‘Scream 4′ Spoilers and Discussion

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Scream 4 Spoilers Scream 4 Spoilers and Discussion

While our readers are already discussing director Wes Craven’s latest Scream installment in the comments section of our Scream 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re not ready to be spoiled for Scream 4 but are looking for a Scream 1-3 refresher course make sure to check out our Scream Trilogy Primer for a summary of the original films.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. And what was up with Dewey’s lack of a limp. I was under the impression his “severed nerve” was permanent and the main reason he wasn’t a cop anymore. Now he’s the sheriff and can walk and use his arm without a problem. What’s the deal with that?

  2. Really?? Sid was kickin ass in this movie! Maybe she didn’t do anything bc she was still takin in that the killer is her cousin!

  3. Tj may I’m not forgetting the second killer it’s just that I thought that he, Kirby, and the other geeky kid were all together in the barn for the stabathon. So I’m just assuming that it was Jill who killed the cops and her mom

  4. I loved the movie. It was great. But it just didn’t seem like a “Scream” movie to me. The killer wasn’t really, interactive? With the victims. The opening kill was good, but could have been better. Like, it would have been cool to see both deaths, not just Jenny’s. And they cut a lot of scenes out. I was excited to see the part with Marnie hanging and such, and when she was attacked when running. Also, Gale or Sidney shouldn’t have survived. At least make it interesting and get rid of one of the ‘surviving 3′ how many times can you get away from a killer? Kirby should have lived. Jill as the killer, really shocked me. Kinda made me mad at first, but it was a good plot. I pictured it a lot differently, as Jill and Kirby being the new surviving victims, So I really don’t know how they can bring on a 5th one. They killed off all the new people, and if they just continue with the same 3 people it will just be more repeats of events.
    I still really loved the movie though, haha. Great plot, awesome cast, huge twist. I will deff. watch it again.

  5. I hated the reveal of Jill, it felt wrong. I wish they could have written it differently. Maybe they could have kept the reveal of Charlie, but had HIM stab Sidney, and then you see Jill come up behind Charlie and stab him in the throat so he can’t talk, but he is still able to fight her, stab her in the shoulder, and maybe bash her head against the wall for a few seconds before he dies (he is of course in shock that it didn’t go as planned, but the audience doesn’t know that yet, and the audience thinks Jill is a hero along with the press.) Then you go to the hospital scene and Jill learns about Sidney still being alive, says the thing about matching stab wounds, and THEN the audience as well as Dewey and Sidney figure out Jill is the real mastermind killer. I realize they wrote it the way they did so it could be like Scream 1 and so you could see how crazy Jill is and watch her hurt herself, but her acting sucked and basically ruined all the dialogue they had her say anyway. She could have explain it all in the hospital when she goes to Sidney’s bedside.

    I think Scream 5 will be about the making of Stab 8: The Return of Sydney, which will be about the events of Scream 4 basically.
    Or maybe it will be about a remake of Stab 1, and the release of the movie draws out a copycat killer. OR they make a movie about Sidney’s book, and somebody decides to stalk her and the actress that is playing her. And then Scream 6 will be about the remake of Stab 3, which will make Scream 6 itself almost like a remake of Scream 3, since they seem like they want to remake their own movies before somebody else does.

    • I didn’t like that as soon as she takes off the mask, you see that it’s her. I wanted to see her take off the mask with her back turned to Sidney. Then, and I’m being completely serious, she should’ve flipped her before turning around. She’s basically setting herself up to be famous, I thought a hair-flip would’ve been a great to set up her motive.

  6. Its kinda of dumb because they cut so much out of this movie or alot of scences were just made for the trailer. and they said scream 5 is gonna be about those who survived scream 4 which is the same 3 people so its kinda like pointless. The introduced a new cast and just killed them off except for Deputy Hicks and maybe Kirby(because her bleeding out felt really open ended like she survivied).

