Seth Rogen Talks ‘Preacher’ TV Show, Changes from the Comic

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Preacher Proud Americans cover Seth Rogen Talks Preacher TV Show, Changes from the Comic

AMC’s drama series Breaking Bad and Mad Men are now part of the pantheon of iconic TV shows, and before the CW scored a big hit with its ongoing Arrow series, the basic cable outlet’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book The Walking Dead proved that a mature rendering of a comic for episodic television could be hugely successful and wildly popular, pleasing fans of the original property while drawing in new audiences.

The confirmation that the beloved Preacher series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon would be adapted for AMC was welcome news for fans who dreaded the notion of the comic’s sprawling, epic story squeezed into a two-hour movie. The fact that the show will have Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This Is the End) executive producing gave fans pause, however. Rogen and Goldberg are sharp, funny writers (see: Superbad and Pineapple Express), but their single attempt to date of adapting a comic book property was 2011’s much-loathed The Green Hornet.

Still, the showrunner is veteran Breaking Bad producer Sam Catlin, with Rogen and Goldberg promising to stick to the original comic book story as much as possible. What’s the story? Very simply, it follows a preacher named Jesse Custer, who hooks up with his old flame Tulip and a party-animal Irish vampire named Cassidy in an attempt to track down God, who has abandoned Heaven in the wake of the formation of the Genesis entity, an all-powerful offspring of an angel and a demon.

Given that changes between the original property and the final product are to be expected in an adaptation, what kind of changes are in story for AMC’s Preacher? Seth Rogen recently spoke to /Film while promoting his upcoming comedy Neighbors and offered updates on a number of projects. When it comes to Preacher, Rogen said:

Me and Evan are writing it write now with the help of Sam Catlin and we’ve come up with a lot of incredibly crazy ideas. [Laughs] It’s a fun thing to riff on and talk about. We’re definitely trying to expand on some of the ideas in the comic and make it that…we love most of the main cornerstones of the comic but we’re trying to make it that even if you’ve read the comic you should not know exactly what to expect from the TV show.

With The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones taking a number of liberties with their source material – sometimes to the show’s benefit, sometimes not – it’s not surprising to hear Rogen talking about diverging from the Preacher comic books, but hardcore fans may not be quite as forgiving in this case.

Preacher Sheriff Custer Seth Rogen Talks Preacher TV Show, Changes from the Comic

The over-arcing storyline is episodic in nature and sees Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy through a series of adventures involving Jesse’s insane, psychotic grandmother, an unstoppable reanimated Old West gunfighter called the Saint of Killers, a secret organization devoted to maintaining the bloodline of Jesus Christ called the Grail, and a serial killer called the “Reaver-Cleaver.”

Preacher is a sometimes-unwieldy but deeply entertaining mashup of Southern Gothic tropes, grand guignol-style violence and sexuality, and heady explorations of good vs. evil, Heaven vs. Hell, and the meanings of friendship and loyalty.

Rogen and Goldberg proved surprisingly adept at tackling some similar themes in This Is the End, which was better than most people were expecting (read our review here), so certain changes to the material might be needed… or we could have a long-form Green Hornet on our hands.

We’ll have a better idea of Rogen and Goldberg’s vision for the show when more information – such as the show’s casting – emerges.


Preacher is in development and will air on AMC.

Source: /Film

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  1. I watched Seth Rogen once, in The Green Hornet.

    That was the last time I will ever watch anything associated with him.

    It was the only movie where I actually wanted the good guy to die…that is how annoying I found him. Hard to believe he has a career in Hollywood, but then maybe not, considering 90% of the other “talent” there…

    • That is probably the worst example of his acting. That character was horrible.

      Even “This is the End”, where he played an over the top view of himself was better.

      That being said, he really only has “Seth Rogen” mode in his bag of tricks, it’s just a matter of what number he has it set to in any given movie.

      • Actors only having variants of themselves isn’t a new thing, nor should it automatically be a negative.

        Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Arnie, Samuel L. Jackson and countless others play their roles not as characters, but as extensions of their own persona. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but for the most part, it holds true.

        As for Seth Rogen, Green Hornet was a movie he should not have starred in, but if we’re talking about movies worth seeing that have him in then, then Donnie Darjo, Knocked Up, This Is the End, Superbad, Monsters v Aliens, Pineapple Express and 50/50 are all good-to-great films, while Bad Neighbours looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

        You shouldn’t disregard an actor’s entire canon on the basis of one bad decision.

