Sebastian Stan Returns For ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

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During the Iron Man 3 panel at Comic-Con 2012, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige laid out and confirmed the upcoming slate of films coming from the studio post-Avengers. Among the films, and releasing after Iron Man 3 and the Thor followup, is the sequel to Captain America, which we now know is titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

By dropping the number system for the next Captain America and throwing in “The Winter Soldier” subtitle, they’ve confirmed rumors from over a year ago and revealed exactly what the story will be about, and at least one new character who will be (re)introduced.

Reprising his role as Bucky Barnes for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the best friend of Steve Rogers, will be Sebastian Stan Variety has confirmed. Stan had signed a multi-picture deal when joining the cast of The First Avenger and that contract is about pay dividends giving Stan a key role as Winter Soldier for the sequel.

Captain America Sebastian Stan 570x379 Sebastian Stan Returns For Captain America: The Winter Soldier

When Captain America 2 was confirmed three months ago with its new release date, little information was given outside of the basic premise of the film, that it would follow Steve Rogers after the events of The Avengers as a member of the SHIELD organization.

The Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger on April 4, 2014. The second installment will pick-up where the highly anticipated Marvel’s The Avengers (May 4, 2012) leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world.

As we get closer and closer to the film’s production start date, it seems more and more likely that The Winter Soldier will be hosting a team of heroes and not just the titular star-spangled Avenger. We heard from The Playlist before Comic-Con that both Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) would be a crucial part of Captain America 2, where more of their backstory and relationship would be explored. And as of yesterday, we can add Falcon to the list of characters potentially fighting alongside Steve Rogers in the film, with Anthony Mackie (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) in consideration for the role.

hawkeye captain america black widow avengers 570x380 Sebastian Stan Returns For Captain America: The Winter Soldier

From the title of the film, we also know that Bucky – a character who seemingly fell to his death in Captain America - will be back as well. While Bucky living through his tragic fall in Captain America: The First Avenger shouldn’t come as a surprise to faithful readers of Marvel Comics, his immediate return for the sequel might be. In the books, Bucky Barnes, while fighting alongside Captain America against Baron Zemo towards the end of World War II, lost his arm in an explosion and fell to what was assumed to be his death. The Russians later found him frozen – much like Captain America was – and gave him a prosthetic replacement arm, brainwashing him into becoming an elite assassin codenamed Winter Soldier.

Where Captain America woke up after decades being preserved on ice, allowing him to maintain his youth in modern times, Winter Soldier was kept in stasis by the Russians in between missions which prevented him from aging over the years as well. In the books, Winter Soldier crosses paths with the Cosmic Cube and key characters including Black Widow (note the Russian spy/love interest connection) and Sharon Carter – another character who could be introduced in Captain America 2 as a new love interest for Rogers.

The official Captain America 2 logo – CLICK TO ENLARGE

Captain America 2 Winter Soldier Logo 570x356 Sebastian Stan Returns For Captain America: The Winter Soldier

If rumors and reports are true, much of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America comic books will likely represent the foundation for the sequel’s screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, which we’re told is very exciting. Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky in The First Avenger, signed a six-picture contract with the studio and, as confirmed by Variety, Marvel will be bringing him back to reprise the role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For the readers, can you picture Stan as the Winter Soldier in the modern era of the Marvel cinematic universe? And dare I say it, but could you see him eventually as the new Captain America if Marvel Studios ever goes down the path of the Marvel Civil War?

For those who don’t know, the Marvel Civil War crossover event a few years back resulted in the assassination of Captain America where the Winter Soldier – who helped Nick Fury out during the time – took up his costume and the role of Captain America on the advice of Tony Stark/Iron Man. His first mission had him team with Falcon (coincidence?), Sharon Carter, and Black Widow to take down the Red Skull and his latest plot. If you’re interested in the books for more info on the Winter Soldier as he steps up as the new Cap, check out Captain America #25-42 and note all the connections to what we’ve seen in Captain America, The Avengers and what we know about Iron Man 3 (i.e. A.I.M.).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will star Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson, and will be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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Source: Variety

Cover art by Steve Epting, Lee Bermejo, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, Frank Cho and Leinil Francis Yu from Winter Soldier #1,7, Captain America #600, Secret Invasion #6.

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  1. This is why I return to this site, day after day- insightful and well written articles. I’ve been busy and haven’t been closely following Comicon, so SRs coverage has been a godsend.
    I’m willing to give Captain America another chance. I enjoyed his movie, but his ‘do-gooder’ attitude, and overall characterization, rubbed me the wrong way in The Avengers.