  7. Just saw the movie today,it was great! The ending was “wow” i felt sorry for Sidney for her kind of family problems. After seeing the film, im not sure which was crazier, her brother or her cousin,lol. Probly Cousin. Thing im getting sick of is the whole Stab movies being within the films, especially at the beginning of this film. Hopfully no more Stab referance in Scream 5 or 6. It did seem to be more closer to the original. Loved the climax & ending. Craven’s still got it.

  8. Well Scream 4 only brought in 8 million for Friday. And maybe 20 million for the whole weekend. That made me upset, I guess there isn’t enough die hard scream fans anymore. I think Scream 4 flopped you guys, I hate to say it =(

    • @ Shelly

      I hope not. These days it seems like people & hollywood are more obsessed with remakes/reboots to everything. wouldn’t Saw be the latest franchise that had ongoing sequels? I can’t keep track with all of them and i only saw the first film anyways. I hope they’re be a 5th & 6th film. The ending was the best one since the first film imo.

      • I think even if this film flops they’re will be a 5th one. They will just make it better then the 4th, and try to top the 1st one. All i have to say if they make a 5th movie, it’s gonna be better then all of them.

    • Hopefully word of mouth will keep people coming. The 1st only grossed 6 million its first weekend and went on tp bring in over 100 in the states…

  9. I don’t know I think the first scream was ok but i just don’t see why you guys think that it’s that good. The only good thing in it was the opening scene with Drew Barrymore. Because it was more suspenseful but otherwise it was kind of dumb. Such as them telling you the boyfriend was the killer then taking it back and then nope it was him all along. Another thing who doesn’t notice a guy in a ghost mask walking through the bushes in broad daylight? And what point did killing the principal make? For my vote scream 2 was the best one.

    • @ Brandon

      Ghostface wasn’t the first killer to be out in daylight, Michael Myers was aswell & no-one noticed him unless they got up close to him. Killing the principle i believe late served as a distraction for mostly everyone to leave Stu’s house party. Randy mentioned the body on one of the football field’s goal posts & someone said Let’s go before they get him down! Id say Scream was better than I know What You Did Last Summer despite how that started. I liked both of those the same, they were ok but not great.

  10. So let’s try this. Tell me what you think. First did anyone else see in the final extreme close up on Jills face “dead” her eyes move? My interpretation is this: If Emma Roberts could survive a grand mind scrambling from the defiberilater and still be conscious enough to know she wanted to kill Sid, she could potentially survive a bullet to the sternum. So then when Sydney says “I feel better, don’t you?”, she could in fact be dying from bleeding out. There is a white out after; the ultimate portrayal of death. The light at the end of the tunnel. And if she is relating this feeling to Emma, whom she thinks is dead than that would mean yes, Sydney has died at long last. So, when we go to the next scene of the reporters outside of the hospital saying “Jill is a hero”, could it be possible that Jill in fact did not die and that she in unseen screen time took care of Dewy, Gale and Deputy Jill leaving only herself to tell the story? Yes, it is far fetched but I believe there is adequate backing to say that neither Dewy, Gale, Jill and Sydney will be in 5cream and that Jill will continue her reign as killer posed as “innocent victim.”

    • you just wrote 5cream. Kevin Williamson owes you big.

    • @ Anna

      Even if Jill survives being shot, wouldn’t she be in custody afterwards?

    • Nah, that did not happen. Sidney is a star not because of one but 3 surviving murder attends. An after what happen, everybody will know she’s the killer.

  11. i thought the movie was ok take out Courtney cox and it would have been better it made her look like a sci fy flunk b movie actress unlike the other screams whenever she came on the screen i didn’t laugh at the comedy it was supposed to be but kinda felt like mediocre acting. maybe i’m the only person that felt that way but time will tell, and by far scream the original was the best part 2 ok not that great but 3 was by far the worst just scream 4 was by far the worst acting by miss cox.

  12. I liked it. It was kind of hard to take the Gale/Dewey rocky romance thing because I was quite aware that Courtney Cox divorced David Arquette shortly after filming this. Also she plays the same person in everything she does. I liked the Rory/Kirby love scene, I would have liked for them to have lived (and for him to have not have killed her). If Kirby does survive, then that’s awesome and they can make more movies because Hayden Pannetiere was totally awesome. If not, then Scream can just end now.

