‘Scream 5′ Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

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Scream 5 looks to be dead Scream 5 Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

Scream 4 got off to a relatively modest start at the box office in its opening weekend, but experienced a pretty huge drop-off over the Easter holiday frame. That news left many a fan of the horror franchise wondering: what exactly does that mean for Scream 5 – and the future of the series in general?

Wes Craven has said in the past that he’s up for directing another Scream trilogy; however, with the fourth flick in the series underperforming at the box office, that doesn’t look likely to happen. Here’s the more disconcerting question for Ghostface fans: Does that mean the franchise could eventually end up being rebooted?

The overall critical reception for Scream 4 seems by and large mixed (it currently has a 57% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes), though most people seem to agree that it’s an improvement on the last Scream sequel. Be that as it may, money talks in Hollywood, and Moviehole says it has been informed by some of the folks who work at Dimension Films that “the ‘Scream’ franchise will likely end here, at least for the moment.”

E! Online also has this less-than-comforting quote from box office analyst Jeff Block, with regards to the future of the meta-horror series:

“If ‘Scream 4′ proved anything other than that irony is on its deathbed, it’s that horror reboots have a better chance of survival in the current cinematic marketplace than continuing sagas. If there is a ‘Scream 5′, expect it to be re-titled ‘Scream’, and don’t expect David Arquette, Courteney Cox or Neve Campbell to return unless it’s in a cameo—in the form of a body bag.”

Never Campbell in Scream 4 Scream 5 Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

If there’s a type of genre movie that’s prone to being rebooted nowadays (besides comic book films, that is) it’s that of the horror pic – especially those of the slasher variety (see: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.). The overabundance of horror series reboots and remakes that have been released over the past decade was even used as a punchline of sorts in Scream 4. That just makes the possibility of a Scream reboot all the more ironic.

Given how the Scream franchise has become increasingly self-aware and self-reflexive with each passing movie, I can already imagine how a reboot would continue that trend. It would probably contain a whole load of reference to and discussions about the rules of a horror franchise reboot, and how they tend to be “grittier” and more violent than their predecessors. I leave it to your discretion as to whether or not that sounds like a good idea.

As for me: I’m perfectly content with the idea of Scream 4 being the last entry in the franchise. Enough people seem to have gotten their fill of hearing sly cracks about the horror genre and watching Ghostface pull off cleverly-contrived kills at this point – and stopping now would allow the series to go out on a higher note than it did over a decade ago with Scream 3. Not that Hollywood cares about that, but still…

How about it – should there be a Scream 5? A Scream reboot? Or is it time to lay this franchise to rest?

Source: E! Online, Moviehole

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  1. Scream started as a self aware franchise anyways. That is why i loved it personally. The first one was epic and this one is a close second. This movie was abit of an attempt to reboot the next 3 but I think that if they go anymore further it will get misconstrued. I think the only thing that could have made this one closer to being epic is if one of the main 3 got nixed. I smiled when syndey got stabbed with high hopes but no i was robbed. I say leave it as is. I trust Wes but as a HUGE scream fan i would have to say leave it on the high note. I wouldnt want to risk having it die out one the note that the 3rd one left.. abit blah. They should also not remake it since there really isnt a way to without it being overly repetitive. The short and stubby of it.. Leave it.. remaster it for blu ray and enjoy the fine realistic films of the franchise.

  2. Movie goer’s buy the tickets and the popcorn, not the critics. Scream is 90′s GenX pop culture sludge, this generation doesn’t give a crap about it. Revamp or bury it. I’m GenX and I don’t even care about Scream anymore.

  3. Excuse me they already rebooted Scream, it was called “Scary Movie”.

  4. I Scream you Scream we all Scream for more Scream……see what I did there? :P

  5. Scream 4 was better than I expected but that’s what they get for basically calling out Saw and then they wanted to turn around and do another trilogy of Scream, come on now. Hate Saw if you want but they went 7 years in a row making money each Halloween, no 10 year break and Scream comes back and barely makes more than Saw’s worst opening.

