Harvey Weinstein Insists ‘Scream 5′ Will Still Happen

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scream ghostface Harvey Weinstein Insists Scream 5 Will Still Happen

The Weinstein Brothers may have decided to resuscitate the Scream franchise after a twelve-year hiatus, but they weren’t always dead set on developing another sequel. In fact, they initially considered remaking the original film instead.

Fortunately, screenwriter Kevin Williamson crafted a storyline for Scream 4 that was intended to work as both a follow-up to the previous films and as the first chapter in a new trilogy – at least that was the plan.

Whether it was a clever bit of marketing misdirection or the result of those controversial on-set rewrites, the fact remains that Scream 4 didn’t exactly pass the torch to a new generation the way that we’d been led to believe it would. While fans began to debate how the franchise could carry-on from a creative standpoint, a bigger issue quickly emerged – the latest installment’s disappointing box office numbers.

Earlier this month, there were rumors that the lukewarm commercial response to Scream 4 had caused Dimension to scrap plans for Scream 5. To add insult to injury, it was implied that if they ever decided to revisit the property at some point in the future, it would most likely be in the form of a reboot or a chain of straight-to-DVD sequels.

Watching the Scream series complete its transformation into the same type of franchise it had originally set out to poke fun at would have been ironic and disheartening – but Harvey Weinstein insists that we’ve been misinformed.

MTV caught up with him at the Cannes Film Festival where he revealed that not only is Scream 5 still in the cards, but that he expects Wes Craven to return to the director’s chair:

“I’m sure [director Wes Craven is] going to do a sequel … Foreign [sales] are so strong that we’ll do over $100 million worldwide … It’s at $90 now, with about five or six major countries to go and a lot of small ones. We’ll probably do $110 million … I wish it would have been better domestically, but it’s not the worst thing in the world that’s ever happened.”

scream 4 cast Harvey Weinstein Insists Scream 5 Will Still Happen

There’s no shortage of theories regarding why Scream 4 underperformed domestically, but one of the most common is that its opening on Easter weekend, against the family film Rio, severely diminished its chances for success (an argument that conveniently ignores the fact that Scream and Scream 2 opened just before Christmas against similarly stiff competition). There’s also the more plausible explanation that the older fans who grew up with the first three films had simply moved on – and that Scream 4 wasn’t particularly successful at selling itself to a new and younger audience.

Though, as Weinstein points out – it’s not quite the catastrophic failure that some outlets have made it out to be. Regardless, do we really need another entry in the seemingly unending saga of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell)? Despite the numerous shortcomings of Scream 3, the final shot in that film seemed to communicate all that there was left to say about her character. Scream 4 managed to squeeze a little bit more mileage out of her story, but would a fifth film be pushing it?

Dimension seems determined to carry on the Scream series one way or another – so no matter how you feel about another sequel, at least no one’s tossing around the words ‘reboot’ or ‘remake’ at the moment.

Source: MTV.

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  1. Please dont…please…as an 80s baby, growing up in the 90s, I loved the scream movies back in the day. There is no need to try to be a part of this new generation they just aint worth it. Let the series die

    • 80′s kid as well and you took the words right out of mouth. When it comes to horror flicks it’s the norm for the main character to just have extremely bad luck and chalk it up to “s*** happens”. In Cindy’s case not so much anymore. If they keep making more movies then Cindy should just kill herself. If they actually decided to do that I’d consider it euthanization rather than character kill off. Just think if the movies were real life one would suspect some god seriously had it out for the poor woman.

      • I meant Sidney not Cindy. I’m bad at remembering names sometimes.

  2. @ CIEGEINC, I couldn’t agree more. Scream 4 was just a joke of a movie. Very disappointed in Wes and the rest of the crew.

  3. Scream 4 was a good sequel (unlike 3) but I think it should end now.

  4. I find nothing wrong with continuing on with the franchise. Scream 4 was the best entry since the first one. If the script is right then I say lets go Scream 5.

    • I couldnt agree more. #4 was amazing, though I wish Sid ended up dying and “the killer” living. But if the script is good, then give me another!

