Second Avatar Trailer Coming…Soon

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avatar trailer Second Avatar Trailer Coming...Soon

In what has to be the most hyped movie in history, 20th Century Fox is giving the world a heads-up that a new trailer for Avatar “could be coming soon.” The great guys at Cinema Blend pointed us to a story by Market Saw, where one of their guys talked to another guy heavily involved in Avatar‘s propaganda promotional campaign.

“…, there are more trailers than I can count on 2 hands. (TV spots) (featurettes) (Ubisoft promo reels) etc, etc, and yes “exclusive” content will be available on”.

And what will these new trailers and spots include, exactly? According to the source, we will hear “more than 3 lines of dialog” and Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver and the Na’vi will be of greater focus, as will the planet Pandora’s nightlife. Also included will be glimpses of Earth in the future and in one trailer, labeled the “Story Trailer”, there will be attention given to the “incredible performance that Sam Worthington gives as Jake.”

Later on in the super-secret interview (most likely held on untraceable cell phones) the source adds:

“I have no solid date to give you on the 2nd trailer front other than to say that it is coming *soon*”

Well thanks a lot for nothing, Mr. Super-Secret Source! He sounds like one of those typical Hollywood producers that try to assure you their movie is going to be ridiculously awesome, but when the footage actually comes out – it’s just ridiculous. Let’s just recap what has happened up to this point in the promotional life of the $234 million dollar Avatar project:

First, James Cameron previewed 24 minutes of Avatar footage to a group of select critics and movie news sites in June, six months before the film is to be released. It was apparently well-received because the web was filled for days after with the worshipful ramblings of bloggers and critics alike.

Next came Comic-Con in July, and Screen Rant‘s Rob Keyes, along with thousands of lucky Hall H attendees, got to watch 25 minutes of footage from Avatar - and Rob had nothing but good things to say about it. Soon after, Fox announced an official “Avatar Day” on August 21st , where they showed (for free!) 15 minutes of extended footage from the movie in 3-D at various IMAX theaters (our own Kofi Outlaw was lucky enough to watch it). The arguably underwhelming trailer was also released online that same day.

Since then, several pictures of toys, interviews, and artwork from the film have come out. The tickets have even gone on sale three and a half months before the released date! Most recently 3 minutes of video game footage was released and it looks pretty good.

(But is Avatar worth the hype? Continue to pg. 2…)

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  1. Most hyped ever? I haven’t heard of this before today. :)

  2. i dont disagree with you. This movie isnt going to change movies like it was said to. The trailer was good but not not as good as hyped.I say it will be a disapointment. And on the finacial side(until i see a overwelming trailer) as well. Its got a 240 million dollar budget and ive yet to see the trailer in the theater or on telivision.

  3. Besides online, I only saw the trailer before “Inglourious Basterds” last month. Right after that, they showed the teaser for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” which more people, including myself, seem more excited for.

  4. I think that the above image of the zoomed in eye is perhaps to this point the best looking part of the movie. when i saw the preview in imax and online his eyes dont look like they do on the promo pics. he looks dorky almost. Now i know alot of people will jump on me but i just cant see what the hype is i didnt feel drawn into the movie, it felt like i was watching a video game preview.

  5. IMAX footage is so incredible it renders the arguments against the trailer worthless. Cameron stated himself, that Avatar Day scenes and scenes from the trailer were from the first half of the movie and were UNfinished CG. I really don’t know how to describe it and I believe there is no way to convey how groundbreaking it will be. not might be. Just a few things.. The physics of their movement are 100 percent perfect. Their faces are 100 percent actor driven and best CG to date, if not photoreal. Scenery, not including the trailer for the most part, is astounding and IS photoreal. Story wise, its James Cameron, and this whole movie concept was created 14 years ago with more thought put into a movie than I have ever heard of. Im not a fanboy saying everyone who disagrees is “stupid” or “retarted”. Just that I honestly believe along with many others, directors included, that this will exceed the hype and hopefully the second trailer will show more of what people have been talking about for so long

  6. LOL, Paul felt compelled to speak out against the movie. Pretty funny stuff. :-D

  7. I actually saw the trailer in 3d when i went to see “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” ( it was sunday night and i was bored…sue me) and it looked pretty good. I’m kinda with Aaron on this one… 14 years is a very good amount of time of thought put into a script. Hopefully it does live up to the hype… I’m paying for too many people’s tickets for this to dissapoint me now.

  8. @Ken J – :) Not so much speak out, I don’t hate the film on any level I’m just not enamored with it like Aaron. That’s what I’m trying to understand. This isn’t a cartoon or comic most of the population grew up with as children so we have no attachment to the characters or story. So what draws these Avatar Zealots (I mean that in a nice way) into this movie? If it’s just the fact that the CGI is photoreal, I say big whoop.

    I understand that some people are doing the pee-pee dance waiting for this film to drop. I’m just waiting for someone to explain to me why?

  9. ummmm because it’s James Cameron and sci/fi and fantasy?????

  10. While i admit Avatar may not ‘succeed beyond all wildest imaginations’ i did watch the trailer over and over again. It may not have lived up to the hype all those mega directors put on it, but could anything of done that? I can not wait for Avatar because i love James Camerons work and i’m a sucker for epic action, which i admit was pretty much all the trailer conveyed. Another reason i’m eagerly awaiting Avatar is because it could be the movie that redeems a rather disappointing summer blockbuster season (besides district 9). If it doesn’t live up to the hype so be it but if spielberg and peter jackson have high praise for it then it’s something nto keep an eye on.