  6. Maybe Wes Craven should make the deaths more gory than previous installments shown as Randy kinda hinted horror sequels usually get to. I mean Scream 4 pokes at remakes/reboots, so why not have the killer more violent with a knife or creative in kills? Somthing like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s death in Scream 2 when being stabbed twice in the back than thrown over the balcony to her death. Maybe have the next killer be of no relation to Sidney & be someone who could be from Woodsbaro and blames everything on Sidney, Gale & Dewey for all the deaths that took place in that town & elsewhere in Scream 2&3. Wants to finish what Sidney’s cousin started & do things better to wrap things up. I liked Scream 4, wasn’t the best in the series but still good enough to bring in a 5th imo. I rather see Wes make Scream 5 & 6 than see another great franchise he started be rebooted. And what has box-office analyst Jeff Block been smokin when he says – horror reboots have a better chance of survival in the cinematic martketplace than continuing sagas. He must be joking, what horror reboots is refering to exactly? Rob Zombie’s Halloween, New Line’s Friday The 13th & A Nightmare On Elm Street? The Hills Have Eyes? The Fog, what? Id like to see 5th film cause i enjoyed Scream 4 enough to see more.

  7. I love the scream movies, and I enjoyed Scream 4 a lot! I don’t get why it’s under performing but I can say that the release date sucked bad, and the promotion wasn’t that great.

    Most of the last year we’ve been hearing mostly about Courtney & Davids break up, and not a lot of cool stuff on the movie.

    I stayed away from spoilers for the whole time of production and saw it without knowing anything on the story, and I’m so happy I did! The end was brilliant!

    I want another sequel I hate reboots… I say bring on Scream 5, and 6, and end it there. :)

  8. Though i was content with the “ending” in SCREAM 3, i think SCREAM 4 was really great. Im not one of those people who like all these remakes and typically they are complete CRAP! If they do another, then it should be a true sequel (aka SCREAM 5) and carry on Sidney’s story. If they are going to end the series then END IT and leave it alone.
    Although i really loved 4, they still couldve left it alone at 3 and i wouldve been just fine with that.

  9. Scream 4 is better than 2 n much better than 3 n as good as pt 1. Juz do Scream 5 wit lower budget, like hw they did to Mission impossible 4.

  10. Scream 4 isnt bad so there’s no need to reboot.

  11. They will make Scream 5 and 6 im sure. It is going to be a year almost until we know anything but the DVD’s will sell well for 4, and gain a new audience, the problem with 4 is that this decade didnt know about the originals much. Once 4 does good on home video and people go back and watch the original trilogy they will want to see a 5 and 6. And re-booting it would ruin the franchise. They made 4 on a 40 mil budget. They could easily film 5 and 6 back-to-back on a budget of 50-60 mil, which would increase profit. Well see what happens. But me as a fan i might be overly hopeful but the film was good and everyone i know who watched it loved it and most never saw any of the original. It was the generation gap. And with people who were 18 when they saw the first one are now 33 will not go watch that over a kids film with there familys on Easter weekend. Them releasing it in Spring doomed it from the get go.

  12. Everytime I see that Ghostface photo header I can’t think of anything else but pointing my 12gauge at his head and blowing it and that mask into the next room.

  13. Very sad news. Don’t start rumors of a reboot though, this is a franchise that can’t be rebooted because of its self referential humor throughout the franchise

  14. I for one thought that scream 4 was amazing! they are thinking about discontinuing this second trilogy because of the lack of box office gross?! Give me a break!! Its grosses werent that high because of the economy!! Familys are short on money, so they are spending what money they have on necessities!! So if a family is going to see a movie its going to be a family film! For example:what movie beat scream 4 in its opening weekend box office gross? Thats right!! Rio, which just so happens to be a family film!! Coincidence? I think not! Plus along with this bad economy comes a saying I’m sure just about everyones heard, “I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD.” Scream 4 didn’t do poorly at the box office because people were tired of the scream franchise, but because of our current economy! Ghostface is a legend! Legends aren’t forgotten and people DEFINITELY do NOT get tired of legends!! So please Dimensions,Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson,and all of the other great people involved in the scream franchise do Not stop making these epically thrilling and amazingly witty movies because of a few bad reviews based solely on the movies grosses and Not on the movie itself! Make a fifth and a sixth. Lower the budget if you have to, with Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven working on these movies you dont need a large budget!! The movie was great!! anybody who has seen the original scream movies, and especially true scream fans, would know that this movie was true to its original, true to its unique genre, everything expected from a scream movie and more,and just an amazing movie overall!!

