Seth Rogen: At Risk of Over-Exposure

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seth rogen Seth Rogen: At Risk of Over Exposure

Before anyone sends me hate mail, I’m asking this as a huge fan of Seth Rogen. Trust me, it’s awesome that he’s now in the “A-list” earning big bucks and making these films that not make alot of money but are actually good!

And the last few weeks we’ve been hearing news item after item about the latest projects the Knocked Up star is headlining.

He has two films coming in the next few months – the self-proclaimed “weed action movie” The Pineapple Express (which looks great and I’ve heard nothing less than stellar things about from those who’ve seen it) and Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno. At the moment, he’s filming Observe and Report and production will soon start on Judd Apatow’s Funny People

Then of course, there’s The Green Hornet, which Rogen is not only co-writing and producing, but in which he’s also playing the masked superhero himself. And the utterly-brilliant looking Jay & Seth vs. Apocalypse is gearing upon the horizon. If all goes according to plan, he’ll be headlining two films a year for the next three years.

I’m not saying he needs to do a film every three years or so. Look at Mike Myers. He hasn’t appeared on the silver screen since 2003′s stinker The Cat In the Hat. And now from the looks of things, people couldn’t care less about him or The Love Guru. Although to be fair, that might be simply because said film appears to be total garbage.

And that doesn’t even include his voice-over work in stuff like Kung Fu Panda, Horton Hears a Who!, The Spiderwick Chronicles and next year’s Monsters vs. Aliens.

As a fan, I’m concerned Rogen is at risk of over-exposing himself to the average film-going public in such a short amount of time.

The way I see it, audiences react to comedians like they do to fast food: Sure we all love cheeseburgers and french fries. But if that’s all we eat for a week straight, we’ll get sick of it and say, “You know, I’d rather have a pizza!”

It basically boils down to how long audiences are willing to put up with a comedian’s schtick. At the moment, they’re already tired of Will Ferrell’s “arrogant idiot man-child” routine – thus why Semi-Pro bombed earlier this year. And Ben Stiller’s “zany wacky guy” role is finally catching up with him – talk about a guy whose over exposed himself. To be fair, Tropic Thunder could turn things around for him (i.e. looks awesome).

Seth Rogen is an insanely talent actor and writer. I just don’t want audiences to get burnt out too soon and say, “I’m tired of him. Let’s go see something else instead…”

On the other hand, Adam Sander’s been doing the same schtick since 1995′s Billy Madison. But audiences still eat it up because he’s been smart enough to stick it to generally one film a year. Take note of that, good Sir.

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  1. I have to say, the title of this post sounded REALLY scary, especially with the Kevin Smith film he’s starring in. :)

    Yeah, I can definitely see what you’re saying. The thing about Rogen that fascinates me, however, is his variety of talent.

  2. Seth Who?

  3. Filling a void in the angst pot-smoking genre. !

    YeaH Seth!

  4. Writing is one thing, but he just isn’t a solid fit for the role of Britt Reid. He is going to deface the image of the Green Hornet whether he plays it straight or not, but especially if he tries to turn it comedic. Seth is a funny and very talented guy, no question, but the Green Hornet isn’t a funny character. More than that though, the Green Hornet is part of the very DNA of the entire action genre and has served, at least in part I’m sure, as the inspiration for numerous characters since his early radio debut in the 1930′s. With his persona spanning all forms of entertainment media for better than 70 years, the Green Hornet deserves to be taken seriously. Anything less than a first rate action film starring a heavyweight Hollywood handsome like George Clooney would be an insult to this classic character.

    For those not familiar with the Green Hornet and Kato, and it would appear many aren’t as evidenced by many blogs and web columns misleadingly referring to them as “superheroes”. Vigilante crimefighters? Sure. Superheroes? Probably Not by the most common interpretation. Britt Reid, grand nephew of the famous outlaw-hero The Lone Ranger,(both created by Fran Striker) is a wealthy newspaper publisher who, in a city rife with racketeers and organized crime, decides to take matters into his own hands and expose corruption disguised as the vigilante Green Hornet. With the help of his man-servant and devoted kung-fu sidekick Kato, they hunt criminals on their own terms and are often viewed as criminals themselves. The Hornet has no special abilities, aside from a few clever gadgets, a fast car, and one ass-whooping chauffeur. He wears no costume except a very tasteful suit and topcoat, a green mask, leather gloves, and a short brimmed fedora. Kato appropriately wears a chauffeur’s uniform. See pictures of them here:

    Episodes of the Green Hornet TV show from the 1960′s starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee can be caught from time to time on various cable stations, but there is a fantastic short film that was made fairly recently starring martial artists Manu Lanzi and Patrick Vo which can be watched here:
    Fans of kung-fu movies will appreciate the quality fighting and acrobatics in this short film.

  5. I remember that old Green Hornet show, it used to come on after Batman.
    I remember it was a more serious show that Bats and didn’t last long.
    Hornet had a cool ride as well.

    Let’s hope they issue that on dvd soon…. Pretty cool, a tv series with Bruce Lee.

    Am I on the right post, ok good.

  6. most Adam Sandler movies suck since the gold ol’ days though.

    I don’t think Seth is comparable to them, he doesn’t rely on being stupidly funny or corny-funny. He acts more like a man’s man and is flexible whereas Myers, Ferrell, Sandler all stick to the same overused routine of theirs

  7. I hate to say it, but I’ve never gotten sick of someone so fast. Sure, he’s marginally talented, even funny but his life doesnt have to become film fodder. I think I’ve seen enough Seth Rogen to the point where I can say “OK I get it, and NEXT!”

  8. Unfortunately, I’m already tired of Seth Rogen. He’s pretty much the same character in all his recent movies. Becoming a Vince Vaughn. Seth was funny in 40-year-old virgin. Then in Superbad he was pretty much playing off the same stuff. After that and seeing the Pineapple Express trailers, he just seems like he’ll be playing the same quirky goofball-type again. I’m already tired of him.

  9. Ha… I’ve seen none of his work and won’t until “Green Hornet” comes out! He’ll be as fresh as a daisey when I see his performance. So if he messes up the Hornet, it won’t be because I’m tired of him. It’ll be because he couldn’t cut it, period.

  10. Wow, I think you’re on to something. Good observations : )

  11. I donno… Insanely talented actor? No.. That goes to Philip Seymour Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Daniel-Day Lewis and the like. He is a reasonably talented writer though, and Superbad is on my top 10 for comedy films. His acting is good enough but nothing epic from my viewpoint. I respect your opinion though, as what I am saying is only my opinion as well.

  12. Wow I just realized this WAS a two year old deceased post. Oops I guess its back to life now lol(z)