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One of the comedy men-of-the-minute, Seth Rogen, is starring in two upcoming movies, both within the “realm of the geek.” One is the much-talked-about adaptation of The Green Hornet, the other is the lesser-known Paul, a new comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost about an alien that’s escaped from Area 51. Recently Rogen has talked about both projects to bring us eager fans up-to-date with what’s going on.


The Green Hornet

As anyone who’s been keeping up on The Green Hornet news knows that Stephen Chow recently left the project. His departure was confirmed after a casting call for Kato, the role he was supposed to be playing, was released by the studio.

Chow’s departure was much to the dismay of people (myself included) who thought the actor was perfectly suited for Green Hornet’s action-comedy mix (see Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle as proof). Here’s what Rogen had to say about the situation:

“In my head, we lost Stephen Chow in April, so it’s something I’ve had a lot of time to wrap my head around.”

Rogen talks about how they’re looking for actors from all over the world to play The Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato, from well known international stars to complete unknowns. He says they’re open to adapting the role for the actor, and are willing to cast actors who don’t have martial arts experience (as the previously released casting call stated).

Am I the only one who now wishes even more that Chow was still on-board?…

However, even if Chow is now officially off of The Green Hornet, Rogen is adamant and pretty damn convincing that the project is still very much alive and well. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“There’s more people working on the film every day! They traditionally don’t spend millions and millions of dollars on movies that are dead… It’s really hard to make a big movie. It’s exponentially more difficult to make a $100 million movie than it is to make a $20 million movie, especially in this economy… I think just for us to make a movie that we feel confident in and for [Sony] to have a movie that they feel confident in, that’s taking a long time.”

With regards to Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) taking the directorial reigns (a role Chow was once attached to as well), Rogen has great things to say about him and his involvement:

“We’re encouraging him [Gondry] to make it as visually exciting and inventive as anything anyone has ever seen. We’re fans of these types of movies when they’re done well. We think that we can handle the story and the script and the dialogue, but we know nothing about cameras and lights and fancy ways of making things look amazing. And that’s what he’s better at than anyone in the world pretty much. So we’re encouraging him to really go for it.”

For more on what Rogen had to say about The Green Hornet, you can head over to HitFix and AICN.



In comparison to The Green Hornet, the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost written, Greg Mottola directed alien comedy, Paul, may not seem all that significant. But with a cast of Pegg and Frost plus Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Jane Lynch, and (possibly) Sigourney Weaver, added to an awesome comedic premise, I am very much looking forward to it.



Adding to that killer cast is Rogen, who’s voicing the titular alien, Paul. Up until now, the nature of how Paul will look (and sound) has been pretty secretive, but while promoting his upcoming Adam Sandler comedy, Funny People, Rogen let some details slip:

“I am [doing the voice of Paul]. And the motion capture of Paul as well… As of right now it’s [the voice is] pretty similar to my voice. I don’t know, they could change their mind, but right now it kind of sounds like exactly what you are hearing right now.”

I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that Rogen’s voice as Paul will probably end up pretty similar to his natural voice. His voice is instantly and naturally humorous (it makes the sound of him laughing funny in and of itself); it’s already been put to good use such animated films as Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens.

However, even if Rogen’s voice is funny, I would rather have him do something a bit different with it for Paul. After all, this is a film by the guys behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, so I hope for something more original than just having Rogen play the voice of Seth Rogen.

What do you think about what Seth Rogen has said about The Green Hornet and Paul? Are you looking forward to both of these projects?

The Green Hornet is scheduled for a July 9th, 2010 release, and Paul is slated for a release sometime in 2010.

Sources: FirstShowing, HitFix, AICN, Cinematical and Collider

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  1. Paul sounds interesting. I’m confused though. Is it live action except for Rogen or is it all animated? This is my first post on screenrant btw haha.

  2. @neontiger21,

    Welcome to the comments of Screen Rant!

    And Paul is live-action EXCEPT for the alien Paul, which is CGI animated with Rogen as his voice.

  3. Couldn’t care less about the green hornett and now I’m torn on this Paul thing. I like Seth Rogan and Jason Batemen I think both are amazingly gifted comedians however I think Simon Pegg and his buddy or horribly over rated and I think I laughed once during Shaun of the Dead and not at all during Hott Fuzz. Pegg did a good job in Trek he can deliver lines funny. I enjoy his performances, but I don’t like the films that he makes usually.

  4. I am on the fence about both of these right now
    Every time Rogen talks about Green Hornet,
    He chooses his words very carefully.
    As if he knows a lot of people might not like what they came up with.

  5. I agree with Daniel F. about Pegg’s coomedies-I dont think they are that funny.
    Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz just didnt do it for me. I did like him as Montgomery Scott in Star Trek.

    As for these movies I am on the fence. “Paul” sounds like a good idea and casting Rogen as the voice is a smart move but I am not sure that I will like the humor involved with the movie.

  6. I’m just gonna say it,,, Rogen’s too fat to play Green Hornet.

  7. Never thought Rogen was funny. That’s one big prob I have with him is that he’s no more funny then some of my dim-witted stoner co-workers. Did I mention I work at NASA,,, ;-)

  8. He’s great at comedy. I’ll give him that. Paul will most likely be cool. It’s Seth Rogen’s home. He can do comedy in his sleep. But for someone such as myself who is familiar with the Green Hornet. Making that film an action comedy is a HUGE MISTAKE.

  9. Actually 790 Rogen is looking pretty decent right now and in shape. I would also disagree with you 790 Rogen is probably the funniest guy currently in movies if not than top 3.

  10. He repulses me Daniel F. Have you ever seen, the cable shows, “The Human Giant”, “The Whitest Kids U’ Know’ or “Its always Sunny in Philadelphia?”
    There’s a ton of new comics that have more talent then Rogen. Rogen is a stoner slacker,,, yeah, ha,ha that’s hilarious only for so long, next thing he’s an academy voter and in every comedy film from 2006 to 2012. Wtf ????,,, not a fan,,, boooo!!

  11. Giant Human and Whitest kids suck in my opinion, but I love It’s Always Sunny I have every season. I still prefer Seth Rogan over them. The only one on that show that is even close to Seth is Charlie Day.

  12. …………….(sigh) and now with the news Cage is going to be the villian? Epic, EPIC fail. J, M and J….. the Horror. The End is truley near!

  13. And he ( the Rogen person ) might be a little funny…..IF YOUR 12! The sacred Green Hornet now will never have the treatment is truley deserves. This will never happen now in my lifetime. What a sad, sad state of affairs. What have all the GH fans done to deserve this ? Please help me 790…”you are our only hope.”

  14. You know Tim, even William Hung had fans. There’s only so much I can do in a world full of William Hung fans.
    :-) ;-) 8-O
    One thing I can only hope is that GH tanks. Boycott!!

  15. GH would tank pretty much no matter who the star is. No one really gives a crap. There really aren’t a large number of GH fans.

  16. GH is somehow overshadowed by Kato’s action in the TV series… how about a lady Kato to heighten the comedic flare? hehehe

  17. NO WAY!! Seth Rogen is NOT the right actor for the role of The Green Hornet!! I’m sorry, but they need to get a handsome hunk for that and Rogen is NOT that!! I’m OK with the replacement actor, though. I can think of 2 actors for The Green Hornet role…like James Denton and David James Elliott…NOW THEY’RE HOT!!