    • I don’t believe Cox and Arquette ever actually divorced, they just separated and are reportedly working on the marriage at this point.

    • i agree with you, she just rocks, and i feel she should be in for the next installment..

  13. I think Scre4m was a total missed opportunity and a lot of things just didn’t work. From the moment Ghostface started to speak on the phone and you could hear the age in his voice, it took me right out of the film. It’s supposed to be an electronic voice for crying out loud, it shouldn’t sound like it got older in the last eleven years. I, along with a lot of people, anticipated this to be a sort of passing of the torch to a new generation and I was totally ok with them killing off the old cast to do so. But what happens? Syd, Gale, and Dewey are still alive and every single new character is killed off (with the exception of Deputy Hicks but really, who cares?). Every Scream film has had a main theme that it followed (Scream= Horror Movies, Scream 2= Sequels, Scream 3= Trilogies) and I thought the whole remake/reboot theme was perfect and worth making a Scream 4, especially if that meant giving the franchise a new beginning. Sadly though, this was just another sequel where Sydney lives to not die another day. The so called “new rules” were not as impactful as the original ones and didn’t really make much sense. What was the justification that the killer would be filming the murders? What recent horror flick has even done this? Aside from it being a part of the killers plot at the end, it served no purpose in the film and felt pointless. Now, had they used the concept to provide scenes from a camera POV to give the film the opportunity to reference recent mockumentary horror films like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism, now that would been genius. But alas, no such creativity was to be found. Dewey somehow getting over his limp was awkward, as was Gale’s entire storyline. Why didn’t they just kill her off?? And that ending? To be honest, it would’ve been much cooler if Jill did get away with it and would have truly been an unexpected twist that broke all the rules. And Jill’s matching wound reference? Did they really have to make Sheriff Dewey and complete idiot who needed Gale to explain to him that she had no way of knowing where she was stabbed at?

    Anyway, I’m done…for now.

    • Agreed. I think Kirby should have been the one clinging to life in the hospital. I think Jill’s reveal to Kirby would have been as heartbreaker of a betrayal, just as Billy and Stu’s reveal to Sidney was.

      • Agreed, if Kirby, one of the new crew, had survived it could had another expansion on the franchise, like another surviving victim to play on the sequels for the next generation. Lets be honest, horror movies are most times base on teenagers and even if I love the main cast, it is good to have fresh meat to keep the sequel going on.

      • I think you’re missing the point behind remakes/reboots, usually the old cast is not present anymore. And regardless of your opinion of mockumentary style horror films, doesn’t change the fact that they are a part of the genre now.

  14. I don’t see what the big deal is about Ghostface. I’ll admit I did watch Scream 1 but after that it was all the same thing. That’s the problem with slasher movies, The killer is USUALLY too darn predictable, Freddy was creative with his kills,of course he killed people in their sleep,but that’s beside the point, Jason would get somewhat creative with his kills and to an extent so did Micheal Myers, Maybe the slasher genre needs a break for a few years. The last Friday the 13th was ho hum as for Rob Zombie’s Halloween and H2, they BOTH sucked, and I won’t say anything about the abomination that was the “NEW” Nightmare on Elm Street, other than the fact that there is only ONE Freddy Kruger and that is Robert Englund!

    • Personally, I disagree. We don’t need to stop making slashers, we need new, original ones. If they want to make a new Halloween, Friday the 13th, or Nightmare on Elm Street, don’t do remakes. They need to get a whole new storyline, and make it at least semi original.
      But personally, I’d welcome Scream 5, since the 4th one was the best slasher in a long time

      • “…we need new, original ones.” I just don’t think creating a new, original slasher is possible anymore. No matter what, anything new will always be compared to a movie from the past. The best of the costumes and weapons of choice have already been taken. It doesn’t leave room for much of anything else. The only slasher flicks I’ll look forward to in the years to come are future Scream sequels. But I do think a movie with the tagline, “Someone has taken their love of Scream one step too far,” could be ridiculous enough to work. There could be originality in that much like there was in Scream itself.

