‘Scream 5′ Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

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Scream 5 looks to be dead Scream 5 Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

Scream 4 got off to a relatively modest start at the box office in its opening weekend, but experienced a pretty huge drop-off over the Easter holiday frame. That news left many a fan of the horror franchise wondering: what exactly does that mean for Scream 5 – and the future of the series in general?

Wes Craven has said in the past that he’s up for directing another Scream trilogy; however, with the fourth flick in the series underperforming at the box office, that doesn’t look likely to happen. Here’s the more disconcerting question for Ghostface fans: Does that mean the franchise could eventually end up being rebooted?

The overall critical reception for Scream 4 seems by and large mixed (it currently has a 57% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes), though most people seem to agree that it’s an improvement on the last Scream sequel. Be that as it may, money talks in Hollywood, and Moviehole says it has been informed by some of the folks who work at Dimension Films that “the ‘Scream’ franchise will likely end here, at least for the moment.”

E! Online also has this less-than-comforting quote from box office analyst Jeff Block, with regards to the future of the meta-horror series:

“If ‘Scream 4′ proved anything other than that irony is on its deathbed, it’s that horror reboots have a better chance of survival in the current cinematic marketplace than continuing sagas. If there is a ‘Scream 5′, expect it to be re-titled ‘Scream’, and don’t expect David Arquette, Courteney Cox or Neve Campbell to return unless it’s in a cameo—in the form of a body bag.”

Never Campbell in Scream 4 Scream 5 Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

If there’s a type of genre movie that’s prone to being rebooted nowadays (besides comic book films, that is) it’s that of the horror pic – especially those of the slasher variety (see: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.). The overabundance of horror series reboots and remakes that have been released over the past decade was even used as a punchline of sorts in Scream 4. That just makes the possibility of a Scream reboot all the more ironic.

Given how the Scream franchise has become increasingly self-aware and self-reflexive with each passing movie, I can already imagine how a reboot would continue that trend. It would probably contain a whole load of reference to and discussions about the rules of a horror franchise reboot, and how they tend to be “grittier” and more violent than their predecessors. I leave it to your discretion as to whether or not that sounds like a good idea.

As for me: I’m perfectly content with the idea of Scream 4 being the last entry in the franchise. Enough people seem to have gotten their fill of hearing sly cracks about the horror genre and watching Ghostface pull off cleverly-contrived kills at this point – and stopping now would allow the series to go out on a higher note than it did over a decade ago with Scream 3. Not that Hollywood cares about that, but still…

How about it – should there be a Scream 5? A Scream reboot? Or is it time to lay this franchise to rest?

Source: E! Online, Moviehole

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  1. Scream did make it’s money back (only $40mil to produce)even if it wasn’t the box office success they were hoping for. The fans love it, so i think they will still have one more try before going with a reboot.

  2. This franchise is Dead, Pun Intended. I was never really a fan of Ghostface in the first place, though I did Watch the first two movies, Time to give the Slasher flick a break for a while. ESPECIALLY after the Fiasco of Halloween and H2 by Rob Zombie both movies SUCKED. I refused to even SEE H@ after watching Halloween. No More Scream, No more Halloween, no more Nightmare on Elm Street with JEH as WANNABE Freddy Kruger, and CERTAINLY No more Friday the 13th.

    • zombie’s halloween 1 was great, both the portrayal and brutality of michael myers where there if anything it was a master piece compared to the old halloween series (just like how the new friday the 13th is better then the old cheesy/lame ones). h2 was again brutal, but didn’t fit in well, i watch it every now and then when i fear that my sanity is slipping ;)

      • The new Friday the 13th was bad. The original 4 were great in my opinion. They were set and filmed in a different decade but they were creepier and told the story much better. The part 2 when Jason has a bag over his head was cool then the evolution of him in part 3 when he got the hockey mask was great.

        The new one could have been better if they hadn’t squeezed 3 films into a 1:45 Minutes. And Jason living in an old mine/tunnel thing was weak, his old shack in part 2 was much more believable and creepy.

        The new Nightmare on Elm Street was bad, Halloween had a good introduction to Micheal Myers as a kid but then they rushed all the killing in the ending once again. Reboots could be done right with more time and effort.

