New Green Lantern Script Details

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green lantern movie logo New Green Lantern Script Details

Since word hit that the Green Lantern movie had been green-lit, people have been tossing out all kinds of theories about how the story of Hal Jordan’s transformation into Earth’s emerald protector would be told. Well, the Green Lantern script has recently been obtained by some bloggers with good connections, and we here at Screen Rant have the break down for ya.

First off: this movie is going to be EPIC. Writers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green seem to have really captured the essence of the Green Lantern comic: namely that the Green Lantern Corp is a force of good trying to police the universe, and that Hal Jordan, with his indomitable will, is the greatest Green Lantern of all.

(It always gives me chills when I know the filmmakers have recognized the essence of the source material.)

A second thing you should know: this flick will be going extraterrestrial from frame one, baby!


The script dives right in introducing Oa, home of The Guardians–little blue munchkins who created a Central Battery to power the emerald rings of an interstellar police force, the Green Lanterns. The rules get established, (the ring can conjure anything the wearer can imagine and sustain through sheer will power; the rings need to be recharged every so often, has no effect on the color yellow, etc.,) and then it’s on to the action as the Green Lantern for Earth sector, Abin Sur, crash lands to Earth having been fatally wounded in a battle with the hive-minded colossus known as Legion. Abin Sur picks test-pilot Hal Jordan to be his successor, seeing good in the man; Hal tries to learn how to use the ring, stumbles, then travels to Oa for training; in climatic showdown Hal Jordan helps the Green Lantern Corp battle Legion and save Oa, earning The Guardians’ respect and a permanent position as Earth’s new Green Lantern.

green lantern corps New Green Lantern Script Details
Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan (center), Jon Stewart (African-American guy), Kilowog (Pink guy, upper left), and Guy Gardner (right, wearing the vest) fight for The Guardians (blue guys)

The movie is packed with guest stars, including Hal Jordan’s mentor, Kilowog; a cameo by future Green Lantern Corp bad-boy, Guy Gardner; a story arc with GL arch-villain Sinestro, which the guys over at IESB refused to elaborate on, except to say that “the writers were very careful to stay true to the character without blowing their load on the first film.” And, of course, set ups for Green Lantern prequels and sequels galore. (Rumor has it a certain Mr. Kent might also make an appearance in the film.)


Not too shabby, right? I mean if you’re going to do Green Lantern, do it big!

But is the film too epic? There are whispers throughout the blogosphere that this latest script, which the execs over at Warner Bros. are said to be happy with, may now be too grand an undertaking for a director as untested as writer and current GL helm, Greg Berlanti.

So who would Warner Bros. get as a replacement? Some inside sources are saying that Justice League director George Miller could potentially land in the big green chair now that the rumor pendulum has swung the other way, and Justice League is ONCE AGAIN believed to be K.I.A. (Which Screen Rant‘s own Jamie Williams has been saying for some time, I must admit.)

justice league logo New Green Lantern Script Details

But all that behind-the-scenes stuff is beside the point: the Green Lantern script actually sounds good! No slapstick crap-fest starring Jack Black! The guys at IESB even went so far as to say that, at least script wise, Green Lantern has the potential be bigger than Iron Man AND/OR The Dark Knight! Blaspheme!? Or prophecy?

Are you psyched for the script, or were you expecting something different from Green Lantern? Let us know. The film is tentatively set for a 2010 release.

Source: IESB

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  1. I can’t see this flick outdoing Dark Knight or Ironman 1 or 2. The character is not as well known and/or marketable.

    I guess it really depends on what cast they get and what kinda marketing they throw at us.

    Who knows, if the comic films keeping doing better and better, getting grander and grander, then this may be huge.

  2. Rob, before the movie I bet that most of the general public had never heard of Iron Man. Mostly just scifi & comics fans. I think if this movie is done right, it could be DC’s “Iron Man.” A relatively unknown character making a box office splash.

    The script sounds pretty cool, though!

