Wes Craven Says ‘Scream 5’ Is Happening

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Wes Craven Says Scream 5 Is Happening Wes Craven Says ‘Scream 5’ Is Happening

When Scream 4 hit theaters this past April, it wasn’t the box office smash that director Wes Craven and producer Bob Weinstein had hoped for – especially compared to its predecessors. While it made a little over twice its $40 million budget worldwide, it made $2 million less than that domestically. (Eek.)

Which is why it’s surprising, some five months later, to hear Wes Craven say that Scream 5 is almost definitely a go — though he might not be directing.

When asked if a Scream 5 was on the way, courtesy of Movieweb, Craven said:

“Yes. The odds are that there will be [a Scream 5]. It is something that Bob Weinstein wants to do. He tends to do what he wants to do. So I am inclined to think that there will be [another sequel]. Whether I will be a part of it or not? I don’t know. My contract gives me the first look. If they show me something that is really wonderful? Of course I will be a part of it.”

Wes Craven’s box office track record in the past few years doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in his money-making abilities. Scream 4 notwithstanding, My Soul to Take and Cursed were both terrible fiscal failures. Only Red Eye, starring Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams, made its money back. So it’s easy to imagine a scenario where additional Screams were made with a new director at the helm.

When asked what his plans for Scream 5 would entail, Craven said:

“I’d have to kill you if I told you. Its better to have an ending where you can’t tell where it’s going to go next. Than to have an ending where you go, ‘Oh, that is the hook for the sequel. That is the hook for the next one.’ We felt it was better to let the audience speculate than to have all of these clues placed in their lap. It’s not a matter of not being smart enough [to figure out how 4 ties into 5]. We’re clever at this. Let’s just put it that way.”

The Cast of Scream 41 Wes Craven Says ‘Scream 5’ Is Happening

The cast of 'Scream 4'

On how the films are concocted:

“Most people think that I sit around and think up [the] ideas, then I send them to the studio. With Scream, that is not the case. Kevin Williamson has been the writer since day one. He has been the writer on all of these projects, at least at the beginning of them. That relationship with him and Bob Weinstein is very old, and close. Typically what will happen is that Bob Weinstein or Kevin Williamson will come up with a new idea, and they will pitch it to one or the other. If they both like it, they will toss it around and see if they can develop it into an overarching concept. Then I get the telephone call. They say, ‘We have something to show you.’ It will either be a scene, or if it is Kevin Williamson, he will run through the idea with me from beginning to end. That is what happened on this one. There were a few pages. Not many. At some point there was a first draft. But it mainly started with me and Kevin Williamson sitting down in a restaurant in Los Angeles. He showed me how it would go, and I really thought he had something there. So I signed on. Before that point, I am at a position where I don’t want to be involved with something until the script is there. That makes me not a part of the original process, of banging out the idea. I think that Kevin Williamson is the best at that. And Bob Weinstein is all over that too. I don’t want to play another guy in that. Going into [Scream 4], the first meeting I had with Kevin Williamson, he did sketch out a Scream 5 and 6. The idea was that we were doing the first in a new trilogy. We had to wait to see if we made enough money on each film to make the next one viable. If that happens, those two will come up with the concepts and an idea that is worth fulfilling.”

It’s interesting to hear about the relationship between Kevin Williamson – who has had two TV hits recently with The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle – and Bob Weinstein, especially considering the admitted friction they had on the Scream 4 set (which may or may not have led to their parting of the ways, which may or may not have been the reason Kevin Williamson has yet to watch the fourquel). Would Williamson really be up for rounding out the second Scream trilogy after all that?

Despite its less-than-impressive box office take, Scream 4 was a fun, tongue-in-cheek – to the point of self-parody – horror flick. There were a lot of clever, funny, and creative ideas throughout with regard to recent industry movements like “torture porn” and “horror-movie-remake-itus”. And even though it was nothing to write home about (and definitely a lesser picture than the original), it was easily as good or better than 2 and 3.

The point being: this particular writer would welcome a Scream 5, if said sequel ended up being as entertaining as number four.

But what about you guys? Are you interested in seeing a fifth Scream, or was the fourth the straw the broke the camel’s back? Let us know in the comments.

And stay tuned for more Scream 5 news.

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Source: Movieweb


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  1. There definitely needs to be a scream 5. But there needs to be new elements within it. A new location but not too ridiculous and not too mang modern day things involved such as technology and such. A deserted location would be cool. It needs more clever parts and surprises as well. It needs either one killer or more than two killers this time. A few more brutal kills too. I think it needs actual ghost of people from the past too, good characters and bad ones to add more emotional and dramatic affect. No cops either. Better phone calls, no cheesy quotes. Wes craven needs an appearance as well. Someone needs to get hung. Someone needs to get there head cut off. One sex scene and one only and both need to die while having sex. The return of billy Loomis and stew as ghost or some other clever way.more blood and no picture perfect actors or actresses. I want ugly people and average people. Its not about beauty its horror remember that. And no unrealistic parts please.

