‘Firefly’ Star Sean Maher Joins ‘Arrow’ Season Two as Shrapnel

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Sean Maher as Simon Tam in Firefly Firefly Star Sean Maher Joins Arrow Season Two as Shrapnel

Two episodes into the second season of the CW’s Arrow and things are already off to a good start, which leaves us feeling pretty confident that Arrow is going to be the show to break to so called ‘curse of Glau.’ After appearing in a string of cancelled TV shows, Firefly and Serenity actress Summer Glau is now playing ruthless businesswoman Isabel Rochev, who is reluctantly forced into a working relationship with Oliver thanks to them both owning equal shares in Queen Consolidated.

With Arrow‘s ever-growing roster of villains now set to reach back into the Firefly bag and pluck out another actor, it seems that we’ll have a family reunion on our hands. Sean Maher, who played River Tam’s concerned older brother and fellow fugitive Simon Tam in both Firefly and Serenity, is set to make a guest appearance as another villain from DC’s roster this season.

According to THR, Maher will be playing Mark Scheffer AKA Shrapnel, who has appeared in a range of different DC comics and whose job as a hit man is made much more efficient by the fact that his body is constructed entirely from razor sharp pieces of metal, which he can fire from off at will – and continue to control even once they’re detached from him.

Sean Maher and Summer Glau in Firefly Firefly Star Sean Maher Joins Arrow Season Two as Shrapnel

Shrapnel is superpowered in a pretty hardcore way, and he’s not the only character being introduced this season who strays outside of the realms of normality that Arrow has so far more or less stuck. Probably the biggest game-changer will be The Flash, played by Grant Gustin in three episodes of the second season and potentially in a spin-off series as well. It’s been confirmed by the show’s producers that Barry Allen will definitely have extra-normal speed and that this will open the door for other fantastical characters, though executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has also said that he wants to keep the show “as grounded and realistic as possible.”

The writers could, of course, choose to put a more realistic spin on Shrapnel by having his weaponized metal in the form of some kind of gadget, or by giving him clothes that are covered in blades – that make it impossible to fight him without getting shredded. Very little is known about this villain’s backstory in the comics, so the writers could get creative with it in the show, but it’s a shame that Maher will apparently only be around for one episode this season. Let’s hope he gets a little more screen time than Constantine Drakon got in the pilot episode.

To recap, the other new characters coming into play this season are Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), Black Canary (Caity Lotz), Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro), Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Professor Ivo (Dylan Neal). It’s got to be gratifying for fans of the comic books to see the show’s writers so keen to draw on the source material for characters, and it keeps us constantly guessing as to who might make an appearance next.


Arrow continues tonight with ‘Broken Dolls’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: THR

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  1. I’m still catching up on Season 1, but I was surprised how many recognizable character actors they cast for just one episode and then throw away.

    Particularly, Tahmoh Peniket as mob goon #2. (Season 1 spoiler incoming)

    He shows up, and I’m like, “yes! Helo!” and was all excited that he would be on the show. Then he dies and I’m like, “awww man. Helo!”

    I wanted him to be in the show, but it was surprising they killed him off, and a little refreshing. Usually an actor like that you assume is safe for at least a small arc, IS safe until the arc is done. Don’t know if they planned it that way, but not seeing something coming on a show is a major plus these days.

    • Show’s the power of the show that these actors are prepared to come in for a single episode, also shows how serious the producers are taking even small but crucial parts by getting in decent actors to play them.

      One of the reasons why it’s a pretty damn good show….. AoS pay attention, decent actors for the small guest parts, don’t have to be well know just decent, like the chick in ep.4., she was very good, nuanced and layered.

  2. Oh how I miss Firefly/Serenity. Had it been given a fair shot on television (aired in the order that it was filmed and given more than one season), I believe it could have been as big as Star Trek/Star Wars today.

    Still hope, perhaps beyond hope, that they’ll film a sequel to Serenity.

    • I believe if they were able to hang in there for a couple years, ratings couldve picked up and they couldve gotten at least 5 seasons worth.

      same with Terminator: TSCC. that was given no chance. They shouldve did at least one more season to see how it does. it technically only had one full season to begin with.

      • Why’d you guys have to bring up such sad memories.

        But really, Terminator was so great. I really think Summer Glau is cursed.

        (btw, had to google to make sure I got her last name right… and “Summer Glau Feet” was the top suggested result!)

        • I know, and I think she is awesome and wish we could see her more. and in a role that lasts more than a year or two.

          • Absolutely loved her in Serenity. The show Firefly came to fruition in that movie, but there could have been so much more still.

    • I believe Joss Whedon is creating a comic book sequel to Serenity :)

      • Yes, thanks, I heard, but I would much prefer a film sequel, as I’m sure legions of fans would as well, and I’m afraid that the comic sequel means that he will not be making a movie sequel.

        So many more stories could be told in that universe. I’m sure one day, the franchise will be rebooted on television, but like the original cast of Star Trek, there is no replacing this original cast.

  3. Man, they are good at getting geek favorites on this show.

    They need to get Mark Sheppard. You dont have your full geek show cred until you have mark sheppard.

    • +1

  4. At this point, we might have more Batman rogues showing up in the form of Lock-Up, trying to capture and arrest Ollie himself. That could be cool.

    • I’m just wanting for the Ras Al Ghul announcement. @ Dazz who do you think should play Ras Al Ghul?

      • I’m not sure if Ra’s should even be in it.

        At the moment, it’s like season 1 went through a lot of minor Batman rogues (Firefly, Deadshot) and used them in a way that his bigger villains can be saved for movies if they really do go the combined TV/movie universe (hope not though but won’t mind if they did).

        I also can’t think who I’d want playing him but the guy I’m picturing right now (don’t know why) is a British actor whose name escapes me but he was in The River alongside the other English actor who currently plays Officer Lance in Arrow and was also Denzel’s best friend in Flight.

  5. What I like about Arrow is that they defy and/or reinvent canon just enough to keep it fresh without dishonoring it. Their takes on villains is interesting because it keeps you on your toes. And they have a talented group of people so that helps.

  6. The League Of Assassins making an appearance…they showed Slade’s face burning which might be a reason he starts wearing the mask. They really step it up this season as far as story wise can’t wait for next week! Black Canary was awesome.

    • Was that episode 3? We won’t get that here until next Monday so right now, I’m trying to think whether or not he was on fire last episode a few days back.

      • must be this Monday’s episode, I can’t remember Slade being on fire either.

  7. awesome


  9. YAY!!! Simon and River in a show together again! I hope they share screentime.

    • Unlikely unless she’s his employer (to take out Oliver) or his target (revenge from another company she’s bought and dismantled)

  10. Did any of you catch the AMAZO easter egg as the name of the Tanker that Oliver/ Arrow was being held captive on at the end of the “Broken Dolls” episode?

    • I’d complain about spoiler alerts in a non-episode specific article but then SR told us Amazo would be hinted at in season 2 anyway some time back.

  11. Shrapnel=Junkpile?

  12. Olicity Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give Oliver a smack to the face. Open your eyes, man, look at the signs. You need Felicity.

  13. I would have made him Firefly, one of Batman’s villains. Ha, Ha, I made a funny.

  14. It is rumored that a Chloe Sullivan one-off character is in the work and will played by Kristen Bell, it is also rumored that the character will be a relative of Felicity’s.