Sean Penn Returning to Three Stooges?

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sean penn larry three stooges Sean Penn Returning to Three Stooges?

Late in the summer we got word that actor Paul Giamatti would be joining The Farrelly Brothers’ production of The Three Stooges. Giamatti was going to play zany Stooges middleman Larry, replacing actor Sean Penn, who left the production early on to help his family through an impending divorce from longtime wife, Robin Wright Penn.

Well, now we get word from Boston Herald that Penn has worked out his personal issues and is close to joining back up with the Stooges troupe.

My first question when I read that headline was “What the hell happened to Giamatti?” Well, according to the Herald, the Farrellys and Giamatti never got the particulars smoothed out, so the part of Larry is still open if Penn wants it.

Said Bobby Farrelly:

“We got him back…He always said he wanted to do it after, you know, taking care of his family.”

Actor Benicio Del Toro has been rumored to be up for the role of Stooges leader Moe for awhile now, while Jim Carrey was rumored to be interested in playing the “loony” Stooge, Curly (though Carrey also dropped out early on). If Del Toro and Penn both sign on the dotted line, could Carrey be lured back into the fold?  It would be a pretty hard lineup to say “no” to.

To Penn or not to Penn, that is the question… The man is a great actor – both comedic and dramatic – however he does always come towing some controversy along with; there are many moviegoers out there who respect his talents, but not his politics. Hell, I had to get permission from Screen Rant head chief Vic Holtreman just to write this icon smile Sean Penn Returning to Three Stooges? .

three stooges Sean Penn Returning to Three Stooges?Just imagine it: Carrey, Del Toro and Penn…

In the end, I would like to see Sean Penn in Three Stooges – but truthfully, I was just as happy with Giamatti taking his place. However, if Penn signs on and Del Toro signs on and that persuades Jim Carrey to sign on – that would be a pretty winning combination in my book – how about yours?

We’ll let you know more Three Stooges updates when we get them.

Source: Boston Herald via Cinematical

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  1. I haven’t thought about it being a biopic or a giant sketch. I think either one would be interesting. I think Penn can for sure physically look like Larry, but I’m cannot quite see him “playing” the role. I’m sure I will eat those words later, but for now I’m not quite convinced, perhaps I should revisit some of his movies.

    I’m a little bummed that Jim Carrey is no longer attached, if his over the top expressions and very physical acting were built for any one thing, it would be this.

    Still excited for Del Toro, ever performance I’ve seen from this guy is outstanding.

  2. This is going to be just as bad as “The Honeymooners” movie they made a couple of years ago. You cant remake the three stooges. that was them. It was their characters. why cant they just make a new comedy group. what’s next a new Marx brothers, Abbot and Costello. I hope this is a biopic. if not it will suck

  3. three stooges in 3d

  4. I don’t see Sean Penn doing a sketch comedy. I think this is going to definitely be a biopic. Both Del Toro and Penn are primarily dramatic actors. Jim Carrey is always trying to make his mark as more than Rubberface.

  5. If there is ANYONE who can recreate Curly, it’s Jim Carrey. I can’t see anyone else being able to do it. IF the director can keep Jim from going TOO crazy, he can do amazing work. I personally like the idea of Giamatti as Larry more than Sean Penn. Paul has the look and I think wouldn’t mind be the lesser Stooge. Moe and Curly are the dominant Stooges and I think Penn’s ego would be in the way of that hierarchy. del Toro as Moe is perfect.

  6. I know Carey and Giamatti can pull off the sort of shtick needed for this, but Penn strikes me as an intense guy and I personally never would have thought of him in this kind of role. DelToro? Who knows, maybe – maybe not.

    In any event, I hope that during the beginning of a few takes if the director doesnt see it fitting together well, I’d rather them recast it or scrap it than go ahead making a bad movie just to get it canned and sold.

  7. Its too bad the Coen Brothers aren’t directing this.

    There not directing this right?

  8. Biopic or sketch would both be interesting, but Jim Carrey can sometimes get on my nerves. Whenever I think of him I think of how he ruined “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, but that was mainly because they cast such a goofy guy to play a villain. He might be better in this, but if it’s a biopic he might not know how to be serious when he needs to be.

  9. Ok first of all, you do not, I repeat DO NOT! re work The Stooges. That being said, if you DO you do not use Sean Penn as Larry. I could buy Del Toro as Moe, maybe. Jim Carrey is a very funny and talented actor, no question, he is not Curly. Period. Curly was a funny guy sure, he wasnt a fly off the wall crazy guy(He was actually a comedic genius). At this point I dont care if its a bio-pic or not, because if they make it with this cast it would be the worst thing since I decided that two bottles of whiskey and a 45 mile drive home was a good idea(I made it about seven miles down the road). If anyone out there wants to see what this movie should be like, if indeed is a biopic, look no futher that 2000′s TV movie “The Three Stooges”. The performances of Paul Ben-Victor(Moe), Evan Handler(Larry), and Michael Chiklis(Curly)are spot on if not flawless. I would rather watch EVERYONE of Nicolas Cage’s movies back to back than to see this movie made with this cast. If they do go forward with this as is, it would be a terrible disgrace from an already stumbling motion picture industry.

  10. Oh, and Pauli G would be acceptable as Larry.

  11. If you do a little research, you will find that the Farrelly brothers are not planning a biopic, just 4 ~20-minute sketches starring the “Stooges” (ahem) set in modern day America. No Thanks, I'll watch the TV biopic that was already mentioned.

  12. If you do a little research, you will find that the Farrelly brothers are not planning a biopic, just 4 ~20-minute sketches starring the “Stooges” (ahem) set in modern day America. No Thanks, I'll watch the TV biopic that was already mentioned.

  13. It doesn’t matter who the director is or who the actors will be no modern stooge movie or show for that matter (god I hope this movie doesn’t spawn a show) can do the boys justice there just ain’t anyone alive like the stooges period. I can’t see anyone playing the stooges right let alone those 3, great actors in there own right but not here. As for carrey he better put on some real weight not a damn fat suit. My final thought is just leave the stooges alone. I don’t understand why hollywood feels the need to remake stuff that was already good to begin with, the 3 stooges were masterpieces their already good theres nothing here that needs to be remade or done better its already as good as it can get anymore attempts will only be downgrades cause their already at the top. After release this movie will just be thrown in a trash pile with every movie uwe boll has ever made an any attempts to get newer generations into the 3 stooges will be met with failure as they will think of this movie and say no thanks. YOU JUST DONT MESS WITH A GOOD THING PERIOD