  2. I’m not sure why Scream 4 didn’t make more at the box office, I loved it. The original Scream trilogy will always be classic in my eyes, but to be honest Scream 4 is now my favorite of them all. I loved the entire cast, and I think most of all I loved the fact that they spend so much time discussing past horror movies. I’m a huge horror fanatic, and it was great to watch the repartee during the discussions of classic cult films between Kirby Charlie and Trevor. And I absolutely loved the throwback to the original Scream film at the end. It was great, I wouldn’t change a thing!
    Now all that being said, I’m on the fence about a Scream 5. Of course I don’t want these movies to stop (although they can’t go on forever), but I liked 4 so much that I’m worried about the franchise ending on a disappointing note.

  3. Whoops, meant to say Robbie instead of Trevor.

  4. Scream 4 was my favorite because I loved the cast. I love horror films and I loved how Kirby really loved them and how they focused on the ides of horror films. I would love there to be a scream 5 hopefully it will be even better, I think Kirby should be in it as we didnt actually see her die she got stabbed but we never actually saw her die. Can’t wait to see if this is actually happening.

  5. Definitely it should be a 5th and possibly a 6th. If 5 isn’t out yet! I think it should go way back to before Sidney’s mother died like her moms life and how she came into acting and when she had Sidney’s half brother(3rd), put a major twist and shock and awe throughout the entire movie! Either way, it’d be awesome to continue the scream movies!

  6. PLEASE COME OUT WITH A SCREAM 5!!!!! I have always been a fan of the scream movies. Please go ahead & start writing the scripts and make the movie. I love Sidney’s character. And duey and gale. Don’t even think about it anymore, just finalize it. I will be buying it and seeing it as soon as it comes out!!!

  7. I personally would enjoy watching a scream 5 and maybe even 6. So I’m all for the idea guys.

  8. Scream first started when I was lil and I was terrified of him. Simply bcuz were not talking about a chain saw dude or Freddy Kruger…but a dude who just about always goes at them with nothing more then a knife way better then Halloween simply bcuz scream leaves you wondering?? Who is it,where did he go,how’s he not dead…some people say it’s over played but it’s cool to see Wes craven keep it going. Think back to scream 1. The way things were so easy for him to get someone and now it goes to our time period. New creative ways and all. Akward yet funny mind games…lol like “scream 1 don’t you know not to say who’s there?! You may as Well go outside and investigate a strange noise or something” or “scream 4 tells them in closest and she is all like Okay liar your not there… I never said I was in your closet” haha classic mind games scream leaves the “Slasher” killers with. A on your edge of seat curious to what’s gonna happen next….I definitely think THEY SHOULD MAKE ON GOING MOVIES to Scream. And have new creative ideas on how he is so different from other killers in movies. He is what they call him a ghost only legit killer I can remember to get shot and get up Nd be gone when someone turns around…Hahaha except for Halloween where that’s just gay. He’s human I mean so is scream but maybe he’s got a vest on lol bullet proof. Myers no duh? He don’t lol but yes CONTINUE!! LOL…

  9. Also to whoever said more gore Yeah to a extent…wes cravens scream movies ain’t Supost to be too gory….that’s why it’s a “Slasher” gore’s Okay but don’t over do it like beheading and all…this ain’t Halloween or some other flick it’s scream lol for real..make him the way he’s Supost to beghost a deadly ghost.who pops up outside no where lol. And no cops? There’s gotta be coos sometimes people there part of main chactares…just saying. Maybe twist yalls scarecrow ghost face in there or something? Please make more lol

  10. Scream movies are the best, i watched them ever since i was aloud too. every Halloween those are my first picks. these movies are amazing. i just got done with Scream 3 as i am typing this. Please Please PLEASE !!! come out with scream 5. even if it end with scream five. i’ll be happy. these movie teaches alot about life. not with the killings. but with no matter what happens you always have to stay strong to yourself and keep pushing threw life. so i write this and hope to seen a scream 5 REAL SOON. And thank you for putting these movies out for us to see. yes my friends are here with me and all 8 of us say ” thank you” HOPE TO SEE SCREAM 5 REAL SOON. WE WILL BE WAITTING

  11. SCREAM 5!!!!!!

  12. There should deff be a scream 5&6 there the only horror movie that can be real i mean its the most relatable to what can happen in real life true

  13. o filme scream 5 vai vir as bancas quando