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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode thirteen of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Vic Holtreman as we chat about the new Hunger Games trailer, Man of Steel‘s connections to DC’s “The New 52,” and Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars as well as review Tarsem Singh’s swords-and-sandals film, Immortals, starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, and Freida Pinto.

Screen Rant Underground is available in the iTunes Music Store (where you can subscribe as well as download individual episodes) but if you’re not near your home computer, check out our thirteenth episode in the player below. As mentioned in previous posts, we’re still in the early stages of developing the show – so cut us a little slack as we get this thing off the ground.

Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.


Screen Rant Underground: Episode 13 - Immortals

In episode 13 of the Screen Rant Underground we chat about the new Hunger Games trailer, Man of Steel‘s connections to DC’s “The New 52,” and Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars as well as review Tarsem Singh’s swords-and-sandals film, Immortals, starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, and Freida Pinto.

[0:00] News: New Hunger Games trailerMan of Steel‘s connections to DC’s “The New 52,” and Billy Crystal hosting the 2012 Oscars.

[31:58] Rants and Raves: Crazy Stupid Love, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Community, Parks and Recreation, Workaholics, Beavis & Butt-Head, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Like Crazy, and J. Edgar.

[52:43] Pre-Review Box Office Battle.

[1:02:08] Review: Immortals (read our full written review)

[1:25:46] Immortals SPOILERS conversation.

[1:50:05] Game Rant News Brief: Modern Warfare 3 sales numbers, the next generation Xbox, Black Friday gaming deals as well as Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Super Mario 3D LandAssassin’s Creed: Revelations, Saints Row: The Third and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword reviews.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guest Vic Holtreman.



Use the comment section below to continue our various discussions by weighing in with your own thoughts – or just to let us know what you think of the show.

We release one episode a week and while myself, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw are standard fare on the podcast, we’ve already lined-up a fun set of guests for future episodes.

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  1. as for who to host the Oscars, it would have been great to have George Takei host it as a slap in Ratners face

    • Brad would have never allowed George to host the Oscars… we all know that. ;-)

  2. 1. Hunger Games: I’m pretty interested in it, but mainly because one of my favorite young actresses Isabelle Fuhrman will be in it. I’m sure she’ll be amazing as always.

    2. Superman: I agree with the point of view that a completely invulnerable Superman is kind of boring. One main reason I’m typically not a fan of any of the super powers superheroes like Superman, and typically gravitate toward the more human ones like Batman, Iron Man, and The Punisher. Their mortality makes their actions more brave in my opinion.

    3. Oscars: Don’t know why you guys are mad about this, Billy Crystal is 1000 times better than freakin Eddie Murphy… And about nobody complimenting the host, I always remember people saying good things about Billy Crystal after he hosts the Oscars…

    4. Tucker and Dale: AWESOME movie, everyone should go rent it. And Katrina Bowden is super cute in it…

    5. Clint Eastwood: I disagree that Mystic River was one of his “good” movies. I know a lot of people like that movie, but I thought it was downright terrible. My favorite of his has to be Gran Turino.

    6. Immortals: Wow, this sounds so bad I kind of want to see it now, lol, it seems like something my friends and I can make fun of while watching it… :-D

    7. Xbox: Hexcore? You mean like the one AMD has had for the PC for so many months now? I hope not, because that CPU actually kind of sucks, it BARELY edges out the Intel core CPU’s, so it’s really not worth the extra cost… But I guess consoles are really all about gimmicks and “hexcore” just sounds cooler and I’m sure they’ll get plenty of suckers dishing out big bucks for it anyway… 2GB of RAM is what my old computer had, now I have 8GB, and many computers have up to 16GB now. Looks like it’s already obsolete even before it’s announced if what you said is true…

    • Ken – As always, thanks for listening.

      I think you missed my point about Crystal. Most people love him as Oscar host but what I’m wondering is whether or not he’ll be able to live up to people’s memory of him – or are people just more critical of Oscar hosts now? We’ll see.

