‘Captain America 2′ Actor Sebastian Stan has 9-Picture Marvel Deal

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Sebastian Stan The Winter Soldier header Captain America 2 Actor Sebastian Stan has 9 Picture Marvel Deal


In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers is still adjusting to life in the 21st century, and the ghosts from his past aren’t likely to make things any easier. After believing that everyone he once knew is now dead, Steve finds himself facing off against his old friend James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, who has been brainwashed, kitted out with a metal arm and turned into a deadly fighter known as the Winter Soldier.

This turbulent reunion marks Sebastian Stan’s second outing  in the role of Bucky (third if you count Captain America: Super-Soldier, the tie-in video game). Since Bucky took up the Captain America mantle from Steve Rogers in the comics, some are speculating that Chris Evans might eventually hand the role over to Stan.

To add further fuel to this speculation, Stan has revealed in an interview with Newsarama that he has a nine-picture deal with Marvel. This means that, contractually speaking, the studio has him locked down for more movies than Evans, who only has a six-picture deal. Speaking to Collider, Evans said that he’s definitely going to complete all the movies in his contract, but doesn’t make any guarantees beyond that.

As Bleeding Cool notes, Evans’ cameo in Thor: The Dark World was not part of his six picture deal, which means that so far he’s fulfilled two of his official appearances with Captain America: The Winter Soldier set to be the third and The Avengers: Age of Ultron the fourth. Captain America 3 will release in direct competition with Batman vs. Superman on May 6, 2016, and Evans’ sixth appearance will most likely be The Avengers 3.

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in Captain America The First Avenger Captain America 2 Actor Sebastian Stan has 9 Picture Marvel Deal

In his interview, Stan says that he was aware of Bucky Barnes’ eventual transformation into the Winter Soldier while filming Captain America: The First Avenger, but that he didn’t know for sure if it was a role he would ever get to play. Since he’s committed for so many movies, each of which take about six months to shoot, Stan says that he’s done everything he can to research Bucky and get to the heart of the character.

“You have to learn about the character, love the character, and for me, there was no question—I had to read up, as much as I could. And fortunately, I’m not building from scratch here. There’s plenty of stories and material that tell you that Bucky acts a certain way, and there are plenty of fans who are very opinionated and will help you find out more and appreciate it all. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right.”

The subject of different actors or characters taking up the names of existing superheroes has come up before, but with Stan contracted for so many Marvel movies it does seem like the studio has an arc in mind for him. President of Production Kevin Feige said earlier this year that Marvel started making plans for 2015 releases back in 2006, and that currently they’ve planned ahead as far as 2021. Could we see a new face of Captain America by then?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters on April 4, 2014.

Sources: Newsarama, Collider

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  1. Why would we want him to become Captain America? Chris Evans is around the same age and is already Cap and perfect as him. I COULD see him playing a role in a Civil War movie though

    • Because Chris Evans probably doesn’t want to do the job forever, especially with the relatively low pay that non-Downey Jr. castmembers receive.

      But a 9 picture deal? Aren’t they getting a bit carried away now?

      • I think that maybe 3 or 4 movies are just brief appearance….. that´s why…. i see evans playing the character for a long time… just like downey jr..

        • So that’s 6 movies for RDJ (IM1,2,3 & A1,2,3) same as Evans is contracted for so come A3 both Evans and RDJ will be done and dusted.

          So yes Evans will be Cap for as long as RDJ but there aint much left before that ship sails, RDJ is down to 1 after AoU and Evans has got 2 more.

          So unless RDJ and/or Evans and Marvel sit round a table again it’s “sayonara Robocop”

      • Just a quick note, based on their current deals the person who will walk away with the biggest pile of cash is ScarJo. She took a back ended contract meaning that her earnings are based and devised by the overall monetary success of the films she appears in. With Iron man and the Avengers alone she’s ahead of RDJ.

        • I think ScarJo is getting $20M alone for the AoU. She’s turned into the “glue” that keeps the MCU/Avengers together. Like what Coulson did. Speaking of which, I do wonder what will come of Coulson? Will he ever return to the big screen? Surely Heimdall can see he’s alive.

          • When Kevin Faigie was asked about Coulson returning to AoU or TWS he responed with :”Its probably best if i will not answer about it” so I think that the answer is well yes.

            BTW apparently that there was already a little tie in between AoS and TWS last episode with agent Sitwell. When he met agent Coulson and told him that he “need to go someplace” apparently this some place is where he is going in TWS. Which means that the movie is happening between ‘Yes man’ and the next one.