    • His “do gooder” hard ass, no nonsense attitude is why he so different compared to other A-list heroes and why he’s my favorite character of all time.

    • Cap being a “do gooder” is a big part of who he is.
      Hate to break it to you, but if you didn’t like that part of the character, chances are you won’t like him much in Cap 2 either…

      • The problem I have with the Movie-Cap is, that he must be a real warfare badass and in the movies he isn’t.

        In the movies he is like a milk face. I mean he was in the greatest and worst war of all time and I didn’t believe it when I see the movies, especially Avengers. A miscast, misdirection and silly costume IMO (yea, I know he has it in the comics, but sometimes it doesn’t work to translate costumes to movies one to one).

        Avengers was a really entertaining movie, but Cap was the weakest point.
        There is no authority, no charisma coming from him.

        • Well, I would have to disagree with that.
          Evans was definitely not a miscast in my book, and while he may not be the “hard@$$” war veteran that some people wanted him to be (more in line with Ultimate Cap), I think he’s very charismatic because of the fact that he is a bit of a “boy scout” – out of all the Avengers, I can relate to his character the most actually (and I’m not the only one). He’s a GOOD GUY with strong morals and an unwavering set of ideals… just because he’s a war veteran doesn’t mean he has to be some tough-as-nails bad@$$ (that’s a stereotype).
          I know a lot of people who have served in the military or police force and most of them are really, really nice guys.
          My dad’s one of those guys. (He’s told me stories of how he saw men using kids as human shields, getting shot up into pieces – and that’s one of the less brutal stories he’s told me about – but he never let what he saw change who he is… and neither does Captain America IMO.)

          The thing with Cap is, there are a lot of different ways how he can be portrayed, so it would obviously be VERY tough for the writers, directors and actor to please everyone with what they go for.

          • Yeah, I think they got Cap just right. While I do think Evans was better as the (Second) Human Torch, Cap is a boy scout and he is what that generation portrayed itself as being. Of course, back then there wasn’t 24 media to dig up dirt on every person and when you think of WWII vets you don’t think of the pain like you do with ‘Nam vets.

            I was a little slow to like Cap too. I thought he was lame when I was a kid, but I still read his books from time to time. Now, as I’ve gotten older and my views of the world have changed, I think that the world would be a better place with a Captain America. Too bad it’s all fiction.

          • I have to agree with TheAvenger here. Evans was not miscast at all if anything this was a step up from his usual goofy comedic roles he’s known for playing.

            As for Cap being a Good Guy thats what I love about him. Compared to other heroes who usually have to go through some sort of tragedy (ex.death of a loved one) in order to motivate them to do good, Before his transformation Steve just wanted to fight for his country despite his ailments and short stature. And despite him seeing the horrors of war, he still stayed relatively humble in nature.

        • Agreed. He played an excellent sickly, overly idealistic Steve Rogers but Evans does not have the authority nor screen presence to bring a battle hardened, WW2 veteran Captain America to life. He was more a love sick Private Upham then courageous & commanding leader like Tom Hanks’ Cpt John H Miller.

    • You know something’s wrong with humanity when the “do-gooders” are rejected by society…

      • Well said.

  2. what the story will be about, and at least one new character who will be (re)introduced.

  3. Words cannot express how excited I am for this film. Though Stan’s portrayal of Bucky in TFA wasnt groundbreaking imo, I’m eagerly looking forward to his take on The Winter Soldier. I’m just curious is they’re gonna add in the romance element with Black Widow…

  4. Sounds good. Just give me more of Hawkeye and I’m set

  5. Less of Hawkeye would be great. I’m sorry but I am not a Jeremy Renner fan at all. His Hawkeye was the weakest of The Avengers, But I am looking forward to CAP 2.

    • Hawkeye is my favorite character and Jeremy Renner did a amazing job.
      more Hawkeye the better

  6. when i sat CA:TFA the first avenger’s in theaters i mentioned to my friends that bucky would be back.

    they all laughed at me cause he ‘clearly feel to his death’

    muhahah i am laughing meow.

    • LMAO that made my day!