      • yea that would of been awsome creative and a new direction for the franchise follow the killer. but i guess the point of scream is “whos behind the mask” overall i laughed though the whole film it just reminded me to much of the first scary movie.

      • that would be cool. like the said “the unexpected is the new cliche”.

  5. Scream 4 was the perfect middle finger (in a sense) to remaking in general. It served as a reminder of how great the franchise was, and how unwise it would be to remake it at this point. I loved 4 to death, but let it end on a very high note. There is no need to make another one to give Sidney a swan song.

  6. The first movie was the only one that could be considered an amazing film. The rest are a seemingly endless spam of nonsensical cinematic junk food. They are fun to digest with your senses, but they add nothing new to the scope of their respect genre.

    The fourth film left the fans wanting more; nevertheless, they seemingly left themselves very little room to move forward. However, the film also promised “New Decade, New Rules”. This is something that I have heard fans suggest was just for the killer because the actual victims of the franchise had no changes to them. I would argue that the fourth film did little to suggest anything really new in the concept of “rules” for either side to follow, but I feel it did enough to set up a lot of rules that could make their way into future sequels.

    With that said, I can only see Scream 5 heading in one way… (All be it extremely unlikely.)

    Scream 5′s rules
    1) The killer is the main character, and he/she knows it. (Why do people love horror franchises? The killer!)
    2) The internet is the killers friend…not yours. (The footage shot in the fourth film makes the killer a star.)
    3) Horror films don’t just start and end anymore. They continually branch off each other into an epic that ultimately/hopefully leads to some massive realization. (Taking a page from the SAW/Paranormal Activity hand book.)
    4) Survivors are no longer easy to spot. Anyone you ever thought was dead could still be alive. (A few people are still alive from a few films)
    5) The killer will do anything to avoid the rule of five. (The fifth installment in a linear timeline is usually the worst up until that point.) (i.e. Friday V, Nightmare 5, Halloween 6, F&F Tokyo Drift, SAW V, Rocky V, Harry Potter 5, ect…)
    6) Strangely enough, if the killer doesn’t reveal his identity…he is nearly immortal. (He can’t be killed easily at all, and he/she knows this.)

    The film would begin only a few weeks after the events of the fourth film. We know that Jill, Kirby, and Robbie are all alive. Robbie is still in the intensive care unit, but Jill and Kirby are doing fine. Kirby is trying to deal with the fact that she is the main survivor of the horrible murders. Jill on the other hand is in custody, and her video has leaked online. She is now more famous then ever. However, when a new killer is on the loose everyone is a suspect.

  7. well ive seen scream in the past and liked it resaw scream two days ago and it was just meh…the last and first scenes were the only good ones lol

  8. If fans live it then they should continue to make Scream 5 but find a new way to make the old generation happy and the new generation get scared like the teenagers in the 90′s.

    They should of left it as a trilogy but because how there is a few horror movies, Wes Craven should create a new pheomkne

  9. If fans live it then they should continue to make Scream 5 but find a new way to make the old generation happy and the new generation get scared like the teenagers in the 90′s.

    They should of left it as a trilogy but because how there is a few of horror movies, Wes Craven should create a new phenomenon horror like Scream for the new gerenation.

  10. idk, they kinda left the franchise off with not a clear path to start a 5th movie, so it’ll be even harder to buy into… but i love seeing my favorite iconic horror villains on the big screen time and time again!

  11. I love the Scream trilogy but I have to agree with some. It should end after 4. I enjoyed it, it was like seeing some old friends again that you haven’t seen in years. It was nostalgic but nothing new. I think part of the problem was that it didn’t try to up anything; it just fell into the same formula it already established before. But would I still watch two more films? Yes.

  12. Now to discuss how clever they are going to have to be in using numbers combined with the lettering. 5cream anyone?

  13. Loved it! bring it on! i saw twice and will see it again before it gets bumped out of the movies.

  14. I liked Scream 4 & thought it was good but not great. I liked it well enough for them to continue the franchise. Thing is i hope they take Randy’s little advice with the 5th & 6th film by takin this new trilogy up a notch by makin the death scenes more violent & possibly gory than previous installments.


