SR Underground Ep. 9: ‘The Thing’

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Screen Rant Underground Podcast Header SR Underground Ep. 9: The Thing

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode nine of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we tackle Walking Dead premiere backlash, discuss the NYCC Avengers footage, and contemplate the Hulk’s love life as well as review The Thing prequel starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton.

Screen Rant Underground is available in the iTunes Music Store but if you’re not near your home computer, check out our ninth episode in the player below. As mentioned in previous posts, we’re still in the early stages of developing the show – so cut us a little slack as we get this thing off the ground.

Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.


Screen Rant Underground: Episode 9 - The Thing

In episode 9 of the Screen Rant Underground we tackle Walking Dead premiere backlash, discuss the NYCC Avengers footage, and contemplate the Hulk’s love life as well as review The Thing prequel starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton.

[0:00] News: NYCC Film Coverage: The Avengers and The Walking Dead Season 2 Premier.

[35:09] Rants and Raves: True Blood Season 4 Finale, Jackie Brown, The Thing (1982), Six Days to Air, Conan O’Brien: Don’t Stop, Breaking Bad, and Footloose.

[54:50] Pre-Review Box Office Battle

[1:07:00] Review: The Thing (read our full written review)

[1:23:00] The Thing SPOILERS Discussion

[1:41:40] Mailbag: Will we ever see a film shoot as public as The Dark Knight Rises again?

[1:48:38] Game Rant News Brief: Batman: Arkham City and Rocksmith reviews, new Transformers game Fall of Cybertron, Online Passes, and The Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Use the comment section below to continue our various discussions by weighing in with your own thoughts – or just to let us know what you think of the show.

We release one episode a week and while myself, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw are standard fare on the podcast, we’ve already lined-up a fun set of guests for future episodes.

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  1. Maybe if they do a reboot of Ghosts of Mars it’ll be amazing..

    • But only if they find a way to bring back Ice Cube – because the name Desolation Williams just isn’t big enough for one film.

  2. These things are awesome, i always listen to them after coming home from the classes at the university. You guys talk about movies like me and my friends talk about them, i always liked that.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Glad you’re enjoying them EW! Thanks for listening.

    • I was just going to say the same thing. This afternoon was the 1st time I listened and it sound like the conversations I have with friends when we get together. So now I’ve downloaded the past episodes and will be sure to catch up. Good stuff.

      • Glad to have you aboard Kevin… your friends must be awesome.

        • Thanks but I have to be more of a geek now because I have to point out a error. When you guys talked about Cobie Smulders it was said a few times that The Avengers is her 1st film role but in fact she co-starred in Broken Lizard’s “The Slammin Salmon”. Forgettable for sure but I believe that was her 1st movie…

      • Great stuff, Kevin!

  3. Hey guys… first time listener, long time movie nut. I wanted to chime in about “The Walking Dead” complainers, because, well… I’m one of them. Let me preface anything further with this: I love the show. I’ve never read the comic books, so I have no point of comparison. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but at least I won’t throw out a bunch of “it’s not like the comic” crap. I dig the show so much I bought Season 1 on Blu-ray and rewatched all 6 episodes the night before the 2nd season premier, so I was really amped up.

    let’s dive in…

    As epic as the herd scene was, I had a gripe. How did 100+ slow moving zombies “sneak up” on them? Dale was standing on top of the RV with binoculars and a scoped, hunting rifle. How did he NOT see them from a mile away? Oh ya… it wouldn’t have made for such an EPIC scene. ;)

    As much as I hated Daryl Dixon in the first season, I love him after this one. He’s not only a bad ass, but you see his character developing (GASP! character development!) into someone who is starting to actually care about his fellow survivors and not just some racist redneck. I love that TWD is a character driven show – not about how many different ways they kill zombies. It’s the real reason this show is so great. Which brings up a point you guys made. Hopefully that division of viewers doesn’t siphon off as the show progresses. I think they’re doing a great job of balancing the hard core gore and action with character development. Based on the numbers from the premiere, interest is growing from all camps.