  3. I agree with Andy, I think if they stay faithful to the source material this movie could do very well .
    A GL movie could be a lot of fun , now that FX have caught up with comics :)

  4. I’ll say! Hell yes, a GL film (done right of course) has the potential to knock the socks of TDK and Iron Man. It’s Star Wars territory, dude.

    Clark Kent/Superman’s cameo in GL sounds GREAT! I can’t wait! :D

    Kofi, thanks for the post. And it’s “John Stewart”, not “Jon Stewart” as you have it written there. It’s a common mistake heheh.

    More from this poster later… :D

    (DC/WB – Get a Flash/Barry Allen film going ASAP too)

  5. This sounds great !!!!!!!!!!
    Lets get preproduction goin !!!!!!!!!

    Move it WB!!!!

  6. Sounds great .
    Bring it on!
    any reference to Alan Scott?

  7. GL was the first comic book I ever read and if WB screws this up….i will just wait and hope…

  8. A good GL film would be potentially as big as LotR, it can be as epic in scale as they want it to be!

  9. Few things would please me more (cinematically, at least…) than to see this movie come to (green) light.

    I have been a long standing fan of the GL comic for many years.

    I hope it comes out right.

  10. A few things in regards to the Emerald Dawn storyline – 1) I think it’s great that they’re doing the origin, but I strongly suggest that they check out (if they haven’t already) what Geoff Johns is doing in the current GL book as far as the origin goes, really good stuff there. 2) I don’t want to see Hal Jordan as a drunk/drunk driver in the movie like he was in Emerald Dawn. Emarald Dawn really effed with Hal’s character a bit in some ways, Hal was never a drunk. It was the early nineties and DC didn’t really know what to do with Gl at that point, many fans loath that aspect of the story (drunk, etc). They can do Tony Stark as a drunk/heavy drinker but not Hal Jordan. GL, altho he bears many similarities to him, isn’t Iron Man, so please keep that in mind, WB. :D 3) Legion will have to be given a makeover. his comic look is really quite lame. Perhaps they’ll make him more like a yellow Atrocitus. I dunno. I just hope this will be awesome. :D

  11. where did my other comments go?? :o

  12. Very messy post ahead, but it’s basically my thoughts and an outline on what I’d probaby do with a GL film heheh.

    GL film –

    First they have to figure out what it will be about. It looks like they’ve done that, they want it to be an origin. Good choice I say. :D

    As mentioned by some, who does he fight? Most people will say Sinestro, his arch-nemesis. Another good choice, but they have to consider that that will be an awful lot to cram in the first film. Sinestro didn’t meet Hal until later in his career as GL, a little after he actually became GL. There’s no reason why they couldn’t save that for the second film, but if they do it in the first film I suppose that’s fine. So, if they’re going to do Sinestro and the origin, the film has to be at least as long as TDK.

