Seth MacFarlane Promises ‘Family Guy’ Movie; Story is ‘Impossible’ for TV

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seth macfarlane family guy movie Seth MacFarlane Promises Family Guy Movie; Story is Impossible for TV

It’s been a great year for Seth MacFarlane, professionally – what with the continued popularity of his pop culture-savvy cartoon series and great box office numbers for his live-action directorial debut Ted (which also earned respectable reviews); not to mention, he was selected to serve as the host for next year’s 85th Annual Academy Awards ceremony. Hence, it seems inevitable that a movie based on MacFarlane’s hit animated TV series Family Guy will come to pass sooner, rather than later.

MacFarlane has offered something of a definite update on a potential Family Guy feature that would be fit for theaters (unlike the direct-to-DVD Family Guy-based Star Wars movie spoofs). Moreover, he also indicated that a story for the movie has indeed been worked out now.

MacFarlane visited the UCLA campus as a guest lecturer recently, with the intent of kicking off “The Oscar Experience College Search” – which gives students who are interested in a film industry career the chance to win a trip to L.A. and help hand out Oscars during next year’s ceremony. However, it’s what MacFarlane had to say about a Family Guy movie for theaters – which he described as “just a matter of when” – that’s gotten our attention.

Here is his exact quote on the topic (via EW):

“We do know what the Family Guy movie will be. The Simpsons movie, I thought, was hilarious, but the one criticism I would have is that it’s a story they probably could’ve done on TV. There could’ve been an episode that had that plotline.

“That’s the challenge with animation. You pretty much can do any story you want, so what is the reason for the movie? We finally hit on the answer to that question, and it will be something that would be impossible to do on TV.”

There’s no hint as to when a Family Guy movie might come together; likewise, MacFarlane kept his mouth shut about what that impossible-for-TV storyline might be. Plus, the multi-faceted creator has enough on his plate right now – including, potentially, a sequel to Ted – that he could easily choose to prioritize a different feature-length project (maybe even another original comedy feature). Of course, during a recent retrospective special (following the series 200th episode), MacFarlane said almost exactly the same thing about a Family Guy movie (a matter of ‘when’ and an idea ‘not doable on TV’) so maybe this repetition is indicative of something substantial in the works?

Mark Wahlberg Seth MacFarlane Ted Seth MacFarlane Promises Family Guy Movie; Story is Impossible for TV

Mark Wahlberg and ‘Ted’

Now, could a Family Guy movie actually work? Well, with his screenplay for Ted, MacFarlane married his trademark irreverent humor and constant pop culture-referencing with a full-blooded three-act narrative (complete with actual character arcs and all), so he could feasibly manage a similar task with a Family Guy film. Similarly, like the Simpsons movie, it could boast a much more consistent joke quality than your average show episode.

Of course, that’s assuming you tend to enjoy MacFarlane’s brand of comedy in general – and based on the continued success of series like Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show, there are a lot of people who fall into that category.

Screen Rant will keep you posted on the Family Guy movie as more information is released.

Source: EW

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  1. Honestly I wish Seth would work on an American Dad film, but Family Guy makes much more fiscal sense. American Dad to me is far superior. Maybe after the Family Guy movie is eventually released we could get an American Dad movie. Here’s hoping.

    • Family guy is awesome. I have seen American Dad a couple of times and i have never laughed.

      • true

      • It takes a few episodes to appreciate it. I have watched it since day 1 but at least for me it took a few episodes to really get into it. Same way with The Cleveland Show. Give it a few more watches.

        • Definitely takes a few eps to work its way in, but, as much as have loved Family Guy since day 1, American Dad is an all around, more solid show. It’s probably the best time for poeple to start watching American Dad now, as there are 5 or so seasons worth on Netflix (at least it is in Canada) and watching bunches of eps back to back never gets stale.

      • American Dad is pretty funny actually (their last season was much better than Family Guy’s IMO), but so far this season Family Guy had me laughing throughout every single 21 minute episodes whereas the only response American Dad got out of me so far was “that’s some f’ed up stuff right there”

      • Family Guy is idiotic. American Dad actually has clever jokes and good use of social and political satire.

        • I think that’s the exact shows synopsis for each.

      • yes i agree with you i watched the american dad episodes and i never laugh i find it boring family guy is more funny

    • Even though I like both shows, I think American Dad is way funnier than FG. I don´t wanna see a movie that´s all about “flashback jokes”. Maybe they should do a crossover movie.

      • Similar to the Tornado episodes they did?

        • Haven´t seen that one…

        • Hurricane*

      • Shut up Meg!


        • Yeah shut up Meg

      • I agree with Scapegoat 100%.

        My gf hated American Dad the first time I made her watch it but now she’s the one suggesting we play it on demand every night.

    • I agree i love American dad and im particular to roger who is my favorite on the show, lol

    • American dad is better, they on that show are not as random and their is more os an emotional connection with the charactors, however family guy is funnier ssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..

  2. American dad is fantastic. But yea, u have to give it a few episodes to ler character habits. Roger the alien is my favorite cartoon character.

  3. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m very interested to know what this “impossible for TV” story is now… curse you for teasing me like this MacFarlane! 😉
    I love Family Guy, so I’ll be there the day this movie’s released.

  5. I’m seriously in the minority: I just can’t get into The Simpsons, Family Guy, or American Dad. I’ve tried. They just don’t work for me. And Seth’s voices grate on my nerves. I was into South Park for like a week until I realized the show was more about shock factor than anything else (at least at the time I was watching).