        • This Is the End is just meh. I don’t really count Superbad because Jonah was the star of that film along with Cera. Knocked Up was alright but was over the top at times. Monsters v Aliens was meh and I consider Pineapple Express and 50/50 the only really great films he’s been in. Donnie Darko, like Superbad, was only great because of Jake Gyllenhaal. Sorry but I just don’t see the guy as being that funny

    • Superbad is quite good.

    • Agreed.

      Honestly, you’re lucky you only saw Green Hornet. I’ve seen This Is The End, Superbad and quite a few others he starred in, most not even remotely funny and every time, he was always one of the most annoying people in the cast.

      The only thing he’s been in which I haven’t hated him instantly was Anchorman when he played the cameraman for Channel 6 News. Otherwise, I put him in the same category as Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Jaden Smith, Russell Brand and James Franco as actors who I find incredibly annoying and whose movies I tend to avoid on principle.

      • Here comes Dazz…..

        • Dazz and I frequently disagree, but not on this. When two people from often conflicting viewpoints actually agree on something, that something about the merits of it.

          • …that “says” something about the merits of it.

      • @ DAZZ One would think if you were gonna complain about an actor writing a show, you could have used other actor’s examples of having written material you didn’t like. For example, you even mentioned James Franco, who has previously adapted material to less than stellar results. Yet for some reason, you are strictly reliant on acting as the single means for the basis of acceptance of someone’s writing. Interesting. Ever see Quentin Tarantino act?

        • Tarantino is a hack, popular because he is a sadomasochist who appeals to the teenage lust for violence.

          …but he is an even worse actor.

          • You really should look up the definition of sadomasochistic.

            • Yea, I have a basic understanding of the English language.

              His films fall right in line with the definition. He obviously gets a hard-on from blood, gore, and violence.

              • Yes your right, it is basic.

                • I’ve been trying to keep it simple for you, but I can see I’d have to dumb it down even more, since even “basic” is beyond your grasp.

      • @ DAZZ You didn’t even mention the fact that he co-wrote This is The End. That’s just lazy, only focusing on his acting. Having a constructive negative viewpoint is one thing, but doing it poorly, minus the constructive criticism is another, less classy thing.

      • I agree. The guy does the same act for about 90% of this movies. Ben Stiller was falling into the category but thank goodness he went into directing.

    • So, you’ve never seen “Super Bad”, “Funny People”, “Knocked Up”, “Freaks and Geeks”, “Undeclared” or anything else in his catalog other than “Green Hornet”? You just write the guy off for one bad movie? Way to form an informed opinion.

      • It was that bad…and he was that bad in it.

        • you can’t write off an actor based off of one movie. First off I found that movie amusing, but then I don’t have that high of standards, as long as it entertains me and isn’t some monotonous action movie i’m happy. Secondly, This is the End while pretty obscene was actually pretty funny and unique and I think it shows Seth Rogen has potential for writing good things. I mean yes he obviously has a certain style he sticks to but maybe he’ll decide to change it up. Or maybe they decided to go at Preacher from a different way than what I assume is a more serious comic. But i’ve never read Preacher so he can do with it as he likes, I’ll never know the difference. I just don’t think you have the write to write off an actor because of one movie. I don’t like Nicholas Cage but I didn’t write him off because of one movie I’ve seen many of his despite the dislike same for Jason Statham. You just don’t have the right to judge.

        • I get it. Green Hornet was awful, but I’d say give him a chance. Maybe watch one of his better films on a rainy day (I like Funny People a lot even though some hate it). I’m not sure how his and Evan Goldberg’s style fits in with Preacher, but I know they are very smart and talented writers so maybe they are looking to make up for Green Hornet by giving Preacher a proper treatment. I know I’ve read that Seth regretted how Green Hornet turned out and while he took some of the blame he did say the studios demands ruined the film he intended. Also, he’s not acting in Preacher (as far as I know) so maybe watch Super Bad as its something he created.

    • You seem to be forgetting that Garth Ennis himself said that he was impressed with the grasp of the material that Rogen possess, which leaves him in confidence of the production. Which has not been the case in the past.

      I agree that Rogen would not have been the choice that I would have immediately thought off, or even vetted from the outset at all. But if Ennis says he’s got what it takes to make it right, I trust him. After all, he created it.`

  2. Very much looking forward to this. Not very familiar with ‘Preacher’ but I find Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are some excellent talents.

    • The comics are fantastic, I recommend reading them before this comes out.

