Ghostface May Be An Actual Ghost in MTV’s ‘Scream’ TV Show

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Ghostface in Scream 4 Ghostface May Be An Actual Ghost in MTVs Scream TV Show

The question of whether or not we’ll ever see Scream 5 in theaters has been bouncing back and forth for a while now with no clear answer, but one Scream project that is definitely in development is a TV pilot based on the franchise that was ordered by MTV earlier this year. There had been talk of a Scream TV series before, but the pilot order was the first clear sign that things were moving ahead.

When it was announced that the pilot episode would be written by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie (Criminal Minds), we hazarded a guess that the show might use a police procedural format as a way to approach the idea of serial killers. That might still turn out to be the case, but the latest comment on the matter from Harvey Weinstein suggests that MTV’s Scream may be something very different entirely.

According to, Weinstein was asked about the possibility of pursuing a fifth movie in the Scream series and simply replied that it was in the hands of his brother, Bob Weinstein, and that Harvey himself is, “begging him to do the movie and just end it. We’ve milked that cow.” He also told the press that there would be no overlap between the MTV show and the film franchise, and that the TV series is instead meant to represent a new beginning and also to pursue a supernatural direction.

The iconic image of the Scream franchise has always been the Ghostface mask donned by the various killers in the film – a cheap Halloween mask in the movie canon that subsequently became a cheap Halloween mask in real life. Just like an episode of Scooby-Doo, however, the mask would always come off to reveal an ordinary (aside from a little homicidal insanity) living human being hiding behind it.

The Cast of Scream 41 Ghostface May Be An Actual Ghost in MTVs Scream TV Show

Hardcore Scream fans might balk at the idea of introducing actual ghosts into what is traditionally a horror franchise grounded in reality – though admittedly a reality formed by a meta-commentary on the nature of slasher movies. However, launching a series with the Scream name but a very different tone and direction probably makes a lot more sense than trying to make what worked in the movies function in a TV show as well.

It’s worth noting that MTV has already created a successful supernatural series with a very loose tie-in to a “horror” movie in Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf is kind of an inverse Trojan horse; based on its mere concept and outward appearance it should by all rights be terrible, but instead has been pretty consistently well-written throughout its three seasons despite not having much at all to do with a comically hairy basketball star. It could probably be argued that the Scream movies are slightly better source material than Teen Wolf, but that doesn’t mean that the TV show can’t be something very different.

Do you think including the supernatural is a betrayal of the Scream spirit, or is it just what the TV show needs to distinguish itself from the aging movie franchise?


We’ll keep you updated on MTV’s plans for Scream, including any announcement of casting or an air date for the pilot.

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! the best part about scream is trying to guess who the killer is making it a ghost ruins that. i hate how all horror movie/tv shows are going supernatural i miss the good old slasher movies

    • What if the ghost is invited into someone… like the killer summons the spirit to possess them so they can take their ludicrous vengeance! Still keep us all guessing as to who the killer is in each season… could even make it an anthology series.

      • This concept reminds me of Pretty little liars always guessing and the focus is changing. Would keep a good pace. Great idea.

  2. Yeah no lol. One thing that’s so special about Scream is that it’s grounded and isn’t just another Goosbumps tail. Instead of going in completely new territory, I think they should evolve the whole idea of Scream. I really enjoyed all the Scream films but at this point, they really need to make it into a horror/slasher film again. Maybe have him in the series not be a bumbling id*ot who bumps into everything. Have him be a bit..smarter lol, with twist and turns in the story that doesn’t have to do with the real identity of Scream but with his plans in tormenting the groups of people. One of the main things I liked about the franchise is not guessing who Scream is but what he’ll do next.

  3. I guess if they kept the meta-commentary that’d be kind of funny but then I’d suspect that that would quickly derail the show into a comedy rather than a “horror” like -what I’m assuming MTV wants- with Teen Wolf.

    But no, Scream is a tad like Scooby-Doo the fun is in trying to figure out who the killer is and by having a season’s worth of episodes to get to know the characters and all the possible motives it would make for a pretty interesting reveal.

  4. They cant be serious!

  5. First found photage Friday 13th, now supernatural Scream.

  6. I wish I could un-see this.

  7. Oh for God’s sake just make ”Scream 5” not this crap.

    Make ”Scream 5” the last one, Start actually killing off the main characters an give us a big nice twist an end the entire series once an for all (Or in Hollywood until a eventual Reboot)

    Ghostface can NOT be an actual Ghost, it defeats the entire purpose of the series. at-least in the films there is actually a reason no matter how silly it maybe.