        • i like the friday 13th remake b/c jason didn’t just ‘appear’ everywhere, he was more of a predator b/c he set the rope with bells and had trap doors everywhere, which explained how he got to people so fast. to me the series died at 3, with him getting the hockey mask, after that it was just trash, much like elm street (old and new(besides the 1st one)).

          halloween (zombies one) is probably the most disturbing horror movie, mainly b/c of its brutality and ‘in your face violence’ (i get cringed from watching the kills, and i dont usually go that way with horror movies(in general)). h2 was brutal but like i said the narrative and explanation as to how he survived was terrible (htf can anyone survive a point blank shot into the skull i will never know).

          • The first Halloween remake by rob zombie was a perfect and in a way more realistic portrayal of Michael Myers!So yes, I liked it,but they killed the Halloween franchise with “their take” of Halloween and Michael Myers!! Rob zombies second Halloween can be explained in one way without breaking these commenting rules: It was a complete and utter FAILURE!! They were definitely trying too hard on the second one!! I mean really! Who shows Michaels face was shown it once during the whole entire original series and rob zombie showed Michaels face almost the whole movie!! Plus making Michaels motive for killing be that a lady on a white horse is telling him to completely ruins Michaels scary factor in my opinion!! To quote one of my favorite movies “you see Sid things are a lot scarier when you dont have a motive” -Billy Loomis. The only thing the second rob zombie had going for it was its excessive gore and brutality! It might as well have been a saw movie!!

  3. scream 4 was such a phenomenom.new decade, new rules ha!

  4. I loved Scream $ ive already seen it twice and i want to go back at least one more time, I really cant wrap my head around how this movie isn’t getting the props it deserves. It was very well done story,plot,etc,etc, yes i agree the last 20 minutes dont “live up” to what we feel is coming but it does suprise and shock, Wes manages to mix smart kills with sly humor, I for on would hate to this franchise “die” and comeback as a reboot if it were me i would talk Dimension into shotting 5&6 back to back to cut cost and not reveal the killer in 5 and have it lead into 6 where IF you really wanted to put everything to bed you kill off Gale, Fataly wound Dewey, and Have Sid end all of this once and for all. I have a really great idea for 5&6 after seeing 4 but im not in the position to pitch it to them :/

  5. It’s not dead, it made its budget back. I love how many of these sites make it sound so bad when it’s not. I’ll wait for a Official Comment from The Weinsteins.

    • Well, here’s the deal with why Scream 5 *appears* dead, financially speaking:

      1) Scream 4 has made $49 million worldwide so far (but remember, only half of that goes back to the studio) on a $40 million budget. It’ll probably end up with $70-80 million worldwide total.

      2) Scream 3, by comparison, made about $162 million in theaters around the globe. It wasn’t as well-received as Scream 4, but remember: Money Talks in Hollywood.

      So yeah, you’re quite right, Scream 5 isn’t dead – but I’d say it’s definitely on life support right now. 8-)

    I don’t really see how they could make a Scream 5 anyways since all the new kids died.

  7. I loved the movie. In my opinion, it was a movie amied at the original fans of the series. I love the series, but I think it’s time to stop now. This was one last film for the die hard fans and I was not disappointed.

  8. The problem I have with this article is the fact that whoever wrote it is making it seem like they know for a fact that scream 5 won’t happen and the franchise is being considered for a reboot. Wes, Kevin williamson, neve, courtney, and david have all said they want to do a scream 5. Wes has never said that he wouldn’t do a scream 5 if the box office performance was bad. As long as the franchise still has a lot of enthusiastic fans (which it does) and kevin williamson can come up with another good story then he will do more sequels. Thinking that the scream franchise will be rebooted is just preposterous. The scream franchise is so precious to wes, kevin, and the weinsteins. It is highly doubtful they would ever give anyone the rights to reboot the franchise.

    • Oh sure, I fully admit that Scream 5 could still happen – I’m not pretending like I know either way for a fact.

      That said – all things considered, I honestly wouldn’t count on Scream 5 being made, for now.

    • Even though all those you mentioned have said they want to come back and do another, it doesn’t mean squat. Somebody has to pay the bills and after this one has flopped I don’t see any studios being in a rush to spend another 40 million plus just because the hard core Scream fans would like to see it. Speaking of those fans. Where have they been? They sure haven’t shown up at the theaters. I hate saying all this because I loved the films and I was there on opening night to see it but it seems pretty obvious now that it was gossly over estimated how badly the public wanted to see another Scream. And this is just my opinion but I’m not so sure Williamson is eager to do another. He’s one of the people I follow on twitter and I try to keep up with any news about him and not once leading up to the release of this film did he mention a word about it. I only read one piece and all it was about was how much of a struggle it was to get this last one made and the fights he had with the Weinsteins. He’s always promoting Vampire Diaries but nothing about his 1st major movie in a decade?? I think Ghostface is gone…..