    I suggest doing the film from mostly Hal’s point of view. I thought it would be cool if they started the film with OA and Abin Sur and the Gaurdians, kinda like the first Superman film started with Krypton, but then I thought it would be better for the audience to witness all that grandeur when Hal sees it. When Hal sees OA for the fisrt time and the GL Corps, the audience needs to be as taken by it as he is. So it’s important, especially since this will be the audiences’ first exposure to the GL mythos, that they learn of this stuff as Hal learns of it. They shouldn’t be aware of it beforehand. Relatability, my friends. :D I’ve always thought that the GL story was what you’d get if you crossed Superman and Star Wars together. This has gotta be a freakin’ huge movie. I suggest they start the film with Hal as a kid (probably 9 or 10) and establish that his hero is his dad, who is a test pilot. Hal wants to fly a plane when he grows up just like his dad. He’s his father’s kid . He skips out on school to see his dad flying his plane like he typically would – tho it’s the last day he would ever does that. His dad dies in a plane crash before Hal (and the other spectators’) eyes. Hal’s mother forbids him from ever going near a plane again. She is afraid and doesn’t want him to be a test pilot like his father. Hal is crushed. Since his father died his older brother, Jack has now become the man of the house and gets a job. He thinks Hal is always giving his mom stress and is hostile to Hal because of that. Hal’s younger brother, Jim, is over cautious and also worries for Hal. Hal still wants to be a pilot. On his eighteenth birthday, Hal leaves his home and joins the air force. Years later, Hal is a test pilot in the USAF. His mom refuses to see him as longer as he’s flying. One evening Hal recieves some terrible news from his younger brother, Jim – his mom has cancer and is dying. Hal wants to see her, but Jim reminds him about how she f eels about him flying and that even the slightest thing like seeing Hal could cause trauma and her condition could worsen. Hal says this is different, but for their mother’s sake, Jim and Jack won’t let Hal see her as long as he’s flying. Early the next day, Hal takes his plane for a joy ride like it’s his last ride. It is. It’s also the first time Hal doesn’t smile while in the air. he lands the plane and is getting ragged on by his superior officer about how reckless he is and how his jet jockeying the other day destroyed a 30 million dollar jet. All Hal can think about is his brother’s words “mom’s dying”. Hal was never a quitter, so he smashes his superior officer in the face with a left cross and is discharged from the USAF. He gets to the hospital where his mom is at and sees Jim. He tells him that he’s been discharged and he can see his mom now, but Jim tells him it’s too late. Their mom is dead. Hal’s older brother Jack is pissed. he blames Hal and says that he’s a horrible brother and son and blames him for their mom’s death. Hal goes to Ferris aircraft and eventually and becomes a test pilot. All this would have to occur by the first half hour of the film, IMO. Aiiight, by this time, you know the story, the GL Abin Sur is dying and crash lands on earth and summons his ring to seek out a worthy successor, someone who is brave, honest, and has great will power. Hal Jordan is this person. Hal gets the ring from Abin, Abin dies, Hal has no idea what he’s got himself into. He’s been told the ring will do whatever he wills it to and that it is powerless against anything yellow and that it must be recharged every 24 earth hours. Hal commands the ring to fly. He lifts up off the ground slightly and floats. Hal chuckles. He says, “no, ring, I mean ffFLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!” Hal is jerked into the air at a tremendous speed is is coasting thru the sky. Hal lands and tries to keep the ring a secret. A few days later, Hal’s ring takes him into hyperspace to the planet OA for training. He is stunned at what he sees – thousands of GLs. Basically, Hal gets trained, Sinestro, the greatest GL, with the orderliest sector in the universe, is sent to earth to investegate Abin Sur’s death and to further train Hal Jordan. Sinestro takes Hal to his home world, Koruagar. Hal is shocked at what he sees here. The planet is peaceful, but there are GL flags and banners up everywhere. Sinestro has a throne. The people fear Sinestro. Sinestro’s sector is so orderly because he is a tyrannical dictator. Hal brings this to the Gaurdians (creators of the GLs) attention. A battle ensues. Sinestro stands trial for his reign of terror and many other hidden crimes and is banished to the anti-matter world of Qward, home to the GL Corps foes such as the Weaponers of Qward. Sinestro swears vengeance. Sinestro fashions himself a yellow power ring with the weaponers of Qward help (they also hate the GLC) and returns. Sinestro first sets his sie on his replacement GL on Koruagr and kills him or her (I know it’s Katma Tui, but I retconned it a bit heheh). Sinestro kills many other GLs. Sinestro comes to earth and fights Hal Jordan. Hal defeats him, Sinestro is put in a sciencell on OA. Hal flies into space at camera. End of movie.

  13. @Kel

    I’ve told you before that if your (or anyone elses) comment does not appear it’s because it might have been caught for moderation or mistakenly as spam. I go through those posts and publish the valid ones as I find them. I’m not monitoring it 24/7 so sometimes there’s a delay.


  14. That’s fine, Vic. Sorry for the trouble. :D

  15. I want a good GL film as much as the next geek, but let’s get real here; if WB comes out too soon with a movie, it will probably suck. Let them take their time and do it right. I wouldn’t mind waiting another year if it meant this will be done as well as, or better, than Iron Man or TDK.

