New Season Of Heroes To Bring ‘Redemption?’

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heroes group image New Season Of Heroes To Bring Redemption?

Adding to the previously reported casting additions for Heroes Volume 5: Redemption, writer/producer Bryan Fuller recently talked about how the show has turned around with its newest season, which may point to the idea that Redemption is more than just this volume’s title.

In talking with SciFiWire, Fuller surprisingly admitted (in so many words) that the show isn’t what is used to be, saying that, “We love the cast. That’s the thing. … We just sort of have to find better uses for them.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. According to Fuller, one of the main areas that Redemption will concentrate on is getting the show back to what it used to be about:

“…What I’m excited about with season four is getting everybody back to the basic principle of ordinary people in an extraordinary world and how these characters are relatable to us and what we would do if we were in their situations, and really grounding it in that conceit.”

Fuller thinks that every season of Heroes so far, “has been valid, and every one has been a slightly different style, which I think is interesting.” And in contrast to the show getting back to its roots, Fuller loves, “how the show is continuing to grow. It is evolving, and I do think there is a lot of good stuff in ‘Fugitives’ and ‘Redemption’”

On a character level, Fuller went on to explain how Redemption is going to be dealing with the personal, emotional lives of the characters as well as the events that are happening to them:

“…For every plot conceit that we have for a character, we have even more conceits for what’s going on in their personal lives that makes their plot story so much more complicated, because their emotional, personal story is so intrinsically tied with what’s happening with them. I like the balance of the personal lives that we’re telling this season.”

For the rest of the interview with Fuller (where he also talks about wanting to do a new Star Trek TV series), you can head over to SciFiWire.

I am liking all of this talk from Fuller that the show will get back more to what it was in season 1, but is it just talk to get fans excited for Redemption? I certainly hope not. I loved the first season of Heroes and was, like so many fans of the show out there, extremely let down with what came afterward with seasons 2 and 3. That’s not to say the show has been complete crap, but when you start off with such a bang as season 1, you have to keep the quality at the same level or fan disappointment and annoyance is inevitable.

I would like to see Heroes get back to the style of season 1 which was everyday, ordinary people dealing with the fact that they have these amazing abilities. Seeing a new ability get introduced every few episodes was a thing of wonder, but that has since been lost amongst the mess of too many characters (sometimes unnecessary ones – I’m looking at you, Mexican Death Twins) all fighting for screentime, poorly written storylines and a general lack of focus. I am willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt, but if Redemption doesn’t bring exactly that, redemption, then I may have to give up on it.

Do you think what Fuller has said about Volume 5 of Heroes will end up being the case? Are you still a fan of the show, and if so what are you hoping for from Volume 5?

Heroes Volume 5: Redemption is scheduled to premiere on NBC in the Fall.

Sources: SciFiWire (via i09)

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  1. I gotta feeling this will be the last season of Heroes. A lot of people (including me) have stopped watching the show because, well, it jumped the shark after the first season.

  2. Season One rocked, Season Two slowed down, and Villains was entertaining, but not really good TV. Fugitives was really slow as first (I actually didn’t watch a few episodes when they aired for the first time), but it kind of picked up in the end. Still, the show has definitely been doing downhill. Good news, though, because I more than trust Fuller to bring it back up.

  3. The phrase “too little, too late” comes to mind.

  4. Plus, the show heavily repeats itself. Why not make a dramatic and bold new move, like giving the characters some sort of costumes? After all, they are superheroes.

  5. It all sounds pretty conceited to me…

  6. I’ve always liked heroes but not sure if they will go beyond this season. It’s been losing viewers at a rapid pace ever since they started time travel.

  7. So that would be Season 1, Episode 1.

  8. I’ve thought for awhile now that what the show needed was a high profile (non secondary character) poignant death – and one that stays dead.

    Let’s be honest though. The show has made us come to expect that even when a character “dies” they aren’t really dead. The show has hit the ‘reset’ button several times too often.

    I wish they could go back and recapture the synergy of season one, but it seems doubtful. Last season had some moments that made me think they were actually going to do that, until they spent the last remaining episodes in virtual stasis, where characters ponder and emote but the net effect building to nothing at all. They never really advanced the ball in a season where it should have advanced the ball the most.

    The original idea for the show, or so I understand, had to do with having a new cast each season building to a new conclusion. I liked that idea. It meant that characters’ fates truly would be in jeopardy and you’d that much more for them.

