‘Scream 5′ Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

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Scream 5 looks to be dead Scream 5 Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

Scream 4 got off to a relatively modest start at the box office in its opening weekend, but experienced a pretty huge drop-off over the Easter holiday frame. That news left many a fan of the horror franchise wondering: what exactly does that mean for Scream 5 – and the future of the series in general?

Wes Craven has said in the past that he’s up for directing another Scream trilogy; however, with the fourth flick in the series underperforming at the box office, that doesn’t look likely to happen. Here’s the more disconcerting question for Ghostface fans: Does that mean the franchise could eventually end up being rebooted?

The overall critical reception for Scream 4 seems by and large mixed (it currently has a 57% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes), though most people seem to agree that it’s an improvement on the last Scream sequel. Be that as it may, money talks in Hollywood, and Moviehole says it has been informed by some of the folks who work at Dimension Films that “the ‘Scream’ franchise will likely end here, at least for the moment.”

E! Online also has this less-than-comforting quote from box office analyst Jeff Block, with regards to the future of the meta-horror series:

“If ‘Scream 4′ proved anything other than that irony is on its deathbed, it’s that horror reboots have a better chance of survival in the current cinematic marketplace than continuing sagas. If there is a ‘Scream 5′, expect it to be re-titled ‘Scream’, and don’t expect David Arquette, Courteney Cox or Neve Campbell to return unless it’s in a cameo—in the form of a body bag.”

Never Campbell in Scream 4 Scream 5 Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

If there’s a type of genre movie that’s prone to being rebooted nowadays (besides comic book films, that is) it’s that of the horror pic – especially those of the slasher variety (see: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.). The overabundance of horror series reboots and remakes that have been released over the past decade was even used as a punchline of sorts in Scream 4. That just makes the possibility of a Scream reboot all the more ironic.

Given how the Scream franchise has become increasingly self-aware and self-reflexive with each passing movie, I can already imagine how a reboot would continue that trend. It would probably contain a whole load of reference to and discussions about the rules of a horror franchise reboot, and how they tend to be “grittier” and more violent than their predecessors. I leave it to your discretion as to whether or not that sounds like a good idea.

As for me: I’m perfectly content with the idea of Scream 4 being the last entry in the franchise. Enough people seem to have gotten their fill of hearing sly cracks about the horror genre and watching Ghostface pull off cleverly-contrived kills at this point – and stopping now would allow the series to go out on a higher note than it did over a decade ago with Scream 3. Not that Hollywood cares about that, but still…

How about it – should there be a Scream 5? A Scream reboot? Or is it time to lay this franchise to rest?

Source: E! Online, Moviehole

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  1. There should definitely be a SCREAM 5!! The 4th installment was an exceptional entry to the franchise, but the ending leans toward another sequel. They gotta make at LEAST SCREM 5 before they cut it off. We need to keep quality horror movies alive instead of watching all that tortoure porn trash! A reboot would ruin the franchise completely, and it would wreck the originality of the series. DON’T DO THAT!

  2. I personally thought Scream 4 was amazing, and that the idea of a new trilogy was awesome. I have had it with remakes, Scream for is definitely my favorite horror film of 2011, so the next Scream film I hope to see is 5 ……

  3. Despite everyone’s love here the reviews were mediocre and the box office aswell a reboot actually would have worked better they’res only so many times you can trash sequels but reboots have something fresh to laugh at.

  4. a fifth one would be much better remakes are nether a good idea

  5. I think 4 was pretty good. We didn’t really have anything like that since Scream 3 so its a refreshment in the Horror world.

    I also think that maybe Kevin Williamson and co. need to look at the horror genre as a whole, where its heading etc and come at the Scream franchise with a completely different look and feel. Something that would make even the fans uncomfortable. Something so different that redefines not only horror but the Scream franchise as a whole.

    It should be taken so far away from the Scream saga its almost not Scream at all. It should be a reboot, not a sequal. Calling it Scream 5 will mean that people will be like seriously not another one etc, but, Rebooting the original trilogy would get people intrigued, yeh we#ve seen 1,2,3,4 now lets see what the new Scream franchise can bring. Make sure its released as an 18 too. Which means up the terror, gore, sex, violence, sickness etc.

    • @ Jordan

      I agree. After seeing Scream 4 & it’s plot where it could lead two more sequels, id say Craven, Williamson could take the franchise up a notch. Like i said you mentioned, take the 5th & 6th film a notch by having the death scenes more violent, more gory, surprise twists.

  6. I couldn’t be more against a remake! I agree that Scream 5 maybe needs to step into 2011 a bit more…but I loved Scream 4. It’s so intelligent! Don’t dumb down the franchise because American youth has gotten so diluted with crap like “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom” that intellectual humor is seen as a wasted effort! There are so many people that appreciate the irony – and truthfully, you do not want to upset a “Scream” fan…

  7. im the biggest scream fan ever!!! I wish 4 coulda been better it was way too corny n left it at a place to where idk how there could b a decent scream 5. reboot all the way!!! but no half ass!

    • I am also a big scream fan!… But i do not agree with the 4th being way to corny. I thought it brought it up a notch the killer was hidden well, it shocked me. However know that i looked back and watch the 4th one the signs showcase who was one of them! (being Syds cousin). I hope there is a 5th one!. I do not want to see a reboot atleast not for 20 or so yrs. The reboots of halloween 1,2 by rob zombie was great though!. The reboot of friday the 13th sucked, i didn’t like the new improve as they call it of nightmare of elm street.

