In what has to be the most hyped movie in history, 20th Century Fox is giving the world a heads-up that a new trailer for Avatar “could be coming soon.” The great guys at Cinema Blend pointed us to a story by Market Saw, where one of their guys talked to another guy heavily involved in Avatar‘s propaganda promotional campaign.

“…, there are more trailers than I can count on 2 hands. (TV spots) (featurettes) (Ubisoft promo reels) etc, etc, and yes “exclusive” content will be available on”.

And what will these new trailers and spots include, exactly? According to the source, we will hear “more than 3 lines of dialog” and Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver and the Na’vi will be of greater focus, as will the planet Pandora’s nightlife. Also included will be glimpses of Earth in the future and in one trailer, labeled the “Story Trailer”, there will be attention given to the “incredible performance that Sam Worthington gives as Jake.”

Later on in the super-secret interview (most likely held on untraceable cell phones) the source adds:

“I have no solid date to give you on the 2nd trailer front other than to say that it is coming *soon*”

Well thanks a lot for nothing, Mr. Super-Secret Source! He sounds like one of those typical Hollywood producers that try to assure you their movie is going to be ridiculously awesome, but when the footage actually comes out – it’s just ridiculous. Let’s just recap what has happened up to this point in the promotional life of the $234 million dollar Avatar project:

First, James Cameron previewed 24 minutes of Avatar footage to a group of select critics and movie news sites in June, six months before the film is to be released. It was apparently well-received because the web was filled for days after with the worshipful ramblings of bloggers and critics alike.

Next came Comic-Con in July, and Screen Rant‘s Rob Keyes, along with thousands of lucky Hall H attendees, got to watch 25 minutes of footage from Avatar – and Rob had nothing but good things to say about it. Soon after, Fox announced an official “Avatar Day” on August 21st , where they showed (for free!) 15 minutes of extended footage from the movie in 3-D at various IMAX theaters (our own Kofi Outlaw was lucky enough to watch it). The arguably underwhelming trailer was also released online that same day.

Since then, several pictures of toys, interviews, and artwork from the film have come out. The tickets have even gone on sale three and a half months before the released date! Most recently 3 minutes of video game footage was released and it looks pretty good.

(But is Avatar worth the hype? Continue to pg. 2…)

After the first visuals of Avatar dropped, the arguments began and people started taking sides. Was the film as cool as marketed, or was it merely OK? For me, Fox is going to have to step up the coolness factor of this movie if they want me to believe the hype. I need to read, or see something other than how cutting-edge the F/X are going to be. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within tried to support itself on how excellent and cutting-edge the CGI technology was and that fim ultimately bankrupted the studio producing it.

So far, I haven’t seen anything that makes ME want to go stand in line at midnight opening night to watch Avatar. I’m definitely interested in watching the movie, but it doesn’t seem to me that it’s living up to the hype. Now I know what the comments are going to say, “You are dumb and ignorant and Avatar will PWN you all!” or maybe this one, “Why are you so critical on a movie that you haven’t even seen in full yet?” or my favorite, “Give something a chance before you trash it. Cameron is a movie GOD and can do no wrong!” That’s pretty much the feeling I’m getting from some would-be fanboys of Avatar.

I can understand people getting worked up by Star Wars or Lord of the Rings trailers and having strong opinions one way or the other regarding their support of said films. Both of those franchises have a lengthy and intricate background, with many devote followers.

Avatar, however, does not. It’s just a story that Cameron wrote and turned into a movie. That is the extent of its background and history; so I wonder why some people are dead set on it being the greatest achievement in movies ever?

Now, I realize that  I may very well end up agreeing with you when Avatar is released. However, until then, I can only go by the promotional material provided to me and based on that, I don’t yet see what all the fuss is about. And I’m certainly not alone in that opinion: one more reason why this second trailer has a LOT of work to do, IMHO.

I would ask if you disagree with me, but I’m going to get those responses anyway, and I encourage them. What I’m more interested in is WHY you are looking forward to Avatar and WHY you think it will succeed beyond all wildest imaginations. Let me know.

Avatar reaches out and grabs you in (IMAX and regular) 3D on December 18th, 2009.

Source: Cinema Blend, Market Saw