      • Nope, Stan could co-star in a few more Cap Merika and Black Widow solo films before Marvel does a Death of Captain America film (they are introducing Crossbones and Agent 13 in Cap 2); then he can take over the role in the 2020s.

      • nope… if anything they should get more. if they did this with downey then they wouldnt have the problems they have now. they might not even need a 9 picture deal but its there is anything were to happen.

        DC need to do that but they dont.

    • Because Evans sucks as Cap?

  2. Cap should “die” in A:AoU and have Bucky take over until A3. Not sure how you sell Cap3 without Evans. And of course it wouldn’t be a surprise that Evans came back for A3 unlike some of the runs in the comics.

    I’ll be interested in how Marvel handles the WS and Bucky going forward.

    • I’ve been saying this since day1

    • They will not have Stan replace Evens for Cap3 as it is going against BvS.

  3. well they basically just told us that Bucky wont get killed off in the winter soldier, in fact im thinking he starts off as the villian and as the movie plays out a bigger villian from HYDRA will arise and maybe Bucky will end up helping SHIELD…but who knows, he could take over for Cap or they could just use his skills to be another member of SHIELD and actually help the avengers

    • Indeed, Sreenrant should be MORE CAREFUL not to put spoilers in the article’s TITLE.
      Seriosly now, this makes no sense.
      Many people would say: ”Well why did you read the article then, if you don’t want any spoilers?”
      But I didn’t read the article, I only saw the title on the main page which says that Sebastian Stan, AKA Bucky, AKA Winter Soldier has signed on a 9 picture deal, which means that he, an alleged main villain of the film, will LIVE, and that, whatever you may think, is a HUGE spoiler.

      • It says Stan is signed on for 9 films. Doesn’t mean he will be the Winter Solider, or become Captain America. He could play another role. Technically, The Winter Soldier could still die in the movie.

        Stranger things have happened…

        • While mentioning his contract is worse now…at least it means he wont die, and the movie will follow the comics…or maybe he does die and we only see Stan in flashbacks and a period Black Widow film. On the other hand while this doesn’t matter, I do clearly remember back in 2011 when Cap was releasing, Stan and Feige mentioned that he has a multiple movie contract…but back then it wasnt a spoiler cause you could mistake it for Winter Soldier releasing as Cap 4 or 5

      • You can’t put a “Spoiler Warning” for common sense. They killed off Bucky once, which every one saw, and you really think they are going to do it again when he is returning for Cap. 2? No. Anyone that remotely follows movie news or comments on this site (Drvobradi and Riggins02) has a pretty mild interest, if not strong understanding how things play out with contracts and popular characters. Have you read the TWS storyline in the comics? If so, you already know potential spoilers that could play out.

  4. I hope they don’t replace Evans as Cap. Unless they have Evans run Shield, while Bucky becomes the new symbol for Cap.

    Unless its that scenario I don’t care to see Bucky become the new Cap especially if they kill him off.

    • Thing is, I’m not sure Rogers ever ran SHIELD.

      After he died, Fury faked his death and Hill took over with Stark becoming a main Defense guy in the US government, followed by the top SHIELD job when Hill was replaced by Stark until Stark himself was usurped by Norman Osborn, who wore a suit, called himself The Iron Patriot and formed the Dark Avengers.

      Rogers meanwhile came back from not really being dead but displaced in time and led the Secret Avengers eventually.

      Which reminds me, I wonder if they’ll have several Avengers teams in future? Official team, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, all going on at the same time?

      • could see them going the Secret Avengers route with Steve Rogers dying and coming back in some form or another and starting the Secret Avengers up. I still hope this sets it even up more for a Civil War movie. One can wish!!

  5. When Avengers 3 comes along (provided that it includes Thanos), you can bet that it’ll be a very dramatic and more brutal event than what we’ve currently seen. Keeping that in mind, it should be expected that current beloved characters will die and the team will be left in shambled pieces by the end of the 2nd act. The third act will contain surviving members and those willing to take up the sword (or shield, so to speak) of the perished heroes to save the world…or universe…whatever. It would make sense that Rogers would die in that 2nd act. What better way to add levity to the film, trigger heavy emotions, and make way for character changeover more than the heroic death of their noble leader?

    • All of this! The Avengers: The Infinity War in which Cap sacrafices himself in the second act so that we can see a new roster form from previously secondary characters like War Machine, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Star Lord, Carol Danvers, Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man lead by Black Widow and Doctor Strange to fight the mad titan?! Excuse me I have a nerd boner now…

      • if thats what they have going up against Thanos then the movie will be over in 2 minutes after Thanos has time to laugh.

