‘Scream 4′ Spoilers and Discussion

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Scream 4 Spoilers Scream 4 Spoilers and Discussion

While our readers are already discussing director Wes Craven’s latest Scream installment in the comments section of our Scream 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re not ready to be spoiled for Scream 4 but are looking for a Scream 1-3 refresher course make sure to check out our Scream Trilogy Primer for a summary of the original films.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. Movie sucked! I can’t wait for Scream 5: Scream in Space.

    • what made it “suck” it was witty and clever just like the rest and it was better than 3… the whole “marsha marsha maraha” thing by sids cousin wasnt the greatest but it worked with the reboot story line and watching her almost succeed was great.. so where did the movie go wrong for u… please be specific

    • I personally loved it, despite it’s flaws. Out of pure curiosity, why didn’t you like it?

  2. I honestly loved, this installment! I acknowledge that I am slightly bias about all things Scream and so I will try to balance my review with some critiques. I can admit that 3 had some short comings and was the weakest of the series but 4 has redeemed the scream name. The original Scream had the best killer reveal of the series and throughout the series it has been a mixed bag of how the main antagonist is revealed (really Scream 2, a serial killer chat room?). 4 did a fantastic job of revisiting the original reveal from the first film but turning it on it’s head. My only complaint about this movie would be the way events played out at the end. Although I loved the ending I think it went against the smartly constructed reveal. How does the killer go from carefully plotting everything out, only to risk the chance of Syd not dying and ruining the entire plan? Of all the people that you would go out of the way to make sure they died, it would be the one person that could potential derail the entire plot. I wish they would have found a way to set up for a sequel/new trilogy that was more apparent. The way this movie ended makes it hard to see a new story possibility. I look forward to seeing what Scream 5 will focus on because sooner or later Syd has to be replaced as the constant victim. With that said, I don’t know if a new trilogy is needed, I say end now while on top unless there is something truly mind-blowing that could happen tom the characters to make a 5th and 6th installment totally necessary.

    • I love the Scream series, but when I first heard they were coming out with a 4th one after 10 years, I said to myself “Please do not turn into a Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street”. But, as a fan of the series, I HAD to see this one. The ending fell completely flat to me, except the part about not messing with the original…i thought that was pretty funny. But other than that, i though that Emma Stone kind of messed it up. I understood where they were going with it…but, for my taste, she didn’t do it for me. Jill truly was a psycho, and i dont feel that Emma Stone pulled it off psychotically enough. But, i agree with Ripped, i think they should end while they are ahead. Unless they can BLOW THE MINDS OF ALL THE FANS, i dont think they should make another one.

      • emma robert**** Emma Stone is FANTASTIC she could do good at anything. You mean Emma Roberts.

      • I think Emma Roberts is a great actress. However I have to agree with you. She just did not do well as a psycho. I did like how they set it up to make it look like someone else. The fall through the glass table was a great idea.

        • She played it as well as she could. We didn’t need another Stu type of outburst. She played a mix between them all, I think. She was the 7th killer revealed in the series. It’d be tough for any actor to make it seem like they were the first, you know?

  3. The movie sucks, it was fun to watch but it sucked…. Syd could of kicked Jill’s ass but all she did was stand there and let her stab her. Before all the characters got murdered they would say their cheesy lines that took me out of the scene only to realize this is all make believe. I wish Kevin actually wrote the script but no they had to change a buck of crap to make it cheesy! There wasn’t even any character development!

  4. It wasn’t good as the first Scream but it came pretty darn close! There were so many twist too it. I thought Trevor was the killer but i was so wrong! Lol who would think Sidney’s cousin was the killer! I can not wait for Scream 5!!

  5. Hey, so I LOVED this installment, wish we got a little bit more of the stab 6 and 7 openers with anna paquin etc, but it was fantastic! I’m just curious, I kept reading how this one was written with a scream 5 in mind, and that this one was basically to ‘pass the torch’ to a new group of survivors. . . but all of the kiddies died! Even Kirby! I just don’t know who the torch was passed to. . . they didn’t even have the infamous ‘one of them is still alive!’ moments at the end. Anyone wanna ease my mind here? lol

  6. So, after ten years of waiting for the next “Scream” installment, I have to say I am seriously pleased with this movie for the most part. It was so much better than part three, and even though I love number two, this one was just better.
    I do have one problem with this movie, and that is that it is supposed to be the first in the second trilogy, right? Well, as a stand alone film, it was truly awesome, but I don’t see how part five could possibly build on this one. All of the new teens ended up dead, so who, other than Sid, Dewey, and Gail, can return. I am also slightly confused as to why Sidney lived, unless Neve already agreed to do part five, since she really didn’t want to do part four for how many years? Also, seeing Gail or Dewey die would have been heartbreaking, but would have been nice at the same time.
    But, as I said, this is the second best movie in my favorite movie series. So I hope it makes enough money that Scream 5 is a must. I loved the movie, and odds are I will watch it again.

    • I left the theater thinking exactly the same… “What the hell are they going to come up with for a sequel?” But then, going back to S1 or S2, most of the characters died as well. So, I don’t think that could be an issue.

      What kinda comforts me is that, when Kevin Williamson pitched S4, he said he already had an idea for S5 and S6, so i guess it’s all part of a plan.