  16. Also, I think they should get Lucas’ ILM company to do the special effects. Sure, they will ask for a ton of cash but WB will make it back in spades the first weekend.

  17. I don’t know. Though more and more this is looking like a movie that will actually make it, I don’t see how the Green Lantern could pull it off. Even with the special effects factor, what are they going to do? whatever he does, its going to be green and in some random shape. itll get old and i just don’t see the action being that great.

    Im still convinced Jack Black would do a better job if they decided to take it sort of the same direction as Hancock. A much more serious Nacho libre you could say, but still primarily comedy. Heck Jack Black could be the comedic relief in justice league. That ring would be better for funnier uses than serious ones.
    What is he going to do? smash his enemies with a giant hammer? hold them in a green sphere? whats the catch? why not do the same thing over and over again? obviously we are going to see shielding from bullets and all that jazz, but the pointing the ring around like a maniac all the time is going to get a little old. sorry diehard greenlantern fans.

  18. why not will smith? i know he has got hancock hanging over his head, but i think he deserves a second chance at a real superhero movie.

  19. What some of us are missing here is the potential of the Green Lantern mythos to lure in sci-fi/fantasy fans (a la Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings) along with comic book fans. The Silver Age and Modern Age Green Lantern tales are in that genre (space based sci-fi fantasy) which is what trekies and wookies like. Just to give you an idea of the size of that market, there are more Star Trek fans out there than some small countries (around 160 million). “Iron Man” was a success partly because it lured in tech savvy folks who liked the high tech flair to the film. I was one of them. “The Dark Knight” became a success through an unbelievable streak of positive reviews and viral marketing. Green Lantern has the potential to out do both of these films if it can lure in these large markets and make to them the same way “The Dark Knight” was handeled. That’s why it could be bigger than both.


  21. This movie is going to do very well. The script is keeping to the character’s comic material very very closely. And people who think that the character isn’t “well known” or “marketable” are just some of those that don’t know the character. Trust me, there are a lot of people out there that do know the character. The comic is becoming a much bigger title for DC and he’s become a more mainstream character as well in more than one DC series – and the character has become more popular and well known with his inception in both the Justice League animated series and Justice League Unlimited, along with his (great) appearance in the new Batman cartoon, and his LEADING ROLE as one of the MAIN characters of Darwyn Cooke’s Graphic Novels “The New Frontier” and the animated adaptation “Justice League: The New Frontier” which both did great with readers and audiences as a whole.

    So, the character is marketable – some people may not know the character that well, but if they do it right and execute the character well, then it’ll come into the those that don’t know him and become as big as the next guy.

    Yes, about 75% of what I’m saying is due to the fact that I’m – One: an avid comic book reader; and artist/writer that is currently learning the craft and art of writing and illustrating comics; along with Green Lantern being my No.1 favorite super hero.

    So, anyways, I think this film will do great and anyone who feels different are just spectators, in my opinion.

    Besides, GL is kick ass in more ways than Supes has numerous powers or Bats has a crap load of gadgets and stuff – what they can do, GL can do as well.

    Besides, if you know the character that is the big Ring Slinger, then wouldn’t you want to see this movie become an epic awesome franchise or at least a prequel-ish thing to a Justice League film? I know I would.

    Also, to that guy that mentioned or asked about Alan Scott – yes, I would find it awesome to see Alan make a cameo of some sort. Maybe mentioned in like a prologue scene as one of the first or something. Or maybe at least something Hal read in a comic (to pay homage to the Earth-2 storylines that DC established during the Silver Age of comics) or something like that.

    Anyways, we’ll just have to see how this movie comes about.

    “In brightest day, In blackest night
    No evil shall escape my sight
    Let those who warship evil’s might
    Beware my power –

    (Can’t wait to hear that in the movie)


  22. GL could definitely be DC’s Iron Man. Now lets hope they don’t mess this opportunity up.

  23. Guys, I know it’s late, but I have a copy of the first draft of the script. I’ll post my SPOILER FILLED (be ye warned!) review sometime. :D