Will Sean Connery Return For Indy 5?

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indiana jones 5 sean connery Will Sean Connery Return For Indy 5?

After last year’s critically acclaimed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Steven Spielberg has been reportedly working on the next installment in the Indiana Jones saga.

Wait. That doesn’t sound right. Let’s try that again…

After making over $786 million dollars worldwide, Steven Spielberg has been reportedly working on the next installment in the Indiana Jones saga.

There we go – much better.

On the brighter side, Spielberg said that he has been working with George Lucas on the script and they are looking to bring back Sean Connery for this go round.

I wouldn’t really say that’s too surprising considering Connery has been one of the favorite additions to the Indiana Jones franchise. Second only to Shortround (“No time for love, Dr. Jones!”).

Connery reportedly declined the opportunity to reprise his role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’d like to think that his decision not to return in that latest installment changed the script entirely and that Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Lucas didn’t try to tempt Mr. Connery out of retirement with a movie that has a five minute vine-swinging money chase with Shia LaBeouf. (Like how I used “Mr.” just now? Yeah, I’m classy like that.)

This news comes after Harrison Ford recently revealed that his intentions of doing another Indiana Jones were, “If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.” In this case, I guess that means the script has to have psychics, aliens and the best insulated refrigerator ever. (Who knew that nuclear blasts could be easily defeated by a crisper? Someone tell Sarah Conner.)

Not only would I look forward to seeing Henry Jones again, but I’ll completely ignore the fact that they pretty much said he was dead in the last film. In fact… let’s just pretend that the whole “Crystal Skull” thing never happened. Sorry Shia. Let’s just go back to the good ‘ole days where Jehovah starts with “I” in the Latin alphabet, a bit of dust will defeat the technology of invisible platforms and where the penitent man will pass.

How did you feel about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?┬áIs anyone up for another Indiana Jones film? Would Sean Connery’s return sway you one way or another?

Source: Contactmusic [via: Digital Spy]

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  1. Not to sound morbid, but with all of these big name celebrities dying in the past few years, I hope to see Sean Connery in a few more movies soon…

    And it’s Sarah Connor with an o, no e, geez… *rolls eyes* lol just kidding.

    I thought Indy 4 was pretty darn crappy, and Shia LeGoof didn’t help it at all. In fact, he was 50% why it sucked, the other 50% was the script… Aliens… whiskey-tango-fox???

    Anywho, I don’t get how they can get Sean Connery into the movie unless it’s a flashback or a prequel or something… Well, Temple of Doom was a prequel, so a prequel to Indy 4, like between 3 and 4, wouldn’t be too much of a stretch…

  2. Cinema can fix that easily, just do a prequel of a prequel set in an alternate universe, were nothing of the prequel ever happen.

  3. About that can you refresh my memories about what the extraordinary part was?

  4. I liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…
    Nic Cage was great in it.

  5. For my money, it wasn’t Shia LaBeouf or Aliens that made Indy 4 substandard. It was that they forgot to write a story to tie it all together, and they threw away a perfectly good villain too.

    For all the dissing Shia gets, he’s actually a pretty good actor when he’s given something to work with, and I thought he struck a good note (if not an iconic one like Ford’s Indy is) as a believable 50′s style greaser. I even liked the fact that he knew his way around a sword. He could handle a franchise like this if they let him take the lead role in his own adventures, but make them more gritty and less silly than Indy IV. Raiders wasn’t afraid to let Indy get put through the wringer, and it wasn’t for laughs. Those scenes were genuinely thrilling to behold.

    Even the fact that the plot involved aliens fits in the sense that Indiana Jones was first and foremost a hodgepodge of escapist B-serials which not only used to feature exploratory adventures in jungle setttings, but also in aliens and rocket men, etc.

    It was just the erratic and jumbled execution that brought the film to its knees. It seemed as though Spielberg and Lucas forgot what made these characters so memorable in the first place, and pulled in past characters more for nostalgia than for substance (Marion was woefully underutilized and the plot would have gone on just about the same without her in it, since the whole “reviving the flame” thing never felt genuine.)

    I can’t imagine Connery coming out of retirement for this. I had heard he wasn’t in the best health, and these films can be brutal. I mean, they told us outright that Henry Jones died between films, so… we’re just supposed to pretend that didn’t happen?

    Unlike Anthony, I don’t think I could ignore that. I’d be sitting there thinking, “but you’re supposed to be dead” the whole time.

