SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic-Con

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Comic Con 2014 SDCC Preview SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International is mere weeks away - and while official information is only now trickling out, a look at the schedule of 2015 – 2016 movie releases indicates that there could be some major reveals at SDCC ’14. From the ever-expanding DC and Marvel movie universes, to the return of beloved franchises like Star Wars and Jurassic Park, there are many geek-friendly genre films and TV shows building themselves up for big debuts – and what better time to make an impression than at Comic-Con?

NOTE: Very little in this preview is OFFICIALLY confirmed to be part of Comic-Con 2014; this is a list of hot properties that could likely (and probably should) have a presence at SDCC ’14 – ranked in order from lowest to highest levels of anticipation. In short: This is what we are HOPING to get out of our Comic-Con 2014 experience.


 10. Fond Farewell to Middle-earth

The Hobbit Lord of the Rings Comic Con 2014 SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

Peter Jackson has brought the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth to life onscreen in two epic trilogies, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Holiday season 2014 will see the third and final Hobbit installment, Battle of the Five Armies, debut in theaters – ergo bringing an end to onscreen adventures in Middle-earth for the foreseeable future.

When can easily surmise that New Line and WB will be bringing footage (and likely props) from Battle of the Five Armies to the ‘Con this year – but in our book, that’s not enough. Jackson’s six-part Tolkien saga has been a milestone for many geeks (no matter which of the films you ultimately loved/hated) – but we can’t help but feel that a more grand ceremony is needed to commemorate this, quite possibly our last chance to celebrate the release of a Jackson Tolkien movie in the hallowed halls of Comic-Con.

The Hobbit SDCC Poster SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

A Middle-earth cosplay pageant, screening event (one or multiple installments of the movies), appearances by cast members past and present – all bookended with exclusive previews of Battle of the Five Armies. Now THAT would be a proper way to say goodbye to a geek culture favorite.

UPDATE: CONFIRMED. The Hobbit is coming to Hall H – along with Mad Max and Jupiter Ascending!


 9. Welcome Back… to Jurassic Park

jurassic world details SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

Jurassic World is coming to theaters in June 2015, so this is the one and only chance to have the film make an appearance at Comic-Con. We expect star Chris Pratt to already be in attendance as part of Marvel’s Comic-Con panel (more on that later), so having the funny and charming (and these days, ripped) actor help present a new vision of the Jurassic Park franchise seems like a no-brainer.

Besides having Pratt as a hype man, director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guranteed) and Co. simply need present fans with an official first look at some of the new dinosaurs teased in early marketing, and/or a virtual tour of the new Jurassic Park, a facility that is fully up and operational, some 22 years after the events of the first film.

jurassic world new dinosaur image 570x390 SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

‘Jurassic World’ New Dino.

We don’t even need to see any footage (we’re not greedy); some concept art and a virtual tour of Jurassic Park would be enough. Of course, if you DID want to really bring down the house, some teaser footage of a new massive and frightening dinosaur shaking the room with its roar would certainly do the trick!


8. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Tease

Mockingjay Part 1 Comic Con 2014 SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

(Artwork by Tribute Design @ DeviantART)

Jennifer Lawrence has locked down the perfect movie career: Not only is she regularly starring in Oscar bait prestige films (Winter’s Bone, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle), she’s also locked down roles in two top-tier blockbuster geek franchises (as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, and Mystique in X-Men). With the JLAW phenomenon currently in full effect, Comic-Con would only benefit from having the first part of the final Hunger Games installment on had to present.

Mockingjay Part 1 Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore 1024x581 SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

Besides the usual panel and footage screening, Mockingjay – Part 1 is the sort of film that is perfect for massive walk-through displays – either in the main hall of the convention or in the surrounding area of downtown San Diego. Mockingjay would also offer opportunity for stars like Julianne Moore – who aren’t necessarily ‘Con regulars – to soak up some love from an adoring crowd.

Given what a pop-culture fixation it is right now, if Mockingjay doesn’t have a legit presence at SDCC ’14, we have a feeling a lot of attendees are going to be disappointed.


7. The (Cinematic) World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft light and darkness SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

Where does a movie about the World of Warcraft games belong if not at the greatest geek mecca on the planet? Director Duncan Jones earned serious sci-fi cred with his indie film Moon, and his plans for the Warcraft movie adaptation sound like they could please both hardcore fans and general audiences, by offering an epic fantasy adventure.