    With all that said… this episode felt slow. I think the 90 minute length had a lot to do with it because it stretched it out. If it were a normal length episode the whole thing would have been tighter because there would have been less filler (more romping through the forest anyone?). Oh, and the never ending commercial interruptions slowed pacing and story progression. I DVR’d it and FF’d through them and it was still a drag.

    The whole church scene was… odd. The zombies sitting in the pews like they were attending church was a gimmick. I just didn’t buy that they would sit there, one with a doily on her head? Still. After all this time. Really? ;) Rick’s whole monologue/prayer… lame. Bad dialogue on top of it. Kinda like the opening scene with him having a one way conversation with Morgan.

    The ending was a truly amazing “HOLY $#!% did that just happen?!” moment though.

    Overall, the quality seemed sub par. I can’t really put my finger on it, but having watched the entire first season the night before this one felt different. Not as good different. It wasn’t terrible mind you, but I was disappointed. Still, I can’t wait for the season to unfold. I want to know what happened to Merle… is Carl going to turn into a little douche nugget… are we ever going to see Morgan and his son again… will Shane ever pull his head outta his ass and stop whining about losing Lori… that sorta thing. I just hope the pervading “sub par” feeling of the show, which may be due in part to Darabont leaving and the writers changing, doesn’t keep creeping back.

    FYI… I’m gonna rewatch it this weekend to see if my opinion changes. ;)


    • Eli – Thanks for listening! Hopefully we didn’t scare you off by being too hard on Walking Dead critics.

      You make a lot of good points – maybe, if we don’t have too much on our slate next week, we’ll do a follow-up after episode 2 and revisit some of these ideas.

  4. I love this podcast. It’s awesome. It really does remind me of the conversations I have with my fellow movie fan friends.

    BTW, Thanks for answering my question in the mailbag segment. (Nerd alert!) It was really cool to hear my question on a podcast I listen to all the time. The thing about TDKR that I find funny is that EVERY little itty bitty thing that can be written about becomes a big story. Over the summer, I saw a post on the home page of a movie site (not this one) reporting that Anne Hathaway accidentally gave a stunt man a black eye while filming a fight scene. I read that and thought “the only reason this is even news is because it’s associated with TDKR and Nolan and this film is SO anticipated.”

    It just seemed odd that an on-set injury would be on the home page of a film site. I’ve never seen that before. I expect people to discuss the leaked photos and videos (which I refuse to watch), but stuff like black eyes on the set shouldn’t make the front page. If Collin Farrell’s Total Recall stunt double dislocated his shoulder, I doubt people would write about it.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • Thanks for the question Chris – hopefully we actually got around to somewhat of an answer. I think we all agree that this is a unique moment in filmmaking. It’ll be interesting to see what we’re reporting on 5 years down the line – “Elizabeth Olsen sneezes on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises and Falls and Rises Again.’”

      PS: I do remember when that story about Anne Hathaway “broke” – I’m proud to say that, even though we run a lot of Dark Knight Rises leak pics, etc, none of our writers were crazy enough to pitch that as a newsworthy story. We’ll leave that kind of thing to TMZ.

    • Thanks for sending in the question!

      As a close monitor for all things comic book movie related, The Avengers is very similar to TDKR for me – if someone mentions “Guardians” that can sprout a dozen different types of discussion posts about The Avengers, its sequels, its spin-offs, schedules, casts, etc. etc.

  5. This is what I got from watching the Thing remake

    Interchangeable Character 1 “We have to all stick together to survive.”
    Interchangeable Character 2 “Super, what do we do now?”
    Interchangeable Character 1 “Let’s split up”
    Interchangeable Character 2 “Ok, That sounds like a great idea”

    Everyone dies from stupidity

    The end.

    • Ya, diamond thinking from a bunch of scientists, eh?