  7. Can you please take time to explain more about the winter soldier connection with the civil war theme, I’d hate to see chris Evans go I think he does a great job! But please go into that story line a little more. Thank you!(:

  8. Never been a fan of deeper backstory of Hawkeye & Black Widow in Caps sequel, where you already trying to do a fish out of water story & re-introduce Bucky as Winter Soldier who will probably need a backstory to explain how he is a villain now & your going to have a another villain/organization pulling the strings, which will either be AIM or Hydra and your going to introduce a sidekick SHIELD agent Falcon and most likely a love interest for Cap, which will probably be Sharon Carter played by most likely by a blonde Hayley Atwell, thats a lot to deal with without a backstory to Hawkeye & Black Widow…

    It would be interesting to see if they would make Sebastian Stan Captain America after Chris Evans contract was up or if they went with a civil war but i think they are headed for Civil War especially with all the characters they are adding…

  9. Wasn’t the SHIELD agent at the end of CA:TFA (portrayed by Amanda Righetti) meant to be Sharon Carter? She’s never been given a name but I thought I’d read an article that stated she was that character.

    • I don’t think that she is Sharon Carter she was just there to help Steve feel like he was still in that time period because if she was Sharon then they’ve wasted that moment by simply having him run away, it could be a great moment in the story when Cap is struggling with no connections to the world he’s from & then he sees Sharon for first time establishing an instant connection, they will probably have Hayley Atwell back as a blonde (which i really don’t know how i feel about) or as an old woman with another actress who’s a dead ringer to Peggy…

      • The ending of CA:TFA never seemed fitting to me. It seemed more like a post-credits scene than an official final scene. As for Ms. Atwell, I liked her in the role. I think it’s difficult to place a contemporary actress in a vintage role but she pulled it off. She fit the era well, as did one of Joe Johnston’s other period-piece actresses, The Rocketeer’s Jennifer Connelly.

    • It was never confirmed, but there was definitely a lot of speculation.
      Personally, I don’t know why they would have hired a fairly famous actress (I mean, who doesn’t watch The Mentalist? ;)) to make a small appearance like that… (so I think we’ll see more of her in the future)

      Guess we’ll find out in the coming months.

      • I’d say she has the same sense of recognition as Cobie Smulders plus a bit more given the Friday the 13th movie and Return to House on Haunted Hill. Several movie sites called her Sharon Carter but nothing official.

        You’re right though, we’ll find out in the coming months.

      • Well whether it is or isn’t her was never confirmed, but I would say Amanda Righetti is a TV actress it’s not like she’s been in a ton movies not a big deal or a tremendous waste of a movie star I see where your coming from though why put even a named actress in the scene but all I was saying is that it would be a waste of a scene in the sequel but I guess we will find out…

  10. Cant wait to see the winter soldier in action

  11. I loved Stan’s portrayal of Bucky in Cap:TFA. The darker, older thing really worked well to convey the idea that there’s more to him than just being Cap’s sidekick.
    His death was poorly handled IMO (instead of just falling off a train, it would have worked better it he was on the ship with Cap at the end and fell to his doom during a struggle on board or something – more climactic I think).

    Anyway, glad to see Stan returning… it’ll be really interesting to see how they explain the aging factor (ex. an infinity formula, or the frozen during missions thing that Brubaker came up with).

  12. I always thought that Bucky was going to come back. Remember, he was being experimented on in the HYDRA base when Cap rescued him. Obviously, they could say Skull was experimenting with his version of the Super Soldier formula. Now he didn’t submit him to the “vita-rays” so Bucky probably has the serum in him, but it was never activated like it was for Cap. So possibly, the serum still had enough strength to preserve him in the ice. Then after the Soviets found him, they applied their version of vita-rays or gamma-rays to then turn him into the Winter Soldier.

  13. Can’t see him as the new Captain America if that were to happen. He also seems doesn’t seem like a great Winter Soldier type, I would think he would need to be a little bit taller and bulk up a little bit.

  14. It sounds like a good storyline. I liked Captain America, it was a breath of fresh air from all other comic book movies. I just hope Marvel doesn’t overwhelm their new movies with so many characters because it seems like Iron Man 3 also has a huge ensemble and to be honest, I only want to see that in The Avengers 2 and potential Avengers 3.

  15. And don’t forget, Red Skull is coming back. He has to, right? Nobody ever really dies in the comics.

    • No Red Skull in this one, the main villain will be Winter Soldier/Bucky.

      Skull….I could see him in a cosmic movie just having a cameo before being brought back since the Tree of Life was shown just as he disintegrated at the end of The First Avenger so he’s probably stuck on one of the other worlds (but obviously not Asgard).