      • @Ben

        Yah, I get what you mean, but at least for me, I’m not going to be thinking about how good he was before, just how good he’s doing. And I think he can be funny and entertaining without being annoying like so many other comedians…

        • Fair enough. Just didn’t want anyone thinking that we were saying he was NEVER any good. He’s definitely a good choice – I think Anthony, especially, was just excited to see what Murphy and Ratner had planned because it would have been… different, to say the least. Haha.

          • Crystal will be great, as always. Him replacing Murphy is the best outcome that could have happened.

            That being said, it’s hard not to whine about the Oscars possibly being a catalyst for Eddie to return to comedy. He still has “it”, but he just doesn’t have the confidence to do comedy again.

            The same thing happened with Steve Martin. The rumor is that the reason Martin stopped comedy was because he doing a gig in Vegas and noticed that there were some seats that were empty. Word is that the casino comp’d some tickets for people, but they never showed.

            Once a comedian stops doing stand-up, they tend to become intimidated about seeing out people do it and shy away from returning it.

            That’s the reason why Seinfeld keeps doing stand-up. Seinfeld says that he doesn’t want to lose his ability to get up on stage and tell a joke.

            • Seinfield keeps going up because he can’t stand not getting attention for himself. The guy is probably one of the most stuck-up guy in comedy… I can’t stand him, especially after seeing an interbiew he did with Larry King…

    • Thanks Frank!

      I think we’re just mindful of the length because it becomes a bigger investment for less dedicated listeners! That said, we went over 2 hours on our Paranormal Activity 3 review – because we thought it deserved the extra time and we had topics we still wanted to cover. So, I’m not outwardly setting a cut-off or anything – just mindful that we don’t go too overboard.

  3. This was my first SR podcast, and it now brings my iTunes podcast subscriptions up to a breathtaking number of 1 subscriptions. But that’s irreverent. Overall I enjoyed listening to the show. I think it was Anthony who does all the swearing, well his humour was well received on my end. Other than that, the dynamic of the group seems to be working well. I do however have two things that stood out for me with this podcast.

    Hunger Games: with the exception of Rob Keyes, I completely disagree that the trailer was bad or didn’t connect enough things. Are these two girls sisters? is there 13 sectors? how are the contestants chosen? Good question. However, that’s why I’ll go see the movie. The intent of the trailer should not be to tell a short story, but rather draw an audience in and make them fill the seats at the theatre. A trailer should sell the movie, not be the movie.

    Length: I’m not going to pretend to be an expert at podcasts (as I previously stated, this was my first one). However I thought 2 hours to be quite excessive. I listen to it on my way into work which is a half hour drive, after that it became hard to listen to. It would be my preference for the podcast to be several independent segments that hit on specific topics (i.e., news, reviews, rants etc…) this way I can pick and choose what I even care about and listen to those instead of having to sit through all of it to listen to what I want to hear. i.e., I cared a great deal more about the expired cold meat in my fridge and the consequential bowel movement that it created than I did about The Immortals.

    • Chris – Thanks for listening. We know the run time is a turn-off for some listeners and while we try not to run too long, there are people pulling us in both directions on this particular point (such as Frank above).

      Ultimately, while we’re still ironing out the format, it’s unlikely that any time in the near future we’ll be breaking it up into bite-sized segments. While I totally understand how some listeners might like that, the podcast is only one of a number of responsibilities I have at the site, and the process of producing mini-episodes, uploading them, filling in tags and formatting info, as well as posting the actual articles on the site would be a huge time suck – and take away from my time to do reviews, articles, edit, etc.

      This is why I make sure that each episode has the respective times for each segment listed in the post and in the show notes – that way, when you’re stopped at a light on your way to work, you can fast-forward past segments you have little interest in.

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll definitely keep your ideas in mind – and try not to go too long.