    I wanted the last film to be everything an Indiana Jones film could be, a film that showed a new generation what a real action film could be again. But it ended up lacking in so many ways, I’d just as soon see it end there than in a series of ever-increasingly pitiful attempts to regain the feeling of the glory days.

  6. There is one reason and one reason only this needs to happen – because if not, then LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN will be Sean Connery’s last movie. That does not sit well with me, and it should not sit well with any of you.

  7. The extraordinary part is that it got made.

  8. You know the thought of Connery coming back crossed my mind,
    but then I remembered his character is dead. It seemed not worth mentioning then. However he could play a twin brother I suppose, It’s not that stretchy. Perhaps his return could be part of the classic beginning of the film. where we’ve seen from the 1ST one on, Dr. Jones JR. attempting an artifact recovery. How about something from the tomb of Lazarus that brings SR. back to life? Why you say? Well to help JR. find another artifact that will change history itself.

    Well, if it’s a bad script and Connery decides to take the
    role the spin will read, Connery brought out of retirement
    to save the dynamic duo of Spielberg and Lucas from sagging
    franchise. If it’s good, it will be remembered as one of or
    the best last movie role’s Connery ever played. If Connery
    doesn’t take it and the movie is a success, in later years
    people will cry that they so wished he had taken the role.
    If Connery doesn’t take the role and it turns out bad
    people will say, the better story was never filmed because
    Connery wouldn’t play, or perhaps Connery would’ve saved
    the film, or Connery knew better than to step aboard a
    sinking ship.

    Actually a year ago he talked of playing a Bond villain
    opposite Daniel Craig. If Mr. Connery’s health is good,
    he’s 79, I see no downside for him playing Dr. Jones SR.
    Why miss a payday at his age, especially if your considering being a Bond Villain?

  9. Well h, He has to want to do it.
    I have no doubt they offered him lots of money last time,
    but he declined.
    We shall see.

  10. I like Shia Labeouf. Ever since I watched him during “Project Greenlight 2″ I’ve liked him. I think he has a certain style to his acting that, for some reason, I enjoy. My big problem with the last Indiana Jones was all the supernatural elements. It seemed like it was more Indiana Jones: X-Files Edition and less… Hmm… When you look back, all of the Indy films were kind of mystical and what not, but for some reason aliens just took it too far. I wouldn’t say I hated it, but it is my least favorite Indy film.

    Also, enough with the old jokes. We get it.. you’re old. If we wanted “I’m too old” jokes, I’ll watch Lethal Weapon. Also. Wouldn’t mind seeing another Lethal Weapon.

  11. @anthony

    “My big problem with the last Indiana Jones was all the supernatural elements.”

    I think you mean sci-fi elements. Indiana Jones has always dealt with supernatural stuff, well, at least what I consider supernatural. But typically has been about religious mythology, not ever sci-fi…

    And I think I’m done with Lethal Weapon, well, mainly I’m sick of Danny Glover… lol

  12. My least favorite Indy has always been Temple of Doom.
    Sacrifices involving pulling mens hearts out of their chests.
    A mind numbing drug that saps Indys will .
    There were thrilling scenes,
    but also a lot that just didnt entertain me.

  13. would agree that with the Indy franschise stepping across the sci-fi threshold (or perhaps stumbling would be a better analogy) that they would be better served going back to the religious mythology themes. So what does that leave? The Horn of Valhalla? The Original Quran? Atlantis? Asian dragon myths? What else would Indy’s Dad be into? If he was a Grail fanatic, does that mean we start looking for the lost commandments of God?

    I had no issues with Shia or John Hurt or the latest villian, but the effects were simply not there, I guess I felt that they jumped the shark in the jungle chase scene with the crotch jokes and the end simply didn’t do it for me, but maybe that was because they had lost me before they got there.

  14. This is simple, the first scene shows Indy waking up, going “that was a f****d up dream”, walking out of his bedroom and seeing his dad. Problem solved and we never have to think of Crystal Skull again.