    • I think that’s why most people from what I’ve seen agree that Simpsons was funniest in the mid 90s.

      I agree with South Park too, it can be funny sometimes but mostly, I juat haven’t found it funny (I do like offensive jokes but I dunno, I think I prefer BASEketball and Team America to South Park as far as something Trey and Matt have done)

      • As far as my knowledge goes, South Park started in 97 and Family Guy in 98 or 99. Therefore the Simpsons didn’t have this competition yet.

        • Competition. Same network. South Park different night. I use to love the Simpsons & I would say about after the movie is where it started going down hill. Fox is probably the worst network in all of TV or maybe CBS. No Fox. Family Guy use to be pretty good & American Dad I can still stand. Cleveland show has kinda of grown on me. My Brother & Mother love the show. To be honest though just not my kinda humor. Just like with South Parks seems to be offensive just for the sake of being offensive. I don’t like Community or Big Bang Theory or Two & Half Men or insert other b*******. Comedy is dead on TV for the most part.

          • Thats an awfully wide variety of comedy there, you sure youre not just unhappy?

  6. There is an episode of Family Guy called “Stewie and Brian” which revolved around those two characters being locked in a bank vault. Unlike the usual episodes, it involved no cut scenes whatsoever and no other characters. It was funny while at the same time a very touching story. If they can do something like that with a feature then I am game

    • “Stewie & Brian” is the 150th Episode. It’s also one of MY favs. I think it’s genius: two animated characters (a dog and a baby no less) in a single-setting episode of a cartoon, creating compelling (even moving) drama. Pretty impressive. Don’t think the Simpsons or South Park ever pulled that off (but I love those shows too).

      • The Simpsons never pulled off an emotionally compelling episode? I suggest you watch the show before saying anything, and you might find something more engaging than a dog eating baby crap.

  7. I wonder… what would be a “Peter Vs. The chicken” fight look like on an even bigger scale.

    • The battle just keeps getting more and more epic. I loved how the last one was in the 200th episode and all you saw was the fight in reverse xD


  9. So the question is… what is impossible for TV? South Park did an “impossible for TV” movie by focusing on cursing.

    Would Family Guy’s be a focus on ripping advertising/sponsors … nudity… abortion… religion …. one can only wonder

    • I really don’t want to see Peter’s peter.

  10. I cannot wait! Please, please, please do it in 3D. I would love nothing better than a rip on 3D movies done in Family Guy fashion. 80’s style!

  11. I would be interested in it but it has to have lois full frontal nudity and awesomme sexy ladies nude, no male nudity well give some for the ladies but please no peter, also make it complelling epic story line that the censors would have gasms over if it ever aired on tv.

  12. I hope they do an American Dad movie soon. I like that show better than Fam Guy. But Fam guy movie should be interesting.

  13. This is pretty cool news.

    If they were to ever do a live action movie of American Dad they should cast John Hamm as Stan. I can actually see that sort of thing happening…but I guess not really lol Just in a perfect world made for me haha

  14. You know there will be a bunch of star cameos which will be cool/

  15. I want to like Family Guy. It used to be an edgy show that did the things The Simpsons would never dream of doing, ever since it was brought back by Fox after being cancelled it’s like they do a few things that are on the edge but not as much as they used to, as if Seth Mcfarlene was castrated by Fox.

    Also those “It’s like the time” jokes ARE. THE. WORST. When I hear someone quoting one I just want to throttle them till they die.

  16. Impossible for TV??? you mean like when the show first started out & it was edgy & pulled no punches. Family Guy (In my humble opinion) has been butchered & neutered since about the 4th or 5th season.

    Listen Family Guy started out with nothing but racist, sexual & Gender jokes & now it looks like a shell of its former self.

    And did they get rid of my favorite character Herbert the pervert? I rarely see him on the show anymore.

  17. Maybe Im of the minority that Stewie should keep growing up, Initially thats how the show started out & it seems they have stunted his growth since then.

  18. “It works out great because they have 3 daughters and you have 3 sons”

    “but I’m not a …”

    “Shut up…….”GREG”

  19. I HATE the naration that’s been recently added. Are we so stupid that we need to be told what we’re seeing?

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  24. Let’s just hope he keeps going with family guy. I want to see season 50 lol. I’ve already watched 1-12 over 30 times each I love the show that much. The DVDs are so much better when it’s uncensored I still laugh my ass off every time I see the shows. I would love to see episodes where it’s just Stewie Peter and Brian that would be so funny if they would switch the rolls of Stewie and Peter where Stewie would be taking care of Peter while he gets in his crazy shenanigans almost like a Parent would do if you know the show and the characters you could pretty much play that in your head how that would go lol I will end this with Seth you are amazing and just keep doing what your doing and never stop.

    • I laughed my ass off too

  25. A sequal to ted would be awsome,but Id do anything to see family guy.

  26. Wheres the laugh in amarican dad because when the first episode of amarican dad released, i didnt laugh a single time

  27. dont just focus on family guy,I think you should do amarican dad and the Cleaveland show too.i really,really need a laugh in those 2.

  28. Why not make a episode of family guy that has one very big funny joke that will fit the whole episode.And I just put Ryan Milk for a joke,even know that my name is me Ryan Moore

  29. why does amarican dad have dumb f***ent jokes.In the simpsons movie they used a naked skateboard joke with bart and for a breif monment his penis can be seen.