  6. 9 movies? Damn! I guess we’ve found our next Captain America.

  7. Please let this mean we will get a Civil War movie! That would be awesome. I know that story line isnt for everyone but I enjoyed it personally.
    Have cap get sniped and bucky take the helm.

    I dont see how they can really kill anyone off anymore though since Coulson is still alive

    • I hope Marvel uses the Winter Soldier in spy / espionage films instead of large scale team-up films. Plus, I doubt Marvel will do Civil War without Spidey.

    • As awesome as it would be to do an abbreviated form of Civil War (some of the main players are with other studios – X-men / Spidy / FF etc…) the contracts don’t work.

      Can’t do it as Cap3 cause RDJ is AoU and Avengers 3 and that’s you’re lot, can’t do it AFTER Avengers3 as both RDJ and Evans will be out of contract.

      Easiest thing would be as RDJ and Evans current contracts run out with Avengers 3 they just have Thanos nuke the both of them…. SPLAT. Job Done, NEXT…

    • “I dont see how they can really kill anyone off anymore though since Coulson is still alive”

      If you have watched Agents of Shield you would know that option is no longer a viable one.

  8. There is something wrong with this sentence: “As Bleeding Cool notes, Evans’ cameo in Thor: The Dark World was not part of his nine picture deal, which means that …”
    because Evan’s only has a SIX picture deal, Stan is the one with the nine picture deal — not Evans (at least according the the preceding statements).

    • Thanks for the tip, will fix.

  9. They’ll kill Evans in Cap 3 for Stan to takeover.
    When people get word of this, Cap will score as many ticket sales as the long awaited BatmanVSuperman

    • No they won’t, Evan’s will still have another film on his contract after CAP3 (Avengers 3); he’ll most likely sign on for 2(possibly 3) additional films like RDJ did. The last of which being the opening scene for the Death of Captain America. (which will be a Falcon / Bucky team up movie)

  10. Marvel got out of hand already. I couldn’t be less interested in the “phase 2″ saga.

  11. With Evans and RDJ’s contracts expiring after Avengers 3, it looks like it will be a changing of the guard of sorts after that, rotating new characters in to fill the vacancies from the old ones. Being that RDJ and Evans both plays characters that are profoundly impacted by the events of the Civil War with Cap dying and being replaced by Bucky and Stark feeling tremendous guilt for Cap’s death, it would be a way to retire those characters without forcing it.

  12. I’m all for seeing Civil War on the big screen but would it really be the same movie without spider man and the x men or the many other characters marvel doesnt own the film rights to.

  13. Stan Sebastian is a bit short for Captain America….

  14. He’s an inch shorter than Chris Evans.

    • I believe the ‘real’ Coulson is dead and the Coulson on the TV show is a LMD. (I think Agent Wade is a LMD as well) Perhaps the show is attempting to connect S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier’s and LMD’s to Kree technology.

      What I saw on TV was Coulson’s thoughts being transferred into a LMD. Skye should start developing superpowers based on her transfusion. She most likely will become – Songbird or Mantis

    • I assume that you watch AOS, so you know that Tahiti is confined to the tv universe and it no longer exists. Chill and enjoy.

  15. Evan’s will have to re up for additional films because Cap has to battle the Serpent Society, rescue Agent Carter from AIM, then AIM’s George Tarleton has to become MODOK, and finally, AIM has to hire the Serpent Society to kill MODOK.

    That circle of events can not be completed in one film because MODOK has to battle the Hulk, Iron Man and possibly Captain Marvel before he dies.

    Bucky will not replace Steve Rodgers until after Avengers 4 at the earliest.

  16. Coorect if me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Sam Jackson originally signed to a 10-picture deal and that was later reduced like Evans’ original deal? I imagine for Stan this is a case of “lock him in now” and if Marvel doesn’t need him for later movies they will reduce the deal.

  17. Avenger 2: AOU

    We all know Hawkeye is a dead man if he is in AOU.

    Avengers 3: Infinity Gauntlet?

    Steve Rogers and Tony Stark could die.

    After that I think it could be a Defenders movie instead of a Avengers 4: insert title. If Phase four shifts focus to Dr. Strange then it would make sense.

    • Forgot to add that this is another great interview/article coming out of Marvel. It is great to read that S. Stan is reading up and looking ahead to the possibility that he might step in for Evans/Rodgers. Nomad is a possibility until that occurs.

