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Casting news has been coming out of Hollywood at a furious pace for the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed Robin Hood, with names like Cate Blanchett, Kevin Durand and William Hurt signing on to co-star in the film. Cate Blanchett acquired the role of Maid Marion from Sienna Miller after producers determined Miller wasn’t old enough to play the love interest for the forty-five year old Crowe.

Early last month, we gave you the first look at Russell Crowe as the title character, Robin Hood. Now we have three more photos to show you that were taken during the filming of a scene in Bourne Woods, Surrey in the UK.

These are not high resolution production stills but they give us a peek at the look and style of the film.

The first is the official release of Russell Crowe in 12th century garb that we showed you last month.

robin hood russell crowe New Set Photos From Robin Hood
Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Continue to Page 2 for the production stills.

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    After this I want Bladerunner 2 from Ridley!!

    Russell Crowe killing things is always good!!!

  2. The style looks okay I suppose, but I kind of preferred the original premise that Nottingham would be the good guy. I think that kind of story reversal would have made it a very unique movie. Now I can’t help but relate it to the many medieval movies of the same style, Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood, Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, King Arthur, and others of the same nature.

  3. russell crowe looks good as robin hood but id always prefer kevin costner

  4. It’ll be good but I doubt it’ll be that different from every other Robin Hood films.

  5. I don’t particularly care that it is not different from every other Robin Hood films.

    But I’m not crazy about Crowe as Robin Hood. Just can’t see him in the role, even after seeing the production stills.

  6. I have seem this opinion here and elsewhere:
    “Just can’t see him in the role”
    And really I find it a strange thing to say. All we know about ‘the role’ is that it that of an archer-turned-outlaw of the time of King John. The many different (and sometimes conflicting) legends of Robin Hood are based on that broad description. As we know little else about ‘the role’, or the precise way the movie is going to portray the story of a man living a hard life in a brutal age, I fail to see how anyone can know whether the role is suited to Russell Crowe or not.
    My own view is that a) Crowe has successfully portrayed charismatic leaders and warriors in several other period pieces and b) Crowe is an actor who can play almost everything else as well.
    Of course, if you mean by ‘the role’ that he isn’t a swashbuckling foppish rake with a humourous twinkle in the image of Errol Flynn then I concede he isn’t suited at all. But that is rather like saying Crowe wouldn’t be suited to the role of a slave-turned-gladiator because he didn’t look or sound like Kirk Douglas.

  7. Yes, I suppose I always imagined a Errol Flynn type of character to be the personification of the legendary yeoman. I guess you’re right that there could be other versions. Don’t get me wrong, I will watch this movie, I’m curious.

  8. I think Crowe will do fine. He is believable in any role he chooses to do.

    The story of Robin Hood has been done by a plethora of people and each one has a different take on it.

    I like the current UK TV show about Robin Hood but that makes the story focus more a group of young men rebelling against a group of corrupt men. Costner’s movie and this movie would seem more to focus on a grown up version of Hood. With age comes experience and with experience come knowledge and with knowledge comes power and with great power comes great responsiblity (like you didn’t see that coming)

  9. hmm
    now all that has to happen is have Russels Robin be bitten by a radioactive spider and he will be just Like Peter Parker!

  10. Cary Elwes will always be the greatest Robin Hood of all time

  11. Ridley Scott is usually dependable, and the couple of “period” films I have seen with Russell Crowe (“Master and Commander” and “Gladiator”) both were enjoyable and had strong performances from him, so I’m hoping this will be good.

    I have the Errol Flynn portrayal kind of stuck in my mind too; it’s hard not to, as it’s pretty iconic.

  12. Not a fan of the Robin Hood character, and this seems like it’s just going to be the same old lame Robin Hood story all over again with better acting and directing…

  13. Ridley Scott is definitely a seasoned director, but his stuff is still hit and miss for me. I loved Blade Runner and Black Hawk Down, but Gladiator, as much as people boast it as some great work of art, I found the characters in the movie to be VERY annoying to watch and the whole setting of Rome was just so unbelievably inaccurate that it was hard for me to be lost in the movie. All of the blatantly historically inaccurate things were very distracting. Watch HBO’s Rome to see how a historically accurate setting of Rome can be highly entertaining… It was a VERY interesting era and place, they didn’t need to change anything for the sake of entertainment…

  14. Personally I prefer Jonas Armstrong from the current BBC TV remake of Robin Hood but think since the tragic season 2 finale the show has had a falling out — Jonas Armstrong has announced his departure at the end of series 3, Lucy Griffiths who played Marian is already gone since the end of season 2 and there is no replacement actress playing Marian (the character was in effect killed off by Guy of Gisborne) and now Keith Allen who plays Vasey the evil Sherrif of Nottingham has decided to call it quits after series 3.

    They finally brought in Friar Tuck but made him a black heroic figure — I have nothing against black or African individuals — and am a proud supporter of President Obama but the idea of a black Friar Tuck is so strange and doesn’t seem right — Friar Tuck used to be a chubby guy who loved food and assisted the gang from time to time — in all other adaptations his character was also completely different — they reworked his character’s personality and got an African dude to play him.

    With all due respect the actor who plays Friar Tuck is a great actor and is very convincing but it doesn’t fit in with the legend — no other adaptation shows Marian dying or a African dude playing Friar Tuck.

    I like David Harenwood (sepll check) as an actor but think the writers of RH have gone too far. I pondered almost not watching RH Season 3 because of Marian’s death but decided to still give it a chance — but am not liking it as much as prior seasons and if there is a season 4 have no intention to watch it.

    Jonas Armstrng has been the best Robin recently and I always felt if the show reached a proper conclusion and Marian had not died — Robin and MArian would after King Richard returned move back to Loxely together where Robin the rightful lord of Locksley and rightful Earl of Huntingdon would have his lands, title, status as a nobleman all restored by the King and his band of outlaws would also be outlaws no more and part of the society.

    Robin and Marian would live out the rest of their days in peace and happiness as would everyone in Robin’s gang and Prince John and the Black Knights would be punished for treason.

  15. Gladiator wasn’t his last period piece…Master and Commander as well as kingdom of heaven (pref. the directors cut with the latter, adds 30+min and changes the movie dramatically)


    Well this take is not the norm. cookie-cutter Robin hood flick, though I would prefer the Robin/Sheriff duality too this one does take place after the crusades to the holy lands and pits France as the over-arching villain and not King John the bumbling despotic brother to the Lionheart.

  16. First I have to say thanks Anonymous man for spoiling series 3 of the new BBC Robin Hood for me. (learn Wheaton’s Law)

    Secondly I enjoy RC’s acting and think he will do a fine job as Robin Hood but so far (baring the small screen RHs-Robin of Sherwood & BBC Robin Hood) the best Robin Hoods I’ve seen are Robin and Marion (Fight Choreography by William Hobbs) and Robin Hood starring Douglas Fairbanks.

  17. Gladiator was such an inaccurate representation of Rome it’s not even funny… ok, it was kind of funny, but it wasn’t meant to be funny so that’s pretty sad…

  18. OMG, some people actually like the new TV version. It is awful, after Doctor Who and Merlin, you tend to expect quality from the BBC but Robin Hood is just shonky