  3. Preacher is my all time favorite comic book. I trust the two of them if they say they are as big as fans as they say they are. I know, given the chance to write for this show, I would try to stay as faithful in places I know I want to see on film, but there are plenty of spots for expansion. That’s what makes this so exciting.

  4. Wonder if he still smokes ???

  5. And they are all suddenly Fans of this or that !
    Thats a catch Phrase to win the fans over and keep them calm !
    They all lie about and do like they are the biggest Comic book readers.
    Probably never heard off before the deal was able to be done and they smelled good biz !

  6. This show sounds like Crapadoonie Heights! I would not watch that kind of junk. I also would not watch anything Rogan was in, after the way he wrecked the reputation of The Green Hornet! He oughta go see a preacher and get religion, and repent his GH sins! Now the old 60s TV show for GH, now that was respectful of the character, with all the right actors. I wish they would put that series on DVD, and I would buy it.

  7. Don’t get me started on Pineapple Express. After 20 minutes I couldn’t stand it anymore any switched if off: “Look… weed… hehehehe… oh… Marihuana… hahhahaha…. I’m so stoned… hihihi…. look… now I have a BIG bag of weed… heheheheheh”…

    Stoners are so pathetic… and stoner movies even more so.

    • Agreed! I never saw the movie. but I am about the most anti-drug person you will EVER meet. Like drugs and pot? Stick your head in one and flush!

    • *”and switched it off”

      I hate auto-correct… more often than not it’s auto-screw up… 😉

  8. Sounds interesting….it doesn’t really have anything to do with his writing this show, but I’ve always found him to be pretty funny. Danny McBride is probably more funny though.

  9. AMC is not the right network for Preacher, it should be on HBO or Showtime! I’m still looking forward to this!

  10. This sounds terrible. The comic is such a great series and this sounds like something in the same quality of TWD season 2 and 3.

  11. foreseeable

  12. Pfft. Green Hornet was awesome. Quit hating.

    • If you mean the Seth Rogan GH, then you never saw the TV series back in the 60s. It would make you throw the Rogan version out into the alley. The series was well-acted and well-cast. Right now you can only get the grainy bootleg versions of the episodes to get the series which are sometimes poorly put together, but they are all over the internet. I hope someday they will put the whole series on authorized DVDs.

      • I’ve got all the episodes on DVD. They were released in the UK, I bought them in a box set a few years ago. TBH I’ve found it difficult to work my through all of them without falling asleep for some reason. It is very much like the 60’s Batman show. I remember The Green Hornet and Kato even did a little cameo in an episode of the old Adam West Batman series.

  13. Rogen is such an annoying actor. These actors think they are so smart when in fact they don’t have the talent to make a movie work. And yes, I also think the GH was the reason why people hate Rogen so much. Instead of saying, “hey, we need an actor for this role”; He says “this role is mine”. He didn’t look the part; his acting wasn’t believable at all. By and large, an accident waiting to happen, which did.

  14. It does my heart good to see many of the fine folks on SR to call out this hack. Years ago I caught a stand up act of this fool. Booed off the stage. I do not know who he knows, or what he has on someone in Hollywood, or he he buys his chronic from but he is such a waste that I avoid everything he does like the plague. Truly the worst of all time!

  15. I see a lot of goings on about Seth Rogen as an actor, but I don’t think he’s going to be acting in this. I do know there is a desecration going on here. Preacher is for Mature Audiences Only. That’s a scientific FACT! hah! This is going to suck huge. I can tell already, without seeing them mind you, that the actors are going to be bad choices, and the dialogue is going to be HORRIBLE!! The Walking Dead is a prime example of how butchered an adaptation can be. GRAPHIC NOVELS should be GRAPHIC. Dredd was a great adaptation because of all the violence and mayhem that came with it. They didn’t sugarcoat anything whereas the Sylvester Stallone abortion that shall remain unnamed was for “Mass Audiences”. Preacher shouldn’t be for “Mass Audiences” because “Mass Audiences” are usually idiots. How are you going to spit in the face of God on AMC? I’d watch it only to see it fail.

    • You seem to be forgetting that Garth Ennis himself said that he was impressed with the grasp of the material that Rogen possess, which leaves him in confidence of the production. Which has not been the case in the past.

      I agree that Rogen would not have been the choice that I would have immediately thought off, or even vetted from the outset at all. But if Ennis says he’s got what it takes to make it right, I trust him. After all, he created it.`