    Sadly, as the quote above indicates, they seem to have grown too attached to this cast to let them ever be put in real jeopardy again. If you want the biggest reason for the drop in viewership, there it is. No more tension, lots of emoting over trivial things and story threads that lack compelling interest. There were bursts of inspiration here and there, but it’s too inconsistent to hold up in this condition much longer.

    Here’s a hint guys: Stop trying to have the characters tell us what they’re feeling and start having them show it and prove it in their actions. Give their actions real purpose, give the characters consistent motivation. For my money, the best episode was still “Company Man” because it did all of those things right and avoided the wrong, and at that time, we still believed characters might survive.

  9. This show lost me at the beginning of season 3.

    If the show actually killed off characters permanently it would be more compelling.
    Oh here we go again with Slyer and the same ole group…
    The photo at the top says it all…
    It seems like NBC just wants a 4th season for syndication value.

  10. When Fuller took over I was thrilled as for the first time in ages they actuall killed not one but two people off.

    I lost faith in him during the finale when I joked “Wow Peter, you’re still in this.” and realised that he hadn’t been in a starring role for ages. They can’t cram in all the characters now and its time line is buggered.

    Than they completly went back on a previous move they made in Fullers first epiosde, you know the one and I kind of gave up on most hope that Fuller was really that different to everyone else in the long run.

    I’ll tune in for season 4 cos of Ray Parks involvment but I’m assuming this is the last season.

    Oh, but a Star Trek TV series! I’m all for it! I know nothing of Old Trek but I’d be happy to become a new school Trekie after what JJ did.

  11. We’ve seen a lot of people with abilities clashing with the human ‘normal’ world and a lot of time travel and mind control craziness. I think the direction that could save this show would be establishing a war between good people with abilities and bad, like they form legitimate groups like they have been hinting at, and then crank up the special effects and do some sweet power battles with normal humans getting caught in the crossfire. Claire and Peter (among others) have been wandering or running around with no life forever. They should find a way to be almost normal again or else go to the next level and become warriors or superhero types. thats what i think.

  12. They’ve been saying this ever since season 2 was a let down. Both 3 and 4 were meant to begetting back to the start.

    But I did feel they did it a bit with 4 and there were definite improvements. If someone else, especially Kring, was saying this I wouldn’t care, but Fuller is a better writer. This show has desperately needed better thinking behind it for some time.

    Also, agree soooo much with a lot of what jerseycajun says. Especially about being over feely and not delivering.

    And the reset button. Way too overused. I never wanted HRG to die, and when he was shot I was yelling at my tv, but then he came right back and it felt like none of it mattered.

    I’m still up for another season, and if they wrote it like it was going to be the last one I think it would be well worth watching.

  13. Yey, Heroes; but not sure about what they are doing.

  14. I’d rather have a full season of Chuck than a full season of Heroes, but I still like the show. The problem that I have with Heroes is that the only interesting character is Sylar. I couldn’t care less about any of the other characters.

    I’m also on board with a new Trek series. I can never have enough Star Trek!!

  15. I am a huge Heroes fan and was let down by volume 3: Villains, but I did like Fugitives. I can see where they are starting to gain their momentum back. I’m really looking forward to the new season. Even though the finale received a poor response, it left open so many options for a great story. Just the implications of Angela’s and HRG’s decision alone affects not only Matt and Sylar, but everyone else especially Peter and Claire. For the first time I actually want to know how Peter will react. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time around and hope that they pull it off.

  16. I didn’t get into Heroes until after the first season ended so I picked it up on DVD and I was HOOKED. Then of course the inevitable disapointment with the subsequent seasons. I am a HUGE Heroes fan, I’ve stuck with them through high and… well, just the low actually. What I saw in the latter half of Fugitives, I liked and I think there’s a good chance they can turn it around this season. But if they can’t with Redemption, then they never will and I’m out.

  17. What is wrong with you people??Sure it lost steam after season 1, but hey don’t quit on it! Season 1 was basically the best, but I’m sticking with this AWESOME show. They put so much EFFORT into this show, and its wasted on you people that hate something that isn’t 100% perfect to everyone’s opinion! I liked every single episode. But apparently, that’s because it fits right into what i think is GREATNESS. Season 2 tanked because of the writer’s strike MORONS!