‘Scream 4′ Trailer #2: New Rules, Same Old Tricks

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Never Campbell and Mary McDonnell in Scream 4 Scream 4 Trailer #2: New Rules, Same Old Tricks

Over a decade has passed since the blade-wielding Ghostface last wreaked bloody havoc on the big screen. As the second trailer for the latest entry in Wes Craven’s hit slasher franchise, Scream 4, reveals, the raspy-toned murderer has spent his semi-retirement perfecting his old tricks.

Horror maestro Craven is back behind the camera for the new Scream flick, which also features the return of series stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox. Early word of mouth indicates that it’s a magical reunion for the crew – but will everything feel a bit too familiar this time around?

Sidney Prescott (Campbell) returns to Woodsboro in Scream 4, having spent the last ten years or so becoming a successful author of self-help literature. The events of the first Scream now make for openly-mocked legend in Sidney’s hometown, where a whole new generation of teens fancy themselves too hip and cool to fall victim to such old-fashioned killer tactics. But just as soon as Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) tuts loudly about kids these days, another masked murderer pops up unwelcome in town, ready to rack up a big bloody body count.

Like the original trilogy, the fourth Scream pic is peppered with young faces that are familiar (Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin) but not so much as to qualify them as anything but victim fodder. Add to that the fact that horror genre rules have changed a bit since the dawn of the 21st century and it seems that not even Sidney’s survival is a given.

Check out the second official Scream 4 trailer (via Apple) below:

Being armed with the latest in communication technology and having the power of the Internet at their disposal is still not enough to prevent the characters of Scream 4 from repeating the same mistakes as their predecessors. The basic premise behind this franchise – people being aware of slasher genre conventions and getting killed anyway – remains a clever one, but will it feel a bit too stale and overdone this fourth time around?

Self-reflexive dialogue about who’s marked for death or jokes concerning the survival rate of virgins in slasher pics are old hats for the Scream series in general. While this new Scream 4 trailer has its moments – especially the bit where a terrified Panettiere rattles off over half a dozen remakes of classic horror movies and still doesn’t select the right one – the dialogue and scenarios don’t feel all that inventive. Then again, even though the Scream movies are more intelligent than the average slasher pic, they are still essentially genre films, right?

New cast members of Scream 4 Scream 4 Trailer #2: New Rules, Same Old Tricks

Scream 4 may feature some cleverly-contrived deaths and that’ll help tide over fans with a lust for onscreen carnage. The third sequel also looks to include the franchise’s staple (spoiler?) opening slaughter of lovely female celebrities – and a climax that offers a whole lot of guts & gore in a short period of time. Moviegoers could just stay at home and re-watch any entry in the original Scream trilogy to get that, so hopefully Craven’s latest will be hip and clever enough to give us all a reason to pay the price of admission instead.

Scream 4 arrives in U.S. theaters on April 15th, 2011.

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  1. It still looks good,Cant wait for ut :)

  2. i dont need some special new reason to watch this film,its scream man.i was only 10 when these movies came out and now finally i can go and watch it in cinema.

    • same here kure… except i was 6 when the first one came out and almost 10 when the third scream came out… i saw all of the movies by the time i was 12 and now i cant believe they are coming out with a fourth but im so going…

  3. Looks good to me. A bit of an overly cynical article.
    Who was expecting the wheel to be invented??? Not me. And isn’t it nice to have a horror film that isn’t slasher porn like Saw for a change?

    There is no such thing in Hollywood as originality, and this is certainly so in the case of horror movies, so the best you can do is hope to do enjoy the ride. Horror simply aren’t scary anymore, there is literally nothing that hasn’t been done before in the genre, it is reduced to absurd desensitising gore and loud musical cues that are intended to shock but are clearly sIgnposted a few beats before.
    The difference between something like Scream and every other horror film out there today is that it is fully aware that something is rotten in the genre and can play on that.

    • I agree SO much with that Saw statement. I hope Hope HOPE that the Saw 3D was actually the last one.