  15. I’m so glad you mentioned that damn fridge. That scene will haunt me til my dying day. Thanks for reminding me…
    I have to agree with South Park on …Crystal Skulls. Just one big paycheck all round. :(

    I wouldn’t be opposed to someone else taking over the franchise but not LaBeouf, I don’t think he can do it justice. I’m sure he’s better than …Skulls would have us believe but not good enough to replace Han Solo er I mean Indy! ;)

  16. I actually really enjoyed “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” until the alien showed up. It got a little weird, but the fridge thing didn’t bother me and neither did the vine swinging. I thought it was good classic Indy until the spaceship and thevalien showed up. It was like Spielberg and Lucas started thinking about making another Close Encounters or Star Wars film and just said “Nah let’s just put an alien in Indiana Jones!” I would see another Indy film though, with or without Sean.

  17. For me, Indy 4 had a bit of a whiff of the Star Wars prequels about it. It had some flashes of the best parts of the original movies, and it was nice to see some of the characters again (particularly Marion Ravenwood).

    Sean Connery must be 137 years old now, let’s please not wheel him out and dust him off unless it’s something worthwhile. I kind of don’t think he would do it anyway, he has become a crusty old bugger as the years roll on, and I think he may just want to enjoy what time he has left without the hassles of movie making encroaching on that.

  18. @Ken J, You’re right. I used supernatural instead of sci-fi.

    I don’t want to sit down to watch Indiana Jones and see have a storyline having to do with aliens with crystal bones. I’d rather have something more akin to the serials that this franchise was based off of.

  19. the person writing screenrant is stupid, if you don’t like the 4rth indy film, then thats your problem idiot

  20. Oh heck yeah I think Connery being in another Indy film would have me in the theaters in a heartbeat. Ford and Connery have such a great on-screen chemistry as father and son (despite the fact that Connery isn’t old enough to be Ford’s father). They are both great actors, and as long as they want to play the parts, I’ll go see them.

  21. Henry Jones’ father was stated to be deceased in the past film. Game Over for Connery, I’m sorry. Bringing him back for an entire film at this point seems cheap and just something that is being done for money. What I COULD see is them giving him a cameo of some sort atthe end of the movie, maybe if Indy finds like a tmple of spirits or something…but thats it…
    I personally liked Crystal SKull as I have said before, yea there was a bunch of ridiculous stuff and the monkey swinging scene was just plain old obsurd but the story was good the actors had chemistry and I thought that Indy got the closure it needed. I DONT think they shoudl proceed with a 5th

  22. I just hope they make the next one about The Lost City of Atlantis.

  23. Erm, didn’t read every comment but for the people saying Sir Sean Connery can’t be in the movie as his character is dead, what about flashbacks? Good, so he can appear in the movie then.

  24. @Manowar

    Are you referring to the old Lucasarts Point n Click game “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”. Because that was a good game and somewhat more inkeeping with the feel of the Jones series than Crystal Skull was.

  25. don’t know what the big deal is about Connery’s character being dead, this is fiction correct? Why couldn’t the story be based prior to it? Maybe they have a falling out because archaeology starts becoming too “politicized”. As I mentioned earlier, I would happily see Connery reprise his role if the script and story warrants it, but I think it would behoove them to stay with the more successful story lines rather than the scifi angle that they employed in the last movie. but as always ymmv.

  26. Common sense aside, of course it would have to be a prequel, which is the plan.
    )Timeframe roughly 1951
    )Local: The mediterranean
    )Connery’s appearance would only be brief early in the film because of his age.{story wise and real life wise)
    )It would be truly the last film. {This is not a ‘new trilogy’ situation, so don’t worry.} Indy would ride off into the sunset just as alone and independent as his introduction was all those years ago.

    )And, and Darabont is writing. – {that’s reliable}

  27. ya’ll need to stop hatin’on the last movie which i think it was better than the temple of doom. The lost city of alantis is good idea i’m with you completely on that one. or even the discovery of King Solomon’s Temple. Sean Connery reprise i’m sure will not disappoint. Since i was a kid i always was a fan of Indiana Jones movies. It’s hard to mimic a movie series anything like it.

  28. @zima

    Well, it’s cool that you think it was better than Temple of Doom. We don’t, so we’ll keep “hatin’” on it like you “hate” on ToD. Freedom of Speech is a lovely thing isn’t it? :-)

  29. Gary says: “My least favorite Indy has always been Temple of Doom.”

    I agree. It perpetuates misconceptions about Indian and Oriental culture. For example; Kali worshipers like most Hindus are staunch vegetarians and never ate monkeys or snakes in any form because they are revered in their polytheistic traditions. The film was loosely based on
    “Gunga Din” but instead of reinventing the story to more accurately portray reality or it least giving even handed portrayal to all, it’s as skewed as the original.