Warcraft also has the benefit of a pretty solid cast, including Ben Foster (X-Men 3), Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible IV), Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Dominic Cooper (Captain America) and Vikings star Travis Fimmel. That’s a pretty good lineup for an informative and fun panel explaining the characters and world of the film.

Warcraft Movie Cast 2016 1024x522 SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

There is still a lot of extensive visual effects work needed before Warcraft‘s 2016 release, so we don’t expect to see much finished footage. However, at this stage, concept art of the characters, creatures and settings would be sufficient – with maybe some pre-viz or unfinished sequences to give fans an idea of Jones’ approach to fantasy action. Save the bigger reveals for SDCC ’15, when Warcraft has more polish on it.


6. Interstellar Hints

Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey SDCC 2014 Preview: Top 10 Things We Want to See at Comic Con

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has put out some pretty powerful trailers (see the latest one below) – but like all Nolan films, so much of it is still wrapped up in mystery.

We don’t expect anything too revealing (this is Nolan after all) – but if Paramount and Legendary pictures plan on showcasing anything else in their respective film slates, a nice clip or new trailer for Interstellar would certainly be a welcome addition.

Legendary pulled a similar move in 2012 by sneaking a Godzilla teaser into their Pacific Rim presentation, and with the studio already motivated by the need to promote Warcraft, a similar “surprise reveal” for Interstellar isn’t TOTALLY out of the question.

Just one glimpse at the actual “interstellarness” of it all would be exciting enough, as rumors about the film’s plot have kept many fans buzzing with curiosity about whether or not Nolan will truly deliver deep and inventive sci-fi in the vein of 2001.


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      • StarWarsFan could care less about DC. You know like how most on screen rant feel about your opinions.

    • Haha wat a joke..i dont like your taste! Marvel is the pepsi in the coke v pepsi battle… DC most anticipated! Too bad we got another 2 yrs to go.. F***k’!!

      • Most anticipated… not to me. Marvel is like Coca-cola. Seeing how Disney owns it and you can find Disney, Coke, and McDonald’s just about everywhere. DC is more like the beer Dos Equis. While Marvel is telling us “Reward Yourself, Just For Enjoying”
        by making movies fans can get excited about. DC is saying; “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

        • marvel suck.. old stufff

  1. The Hobbit Battle of the five Armies- I would like to see more character development between Tauriel and Legolas in the romance department. I want Tauriel and Fili die in the battle trying to protect each other. I think that will drive Legolas to join the fellowship.

    Avengers:Age of Ultron Panel-I want to know if a couple of rumors will be put to rest. I want Jane and Thor to break up during AOU so that Lady Sif can have a bigger role in Thor 3. PLEASE NO Widow and Banner romance…JUST NO!!! If Widow not going to be apart of a triangle with Cap and Agent 13 then leave her with Clint. I really hope we get a Black Panther movie in Phase 3.

    Star Wars 7-I’m sure this is going to be a passing of the torch type of movie. I hope the black guy (I’m sorry i don’t know his name) is the new Jedi knight in training. And will some day be their lord and master.

    X-Men A-Should have a younger version of the team with Cyclops and Jean. I want to see them actually give them a larger role and not treat them like crap in the movies.

    DCU-I think Dawn of Justice can be a success if it is Less BatJoke and more Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman. We have had so many Batman movies I’m just tired of him really. I would like to see Kaldur in the end credit scene with Aquaman. I think this fresh start with Superman and Wonder Woman is just what Dawn of Justice needs. Now if only Batjoke can take a back seat and stay there because that’s where dogs belong.

  2. I feel as though this iteration of Batman will be far different than any of the others we have seen on-screen. Bearing in mind that he is the only powerless member of those listed in the upcoming Justice League film (they haven’t included Green Arrow yet), it seems as though his role will be much more that of his role in the Justice League as investigator and technology supplier. I think Eisenberg is not going to feel like the traditional Lex Luthor and be more unhinged. Basically, he is only going to be Luthor in name. I feel as though in this film we are going to see some sort of unstoppable force (maybe Doomsday, that is the current storyline for Superman) that brings all of these superheroes together. Yes Luthor will be a problem but I do not believe he will be what brings them all together. On a side note, I am hoping that the New 52 Future’s End can pick up steam (it is taking forever for it to come together) because I feel that would be an excellent comic to film translation even though the comic has yet to be great. I do feel something big is on the horizon and Batman Beyond adds a great dynamic.

