Will Sean Connery Return For Indy 5?

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indiana jones 5 sean connery Will Sean Connery Return For Indy 5?

After last year’s critically acclaimed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Steven Spielberg has been reportedly working on the next installment in the Indiana Jones saga.

Wait. That doesn’t sound right. Let’s try that again…

After making over $786 million dollars worldwide, Steven Spielberg has been reportedly working on the next installment in the Indiana Jones saga.

There we go – much better.

On the brighter side, Spielberg said that he has been working with George Lucas on the script and they are looking to bring back Sean Connery for this go round.

I wouldn’t really say that’s too surprising considering Connery has been one of the favorite additions to the Indiana Jones franchise. Second only to Shortround (“No time for love, Dr. Jones!”).

Connery reportedly declined the opportunity to reprise his role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’d like to think that his decision not to return in that latest installment changed the script entirely and that Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Lucas didn’t try to tempt Mr. Connery out of retirement with a movie that has a five minute vine-swinging money chase with Shia LaBeouf. (Like how I used “Mr.” just now? Yeah, I’m classy like that.)

This news comes after Harrison Ford recently revealed that his intentions of doing another Indiana Jones were, “If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.” In this case, I guess that means the script has to have psychics, aliens and the best insulated refrigerator ever. (Who knew that nuclear blasts could be easily defeated by a crisper? Someone tell Sarah Conner.)

Not only would I look forward to seeing Henry Jones again, but I’ll completely ignore the fact that they pretty much said he was dead in the last film. In fact… let’s just pretend that the whole “Crystal Skull” thing never happened. Sorry Shia. Let’s just go back to the good ‘ole days where Jehovah starts with “I” in the Latin alphabet, a bit of dust will defeat the technology of invisible platforms and where the penitent man will pass.

How did you feel about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?┬áIs anyone up for another Indiana Jones film? Would Sean Connery’s return sway you one way or another?

Source: Contactmusic [via: Digital Spy]

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  1. Okay, I did not like Sean Connery’s character Henry Jones. He basically treated Indy like an idiot, disrespected him and totally made fun of his son during the whole movie. I like my Indy to be manly and confident, not put in his place like a little boy.

    Temple of Doom sucked because of the irritating soon to be Mrs. Speilburg.

    No Henry Jones!

  2. But that’s the point, Indy is a “manly man” so his father must be even more so and is able to put him in his place. The tree doesn’t grow far from the apple you know… :-)

  3. Whether or not you enjoyed Raiders, Temple of Doom or Last Crusade, you have to admit that there are some extremely memorable scenes with wonderful imagery.

    With the last film, I can’t really think of any memorable scenes. Well, at least not any scenes that I remember because they were enjoyable or iconic.

  4. @Ken J

    Very good point. If you remember in The Last Crusade, Indy wasn’t the only (or the first) Jones to have an “interaction” with Dr. Elsa Schneider, the lady Nazi.

  5. I remember the swinging with the monkeys scene… yah, not a good scene to remember…

    There was a magazine article about the top 10 biggest screw overs in video games, meaning times in video games where it is impossibly hard or only gives you bad choices, number one is one I completely agree with, the turbo tunnel of Super Battle Toads, but one of the other ones was for a game where your character only carries a sword, and the last boss fight of the game, the boss has a gun, and at the very beginning of the fight, he shoots you, and kills you… And it’s some really crazy next to impossible way to avoid getting hit then and then you had to try to get to him and slash him all the while he’s shooting at you and one hit kills you, lol.

    Well, I don’t know what kind of drugs that author was on, but he did not mention the scene from Raiders where Indy shoots that guy that shows off his sword mastery. I so would have compared that part of the game to that scene in the movie, except you played the guy with the sword, not Indy, lol. That was one of my favorite scenes…

  6. @Anthony

    Heck yah, Henry Jones is the man! lol

  7. Anthony Ocasio says: ” memorable scenes with wonderful imagery.”

    Hmm, Mola Ram putting his fist through the rib cage pulling a persons still beating heart out. Yeah I agree that is memorable but wonderful, I respectfully disagree.

    As far as being iconic, having a conventional formulaic style, why hostile Aliens, as portrayed in “Crystal skulls” is just as iconic as portraying Kali worshipers as totally savage! Actually I think the Aliens get a better break, because you have a human, (just as Alien to the visitors as they are to us) suffering for their over reaching presumption and pride!

  8. @the old man

    Well Raiders had a guy’s face melting off before his head exploded and Last Crusade had a guy growing old and then his dusty bones fell to pieces, so I guess all of Indiana Jones sucked then right? Damn…

  9. Taking the scenes out of the context and value systems
    that are promoted is a very flawed comparison. While the
    Ark’s power is never subverted the power of the Shankara
    stones are! The inequality of such a portrayal has the effect
    of misrepresenting India’s culture and religions. I’m sorry
    you don’t see that. Perhaps you should study the films a
    little closer before trying to make comparisons?