  11. @Paul

    Do you notice my avatar? Terminator 2, my all time favorite movie, what’s my second? Aliens, also James Cameron. Out of action movies, what is my 4th or 5th favorite action movie? The Terminator, also James Cameron. See where I’m going with this? People ARE excited for Avatar in the same way people were excited for Star Wars and LOTR. You may not see it, but it is for the SAME reason. Sure no other movie has been called Avatar, but in the same way some people look forward to anything Star Wars, people look forward to anything James Cameron.

    And Aaron is a bad example for you to point out because he’s actually seen the footage, so he has his reason for why he’s excited. He’s not being a fanboy for “no apparent reason.” Unless you’ve seen the footage and think it’s crap and you don’t understand why Aaron liked it so much…

  12. I’m marking and counting every day left ’til the release of this film, so you’ll figure… Aliens is also in my list of favourite films, and I like both Terminators. I also liked Titanic. I saw the Avatar footage. I thought it was awesome. And I’ve never been so anxious for a film since The Dark Knight, last year. I expect this to be great.

  13. Terminator 2, The Terminator, Aliens, True Lies, The Abyss (Director’s cut only, the theatrical cut didn’t make any sense…), are all among my favorite movies, so damn right I’m going to see this one…

  14. If this movie is not better than star wars for me it will be a failure.

  15. Ok, Paul Ill give it a go. 1) First I guess the reason im excited about Avatar is that I read the old scriptment (I actually still have a copy) from back when it was on the net, before Lighstorm had it removed from all websites. And its that scriptment that has me excited because its ambitious as hell. It reads like an epic live action Miziyaki film, with influces from John Carter of Mars to Dune to Heavy Metal(magazine). The script has Cameron’s useal tight structure, and the action set pieces are quite amazing…

  16. 2)Considering Cameron’s track record with action Sci-fi, I believe that is reason enough to be excited, and I believe he deserves the benefit of the doubt

  17. 3) I dont get your argument Paul, you seem to be saying that something only deserves anticipation if its based on a pre-existing property? Are you serious? Just how many nostalgia blowjobs do we need from Hollywood Paul? Must every genre project worthy of excitement/anticipation be based on some thing we played with, read or collected as kids? Im excited for Avatar in large part also simply because Cameron is looking forward and actually trying to create a NEW epic sci-fi universe. The internet nerd rage is hilarious when they moan and whine about how idea bankrupt Hollywood is, and because of all the remakes/reboots/prequals etc…being churned out every year (how many of these do we need exactly Paul?). I for one am tired of them, and I want something new and ambitious.

  18. but then when something original like this is attempted, all everyone can moan about is how weird or strange it looks. Or how Cameron has not given everything away in numerous trailers already. Fandom is, as far as im concerned, well on its way to becoming a joke, so long as it keeps its juvenile attitude, lust for nostalgia, nedd to tear down anything trying to do something different or ambitious, or just flat out continues to constantly contradict itself…..

  19. My overall feelings are a lot like Paul’s. I have not seen the Imax footage, but did see the trailer several times. Parts of it looked very cool, others less so (incomplete rendering?).

    I’m sure the final product will look fine, maybe wonderful. However, the story (as I understand it so far) sounds a bit cliched, and that’s my worry.

    Wonderful visuals wrapped around a trite story add up to an okay movie in my book. The performances may save it, but who knows? I’ll definitely try to veiw it woth an open mind.

  20. @skippy

    My concern is over the story, it seems like it might be preachy.

    However, James Cameron has never went against law enforcement or the military in his previous movies except The Abyss, but even that one it was more one man’s psychosis, not a statement of the military in general.

    So something tells me he’s not revealing everything about the story, so in the end it could turn out to not be preachy after-all.

    But regardless, either way, I’m almost positive it’ll have great story-telling and great character development because that’s always the case with Cameron’s movies. I’ll be there on opening night.

  21. As another attendee of Avatar Day — even the semi-finished product was amazing to see on the IMAX 3D screen.

    I agree with Aaron in that people are going to want the full Avatar experience at least once to see what it’s all about. You’re talking people waiting for and paying for IMAX tickets, and if their sold out, settling for regular screen 3D and then GOING BACK to get the full experience. I think once the film hits and word of mouth spreads (either way) along with the name “Cameron” Avatar will have a strong shot at doing well.

    Just going by the trailer (since we don’t know what computer screen you viewed it on) is like critiquing a whole album because you listened to the preview tracks on itunes.

    How much marketing is being done by the “wait and see” mentally even you naysayers have?

  22. @Paul
    There are only 2 reasons I’m hyped for this film: 1) It’s a new sci-fi universe (not a reboot or sequel) and 2) IT’S FRAKKING JAMES CAMERON. Any other questions? :-D

  23. 3 Minute and 30 Second Avatar Trailer Coming!! has confirmed that 20th Century Fox will debut a new trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar in theaters this Friday, October 23rd! The trailer, which clocks in at roughly around 3 minutes and 30 seconds, won’t be coming online until October 29th. You should really see this in theaters anyways as we’ve learned that this is THE trailer, the one that will show you much more story (as opposed to the teaser trailer previously released).

  24. Damn, I’m going to New York on the 29th… Guess I’ll just have to see it there, lol. Unless I happen to go watch a movie that has the trailer…