  18. Mr. Stan might take the mantle of Cap for 3 films but I wouldn’t like Evans to say goodbye to the character. My guess is that he will be The WS for 2 or 3 films and then he takes the mantle of CAP. The deal doesn’t say he is going to be Cap.

    There will be a dramatic event in AoU but I don’t want anyone to die.

  19. I find i crazy how many marvel movies this guy is signed on for a 6 picture deal I could be okay with but 9 movies holy crap thats crazy lol. As for Bucky taking over Captain America I could totally see that playing out really well in a movie, I remember reading the comics when he did take over the Captain America mantle and just being blown away by it because I thought it was so cool and I love the theme that it had about doing something your own way which I thought existed in the story. To me its just a question of when they will kill Steve Rogers or retire him depending on what they want to do with it all, it sounds like Evans would appear in Avengers 3 but I wouldn’t bet my cards on that studios can lie and Whedon has talked about killing an avenger in Age of Ultron, so lets say that Cap (Evans) died in Age of Ultron and then in Captain America 3 Bucky decides to take over and struggles with similar stuff that he struggled with in the comics and Evans can appear in flashbacks and stuff also, then when we get to Avengers 3 Bucky is the nw Captain America and we get to see how the team feels about him in the suit and at first they don’t really like it or Bucky so we get to see a new kind of conflict in the team towards the new Cap they could say things like “Steve wouldn’t do this” or something like that, also in the Ed Brubaker Death of Captain America comics I think Cap did get brought back to life but brainwashed or maybe he was an android or something (yeah… I’m sure one of you guys knows more about it I didn’t read all of the Brubaker stuff unfortuneatley please help me out with this one lol) but bottom line Steve Rogers takes on the new Captain America so that could factor into the villain of the third Avengers movie played by Evans… so this would explain Evans 6 picture deal and it would also get Bucky off to strong start as Cap… thats what I think at least.

    • While Whedon might have other plans, my bet is that Hawkeye dies. It makes sense for many reasons.

      • Oooooh yeah that would make a lot of sense didn’t Scarlet Witch go insane and kill him by an accident in the comics? Thats good thinking man but we don’t know how many people will be getting killed off in the sequel so I’ll stand by what I said but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawkeye ends up biting the bullet

  20. Let Stan take over the mantle in the Phase 4 films. They could do lots of things with Steve Rogers, kill him off in a variety of ways (But you know they will bring him back in later Phases) or have Steve Rogers take up command of SHIELD. By phase 4, you’d assume they would have already casted a new Tony Stark, and start fresh with new actors and returning actors.

    People need to realize, people will be killed off and come back to life. These characters are going to be re casted sooner or later, so why not have a different take ?

  21. So since Guardians of the Galaxy is technically part of phase 2 will they be apart of Avengers 2 or will they be added into Avengers 3

    • As Fiege has said 99% of the Guardians movie takes place in space my assumption is that they wont play any role in AoU. Nevermind that including them would mean adding 5 more characters to an already stuffed roster.

  22. I can definitely see Evans being killed off in Captain America 3 and Stan’s character taking the mantle as the NEW Captain America but he definitely won’t be the leader. But I’m pretty much all for more new characters being introduced because that will make the Avengers vs. Thanos battle in Team-Up #3 that much more awesome. All I say is that they introduce Ms. Marvel, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and The Wasp and kill off Black Widow and Hawkeye, then we’ll have an official Avengers team.

    Captain America (Bucky Barnes version)
    Iron Man
    Dr. Strange
    Ms. Marvel
    Iron Patriot
    The Falcon
    Black Panther

    And then maybe they could use all four actors from the Netflix series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage) and use them in some kind of way. Maybe in the beginning of the movie they could go on a mission that would set off the entire movies plot and one of them dies, leaving the other three as casualties. I’m really fan boying out right now. I just want Avengers to really have the EPIC feel to it. Like an all our war for the universe.

  23. I think most people are seing this too straightforward, marvel isn’t tied to only do movies about the mayor charactes, what about a black widow, Winter soldier or even a hawkeye spin off trilogy? he could apear on some of those, and apear on cap 3, and if those are origin stories cap won’t apear there, so they could need him for more movies tan Evans, without killing cap

  24. Rogers´s death will likely hand over the costume to Bucky.

  25. Whoa! Marvel already has plan out their movies till 2021.

    It’s always good to plan ahead. That means Marvel Studio already had Phase 4 figured out.
    That’s great news for us Marvel fans. Keep ’em coming.

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