  15. You have point Seth. These days alot of people prefer using what money they have on things they need instead of goin to the theater. I know a few people from work who wait for the dvd cause of the costs for their families or by themselves alone. At the matinee i spend $9.50 total for admission & a drink. Plus im sure some people still pirate off the movies off their computers. Like you said any family film like Rio or Harry Potter etc would be good competitors, especially for sequel to what we thought would of been a horror trilogy. Between a horror film & family film, id say a family film always has more of a chance to out-gross horror.

    • i agree. but i did go to the theaters and i almost pay 12 bucks! just to see a movie but scream 4 was worth i watched it in theaters, and then a few days later i wanted to see it again so i downloaded it on my laptop and watched it and it is still on there and i am also going to buy the movie on blu ray! it was tht great and i have all their movies on blu ray and yeah it is definetly the economy!!

  16. I think Scream 5 and 6 should DEFINITELY be made. I love Ghostface and have been a die hard Scream fan since I saw the 1st one. I am currently jobless but seeking hard for a job so it came as a relief that one of my friends offered to pay for me to go and see it in the cinema because he knew just how badly I wanted to see this movie. If it wasn’t for him I would have had to wait for it to come out on DVD or worse still, a downloaded copy…There was quite a lot of people I know who wanted to go and see it but just couldn’t afford to go. PLEASE, as a Scream fanatic, please make SCREAM 5 and SCREAM 6…

    Thank you very much…

    A die hard Scream fan

  17. They need to make another Scream. I would MUCH prefer a Scream 5 but a reboot would be ok too.

  18. While I absolutely loved Scream 4 (I think it was the second best of the series,with only Scream 2 ranking higher in my own humble opinion ), I’d want them to stop now even if it had dominated the box office. The new film was clever and scary, with both Williamson and Craven in excellent form (the murder witnessed from the bedroom window and the barn loft attack were classic Wes), but I just don’t see the material for two more sequels being there. Go out on a high note and let this be the end.

  19. I personally love Scream with the biggest passion. I saw Scream 4 and i loved all the twists and turns that it had and the time has changed. The reason that Scream 4 wasn’t #1 in the box office weekend was for many reasons. One the economy wasn’t what it was 10 years ago movie tickets are more expensive, dont get me wrong i have no problem paying 10 dollars for a movie i love but others might not share the same view. Also times have changed 10 years ago bootleg copies or screening were hardly sold or distributed in person or over the computer. I love this series Wes Craven and the rest of the staff who make Scream movies the way they are, they are geniuses. Also some kids nowadays dont go to the movies and some of those who do see movies like Rio. Anyway i dont think the staff should be worried because they have been producing amazing, suspenseful, and terrific movies for more than a decade and i love it. Make 12 Screams and i will go to see each one in the theaters and buy each one on dvd the day they come out.

  20. Yes, I agree with you all except one of you I’m sure you guys can pick em out! You guys among many others are what I consider true scream fans. The only reason I could see it in theaters is because my dad paid my admission. I honestly think I speak for all TRUE scream fans when I say: Bring on 5 and 6!!

    • This franchise has been going downhill since the original, scream 4 was pretty awful, miss-cast cast, poor acting…. Hayden panitierre saved the film for me, and deputy judy gave a stella performance as a red herring…. Should they make no 5? Of course they should, they need to move away from being too self referential, and go back to basics. The scream franchise is loved for many reasons, but its one of the few horror films where you can root for the charecters, and it keeps you in suspense as to who is the killer, on the downside scream has become predictable, the same people always survive and the newbies are either killed or the killer, that is why its at a standstill at the moment. Why did it do so badly? Cinema tickets have become excessivly pricey, who would waste 15 pounds, or 25 dollars for 2 people to see a film? I think dimension should be looking at dvd sales when its released and not cinema takings, we went to the cinema the other day and there was no-one else there except us in a 500 seater- meaning cinema tickets overpriced. What do you guys think? One cinema here, now has a monthly subscription for 15 pounds, 24 dollars so you can watch what you want, as often as you want…. At the moment, I see this as the way forward. Summing up, scream 4 was predictable sadly, but still had its jumpy moments…. This franchise is one of a kind, save the far inferior I know what you did last summer…. Time will tell, I see scream 5 happening, but maybe not for a while yet….

  21. Reboot would be horrible. Make a Scream 5 and release it when it makes sense….Before HALLOWEEN, not Easter. Scream 4 wasn’t amazing, but it was very good especially for a 3rd sequel to a horror film.