      • “No Red Skull in this one, the main villain will be Winter Soldier/Bucky.”
        Yeah, but the Winter Soldier isn’t the guy pulling the strings…
        In the comics, the Winter Soldier was an assassin/killer and there was always someone who “controlled” him: in the movie verse, that person could be one of many Cap villains like Baron Zemo or the Red Skull.

        Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be too far fetched if the Skull somehow returned to earth during the events in The Avengers… there was a huge portal open for a very long time, and since Red Skull was obviously teleported away by the cube (the same cube that opened the portal for the Chitauri), it’s MORE than possible that he also made a deal with the Other (just like Loki) or something like that.

        • Either that or Zola, since he likes experiments in human subjects. Or possibly the team is back together again. I just figured that since he and his men were close during Bucky’s death, they would have a better chance of capturing him or finding him. They knew where he fell, but I would think they’d have to find him pretty quick afterward.

  16. Get the ‘Commandos’ in there!

  17. It was none other than Joe Johnston who expressed the idea
    of The Winter Soldier for the theme for the sequel in an interview
    right here on Screen Rant with Roth Cornet, speaking then as if he
    would be directing again and there was no reason to believe otherwise.

    Since Joe has been unceremoniously dispatched in favor of
    Anthony and Joe Russo my interest in the sequel has plummeted.
    And Captain America was my favorite of all the Marvel films bar none.

    • I’m on the fence about the change to the director’s chair(s) too. I’ve enjoyed all of the films I’ve seen from Joe Johnston so I can’t say I get the hate he’s received…except it seems to go hand-in-hand with making a CBM.

      • I’ve enjoyed all the Joe Johnston films I’ve seen as well
        and I too don’t understand the hate he can get but
        like you say it kind of goes with the territory.

        Captain America was the best grand adventure film,
        if I can call it that, since Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
        And it was just as well directed and infused with
        a special spirit Joe Johnston has a touch for.

        Joe really had a feel for Cap and even pressed
        for the casting of Evans thus being instrumental
        for the film’s success laying the future foundation.
        Cap was already a bit lost even with Josh Wheldon.
        I couldn’t get the same sense of Cap in The Avengers.

        It probably came down to money, which is unfortunate,
        Joe earned a good payday next go-round for all he did.

  18. If you haven’t read the Brubaker’s run on Capt. America, you should. When you do that, you should definitely read The Winter Soldier saga. It’s a great read and that is coming from a person that isn’t thrilled by Capt or his stories.

    This Capt. movie has a chance at being Marvel’s best movie, ever. Obviously, it depends on how the script comes out and the directing, but Stan, Evans and Mackie (If the deal gets done) are all great casts for those roles. The story in the comics has a very emotional driven story, action, thriller and would allow Marvel to introduce a lot more characters to the MCU.

  19. Hmmm, I always prefered a young Bucky in Cap 1. Bucky being one of the greatest charecters in literature, (he really is) wasnt portayed properly. I like the Russo’s, they seem really driven on whatever their subject material is so hopefully this film feels really fleshed out.
    Bucky, Winter Soldier’s story is a very tragic, deep, emotional one. Lets hope Stan has the skills to pull it off.

  20. Because Bucky in the comics was 16 when he met Cap, who was 19, their relationship formed and grew in a very fascinating, literary way, they both had to become men during WWII that translates to their relationship as adults in modern times.
    Evans can probably really challenge himself and pull out a career making performance, Stan, i’m not so sure about…

  21. I do like the Winter Soldier, although the series started a little slowly imo. I’m not psyched about Falcon, but he is Cap’s partner so I’m not complaining much either. I just wished they would have introduced another character instead. I think speaking to birds telepathically is a pretty lame power, but it would have its advantages on search and rescue missions I guess. haha

    I have to say I am very worried about them doing the Civil War the way they did in the comics. I love Iron Man and he became a douche for years starting with the CW. I didn’t like that it was Millar’s hatred of Bush on display. I just wish I could escape the liberal agenda sometimes, but I know that will never happen.

    The biggest problem I see is if they kill Cap the same way they did in the comics. I still don’t understand the whole “bullet thrusting him into another dimension” thing. It seems they killed him and scrambled to bring him back. It was a major reach IMO.

  22. For those of you concerned about whether Stan has the acting chops to pull off the deeper, darker Winter Soldier character, I wouldn’t worry too much. In the early stages of Captain America, Stan was actually one of the frontrunners to be cast as Cap. The main reason he did not get the role is because the producers wanted an American in the role of Captain America, and Stan was actually born in Romania.

    If you want to get a taste of some of his more serious acting, check him out in the television drama Kings. I think he can do it.

