Universal Takes on Seth MacFarlane’s Movie, ‘Ted’

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 3:45 am,

Universal has officially acquired the rights to Ted, an R-rated comedy that will mark the feature-film directorial debut of edgy TV cartoonmeister Set MacFarlane, a.k.a. the creator of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show.

So far Ted has been described simply as the tale of a man and his teddy bear.  The screenplay for the $65 million project — which will be a mix of live-action and CGI, similar to the recent Alvin & the Chipmunk movies– was written by MacFarlane and his fellow Family Guy scribes, Alex Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.

For fans of his brand of animated TV comedy, reports are that MacFarlane will take on this project in addition to his TV show duties (you can breathe easy).  Considering how much work MacFarlane already puts into his TV shows, he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t collapse of exhaustion sometime in the near future.

Of course there are others reasons to feel a tad bit iffy about Ted – besides the possibility that it’ll suffer due to MacFarlane having too much on his plate.  Whether you like his brand of humor or not, just about every episode of  Family Guy is a collection of humorous skits, parodies, and pop-cult references, strung together by a thin plot that exists primarily as a vehicle for the jokes. That formula can work for a half-hour animated show, but it gets tricky for a feature-length film.

On the other hand, MacFarlane might try and broaden his writing abilities by actually making Ted more of a plot-driven pic, which would be interesting to see.  The success or failure of Ted might even impact the anticipation for a feature-film version of Family Guy as well – though I get the feeling we’re eventually going to see such a movie in the future no matter what.

family guy Universal Takes on Seth MacFarlanes Movie, Ted

A ‘Family Guy’ movie – you know it’s inevitable.

20th Century Fox Pictures was apparently hesitant to take on Ted due to concerns about it being an R-rated raunchfest — that, and they really want MacFarlane to start work on a Family Guy movie.  Like I said though, Fox executives are bound to have their wishes granted sooner than later.

So what do you think?  Can Seth MacFarlane make the jump from TV to film and still bring the funny with him?  Or do you think Ted will be one really long, occasionally funny live-action episode of Family Guy?

There’s no release date yet for Ted but look for production to start later this year.

Source: Deadline, Empire

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  1. Ooh, I wonder what kind of anti-conservative message this movie will have??

    And I don't know what you mean by how much work he puts into his tv shows, I hope that was sarcasm, because his shows don't seem like much effort are put into them at all. All of the humor is so uninspired, they rely on slap-stick comedy and other stupid ways to try to make you laugh like repetition, gross-out, exaggeration, and other shallow and unintelligent forms of humor… Too bad the Simpsons have been going down that route too as of the last few years, now there really isn't any good animated comedies on tv… Sometimes I enjoy Southpark's satire, but their humor is pretty shallow too most of the time…

    *sigh* I miss the old school Simpsons…

    • please tell me u were joking when u said “unintelligent forms of humor”..the jokes are so funny bc they are from the real life..simple stupidities that we face on a regular day ! religion, society, politicians, and the dumb face of politics and dumbass people those who believe such lies and thing eve thou they are so freakingly obvious as Seth Mcfarlane puts them in the show..

      And on the other hand simpsons??? damn that show has always been the stupid UNINTELIGENT comedy show comparing to FAmliy guy and thats why the dude needed come something way better and more clever but slightly close to family guy like futurama..

      im 27 years old and god the cleverness lies behind Family guy and American Dad for that matter is genius !!

      • Best troll ever! keep it coming guy!

      • You my friend, are smart people. American dad and Family Guy allows people to kick back, relax, and laugh at non coherent jokes. What’s wrong with that?

        Cleveland Show too rules.

    • Wow, a conservative that DOESN’T have a sense of humor… that’s new.

      • Better to have no sense of humor than no sense of reality, says I. (Hey, what’s good for the goose…) 8)


  2. Freakin awesome, Seth tackling an actual movie instead of an animated one. Knowing Seth, Ted will be hilarious.

  3. I think it will be GREAT can't wait to see the conservatives get their panties in a wad fricken cry babies

  4. LMAO, hilarious, since most cry-baby protestors are liberals… You should work with McFarlane. You guys will master the “funny in an unintentional ironic way” routine. Like when McFarlane said in an interview that he isn't biased and is an equal opportunity offender. Probably the funniest thing I've ever heard, but not in any way that he intended, lol. Oh man, yes, I cried, I cried from the amount of laughter… Does that count as being a cry baby?? 😀

    • Talking about Conservatives vs. Liberals. Every time I see john boener he’s crying up a storm. What an epic douche.

  5. thanks for proving my point

  6. Think whatever makes you feel better dude. :-)

  7. Do you at least enjoy Futurama?

  8. Hm, I don't know, don't really follow it, but have seen some episodes here and there… What's your opinion on it? I take it you like it and recommend it?

    But I guess out of the episodes I have seen, I wouldn't say it is laugh out loud hilarious, but it does have some funny moments… :-)

    Isn't it made by the same people who made The Simpsons? I remember back in the day The Simpsons was so freakin' hilarious and it had the best social commentary and satire out of any animated comedy on tv, but now it seemed to have lost its edge…

  9. I've always felt like Futurama (at least the original run) was on par with some of the best Simpson's humor. I used to debate Simpsons/Futurama vs Family Guy vs South Park with my friends a lot. The writing/humor in each of those shows appeals to me in a different way. I've always considered Simpsons/Futurama to be “smart” humor, while I enjoy Family Guy more for the obscure pop culture references and randomness. I like South Park because they do a pretty good job of lampooning a lot of current events and issues.

