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about vic1 Screen Rant on The Movie Blog PodcastHey gang, yesterday John Campea of was kind enough to invite me to be a guest on his Movie Blog Podcast. John’s podcast is the longest-running movie podcast on the net (and the third oldest ongoing podcast, period).

Also on the podcast was TMB regular guest Christina Warren of and Here are the topics we covered:

  • Jennifer’s Body
  • Edward Norton claiming no cameo in Iron Man 2
  • X-Men: First Class casting
  • Nic Cage leaving Green Hornet, and the mess that movie seems to be in

We were going to cover a couple more items but we had so much fun just with those above that we ran out of time. icon smile Screen Rant on The Movie Blog Podcast

You can download it directly here or you can head over to The Movie Blog to listen to it (but do come back and tell us what you think!).

I’ll be doing another guest appearance on a well-known movie site’s podcast soon!

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  1. I enjoyed the podcast .
    But there is one thing I am curious about ,
    during the week after he was announced,
    everywhere I read about Cage being cast in The Green Hornet
    even here ,
    it was reported that he was IN NEGOTIATION for the project .
    But I never saw a head line that he actually signed on .
    I think this might be a case where left before he was fully committed .
    I have also heard that Chow wanted to make it a full out spoof.
    So, MAYBE the speculation it was not funny enough for him might be on the money.
    ALL speculation my part

  2. What’s with that Christina chick bashing the Incredible Hulk? It was every bit as good as Iron Man.

    And who kept sniffing so loudly during that podcast? Take an allergy pill! LOL!

  3. @L&L

    I’m going to man up and admit that was me with the sniffs. Didn’t realize I was doing it!

  4. That was my first visit to that blog,
    I will keep an eye on it .
    Any hint where you will showing up next Vic?
    just a teeny little clue?
    Pretty please with sugar on top!

  5. @ Gary

    hey theres no sugar coating here lol

  6. @Gary

    LOL, really I just don’t want to jinx it. It was supposed to go online Monday and it’s been pushed back a week. :)


  7. I thought the official story was Cage wanted to do another role more and since it came together he didn’t want his role on “GH” to be basically a bit players, so he bowed out. Not the case I take it? More like, contract and script show up at an arranged meeting where Cage was expected to sign but after Cage skims the script, then says forget it and walks out. Or did cage actually get to the set? I’ve had some work end up like that, starts out promising but, quickly changes to mud…

  8. so THATS what your voice sounds like ; )

  9. I stopped going to Themovieblog since John started calling people who disagree with him “assholes”. Just too much nerd anger on that site, ill stick to Screenrant :)

  10. I enjoyed the podcast ; I would’ve liked to sit in on that discussion :)

    It was very interesting to hear your voice , Vic ; I don’t know why but I was expecting an Irish or English accent.
    Give us a heads up the next time you do one of those , I will definitely tune in for it.
    ( but please ….. less sniffing next time )

  11. The sniffing reminded me of that episode in ” Everybody loves Raymond ” where ray was invited to this sports show and he started to scratch his chest but the mic was right there so you could barely hear him speak. Either way it was pretty cool… I don’t like the movie blog that much though… Mainly for there thoughts on people who disagree with them( what huggybear said pretty much).

  12. Vic didn’t know that doing lines of coke could be so noisy…. ;)

  13. You guys are funny, really. :-P

    Next one will hopefully be a week from tomorrow for another site. We’ve also started talking about finally bringing back the Screen Rant podcast – what do you think?


  14. Vic, a Screen Rant podcast would be sweet!

  15. Podcast, why not! Is their any way to up the ante on production value? I’ll still listen if you had a sponsor.

  16. Huggybear I agree with you on John,,, the guy has some control issues.

    Anyone able to listen to a podcast on there blackberry? There must be an app?

  17. @790, I just listened to it on my blackberry. I just put in that address to the mp3 file in my blackberry and downloaded it, then played it locally.


    Yah, your sniffling was pretty loud, lol.

    And a podcast might be pretty cool, just make sure you have a regular link, not only embedded so I can download it with my blackberry so I can listen to it while at work, lol.

    And I don’t know about rasta, but your voice is actually exactly how I imagined you would sound… lol

  18. Vic, I’m a long time listener of The Movie Blog podcast and I just wanted to come over and say you did a great job as a guest!

    I’ve also been a regular reader and commentor over at TMB for over four years and for the record I’ve never seen Campea give anyone a hard time for disagreeing with him. Not once in four years unless someone starts things off by taking a personal shot or being insulting.

    I agree with the previous commenter about youstarting your own podcast. You seem to be very natural at it. I’d love to hear you and John talking movies some more. You’ve got a good chemistry. Anyway, great job.

  19. Thanks Ken I’ll check that,,,

    @Krintina I’m assuming that’s Kristina,,, ;-)

  20. For some reason I though you were British Vic. I was wrong. It’s nice to put a voice to the face……

  21. Hey, thanks everyone for the kind comments.

    And as far as John – I’ve always considered him to be a very even-handed guy when it comes to responding to people.


  22. Well, not in my experience. I was deeply offended by his conduct towards his readers, that’s why i don’t visit that site any more. Congrats on the podcast, though.

  23. John Campea is the man.
    Im sure that whatever experience you had was a misunderstanding. Ive been a regular of TMB for 5 years and he’s always stated his opinion with reason and never ever not once gotten personal.

    Him and I have gotten in huge disagreements but he always kept it with facts and never let bias get in the way, or personal thoughts toward the readers.

    You have to keep in mind that theres a LOT of trolls that visit that site and insult him out of nowhere just because he shared his negative/positive opinion on something.

  24. I have on occasion lost my temper a bit here on Screen Rant myself. It happens when you have SO many comments to deal with (we’re closing in on 90,000 comments here on this site!).


  25. Well I’m pretty new to this site (And love it!) and I can tell there’s a lot of readers.

    Someone commented that I’m a racist once because I said that I didn’t like the Color Purple.

    The amount of readers here plus the reasoning of some people must lead to some troll behavior going on every once in a while.

  26. Prob I had with “The Color Purple” two things,,,

    1st, I got tricked into seeing it with friends and they were my ride home at the time,,, Bastards !!!
    2nd, it spawned the Xo-Xenomorph know as Oprah…
    These are scary times,,, she lurks.

  27. @James

    Yah, just like if you didn’t vote for Obama you’re a racist, or now it seems if you don’t support his healthcare plan you’re a racist. Apparently we have to support everything or else you’re racist against whatever race is the primary focus of said movie, show, or whomever is behind whatever plan or whatever… I love how some people try to “scare” away dissenting opinion by making it known that they will be branded as something socially unacceptable…

    Even though I fully believe that EVERYONE is racist in some way whether they know it or not…

  28. Yeah I guess I’m racist against those that would destroy my freedoms.
    Me and all my black friends as well,,,

    “This is not the hope your looking for” world… ;-)