      • Did even look at the box office for Scream 4? It was by no means a flop and when all is said and done, will probably make a nice little profit.

  9. I would definitely like to see a scream 5. SPOILER…………..I’d bring Kriby (HP) back though. If Dewey survived his shanking from Scream 2 then she can survive a gut stab. To me she was the best acted and favorite character of the movie.

  10. It may have made it’s money back, but it’s still not a successful film. It should have ended with Scream 3, imo it ended perfectly. Scream 4 is such a big disappointment and so glad it’s doing very poorly, only because I’m very angry. I really wanted to at least like this film, but I just couldn’t. If they do reboot it, I hope that the 3 main actors won’t return. I love them, but it’s about that time. I hope they put aside the Scream franchise for now and focus on new original ideas.

  11. So since this one didn’t do good, rebooting it in 2 years is a good idea? Another example of why Hollywood should stop thinking with their wallets.

  12. Just because it was not number one and a huge success does not mean that we will not get a Scream 5. The film has already made its money back and then some so while not a huge success, it has been a success. It has not been said ever that they are going to reboot the franchise, especially considered that reboots are what 4 referenced it would seem illogical to do so. Also in interviews, Wes Craven has said that Scream 5, if it does happen, will definitely see a return of the main three cast members for him to want to do a fifth.

  13. To be honest, I only liked the first one. I thought I had figured who the killer was, then it seemed to be someone else, and then final reveal was it was both of them. I enjoyed that but the sequel was not as enjoyable, and I just did not care for anymore after that. Just like the Terminator series finished at 2, his should have finished before 4.

  14. I think that the stories of Sidney, Dewey, and Gale are done with (They should have been done with afetr Scream 3).

    While I did enjoy the film, I did feel that the killers’ motives were completely ridiculous. But what else could they have done?

    Too many different people keep coming after Sydney. The only way that they could have extended thise franchise woudl have been if the killer was not revealed/caught in this film. That would have added a lot of suspense to a fifth film. Fans would have cried out to see it.
    Another thing they should have done was kill one of the main 3. No decade, new rules? They all lived, the killer was caught and killed, none of the young blood survived, and we are right back where we started.
    To me, it seems like the rules were the same.

    I think thatthis franchise shoudl just be left alone for a while before they jump to a reboot. Give it another 10 years at least, but knowing hollywood, expect a reboot sooner than later

  15. I liked Scream 4.I do agree that the series is done now, if there were that many murders the FBI would have came in as well so it is getting a bit over done. A reboot would obviously be intended for the a new generation of fans but they would have to change the killers because you would know before watching it whom they are. Not knowing was part of the allure of the original Scream film.

  16. My whole idea is based on Kirby being alive and Ghostface targeting her becuase she is the Sole Survivior of the last bloodbath, My idea for 5&6 would see Gale finally getting it and Dewey walking away forever, Leaving Sid and Kirby and a cast of kill offs to face Ghostface i dont want to say who my killer would be just in case i find my self employed by a studio in the next few months and i can bring my idea to the table lol (wishful thinking)

  17. He’ll yea I say go and make untell scream 9 with cindy being the killer in scream 5. And being brought back in scream 9 the 9th and final scream as ghost face anging.

  18. i love scream 4 n i wish they do make it a trilogy, i think the reason why movies are declining is because fans are starting to realize that hollywood doesnt care what the fans think they only care about the money. they need to understand n give the public what they want or they wont make money at all in the future. this is also the reason why movies tank in the teathers but they make good dvd sales.

  19. I think they should not continue or reboot but they left us with a cliff hanger. If they truly want another one then just make one more and bring Kirby back new decade new rules the rule of three movies has changed everyone should die including the killer and Kirby make it so dramatic and scary it would leave the series with an awsome end. And use the money they make to give us something new a new saga of death with new rules and way better twists. I hope Wes craven reads this because this is how it should end!