    • I too liked Kings and was disappointed (but not surprised in a way) to see it canceled by NBC. He certainly showed the acting chops in that show. I’ve no doubt he can portray the expanded Bucky/Winter Soldier role just fine.

  23. I hope the nxt costume evans gets is the CA2 costume with the armor on top n military s*** from his waste down like one of thr above pics dat wuld b awesome

  24. Yea Rob it was a good read(5 am damn) I was just curious what you and Kofi were saying about where Cap 2 was going storyline wise but hopefully they can do Winter Soldier character right…

  25. Its hard to get excited or emmotional for a grand Bucky return when his death and significance was ultimately cheapened to make the missed date more detrimental.

    In the comics, Bucky heroically and famously sacrificed himself to save Cap, which was a huge moment and his death has always haunted him. Sorta why he wears the bright color uniform to draw fire (also to inspire) on himself to save the soldiers/heroes he is fighting with.

    In TFA, he makes a big episode about saving Bucky’s imprisoned unit but then his death scene and his reaction with Hayley Atwell was pretty emotionless. Summed up to “soldiers die.” I thought it was a big deal. Your best friend since childhood, who saved you constantly and you could n’tsave him. I’d cry if that was my friend and carry it with me all my life. Evans doesnt. But what really bugged me was in The Avengers, Evans is hitting the punching bag and having flashbacks of his convo with Hayley Atwell & missed date. What about your best friend!?

    • I kind of thought it effected him plenty. He was in the bar trying t get drunk. I don’t think he is the type of guy to cry. At least he never did in the comics and some crazy stuff happened to him.

      In war, when people die, even those close to you, you often have no time to mourn until the war is over. Well, the war hasn’t ended for him. His biggest challenge happened right after Bucky’s death. He had no time for emotions and Peggy pretty much told him to buck up cuz they had work to do.

      Keep in mind there was a period of time in Cap’s life they didn’t show. Maybe he mourned him then, or maybe the fact that he was frozen for 70 years has his mind on other things.

      Punching bag scene he was thinking about what might have been, what he missed in that time. Honestly, he thought Bucky dead, so that is not what might have been if he was never frozen.

      • I dont expect him to cry. Not at all lol. But TFA (and Avengers) have highlighted the importance of a missed date and love interest more than the loss of a best friend. A best friend, whose death in the comcis has heavily effected his life and judgement as a leader b/c he wants to protect his friends/teammates i.e. he often takes on the more difficult task in order to protect them.

        • I see what you’re saying. I just don’t know how much time they can spend on something like that without boring the audience. Maybe they will spend more on the subject in the Winter Soldier movie. Also, a lot of times with characters like him we see how he handles those situations through his actions. I don’t know, just my opinion.

  26. I’m all in for Steve/Bucky!!!!!!!!! and yay for Clint/Natasha in the movie as well, but I hope there won’t be any Bucky/Natasha in the movie, at least not in the ‘present’. I know it’s a big part for the Winter Soldier storyline, but Clint/Natasha has already been well-established in the Avengers and a lot of fans like them together.

  27. i dont think that amanda righetti will be playing the role of sharon carter because at the post credits scene of CAP:TFA steve rogers run from her..
    if sharon carter looks like peggy , then steve would not run but instead think of her as peggy .. then it should be Hayley Atwell who should portray that role.. i would also love it because their story in cap1 was so tragic..

  28. Watching TFA again here are clues on Bucky’s return and possible plot…
    —Red Skull’s scientist Arnim Zola was curious and tasked to rediscover the super soldier formula
    —-Bucky was rescued strapped on a exam table under a “Ray Gun” in Arnim Zola’s office/lab
    —- Bucky fell off to death in the frozen mountain ranges of eastern europe …

    My conclusion is that Bucky was given a Hydra version of the super soldier formula possibly with a mind control function. With his new fortitude he either survived the fall or was left frozen and preserved to be picked by the soviets who then indoctrinate him into the communist agenda

    • Additionally, Arnim Zola’s fate is not revealed at the end. Obviously, he’s in Allied custody, but who’s to say he’s not broken out, or escapes, or somehow re-establishes his operations. He very well might be the founder of AIM, or its precursor, who are the apparent bad guys in Iron Man 3. It might all tie together.

  29. I think including back stories to black widow and hawkeyes past is good and bad. They could do two things with this option. Create a seperate movie with only the two of them, or at least start to introduce it in this upcoming movie, but with Bucky coming in as a “new” character, wouldnt they have to show his backstory as well?