    So yea just do a Final ”Scream 5” i’ll go see it just for the ending. I wont see this.

  8. Please just make a scream 5 please.

  9. No supernatural BS. Scream was always meant to be grounded in reality, making fun of slasher flicks. Further more didn’t scream 4 make the joke that the “Stab” movie franchise began to movie into like supernatural and time travel crap. And made it campy and stupid.

  10. I read “ghost face may be an actual ghost face on MTV” and stopped to facepalm at how absolutely horrendous this is going to be. The only decent thing mtv has came put with in years is catfish and that’s only to laugh at these gullible bastar*s this world has.

  11. Looks like he is drunk and gonna hork up…must’ve drunk too much “Boos” (“Booze”)!

    • Family Guy reference for the win – I guess.

  12. MTV What are you doing!?
    MTV!!! STAAAAAP!!!!

    No seriously, stop with this garbage you put out on your network and go back to your roots. Music and Beavis and Butthead.

  13. The 5th episode will involve time travel and the 6th two girls kill each other while watching the show.

  14. Here’s a pitch. Scream has always been a meta series right? Make the series a anthology series poking fun of how tv shows like friday the 13th the series or freddy’s nightmares had very little to nothing to do with the movies other then maybe being the host. Boom! Theres your show!

    • I think you may be on to something, there. That would actually in line with what Scream is all about!

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  16. are they going to make this show quantum leap style? killer jumps to a host to exact revenge? could be interesting….

  17. Don’t even know where to begin with this. It’s hard to believe the Weinsteins run so much of Hollywood, yet are this stupid.

    • I’m not a fan of the Weinsteins but they are far from dumb. There is a reason they are major Hollywood players

  18. they really should have stopped after scream 2 ffs

  19. Why not just have a different story each season with a new set of characters. Kinda like “American Horror Story”. Each season has a new killer and each episode leaves clues to who the killer is and the killer is revealed in each season finale. This way it stays true to the scream universe and the writers have range to do new story’s and introduce new characters. Just my idea.

  20. I think they shouldn’t make a ghost scream show.That just ruins the whole Scream franchise movies.

  21. I really like the scream movies and I think they should stick with ghostface being a person. I’m not really into the supernatural. They should make the show kind of like a horror movie each season with different teen casts.

  22. I really like the scream movies and I think they should stick with ghostface being a person. I’m not really into the supernatural. They should make the show kind of like a horror movie each season with different teen casts. I like to guess who the killer is.

  23. An original twist worthy of M.Night Shamalan (sp?)
    This little stunt didn’t work for the HalloweeN franchise when they pushed out the botched abortion that was HalloweeN 3 Season of the witch.
    Fans of Michael Myers didn’t appreciate pagans with evil head melting masks (the actual plot).
    I’m willing to guess that fans of the original film will see this tawdry attempt as insulting.
    If that’s the case I’ll be pulling a Sidney “you know I don’t watch that s***” Prescott.

  24. They will completely destroy the show if they make ghost face an actual ghost. It would be the worst show ever. The best part about the movies was trying to figure out who is behind the mask. If it’s just a ghost it will ruin the franchise forever.

  25. I wouldn’t want there to be a supernatural element to the existing franchise or in a straight reboot of the franchise, but I see one idea of how this could work: Make it a supernatural meta-reboot.

    The characters would exist in “our” world, where the Scream franchise exists as a set of movies. A supernatural force (ghost, demon, whatever) takes the identity of the GhostFace killer. Everyone assumes that it’s somebody human running around killing people in an homage to the movies but eventually it becomes apparent to the main cast that it’s something much worse. This idea could give an opportunity to bring in the actual cast and crew members as themselves from time to time to be victims of the supernatural GhostFace. Kinda like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, but for the Scream franchise and done as a TV show rather than a movie.

  26. It reminds me of pretty little liars with in the direction it seems to be going in and in all honesty it sound BRILLIANT. Pretty little liars is very popular and if this show adopts some aspects of the pll then it might be really succesfull. and about ghost face being an actual im not saying that’s a terrible idea because it would be good to see ghostface in a different dynamic.

  27. Betrayal and Blasphemy

  28. I always thought a way to do something different with Scream would be to explore the idea that there’s something evil about the mask itself, that the Ghostface design is somehow possessed and corrupts the wearer of the mask.

    The next idea would be that the mask/costume is alive and possesses the wearer until it uses them up, leaving their faces in a twisted version of the mask itself.