  22. I loved scream 4. The opening scene was the best since 2. however i think it should of ended at the first ending, it would of made the film much more darker and given scream 5 more to work with. Scream 4 was soooooo much better then 3 even though i liked parts of 3 (parker posey!!!!) being a life long horror fan, the scream series holds a special place in my heart. i would love it if they kept the story going, im still waiting for an opening scenes with sid, gale, or dewey as the victim, but all i can say is please don’t reboot it! that would go against everything that scream stands for!!!!! i would not support a reboot! so i beg the weinstiens, wes, and kevin, keep the series alive, and next time don’t be stupid and release it before easter or up against a kids film. scream 4 would of done soooooooooooooo much better during halloween or the summer!!!!

  23. I love the Scream franchise, i think a reboot would be good, but i think continuing the saga is even better. The 1st Scream was the best of them all, i mean c’mon, the final scene in the kitchen with billy loomis and stu moker stabbing each other in the kitchen? it doesnt get any more psychotic than that, and if you don’t agree with me then your movie opinions don’t mean much

  24. I enjoyed Scream 4! Should’ve had a halloween or fall release though. It was Scream at its best with neve, courtney, david, kevin, & wes all on board. I wanted more scenes of bitchy gail. (I loved her with parker posey in Scream 3!) The killer reveal was surprising; however, the rant towards the end lost my attention like the colonel’s rant in Matrix Reloaded. Stick to developed characters, interwoven plots, awesome writer/director team, & unlike most horror movies don’t kill the main characters (syd, gail, dewey) and I will always pay to see a Scream 5 or 6!

  25. I couldn’t agree with you more Seth! And also, they released this at the wrong time. Besides, DVD and Blu Ray sales will add to the gross of a film too remember. I think a lot of people who don’t wanna sit at the movies and end up paying $50 + on a movie would rather sit at home watching it on their TV and spend less. Scream 4 was good and definitely outshines 2 and 3. People can hate it all they want because every film has a mixed opinion. I know people that have said The Dark knight and Inception were s***. And it’s made $70 million worldwide, which means it beat it’s budget and made $30 million more. Don’t forget the sale of DVDs and Blu Ray which I’m sure will contribute A LOT more.

  26. You know I didn’t really think about the release date’s effect on the movies grosses. Never the less I, however, don’t think that scream 4 should have been released on or too near to Halloween! Don’t get me wrong, you guys are probably right. It’s just an OCD thing with me I guess. I don’t think ALL horror movies should be released on or near Halloween. What, killers only kill on Halloween? Of coarse not! If the scream movies took place on Halloween I could see it being released on or near Halloween. That being said, if you saw someone in a scream costume, or any costume for that matter, who said they wanted to kill you on Halloween would you take them serious. I mean everyone wants to be the tough guy who doesn’t get scared. Therefore, on Halloween everyone is ready for someone to try to scare them, so basically they won’t believe anything anyone has to say about that subject! IDK, like I said it’s just a thing with me. This takes nothing away from Michael Myers in his movies, however! Michael only killing on and around Halloween is part of his charm!But, to everyone their own i guess.

  27. I personally think that Scream 4 was amazing! Not the best in the series, but I love them all and the same four characters throughout (Dewey, Ghale, Sidney and Ghostface) give the sense that the series will never end! :) I admit, Scre4m wasn’t the best, but hey, it’s a new decade! :) I am REALLY hoping for Scream 5 because I would like to see how things would go and what would happen next! :) hopefully make up for what Scre4m lacked!!! Please make Scream 5 Weinstein Company and Dimension Films! Piranha was worse and you’re making a sequel to that!! Well, that’s my opinion! :) I am really hoping for Scream 5 and would be amazing with Craven

  28. It’s their fault.

    Back in ’96, Scream was something NEW, something FRESH to audiences. Now, it has gotten old. People are not interested anymore, unless they are fans of the movies — like me. “Normal” people who only go to see a scary movie won’t go see this, because people have lost interest in it. It’s only normal. What people really seem to like is SAW. Well, here’s my advice for Craven and the Weinstein co.: keep the actors, but REINVENT everything. MAKE SOMETHING NEW — SOMETHING NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN. And then, people will be lining up to see it. SCRE4M only changed a few things: some elements of suspense, a girl-killer who has some serious issues, and the presence of 2010+ technology and social networking. Big whoop!

  29. Imo if they make a Scream 5 & 6 they should make the death scenes more gory or somthing since its a new trilogy with new rules that a new killer would go by.