainly not for everyone) was brilliantly bewildering and even Be Kind Rewind (which was admittedly a disappointment compared to his previous work) has a boat load of charm and cuteness.

I am very excited to see what he does with this film; the combination has the potential to be both a huge success or a massive failure.

The Green Hornet is scheduled to be released on June 26th 2010.

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  1. I’ve always thought that The Green Hornet was tremendously dull character.
    The tv show , the other hand , was great because of Kato , because of Bruce Lee.

    I am a big fan of Rogen and also of Chow ( Kung Fu Hustle was bizarre and wonderful ).
    So , I am actually looking forward to this movie ; I’m eager to see what these guys can do with it.

  2. This will be crap. Chow should be directing (or Wong Jing or Johnnie To) and it should be an all out comedy with Hong Kong action sensibilities

  3. The Green Hornet on TV was campy, but the radio show that originated the character on WXYZ in Detroit in the 1930′s dealt with racketeers and murderers and those “above the law”–familiar concepts in those days and now.

    I would hope that a film based on this character could return to that gritty, dark, genre it developed in and get away from the campiness of the 1960′s TV serials, as did Michael Keaton’s Batman or Christian Bales’ Dark Knight.

    Regrettably, it does not appear that this film is heading that direction and so will not have appeal to anyone truly familiar with the original story.

  4. I’ve come across this as a guy who’s long been interested in what people subjectively THINK is camp versus the reality, [Batman versus Scooby-Doo being a MAIN point, only Batman and Green hornet and their respective sidekicks could take oiut Scoob ANY day of the week, forget the Batman cross over on that 1972 Scooby movie], going on the Google sites, and as a six old who saw Btman and green Hornet in their original 66 incarnations and is aware of the comparisions. The Batman and Hornet are often called campy. Yet I would [an d I've just last night come across the Rogen film story!] remind everyone that only the Batman had the bat-tentions to BE Bat-CAMPY! The Hornet was intended to be played straight, but there IS a need for equitably, since most dark Batman stuff is made, a comedic Hornet maybe, not coutning the character’s Batman crossover, and the Hornet show DID have a unintentional campiness but still functions well if you accept its own terms and watch it for what it stings as [lame Bat-pun]-as opposed to Scooby Doo–neither, IMHO intented to be campy OR watchable, but that’s just subjective opnion. I won’t even get into the “Camp” Scooby theatricals.

    On an analogous note..:

    Buffy the Vampire slayer started in 1992 as a campy or comic movie [from Fox, the producer of the 1960s Hornet and Batman shows], to a serious TV show! Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka TV’s Buffy, played at the same time as the original Buffy, who is Kristy Swanson for the movie, Sydney Rutletdge in the campy twenn soap Swans Crossing, which what with that Swan name stuff and all and swan logos on the sets and the logo smacks of a camp approach in various degrees throughout. Like the TV GREEN HORNET, Swans did not have the legs to really support it [but no coindiental or otherwise Fox involvement, a small company made this.] If the borderline humorous Swans Crossing had flown off we might see a serious SC movie, but that’s a different genre as is Buffy, but an interesting comparision..

    Bat on Track [anyone auditioning a Bill Dozier wannbe..I'm heavier than Seth Rogen may be..]
    [Batman was mentioned in the 1977 book "TV BOOK" edited by a lady named Judy Fireman in the timeline sidebar as an "Inentioanlly campy crime show". She was right.]

    Bill Dozier, who produced the Batman show [I had no idea he was married to Elinor Donahue of Father Knows Best!!!!], himself admitted in the 1980s book by Joel Eisner [no relation to Will, himself a comics legend, or Michael that I know of], on the 1966 Bat-show, that “Hornet” was a show that he asked of “How can you be STRAIGHT* with it? How can you be CAMPY*. It fell right in the middle.It was neither straight nor funny.”[Of course today, one would ask just what is STRAIGHT about two costumed men..:-)]

    *Caps are mine for emphasis.

  5. Okay, at least Swans Crossing was a different genrebut I mentioned it due to the conneciton with Buffy whcih was a serious treatment of a “camp” movie, and Swans Crossing and Buffy the TV show had the samne actress, and Swans Crossing, the tween soap that aired briefly in 1992, was “camp”. Too bad as I noted there wasn’t enough success to see a serious movie verison. Hey, Austin Powers was campy, a tribute to those old Batman about…a SERIOUS Austin Powers movie [runs now and dodges tomatoes].