    • @ Pepe

      You talkin to me?

  16. I know this comment may get slammed but maybe it’s time to bring in a new director. I love a lot of Cravens work but honestly besides the Scream films which in my opinion have succeeded because of the scripts when was the last time Craven made a good to great Horror Film? I think the times have changed and I think if they would give Williamson the credit he deserves and leave his scripts alone and bring in fresh blood as a director there is a chance Scream could continue.

  17. Its time for one of the trio to be in the introductory scene. Gale could do the trick. We haven’t had any story or people from Gale’s past and it would make new creative ways for the plots and twists.

  18. Hell yea! Best news I’ve heard all year practically!
    SCRE4M was Brilliant!
    It was perfectly relevant to today’s new & constantly growing multimedia world not to mention it was just as ‘self aware’ as all the other movies.
    This movie was EXACTLY what this decade’s generation of teens is all about. Maybe that’s why so many {older} critics have been giving it so much sh*t. There is a huge difference in culture with teens from then 1996 to now 2011 – don’t people realise this?
    Jill was basically a representation for today’s generation of teenagers. Today’s teenagers are fed by Hollywood fame & celebrity {trust me I go to uni, I see it every day}. Jill just wanted the fans & attention {much like ALOT of people I know…}. She just took it to the next level. 2.0
    I’m so F’in pumped for a 5th installment – Bring it on Wes & Kevin!!!

  19. I love the scream series and its my favorite! I was hoping so hard for a 5th and 6th one just because i know that Wes Craven could make them just as good and memorable as the original trilogy. The 4th was my favorite because it had a great twist and wicked sense of humour, I know that a 5th one would do better domestically if given the chance.

  20. Im glad there’s atleast little bit of confirmation of Scream 5 will happen. I liked the first two Scream films the best. There’s not many trilogy’s that i liked all 3 films, and yes i did like Scream 3 even though alot don’t. But so far only trilogy’s i can think of liking all the films would be Scream’s, Back To The Future, Star Wars, and most likely Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

  21. I have seen all of the scream movies and I love every one of them, I hope they make a 5th because it is my favourite movie franchise and it should continue!!!

  22. I love the scream franchise! On opening night I took 12 friends that never seen the series, and they loved the 4th one, they all want a 5th one! And I hope they do! The 4th one made me jump and had me laughing, it was shocking as well, but they better have the original cast, thats why I loved the fourth one(: & if they make a sixth one they should kill of sydney, cuz itll be a great ending to the series, or at least die in the 5th one, I want a 5th one! :D

  23. Please for the love of god the rewrites were probably what killed this movie for me as I thought they should have killed Sid off along with Gail. Dewey could have been maybe a survivor like always. Though her cousin being the killer was a decent idea though they should have done something else. I hope to god there is no Scream 5.

  24. As a 12yr old i think they should rewatch all the other scream movies and watch other horror movies and gather up ideas and start rearranging and creating new deaths that would make a bomb ass scream movie

  25. As a 12yr old i think they should rewatch all the other scream movies and watch other horror movies and gather up ideas and start rearranging and creating new deaths,that would make a great scream movie

  26. As a 12yr old i think they should rewatch all the other scream movies and watch other horror movies and gather up ideas and start rearranging and creating new deaths,that would make a great scream movie.

  27. I love all SCREAMS… SCRE4M is still surprising and amusing… if they will continue in making another SCREAM, please level-up more Wes! Kevin! and Ehren! SCREAM 3 is a bit funnier and entertaining than SCRE4M…(For me)… Please, If you want your new SCREAM trilogy franchise, a blockbluster, help each other… Mr. Writers!, Mr. Kruger and Mr. Williamson, you must support, aid, back-up, assist each other what-so-ever for the franchise become a successful one… Help nurture the gift given to you two and help Mr. Craven be proud of his masterpieces… Don’t fight! It won’t help!… Duh….
    I just want to say “HI” to all SCREAMers. Let’s pray for 5CREAM and SCR6AM, hoping that the two sequel will be a victorious continuation… Coming from a SCREAMer in Banate, Iloilo, Philippines…..