  20. One more thing. The new mo ie if it is done should continue off exactly were the 4th one did so we see them get better and we know Kirby is safe. No death at the beginning only after they are better and they move to somwere the killer idk there has to be something juicy

  21. This article goes to show exactly why Scream is underpeforming. The author is jumping on the bandwagon that horror sequels, including this one, suck compared to the original WITHOUT apparently watching the movie.

    How can they type “It would probably contain a whole load of reference to and discussions about the rules of a horror franchise reboot, and how they tend to be “grittier” and more violent than their predecessors.” THAT WAS SCREAM 4!!! How did you miss that if you actually watched the movie?!

    The movie was great and it is getting a bad rap. You need to understand the Scream franchise and the horror genre as a whole to truly apprecaite this movie – which may be part of the problem – since the original came out 15 years ago, making today’s teenage viewer a toddler when it first came out.

    Bottom line, go watch the movie and make your own decisions vs. taking the word of a critic’s opinion who clearly didnt watch the movie.

    • Mike,

      1) Nowhere did I compare Scream 4 to the original Scream, or say anything about horror sequels sucking on principle.
      2) That description you mentioned was what I imagine a Scream reboot would be like – that is, basically a retread of the previous Scream movies like Scream 4.
      3) All I said about Scream 4 itself was that while not everyone seems to love it (which is true), most agree it’s an improvement on Scream 3.

      Seriously, dude – next time pay more attention to what I actually wrote. ;-P

      • Sandy,

        1) No where did I say you compared Scream 4 to the original Scream. I said you were jumping on the bandwagon that Scream 4 was either a) underperforming or b) in need of a reboot due to BO performance.

        2) The WHOLE PLOT of Scream 4 was to make references to reboots/remakes the same way the original referenced originals, S2 was about sequels and S3 was about trilogies. So how can you say “What I imagine a reboot would be like…” if it was exactly like THE MOVIE YOU SAY YOU JUST WATCHED.

        3) I dont quite agree that is “all you said” but that point is not my focus of my complaint – so I’ll let it go.

        So, if you are going to fault me for supposedly not reading what you wrote, you should do a better job of reading what I wrote. Or maybe you did it like you watch the movies you critique – just get the jist of the beginning and the end and forget about the material in between.

        • Mike,

          1) “The author is jumping on the bandwagon that horror sequels, including this one, suck compared to the original…”. Your words exactly, man.
          2) See my previous statement – you still seem confused about my meaning.

          Point being – you can agree/disagree with me as you like, but please respond to what I actually write (and the meaning behind it).

          • Trolls these days…. *sigh*

  22. @ Brenden….. HUH?????

    • @randommoviefan I was just saying that they should end the series but they would most probally make more but if so just make one more kill everyone at the end and use the money made to start something new

  23. Scream 4 was great bottom line.

  24. I say just lay the franchise to rest

  25. Im getting to where I really HATE to word “reboot”. Please dont reboot this franchise. Its dead.

  26. Sandy, you express this sentiment well. Being a fan of the ‘Scream’ franchise, and an avid horror film lover, I agree that at this point, even for nostalgic preservation, the franchise should come to a halt. In terms of a reboot, you frame it in a way that is both completely acceptable and totally possible. Makes me miss the early Scream scene wit of Seth Green, because, I know he’d be the first one to raise his hand and admit: “Yes, all franchises become reboots. Look at Halloween. Rob Zombie comes in and totally slashes things up, adds in back story! Makes it a little prequelly, eh? And then, he does the one thing all true Halloween fans need and require to take the reboot seriously: he includes the infamously horrifying John Carpenter score.”
    I say all of this, because I’d agree. What DIDN’T work in Scream 4, was the old generation mixed in with the new. They made Dewey and Gail look too old. Sidney fell flat. The iconic Scream score felt forced in scenes like that of the day of the anniversary massacre when the kids show up at school and their phones go off in class.
    What we need is, in fact, a reboot, something fresh. Something that any Scream fan would absolutely find the irony in. That’s Scream’s job, to mock the horror film. So, reboot away.

  27. If you paid attention to foreign box office, you’d now that all together, This movie has made back it’s budget and then some. In a recent interview, Wes said that Scream 5 will probably be made. And it probably will.

    • Tank,

      A drop of over 62% from a weak opening weekend in U.S. box office doesn’t exactly, uh, scream for another film from general audiences. 8)


  28. Scream 4 was good but if it is the last, then all for the better.
    I just hope for no reboot.

  29. Omg just die, it was a classic now its not. Leave it alone!