Casting news has been coming out of Hollywood at a furious pace for the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed Robin Hood, with names like Cate Blanchett, Kevin Durand and William Hurt signing on to co-star in the film. Cate Blanchett acquired the role of Maid Marion from Sienna Miller after producers determined Miller wasn’t old enough to play the love interest for the forty-five year old Crowe.

Early last month, we gave you the first look at Russell Crowe as the title character, Robin Hood. Now we have three more photos to show you that were taken during the filming of a scene in Bourne Woods, Surrey in the UK.

These are not high resolution production stills but they give us a peek at the look and style of the film.

The first is the official release of Russell Crowe in 12th century garb that we showed you last month.

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

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Sheriff of Nottingham’s men flying the crest of King John

The Sheriff’s men riding into a village over a bridge as peasants cower below it

Assuming being bald and sans helmet makes this guy the Sheriff’s right hand man

So far I like the look Scott has given us. He was spot on with he last period piece, Gladiator, with costumes so I have no doubt he will deliver here as well. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will see some high resolution shots released by the studio and get our first looks at the rest of the cast.

How do you think the movie is shaping up?

Robin Hood is scheduled to open May 14, 2010.

Source: The Daily Mail