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justiceleague Screen Rant Movie News Grab BagLots of movie news bites for you all! Let’s start out with what’s happening with Justice League, which seems to be a dream film for fans, but with Warner Brothers’ decision to not use Christian Bale or Brandon Routh as Batman and Superman, respectively, fans aren’t happy. The script isn’t up to snuff, so according to Superhero Hype!, and a final decision on whether they’ll strike ahead vs. waiting for the Writers Strike to end will be made for a major re-write. We may know as early as tomorrow, January 15th.

In related news, it looks like Bryan Singer and Routh are still onboard to bring us the action packed sequel to Superman Returns, Superman: Man of Steel. (Why not just Man of Steel, like The Dark Knight?) The release date was pushed back to 2010, and there isn’t an iron-clad guarantee Singer will be back. It looks like producers learned some lessons, and the movie will feature more action, a super-powered villain and less romantic stuff. Hey Spider-Man producers, are you reading this?? Original screenwriters Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty won’t be returning, plus the Writers Strike is delaying the start of scriptwriting on the sequel. Source: Superhero Hype!

More news after the jump.

The Golden Globes had a press conference this year, due to the Writers Strike. See a list of winners here.

Tyler Mane is out as Sabretooth? Why? I loved him in X-Men. But, amazing actor Liev Schreiber is in as the titular villain, in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, due May 1, 2009. That title is a mouthful! Source: CHUD.

tdktoy Screen Rant Movie News Grab BagWanna see some photos of The Dark Knight action figures? Click here and here!

Looks like rumors of a two parter for a Harry Potter movie are bubbling up again. A few years back, it was thought that at least part 4, Goblet of Fire, would be split up into two movies. Heck, some people complained that they chopped out so much of Order of the Phoenix, it wasn’t as good. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet. Anyway, Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that the final movie, Deathly Hollows, may be split into two movies to take full advantage of the last book. But I’m guessing writing it may be difficult with the Writers Strike happening. No word yet, but the movie(s) probably won’t come out until 2010, at the earliest.

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  1. Thanks for the JLA/Superman post,Heath.

    All 7 members of the JLA are suposedly cast. I REALLY hope this cast won’t suck. Cuz the earlier rumors we’re REALLY depressing. If Routh and Bale aren’t in it fine,just give us guys that are at least half as descent,WB.

    I’ve read that WB is hiring writers who are non WGA to fix the script,like DC COMIC BOOK WRITERS!! ISN’T THAT FRICKEN AWESOME???!!!!! WOW!! If that’s ^ so,I have complete faith in the script,it will no doubt be great if written by guys who actually know the characters. I really hope that works out. 😀

    They just really need a descent cast. Hopefully they have one and we’ll see the OFFICIAL cast by the end of the week.

    I wanna see this film get made really bad,it’s a literal dream come true for me,just don’t screw it up with crappy casting I say.

    And please,please,PLEASE NO JASONS in the script!!!!

  2. Kel, you’re welcome! I love reading your comments here at SR.

    I don’t know if they’d bring in non-union writers. The last thing ANYONE would want to do is have comic book writers cross the picket lines.

    I hope they bury this movie and offer Bryan Singer to direct with Routh and Bale onboard. Here’s a fantasy request: Singer co-directing with Christopher Nolan! DROOL!


  3. Yeah,a Singer AND Nolan teamup would be really SWEET!! 😉

    Tho I fear that their “creative differences’ might get in the way,LOL!

    A buddy of mine over at another site thru a private email (apparently we’re not supposed to know this!) said that WB was trying to get comix writers to adjust the script. He’s pretty reliable when it comes to news so I’m gonna trust him on that ^ one. :-) I hope it’s true….. 😀

    I guess that would be a lil crazy tho,cuz I really don’t want anything happenin’ to mah comix writers. LOL!

    JLA people should just do what Letterman did and throw more money at their writers to get them to come back and finish the script,methinks. 😉

    Again,I REALLY hope the cast is worth a damn.

    SIDENOTE: Heath,did you get the Superman/Batman Assylum script/review link I posted the other day?

  4. Yeah, I got it and hope to read it later this week. Though Akiva Goldsman is an Oscar winning writer/producer now, and I loved I Am Leged, I still cringed when I saw his name on the draft.

    Batman/Superman, or Batman and Robin?! ARGH!

    also, I don’t think DC writers would risk crossing lines. And now United Artists have a deal with the WGA. That might be what solves the strike–deals with individual companies and studios.


  5. LOL! Yeah,I know what you mean when you say Goldsman.

    B & R was REAAAAAALLLY bad,but I think EVERYONE knows that. 😉

    Glad you got the sript.

    I agree,that’s how the strike might be solved. I hope it’s over soon,personally,with all due respect to whomever. :-)

    Do you forsee the strike as ending soon,Heath?

  6. I have no idea when it’ll happen…


  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if said non-union writers were actually being brought in for MAN OF STEEL. Although I’m not predicting that; just a thought! JLA has ALOT of problems; the script being only one of many.

    There’s the cast that WB apparently hates, the budget going out of control, the alienation of Nolan & the BATMAN camp over all this (not to mention Singer & the SUPERMAN team…but their stock isn’t anywhere near to Nolan’s at this point) and the total lack of support from the Internet fan-base.

    All signs point to JLA getting canned.

  8. Well, I’m ashamed, but i still watch cartoons and on the show “The Batman” its telling the story of the joining of the justice league. Its really decent if you liked Batman the animated series. Ne way it seemed like some foreshadowing if u ask me the way they are doing it.

  9. Surma,

    LOL, don’t feel ashamed – I also watch “The Batman” on WB. I think it’s a pretty good cartoon and am enjoying the introduction of JL characters.


  10. Cartoons have ALWAYS been, for the most part, better than live action, IMHO. No star egos wanting to intrude on everything.


  11. I watch all the cartoons,guys. Shamelessly. They’re just so excellent. I loved Superman,Barry Allen Flash,HAL JORDAN GL (YES FINALLY!!),and Green Arrow on The Batman. JL/JLU was great as well. I can’t wait for JLA:the New Frontier. Superman:Doomsday was good too.

    The cartoons are uaually better than the live action films. Batman:Mask of the Phantasm,IMHO,was worlds better than Batman Returns,Forever,& Robin.

    Heath,I could not see Matthew McConaughley as Wally West. Sorry,dude. Could any of you guys see Woody Harrelson as Barry Allen? I don’t think I could.

  12. Personally,I would prefer they cast Brandon Routh and Christian Bale as Superman and Batman,in the JLA movie.No offense,Kel,but the idea of replacing this characters with someone who doesn’t show the passion as the two actors I just mentioned,is Bogus.But one thing is certain though,Adam brody would make a good flash(no matter who they are going with).Both Superman:Man of Steel and Batman play a commanding role in the formation of the League of Heroes.Casting the above mentioned actors in these roles brings off sensibilty and responsibility,if that makes any sense at all.As for the Woderwoman and Greenlantern,it would be cool to see Lucy Lawless as Wonderwoman and Will Smith as Greenlantern(preferably John Stewart).

  13. Do you know what will suprising, Batman meets Superman and they team up for the first time. They did that in the comics and the cartoon network series, The New Batman/Superman Adventures. So, why not make a movie with both of them, the greatest heores from DC comics. Hollywood did Freddy and Jason together. So they should do Batman and Superman together, and Warner Bros. owns them. So it would be a Warner Bros. production. Think about it, how much money this project would make if someone puts it together and BAMMMMMMMMMM! We got the hottest and biggest picture of all of the year when it hits theaters. Bale and Routh as Batman and Superman against Luther, Joker, and who ever.