      To me the Scream movies aren’t exactly horror. I was never terrified at them. They’re more like Thriller movies. Like in this trailer when they look into the closet and he breaks down the bedroom door. I’m sure there will be a lot of “jump-out-of-your-seat” gags but, I like that! I think Scream is definitely one franchise that I’m happy if another one comes out because it evolves. And I am hoping that this marks a new trilogy in the Scream franchise because I’m sure this movie is going to be a cliffhanger and I’m sure there is going to be a lot of ties with the last 3 films.

      But, this article is another article on Screen Rant that I dislike and it’s odd that I’m finding so many all of a sudden.

  4. So…Whats Your Favorite Scary Movie…..

  5. Judging by this new trailer, which is the best of the 2, it shows that Scream 4 does have new tricks. We don’t know exactly how the new rules will apply or anything. Scream is scream, and there are certain hallmars one expects. The trailer looks to deliver those, but still looks new and exciting, fresh, and modern. Judging by the overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement for this new trailer by Scream fans, the new movie looks very, very good. The trailer is awesome.

  6. I’m a huge horror fan but I never bought into the Wes Craven hype. He’s not the “master of suspense” or horror for that matter…Sure he made some iconic films but they weren’t that good or scary. He’s more of a “at the right place at the right time” director, making trendy movies that he gets lucky with (his latest 3D was a bust though).

    Anyway, this might be a good “suspense/jump scare” type of movie but I prefer true horror (“psychological”) where I don’t have to settle for overuse horror cliches for scares. Walking towards a door really slow and have someone jump out? Say something witty about the cliches of horror movies just to have it happen to you? Scream 4 is just not doing it for me.

  7. All of the actors were given 75 pages out of 140 pages in the script to hide who the killer is. Weird, interesting stuff.

  8. @jermey, actually during the table reading of the script, the cast was asked politely not to look at page 75, like you said, but the orginal script that they were reading was 75 pages, and then 65 pages were added to the script to add more length and suspense to movie (in my opinion)

  9. hm. I would think given the early screening went over very well that this article wouldn’t be so pessimistic. What new are you looking for? I mean really. Should ghostfae fall into radioactive waste and become the new jason x, unkillable. Should every character break out into random epic fights before their deaths like in scott pilgrim? The scream franchise is fun to watch point blank. But what “new” are you looking for? at this point and stage i really believe all that can be done in hollywood is take what’s tried and true and make it relevant. Because it’s all been done. everything is a “been there, done that”. So my opinion is great trailer. And can not wait!

  10. I agree with everyone here. This is a great trailer and I don’t understand why Sandy here seems to have such a grudge against the movie and franchise. The approach of having a Scream movie where Scream has already become a joke for teens (a swipe at Scary Movie perhaps) seems like exactly the self-aware step forward that Scream 4 needs to be. If this trailer is to be trusted (and, honestly, who knows) it seems that Craven/Williamson know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to looking back while moving forward. Color me psyched!

  11. You think they’ll reveal anything new in just a couple of trailers? I’m thinking Craven want’s to save the surprises for paying customers.

  12. damn you weinstein company…

    Anthony Anderson!
    “I’ll be right back… I know that’s not what you’re supposed to say, right?..”

    I can’t wait for this. I’ve always loved these movies.

  14. Not everything that can be done HAS been done, but Scream doesn’t HAVE to do anything new! All it has to do is entertain and tell a good story! The Saw franchise went up to 3D(er, VII), and, while it had nothing new to offer (deaths by “different traps”? PLEASE!) it was still an entertaining continuation to the franchise (well, to those who were into that stuff). Same for 5nal (yeah, I know ’bout the name change) Destination; it won’t be so 5nal, I’m sure. So, Scream is just continuing the story with the same premise and new scream queens, with perhaps Facebook and iPhones thrown in? So what?!? That teaser looks awesome and fun! I’ll definitely be seeing it!

  15. Obviously, it’s going to tackle reboots. They’re not just for superhero movies, after all. That whole laundry list of remakes she gave, not to mention all the “rules” of reboots? I think it has potential.

  16. how can she call this a generic slasher film? it’s supposed to be a parody of the slasher genera which Wes helped to create

  17. OMG I cant wait i love the original trilogy!! These movies used to creep me out i look forward to being creeped out again!!