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screen rant logo Welcome To Screen Rant v5.0You’re looking at Screen Rant version 5.0.

We thought it was time to update our look, and we hope you’ll be as pleased as we are with how it’s turned out. We’ve finally strayed a bit from our long time black and gold theme, but opted to stay “dark” to continue to differentiate ourselves from most other movie and TV news sites on the web.

The site has been re-coded from scratch so it should load a lot faster in your browser, and fingers crossed that the incredibly annoying Firefox crash issue will finally be behind us.

Among the changes we’ve made are going from a two column layout on the home page back to an easier to read single column. With the increase in TV news coverage, movie reviews and trailers, we also decided that it’s finally time to split each of those into its own section on the home page to make things easier to find. If you’re a long time, hardcore Screen Rant fan who insists on finding everything on one page in chronological order, you can still bookmark our archive page.

We’ve spaced things out a bit to make it easier to read the site, and compartmentalized different areas on the page, and the comment box is now at the top of the comments instead of at the bottom so you don’t have to scroll all the way down to leave your thoughts with us. Speaking of comments, we’ve added voting – so you can “thumb up” comments you like and “thumb down” those you don’t. No, we don’t have comment editing… YET, but we promise it’s coming soon.

The next phase (which should be arriving within the next few weeks) will be a partial upgrade that will add a community system, allowing you to create profile pages, “friend” other Screen Rant commenters, edit your comments and more.

There may be the odd glitch here and there (always the case with such a drastic change), so please bear with us and DO give us feedback on what you like, don’t like and any problems you might uncover over the next few days!

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  1. This seems like just a slight theme tweak and not much of a retooling imo.
    I think once you get editing working in the next version you’ll be rocking then.
    And the like/dislike feature only breeds problems and makes this seem like a popularity contest in front of what’s important – sharing ideas.

    • netshark,

      Actually it was a major retooling. The site’s template code was rewritten from scratch. It doesn’t LOOK like a huge change because I didn’t want to go crazy and completely change the look of the site.

      As far as like/dislike – I’m re-evaluating that. Doesn’t seem to be coming across the way I had hoped.


      • Vic, maybe just change it to a LIKE button instead?

        • DSM,

          I could do that, but it would kind of defeat the purpose of my having implemented it in the first place.


      • Maybe you should start a poll about the like/dislike button discussion.

        Oh, and by the way… Maybe the Open Discussion should become a topic of it´s own, just like the Movie News, New Trailers and Reviews topics on the top of the start page.

        • While I like the idea with the like/dislike button, it is gonna be mistreated. So I dont know, maybe just give the members (when that community thing starts up) the chance to dislike a comment, and the like button to the members and nonmembers? And i agree with Scape’s idea of lettin the Open dicussion have its own topic thing of its own.

          • I agree with everything you wrote Seth so I likes it lol

  2. Vic

    Just letting you no the sites been crashing on my android phone never had a prob before also this thread keep disappearing off the home page list for some reason.


    • big d,

      Crashing on your Android phone?? Do you see the full version or the mobile version of the site?


      • Full version I’m running it through skyfire I have been for months and it never crashed before am sure it will work itself out :)

        The thread disappeared again I had to skip back a few pages to find the thread again

        • Don’t know what you mean by “this thread keeps disappearing off the home page.”


          • When I go on the list of topics when I first come to the site sometimes this thread is there and sometimes it isn’t its not a big issue it comes back eventually just thought you would want to know

            • I know sometimes on my iphone when I visit the mobile version of the site it shows very old articles, and then I have to refresh to get the latest. Weird.


              • Yes that happens on my iPhone all the time!!!

  3. OK, everyone – rejoice.

    The comment rating system is history.



    • That´s good news. Otherwise it would have turned out into Sodom and Gomorrah… 😀

    • Awh… I kinda liked it. But it was getting abused. Oh well :(

      Awesome changes Vic! The site looks fan-freakin-tastic!!!

    • Thankyou Vic, you’re a champion. :-)

    • did that just happen?

  4. Wa-hoo!

    I’m on Firefox and the site has yet to crash!

  5. Wait, no Monday discussion?
    That’s why I’m here today on Firefox!

    • Jose,

      Glad to hear the site hasn’t crashed your Firefox browser (it hasn’t crashed mine either, yet).

      As to the open discussion for today, that’s a bug (unrelated to the site redesign) that has hopefully been fixed. I’ll see if Wednesday’s open discussion publishes on schedule.


      • Vic I can reply on mobile! Awsome!

        • Yup, we fixed the mobile issue. :)


          • Thanks Vic your’e the best! 😀

  6. Great. Now none of the images come through on my RSS feed. What’d ya do, Richard?!!!

    • Are you talking to me Hansel?

    • There was a glitch with the RSS feed that’s been fixed. Images and longer excerpts are showing up once again.


  7. Vic: This is very sleek. I’ll tell how I like it more later…. I’m going to go mosey around and see all the new changes.

  8. Since there wasn´t an open discussion on monday, I´m using this thread. The other day I was visiting a friend of mine, who shares an apartment with his sister. She was in her room, me and my buddy in his room. The conversation was like this:

    My buddy: “Hey Alexandra, what are you doing?”
    Sister: “I´m watching TV!”
    Buddy: “What´s on right now?”
    Sister: “Germany vs Russia!”
    Buddy: “What kind of sport?”
    Sister: “War!”

    Later she explained to us that she was watching a documentary…

  9. @ Vic: I´ve noticed that posts like the Open Discussion and this one disappear from the list on the home page. The only way to find them is to click on your name in another article you wrote. Or is it because I´m too stupid to find them?

    • scapegoat,

      Ah… you just pointed out something that needs attention, yes. I’ll fix the “more news” link at the end of the movie news section on the home page to point to the archive page which lists ALL posts.


  10. I’m liking the new single column on the home page, the way the comments scroll up/down on the background pic, and I’m really glad the site’s kept the white text. Stands out, looks classy, and I actually find it easier on the eye than black text on a white background. Also the subtle gradients on the comments themselves – VERY nice. I was going to say the only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the like/dislike thing, but I notice that’s gone. Thumbs up on all counts, Vic!

    • Thanks, Big D. 😀


  11. hey

    i know this is off topic but there was no open discussion to ask on im trying to complete my region 2 collection of batman the animated series i have:

    the legend begins
    out of the shadows
    tales of the dark knight
    secrets of the caped crusader

    are there any more for region 2

    thanks in advance guys