Speaking of plans, with a show like Flash Forward, which begins as a wild mystery, there is always the risk that the story will get *ahem* LOST in its own mythos. Not the case here, assures David S. Goyer:

“I love Lost, seen every episode…Bottom line, Lost was a genre-breaking show..We pitched ABC an extensive plan initially…they said in a post-Lost world this is a great script, but do you know where the hell it all goes?

The story has been fully plotted…so all the flash forwards have been figured out and all the clues have been already embedded.”

That’s good to hear, but what happens if new writers come on board? Well, it’s not an immediate worry, as Goyer revealed he has committed to write the series all the way through the end of the first season. Cool Beans. We can also expect to see all kinds of clever renderings of the trippy flash-forward visions – one of which will even be rendered in claymation (you heard right)!



Congrats to you who have read this far!

You can’t have a panel with Goyer, Guggenheim and Braga in one place without there being questions about the next Batman film, the upcoming Green Lantern movie and the future of the Star Trek franchise. The moderator of the panel decided to get all of those questions out of the way up front, and here were the responses:

David S. Goyer on Batman 3: “There is ‘Bat Musing’ currently happening.” (Sneaky, sneaky, David! We already know the next Bats film is suppossed to start filming next year!)

Marc Guggenheim on The Green Lantern: “Green Lantern will start filming in January in Australia.”

Brannon Braga on future Star Trek Tv series: “In my opinion we’ll ABSOLUTELY see Star Trek on Tv again.”


So that’s it. Be sure to check out Flash Forward when it airs on September, 24 @ 8pm on ABC. Check it out.

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