    • Unlike Freddy, Jason and others iconic killers, Ghostface is just the fake face of the murderer(s), which is more intended to look as a symbol that a character. They are always different people, so they can do anything with it. They can use whatever weapon or way of killing they want, but the problem is that the killers are always imitating the original killers and always choose the knife as the main murdering weapon.

  15. Ghostface was creative with his kills. And the fact they had references from the firsr movie, that was awesome!
    Scream 4 was great for me and i think it’s bc i always loved the series, and i hope they come out with Scream 5 =)

    • @ Shelley

      I agree. I hope Scream 5 comes aswell. I loved what Sidney said to Jill,
      Sidney: Don’t f__k with the original. Lol that was priceless. It’s what id like to say about remakes & reboots aswell myself,lol.

  16. Probably the 2nd best of the franchise. The original being the best. Let the 3 main characters live until the final scream. Then let Dewey be revealed the killer.

  17. I liked Scream 4 but it seemed to have too much comedy in it. The first three Scream movies were meant to be scary, not funny, and thats what i thought this one would be like. But i didnt like all of the comedy in it. It seemed too cheesy. Like when the cop got stabbed in the head and right before he died he said “F**k Bruce Willis,” that was stupid and wasnt necessary. If they make a Scream 5, they should put less comedy in it and have more suspence, scare, and character development.

  18. I thought it was excillant. The comedy made it better. The writers were good at putting in a line of comedy here and there to make it funny but keep the scary essence. I like the fact that they kept Gale, Sydney, and Douie alive because they are the original characters can as they said it the movie, dont screw with originals. I never expected the killers so did a good job of making you think something but having it be the opposite. I didnt like it being rated R it was difficult to get into Ive seen scarier PG-13 movies. Although I think they should have kept one new character it was still a great cast. In the begging when they had the movie inside a movie inside a movie it was cheesy but it got better. Overall I rate it a 5! Cant wait for the next scream!

  19. Sidney is a beast. And Neve Campbell is frickin hot. I hope they don’t take her outta the 5th movie, but whats the sense of making a Scream 5 without Sidney Prescott? Ya know? Just seems useless, if they do make a 5th one. I think it might be the last.

  20. Oh, I need to watch Scream 4 again (the end) and see what happens, then i will be able to tell if Sidney dies or not. Bc well, let’s just say she was in pretty bad shape. Stabbed like 4 times, punched in the stomach 3 times, thrown up against the glass. Damn if she lived, that girl can take a beating.

  21. @ Shelly

    If they make a Scream 5, i suspect Gail or Dewey might come to their death before Sidney. Who knows, after this film, all 3 them of them came close to dying, especially Sidney this time. I saw it two times already and later tonight i plan to watch the first film. After seeing Scream 3, id say Sidney’s brother really started somthing,lol.

    • I agree. I think Gail might die before Dewey though but then on the other hand, i’ve seen Gail fight off the killer before and she can kick some ass lol

  22. You guys are awesome. You have no idea how bad i’ve been wanting to talk about Scream 4 with someone. My gf is getting tired of it, and my sister didn’t like it too much.
    If they make a Scream 5 they need to do it within a year or 2, not wait another 10 years bc then well, everyone will be in there late 40′s early 50′s lol

    • I’m guessing Scream 5 and Scream 6 weigh heavily on Scream 4′s box office take. The bigger the box office, the better the chance we get Scream 5… and soon.