  10. Oh nooossss, yous gots me! lol don’t worry, I’m sure it works most of the time… ;-)

  11. How about the search for Excalibur?

  12. What me worry?

  13. If it’s ANYTHING like the last one not even Connery can save it.

  14. I love Connery and I’ve been a fan of Indy since 1985, but I have to say that bringing him back might be wrong. I’m sure they can write him back in somehow, like if Indy just *thought* he was dead (world wide communication wasn’t top notch in the 50′s). But still, I’m not sure I want him back as a main character. Maybe someone to take over for Marcus Brody and send Indy off on asignments, but not like in Last Crusade.

    Last Crusade was indeed an entertaining movie, which I have enjoyed many times. But Indy, the character, was no longer the charming, bad ass guy he was in Raiders and Temple of Doom. That was what I liked about No. 4, Indy didn’t act all clumsy and stupid. He was real boss again.

    I liked Crystal Skull a lot. I just found it slightly lacking at the end. And it would also have been better with more real locations, to get that good old feeling of realism, that the crew and actors have been traveling for real. You see natural human reactions to things like heat, rain, sun. Etc. Things you can’t recreate in a studio.

    But other than that, I think they found a nice little formula they can build a couple of sequels of. I would be the first to see them. So I really hope they will start filming soon!

  15. I want to point out to those who didn’t think Indy was “indy” enough in Last Crusade, watch the first half of that movie again. He was on top form then… and then his father came along and he did what all men do when suddenly in the presence of their parents… revert to children (revertigo). That’s what I loved about it, it gave Indy another facet to work on.

  16. I take my hat off to Spielberg for trying with Crystal Skull. But could easily state it’s his weakest film, which just happens to be an Indiana Jones picture. Sorry Steven. I read a comment which said something about locations… Bang on the money! If memory serves, after the bike in the University scene (which was awesome) I don’t recall any real location. It takes the edge off it, and you take a step back because you just don’t care. I could say more but I’ll only say this… Do it coz you really want to! Not just coz you’re getting paid. Don’t bring Connery back coz you think it will maintain audience figures, do it coz you think he genuinly has something to contribute to the story. I hope I’ve come off sounding constructive.

  17. What I think they should do is remake the 4th film completely! I read the Frank Darabont-written script for the 4th film (titled “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods”) online and it was superior to “Kingdom!” I think they went about it all wrong with Indy and the whole father/son thing. They literally just crammed it down our throats like we were being force-fed baby food…and I’m talking the gross baby food, like carrots or green beans, not the good stuff. I suppose the biggest thing (at least for me, anyway) was that I didn’t like Mutt from the moment he pulled up on that motorcycle, trying to imitate Marlon Brando. (That was another major problem with the film…they spent far too much time trying to remind everyone that this was the ’50s.)

    I had actually been tinkering with a storyline that develops the father/son a bit better, if I do say so myself. We get to know the person better, and the truth is dropped in better. Plus, there’s no Marion in this one. In my version, Marion has passed away from something. Having studied up on a very interesting story, mine’s titled “Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx.” (I have recently discovered that their is a book in a series of Indiana Jones novels that bears the same name, although the storyline is quite different.)

  18. That’s an interesting theory. His dad could have been off on some excursion {Perhaps he went back to the valley of the kings} and it was ‘reported’ that he perished or was lost. That would lead Indy to ‘assume’ that his dad was gone (there’s a lot of assuming/misleads in this series) – That’s the only logical reason that Henry Sr. could return in a non-prequel movie.

  19. Why would they do Indy 5 when Indy 4 stunk?

  20. @George

    Because Indy 4 made a crap load of money…

  21. It will be good. For his last perfomace. He still the most Fav 007. So he should be one the worlds Fav Actors. So Sean go for it. As you fan for our sake.

  22. Spielberg close to locking down Connery for indy5? how do we know this ‘story’ is fact? ive said this a 1000 times and ill say it again. the best cinema ever in the history of the world would be “indiana jones and the hollow earth” , where Ford and Connery set out to find it only to find Hitler and his armies preparing another world tour. and the Hitler must be the same one(gordon brown)from all those youtube spoofs of the scene from ‘Downfall’ this type of spielberg indy movie would easily double the boxoffice of The dark knight/titanic.

  23. He drank from the Grail!

    Would love to have him back. No mattet how xD

  24. @Haggislaw

    I thought the same thing, both him and Indy drank from the Grail, I thought that gave you eternal life??

  25. @ Haggislaw and Ken J,

    True, they did drink from the cup of Christ, thus giving them eternal life. HOWEVER, the old knight warned them not to take the Cup past the Great Seal, for that’s the price of eternity. Elsa did cross the Seal with it, so they are no longer immortal.

  26. Or you have to keep drinking from it to stay alive, but the cup can’t leave so basically you can only live eternally within that temple. That was kind of the vibe I got from it, not sure, maybe I’ll watch it soon… :-)

  27. I think there can be many different interpretations of that ending, it was fairly ambiguous. That’s kinda why I felt it was the perfect ending to the trilogy, but of course one cannot beat a dead horse well enough it seems as they have to keep making sequels.