  3. Star Wars is the big one…

  4. I just want to hear Michael Bay hasl stopped making Transformers movies.

  5. Black Panther please…with Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Panther. Djimon Hounsou as his father, with make up they can make him look a little older if necessary but he’s looking older now.

    Chadwick Boseman as Panther is my 2nd option. He looks good for the part. I have yet to see “42″ or “Get on Up” yet though.

    • If anything, go crazy and spend the money and have Denzel Washington play his father.

    • Dang, forgot Hounsou is in Guardians. Yup, I choose Denzel as his father then.

  6. DC/WB will steal this Comic Con too after 2013 Comic Con. Actually DC have two top characters from Superhero category (Batman and Superman). Top character from Superheroin category (Wonder Woman). And top character from Supervillain category (The Joker). So for DC,steal any ceremony is more easy than Marvel. Also best superhero team is from DC (Justice League).

    Hey,Marvel,be ready to run with your dustbin this year too. Get lost!

    • Such hate. Where is DC all this years except Dark Knight? And I don’t even want to talk about new Superman who ”brings hope”. MARVEL and DC are very different but if you don’t like Marvel it doesn’t mean it sucks. Only your opinion. And OF COURSE DC will get more attention since DC CU was nowhere to be found until now. All they ever did is Batman, Batman, Batman. Marvel will finally get some competition.

  7. Like Marvel has a far bigger fan base but Bats & Sups are synonymous to a village dwellers who don’t even know wtf a graphic novel is. Not saying which will de better but strictly pointing out the fact that DC has the advantage of time.

  8. Star Wars is the big one, but next year is probably when they go all in. I’ll miss Middle eart, but I hope Battle of Five Armies goes all out in the White Council’s assault on Dol Guldar.

    I want the Dr. Strange casting announcements from Marvel and the new Avengers trailer.

    While I liked Man of Steel, DC has annoyed me with its failure on the Wonder Woman film front and I’m wary after its wretched Green Lantern flick. Too many of the rumors have me thinking BvS is looking like a mess. They should have had a ‘clean’ Superman sequel and reset Batman in his own film and go from there. But Warner has its own ideas.

    Again, I’m all in for the Jedi returning first and foremost. But if they announce a Capt Marvel or Ms. Marvel flick that might make me happier.

  9. I’m a STAR WARS fan first and foremost,so any news from Disney/Lucasfilm is what I’m looking forward to the most but I have to agree with this article,that DC/Warner Bros has to really bring out the big guns for Batman v. Superman and the Justice League,to get some of the doubtful buzz about these films out of the way and build up some excitement for their cinematic universe and give the Marvel CU some real competition.

  10. When I see that picture for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay tease all I can think of is; YEAH, Mystique finally joined the X-men! And was taught by Hawkeye how to use a bow?! Hawkeye go back to the MCU! BIRDS! Birds everywhere!

    • I’m more excited about DC shows and Marvel movies…

  11. Mostly looking forward to hear what the DC announcements are. Less enthusiastic in Marvel but still interested to a degree.

  12. WEll I’m pretty certain that DC is going to steal the show once more. I love Marvel AND DC but given the fact that they will most likely reveal the First live screen adaptions of The Justice League AND Wonder Woman…Well, yeah. DC’s got this. Marvel will no doubt be right behind them.

    • I Doubt it, if anybody is right behind DC this year it should be Star Wars IMO.
      They should have all kinds of awesomeness to start droppin on fans soon. Should.

      MCU just doesnt have much of anything new or interesting to announce IMO. Knowing the rights they own the only thing they could do that would peak my interest is announce a Blade or Punisher reboot. Even then, I don’t know how excited I could get for a Disney PG-13 version of either of those characters.

  13. My Top 10:

    WB future DC Movie plans
    Batman Suit(s) & Batmobile

    Star Wars

    X-Men Apocalypse
    Wonder Woman Suit & Aquaman casting confirmed
    DC TV
    Spider-Man and Sinister Six
    Everything else

  14. Yes to everything except that F4 reboot. Despite all of Fox’s flip flopping about a shared universe. There’s no way you’ll see X-men and F4 crossover w/o Disney’s consent which is NOT going to happen and rightfully so. With the way this crappy F4 is shaping up why would Singer even want it to be a part of what he’s doing??? The only thing I want to hear from Fox’s panel is them admitting the whole F4 reboot was a bluff and allowing it to revert back to Marvel. Then leaving the event in shame.