  23. I just want to know what can the 5th one possibly be about

  24. @ Taylor D
    Well, look at Scream 3. I didn’t know they were gonna come out with a 4th one until last fall.
    If they can think of something for the 4th one, they can think of something for the 5th one.
    Hello, It’s Wes Cravin and Kevin Williamson. They can think of anything =)

  25. I’d rank this fourth entry as the third best in the series. It lacks the seriousness of the first two Scream films, and almost takes place in a different world altogether.
    I did like the opening sequence (the Stab parts of it), but was disappointed with the Woodsboro portion. We didn’t see Marnie get attacked, nor were we given the scene where she tells Ghostface, “You’re not real.” I am expecting a director’s cut when Scream 4 releases on blu-ray. Also, compared to the Stab 6 & 7 sequences, the Scream opener was pretty tame. Especially considering we were not shown the grisly crime scene, which was revealed in a movie still. I did like the garage door crushing Jenny. Seriously, what’s Kevin Williamson got against girls whose names end in -y or -ie?
    I was annoyed with the soundtrack in the following scenes when we were introduced to some new characters. There were about 3 or 4 songs playing within a span of minutes. I couldn’t care less about the soundtrack, especially when it’s so generic.
    Another thing that bothered me is the VOICE. It’s changed drastically from the original Scream. It’s become so intentionally menacing rather than mysterious.
    There were some things touched on for brief moments that I felt deserved more attention. Like when the neighbors start blaming Sidney for the latest murders. That could’ve gone somewhere.
    I wasn’t expecting Olivia to die so soon as we were never shown the scene where she says, “Time for someone new to die” and “Sidney’s expendable,” while on the bench made famous as the lunch area from Scream.
    I like how Sidney, despite Mickey’s “Why would anyone go back in the house” warning from Scream 2, goes into Olivia’s house with a kind of “I don’t care whether I live or die” attitude with a twist of “I’m just too sick of this s*** to look the other way.” But I do think Olivia’s murder was a bit over-the-top — violently speaking. It was much more NC-17 than anything in Scream, including the unrated bits.
    The role of Trevor — while I liked Nico’s performance — only seemed to exist to serve as a red herring. He served no other purpose. Until the end when Jill planned to frame him, of course. Deputy Hicks served a similar purpose. That really awkward scene when she asks Sidney if she remembers her from high school was weak and should’ve been cut.
    The middle of the film is the most hazy. I really can’t recall much of what transpired. There is the Stab-a-thon party where Gale gets stabbed, and we find out how bad a shot Dewey’s become since being named the sheriff. He had a clear shot at Ghostface and he missed as if he were blindfolded. I remember how accurate he was in Scream 3.
    The deaths of Hoss and Perkins went two ways, not enough in Hoss’ case. He suffers a stab wound to the back of his shoulder, but we’re told he’s been found dead later. Perkins’ death scene was easily the most silly death in the series. I did like him swinging his arms around to blindly defend himself, but the “f*** Bruce Willis” line has Ehren Kruger “humor” written all over it. It was as flat and dumb as most of Scream 3.
    Alison Brie was great as Rebecca. The cast was solid all around, and made me forget about the group of F-listers that surrounded Scream 3′s cast.
    Scream 4′s third act main cast bloodbath is the closest Scream has ever been to a cliche slasher movie. The characters all wander on their own. They disappear without a trace for long periods of time.
    Robbie deserved a better death. But he did take a long time to die, so at least we got to see more of him than we probably should have. I liked Charlie showing up at the back door with blood on his hands, like with Cotton in Scream 2. The Scream homage trivia scene, however, was a misfire. Considering Jill was making the call, she ‘outsmarted’ the film buff Kirby with that slasher pic from whenever it was, whatever it was. And we never got to hear the second question in its entirety, much like Randy’s rules of a sequel in Scream 2.
    I loved Charlie’s reveal, aside from his “FOUR YEARS!” crybaby moment. Then he runs off like Scott Evil.
    This is my biggest gripe with Scream 4′s killers. Dane Farwell, who plays Ghostface, is 6’1″. But Rory Culkin is 5’6″ and Emma Roberts is 5’4″. When Ghostface attacks Sidney and Kate at the house, he’s much taller than she is, yet when Charlie holds a knife to Sidney’s throat from behind her, he’s shorter than she is. That’s something I can’t overlook. It’s something I was worried about the moment they were cast. I always thought, they can’t be the killers — they’re too short. it’d be too obvious. Oh, realism.
    The motives were also a disappointment. They were recycled from Scream 2 and Scream 3 but with a twist. Mickey wanted to blame movies. Charlie wanted to make a movie. Roman wanted the life Sidney had. Jill wanted the fame she had. I really wanted Charlie to have an excuse rathe than motive, like with Stu. Perhaps Charlie could’ve blamed his steroid-induced mood swings. It would’ve been funny. I also hated, muck like with Scream 2, that Jill killed Charlie. I desperately miss the banter and the perverse friendship we saw in Scream between Billy and Stu. It’s what made Scream’s finale so great. Even with a knife in hand, Charlie and Jill had to be the least threatening of all the killers. Sidney kept her distance from Jill, which bothered me because she was so ridiculously brave in the other attacks. It’s your petite cousin. Take her ass down. I do like the ridiculousness of Jill’s self-inflicted injuries. It made me think back to how crazy Stu was. I saw that madness in Jill during this sequence.
    At the hospital, Jill gives herself away by telling Dewey that she and Gale have similar injuries when such details were never released. Which makes me think Jill attacked Gale. I just don’t see Jill overpowering Gale — at all. And Courteney Cox is also taller than Emma Roberts, yet — again — Ghostface looms over her like a cloud in the sky.
    I really wanted a different ending, especially if another two sequels are around the corner. I would’ve written the ending so that Kirby was alive. I would’ve loved to see the two best friends go head to head. Jill’s reveal as the killer to Kirby would have made way for another intense showdown. We saw Sidney handle the revelation. Then Dewey. But what about Kirby? She deserved a better send-off and the right to be the new Sidney. Seriously, what could the next killer’s motive be if Sidney’s involved.
    All in all, even with all my dislikes, Scream 4 is fun and entertaining but it doesn’t hold a candle to Scream or Scream 2. The cast is just as good as Scream 2 though. Still, there’s something about Scream 4 that doesn’t relate to the first two films of the series. It has more of a Scream 3 vibe to it.
    I was also dissatisfied with the closing shots of reporters praising Jill’s ‘heroics.’ There’ll be a lot of recanting later on. I did like the close up of Jill as she lay dead while her beauty is praised though. There’s something really sexy about a girl with a knife who just… snaps.
    Overall, I’d give Scream 4 a 2.5-3/5 and will eventually see it again to refresh myself in case I need to go further into battle over it. Regardless, I’m looking forward to Scr5am & Scre6m. As long as Kevin Williamon writes ‘em, that is.