  8. to say the re-boots are more profitable than sequels is stupid, look at the saw movies and the final destination’s, there still bankin in at the box office so dont give me that nonsense

  9. Even though I’m always up for slasher “remakes” (as it’s usually nothing more than a sequel where they only thing that can prove it’s a remake is the fact that it has the same name as the original) I think it would ruin everything Scream is about to remake it or reboot it. Scream is a unique franchise…let’s keep it unique by having it be on of the only slasher franchises to not be remade/rebooted.

  10. Well, whoever wrote this spoke too soon. From my understanding, Williamson is under contract to write 5 and 6, while Craven is being talked into directing them once he’s done with his vacation.

    I stand by others on this board in regards to don’t reboot it; but make it more than its been. My sole concern, however, is that there’s really no way to continue the story unless there’s another manipulator in the background like Roman. They did, from my understanding, kill everyone but the main trio and Judy, so one has to assume that Williamson has some twist that means there was a third killer.

    Personally, I do think there was a third killer; one of the main points that makes me think this was when Perkins and Hoss were killed. Charlie’s out at the Stab-a-thon still, travelling with Robbie the entire time, while Jill was apparently picked up by Kirby. So who killed the cops? Don’t say Jill, because even Craven and Williamson aren’t going to think that a teen girl can tab a knife through a skull in a single thrust.

    Not to mention, they would only do that to make fun of the whole ‘supernatural strength to movie slasher-killers’ thing, which they did during the finale where Jill finally dies.

  11. I want an scream 5! bring out one more for old times ssake! Neve cambell is still looking good!

  12. OK as far as rebooting the Francis they should in fact make a scream five an maybe a scream six but they need to have at least on or two out of the three main characters die or rather then that they would make one of them the killer in the next movie if they do a 5th movie

    • @ dustin

      I think maybe id agree with ya about killing off one of 3 original survivors depending if the script is really good. Hard to choose though as id only kill off one of them so id probly kill off Sidney in the 5th film as fans really like Dewey & Gail. One thing i liked about Scream 4 is it’s the way it ended. Jill killing off her partner & was the first not to recieve the same (bullet to the head) like rest of the main killers from previous films.

  13. No to a Scream reboot. Reboots in my opinion ruins the franchise. I also thought Scream 4 was way better than Scream 3.

  14. Enough with remakes & reboots, i agree. As Sidney says: “Don’t —- with the original”.

  15. I gotta good killer “Gal”. Ok if you have seen Scream 4 then you’ll know why. In 4 Gal is kind of jelious of Sidney becuase Sidney has become a famous writer while Gal is stuck being a housewife and can’t get her thoughts straight to write another book. In 5 they can make it seem like she still hasn’t been able to top her previous books so she snaps and starts trying to kill Sid, her own hubby, and anyone else who steps in her way in order to have her next best seller. Or make it seem like all fingers point to Gal killing becuase of her jelousy towards Sid when in reality it’s Sidney at the end trying to kill becuase she finally snapped. If u listen to the end of 4, Sid say’s to Jill “I don’t know about you but I feel better” maybe she liked how it felt to kill someone else. Boom. Writers come up with the rest. lol

  16. It better happen!!! WHAT IS THE SENSE OF RE-BOOTING THESE MOVIES??? stop messing with the movies and just do a sequel that’s smart!!!! comon bring on the 5th and 6th THEN END IT

  17. I really, really want a Scream 5 I think the movies are fantastic and so is Wes Craven so if he directs it that would be awesome!!! Please make another one so I can go see it in the cinema like I did with Scre4m

  18. I absolutely love scream i thought that all of the films were amazing Wes Craven did say that there would be a 5&6th installment to the franchise but personally i think that either way if they do make more it is not going to do anyone any harm so i say carry on with them. But I hope that they do bring back the remaining cast as this would make the film more original.

  19. Ok so I’m a super scream fan. I’m talking I own all four films and a book profiling the series. I’ve profiled(deaths, plot points, killers, motives, etc.) each movie myself for personal enjoyment. Remembering now i think i was ghostface for a halloween or two. I’m all for continuing the series but I also think the time in between 3 and 4 is what ultimately killed the series(no pun intended). When I watched four at the end of it I didn’t get a sense of finality as I did with 3. when the door closes at the end of 3 that was a better “end of the series” feeling then the end in four. As much as I love the scream franchise, All good things must come to a end and I’m ready for it to end but I want to get the feeling it is over(like the feeling at the end of 3). I think what needs to be done is a 5th has to be made but it has to be a series ender. No alluding to more killers, no hinting at more possible backstory. Just maybe one or two killers, an amazing motive then an end

  20. should not change the characters is a classic view, would be better with one last scream like asecina Cidney and ultimately not discovered, stay with the mask in hand .. something new but without removing Neve, Courteney and David .. scream they are the remakes are bad .. would not see it.

  21. fyi kirby reed is alive she survived scream 4 killings i this because she was laying on the ground holding her stomach in scream 4 and her mother will be in scream 5 she be played by holly marie combs oh and by the way jill survived scream 4 also and sydney has a half sister her name is deputy judy hicks and dewey is a killer

  22. Maybe there is no need for a re-boot of Scream……I guess.