  10. Hm, pretty much how I feel about it. Maybe I should give Futurama a chance. I also consider Simpsons to be much “smarter” in its humor while Family Guy is more for people who don't want to have their brain turned on while watching it. Probably why some people are so enamored by it. I understand your standpoint on how you enjoy both and each for different reasons, but some people claim that The Simpsons (even the older ones) are not funny while Family Guy is the best show on tv. I honestly feel those people feel that way simply because they have a lack of understanding of the jokes in The Simpsons. But it's sad because it's not like you need a PhD to understand any of it either, it's still down to the level that anyone who is not retarded should understand it, but it simply isn't the slap stick humor of Family Guy. MacFarlane really thinks his audience is so stupid that you can take a dumb and unfunny joke and by forcing it onto the audience through repetition that it will eventually be funny… Unfortunately he may be right about some of his audience, but I'm sure many fans of his show, such as yourself, can recognize it but still enjoy it… I simply can't enjoy it.

    Like this gag that one of my friends think is the funniest thing in the world, where he's trying to get a dead frog out the window, and it keeps slipping, and he tries again, and this keeps up for a good 5 minutes… I'm sorry, but if it wasn't funny to me the first time he does it, just because he keeps doing it for 5 minutes isn't going to make me laugh…

    I also agree with your assessment of Southpark, while their humor is definitely on the crude side, and I wasn't really a fan of them before, but they really do attack certain groups or fads head on without shame and that in itself is pretty entertaining. One of my favorite recent episodes is where they attack the show Whale Wars. They don't simply imply that they think these are a bunch of vegan pu**ies, they say it straight up and they reiterate how much of a lying fat slob the captain is, lol.

    • I will just say that while I can respect the fact that you don’t like The Family Guy I do think you are missing one of the aspects of the humor involved.the show really takes a stab at the utter obnoxiousness that american television has become by taking that and running with it to extreme proportions, as in your example with the frog. By being stupid its actually being somewhat smart because it attracts audiences that propel the typical dribble that spews forth from our tv and audiences that realize that media today is utterly inane, sycophantic and absurd. Unfortunately I get the impression that you probably take some of tv seriously and base shows that you watch on how they “relate” to you and your worldview. I get that impression because you were so quick to break things down into the most overused and incorrect of paradigms, the liberal/conservative divide. As if there were only two worldviews. Maybe im wrong. I look forward to your clarification.

  11. You just mocked everyone whose political views do not match up with your own for no purpose and with no provocation whatsoever. Are you trying to start arguments or something?

  12. When I first started watching Family Guy, I admit, I found it really funny. The sheer, stupefying randomness was something I'd never seen before, and it was enough to make me laugh. But as the episodes went on, the novelty wore off, and was replaced by MacFarlane beating me over the head with his liberal messages. I just stopped watching. Family Guy had never really been good in the first place, though, so I suppose it wasn't a great loss (unlike the demise of The Simpsons from brilliance to mediocrity, which really is sad).

    The one thing that MacFarlane did well in his life was the voice of Johann Krauss in Hellboy II. I love that film. I hope that at some point MacFarlane grows up and stops his endless tirade of anvilicious preaching. Then maybe I'd be willing to go see more of his work. Who knows, maybe there's a competent filmmaker lurking somewhere under all that bullcrap…

  13. well kinda LOL I read the first comment by ken j I think this is a movie site politics don't belong here believe me if a liberal would have said something like that I would have said something about them

  14. This movie is going to tank right into the ground. 65 million dollar buget? do they honestly think they are going to make an equal return on that? hell no!

    • Just saw a screening of the movie Ted last night! It was hilarious, and it doesnt come out till July and it still needs some work but it is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen ever! By far

  15. American Dad would be a much better choice for a full length movie.
    With Roger the Alien prominently featured of course.
    Rate it ‘R’ for the heck of it too!

  16. who is the kid from boston that will be in the movie ted

  17. Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis to star – Directed by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlene… That alone will bank it $100 million.

  18. Seth MacFarlane is the death of comedy and I hope his movie bombs.

  19. i think macfarlane’s humor has been gratefully effected by the fame that Family Guy has had. the first couple of seasons of Family Guy were very underrated and because of this it was cancelled twice. i think, and i hope any mind using human being would agree that the first seasons of Family Guy are not only the best but still the most popular. Macfarlane has tried in vein with the last couple of seasons to evolve the show to a sort of South Park status by having a stronger Plot per episode. this has destroyed the show and if Seth tries this with the movie i will be sure that it will end up one of two things, either a cult classic or the end of a cartoonist career.
    (P.s love american dad because its not poplar like the early seasons of family guy, so they don’t care about criticism, so the plot is crazy and hilarious.Df)

  20. Our family still loves family guy…we watch episodes over and over again and I still laugh just as hard. this past season hasn’t been as funny. Hopefully, seth will go into doing more music in his films. Hope Ted does well. We need more laughter in the world and more good movie makers most of the stuff that’s suppose to be funny is just plain so bad I want to puke like Your Highness by Danny McBride…OMG it was so awful who let him write the script had to be an idiot. Love Franco and that’s the only reason I sat through the entire thing. Unfortunately, I had too much of danny mcbride.