      • You do bring up a good point about Jill as a suddenly-there cousin, but the bigger question surrounds Jill’s mother, Maureen’s sister, Kate. With all the backstory that’s been revealed about Maureen, I wonder if Kate knew about any of it. No one can be closer to anyone than a woman is to her sister. Am I right?

          • The fact that Sidney was not involved in Jill or Kate’s life is what bothers me most. There’s no real betrayal here if Sidney and Jill weren’t close. This brings me back to the final showdown at the hospital and why I wanted it to be between Kirby and Jill. Best friends — one on the verge of death, the other in a murderous frenzy — turned enemies in a matter of seconds. That would have made for a great conclusion to Scream 4. Instead we got the expected. Sidney lives, wins, yay. Scream 4 – 0, Missed Opportunities – 1.

          • @ Christopher

            If Kate was having sex, im sure people who knew her would of known, especially when she lives in the same town as Maureen did. She was probly embarassed while grieving at the sametime her sister died. Remember in Scream 3 that Roman filmed not only her with cotton which everyone knew about, but filmed her with Billy’s dad which no-one did’t. That of-course ticked Billy, because not only would his parents divorced but Billy & Stu murder Maureen, Sidney kills them. In Scream 2 Billy’s mom wants revenge on Sidney for killing her son & has Mickey as the 2nd killer, we know the outcome in that film, & when theres no-one else to finish the job, Roman takes it upon himself to kill Sidney. Id say Jill was jealous of all the fame that came Sidney’s way due to her being a survivor & wanted her 15 mins. as she put it which meant getting rid of the original survivor: Sidney. Along with Gail & Dewey on the side. But id say she mostly wanted Sidney dead outta the three the most.

  26. Triguous I heart you and your comments!!

    • Thank you.