    • It’s easy! All they would need to do is have the actors that played characters in ALL the past 4 SCREAM movies as real-life victims for a “real-life” copycat killer ala Craven’s NEW NIGHTMARE!
      Imagine the actual Neve Campbell getting stalked! Imagine bringing back Jamie Kennedy and Drew Barrymore as themselves — to get killed again! The possibilities are endless ad infinitum for at least another two movies to go in this direction!

  7. Am I the only one who liked the next door neighbor kill scene it was bloodly and new, I thought it was jill’s mom or the deputy chick but I didn’t figure it all out til like a minute before Jill revealed herself lol

    • I liked the neighbor kill because it was remnant of Drews death in the first one. It was the only shocking one. The only other one was when the one cop got the knife through the forehead but then that was ruined when he went stumbling around and the one that was stabbed in the back instantly died… was abit cinfusing

      • yes i do see what your saying about the two cops (Hoss & Perkins). i found this scene to be one of the best in the entire movie, i also found Hoss and Perkins to be two of the most likeable characters besides Kirby. I think the idea of Perkins getting out of the car was due to the fact that they simply wanted to add alot of humor to the scene, which i thhink they succeded with because i laughed my a** off!

  8. anyone find alot of scenes from the trailer missing? For instance, Marnie when the killer grabs her from around the corner of the wall? Or when you see then taking pictures of that death scene with her hanging?

    • I was wondering that same thing about the hanging scene! It said “whats your favorite scary movie” on the wall and that was in here. I was looking forward to that hoping it could have been like Drew in the first one

    • There are countless other deletions. Just watch all the trailers and tv spots again. I’m expecting a much longer director’s cut when this film releases on blu-ray.

  9. The movie was better than last 2 but was not as good as the first. I was disappointed to see no old characters die. ATLEAST gale! The main thing i noticed was WAYYYY too many characters in this one. too many deaths to really build any suspense like the first one. I did like that the movie geek was a killer. But Emma just didnt fit that role until the hospital in my opinion.

  10. Jill slipped because she killed the brains, rory was the brains the geek, he did all the heavy lifting and she just controlled him

  11. Was I the only one devastated when Kirby died?

    • did she ever truly died though? did they actually show what happenned to her (besides the fact that she got stabbed)? i hope she somehow survives and becomes the new sidney.

      • If she survived, it would have shown her being rolled out on a stretcher like Dewey was. I wish Kirby was the one at the hospital instead of Sidney.

        • @triguous

          Why do you wish it was Kirby in the hospital instead of Sidney?

          • I wanted to see a Kirby vs Jill fight. The killers in Scream 4 were Kirby’s crush and her best friend. There’s a betrayal there that’s on par with the original Scream. Kirby deserved a Sidney moment of retaliation. I get that it’s Sidney’s life story and all, but why should she be the only one to face and fight her attackers after they’ve been unmasked?

  12. Very very gory which is one fact that shocked me but also uped ghost faces terror reign and it also will make you jump a very good scream movie can not wait for 5 and 6

  13. I’ve been a huge fan of the Scream movies since ’96 when the original came out. I even wrote a paper in college for a pop culture in media class about how the original revived and redefined the horror movie genre, so I have anxiously been awaiting Scream 4 for the last few months.

    I enjoyed the movie, especially the first forty-five minutes or so. Kevin Williamson has always been good at writing clever, witty dialogue and Scream 4 was no different. The faux Stab openers, the references to remakes, etc. were all pretty spot on. Olivia’s death scene was pretty clever, but a lot of the others were just kind of ho-hum to me and you could obviously tell where they were going. The Scream flicks have always been good about throwing red herrings in the mix and this one didn’t let me down there, but I did figure it out about the time Trevor went upstairs and Charlie left after the kiss. But, also by then, it was kind of process of elimination because everyone new in the movie had been killed off. I did hit the motive right on the head though for Jill which again I thought was a nice little wink to pop culture today.

    I thought Emma Roberts did a good job for what she was asked to do. The main problem with the Jill character for me though was in how the final scenes in the house were written. She’s manipulative, crazy, and wants to take Sidney’s place, but she doesn’t make sure she’s dead. To me that’s just an inherent flaw in writing, but I understand it’s a horror movie and things like that have to happe. But she stabs her in the gut and assumes that’s it. She’s already shot Trevor in the balls and head, stabbed Charlie multiple times for good measure, but not Sidney.

    My main problem and this is one I’ve had since they started making sequels, is the reluctance to kill off any of the Big Three of Gale, Dewey, or Sidney. At some point, one of them has to go because we’ve been through three sequels and none of them feel like they are ever truly in danger. Plus, the last three movies have essentially introduced an entirely new cast only to kill them off and leave no one for The Big Three to interact with other than themselves and a whole new group of people we know will be dead by the end of the movie. Let Hayden Panettiere’s come back in Scream 5 since we never really saw her die, just collapse on the ground with the same injuries that Sidney survived. Heck, she was the best of the new characters anyway and the Scream franchise has a history of killing off some of their best characters (Tatum, Randy, and now Kirby).

    I’d recommend it for sure, but as a long time fan, I left the theater feeling a little let down by the ride.

    • i have to agree with you about them killing off some of the best. i’m still hoping that randy is hiding somewhere alive, but i know that is most likely IMPOSSIBLE. that being said, if dewey died i would have been destistated. him and randy have been my favorite characters since the beginning, and in this installment i had a very hard time listening to someone other than randy give the rules.

  14. I liked the movie or at least I know I didn’t hate it. I did feel there were way too many characters in this one, especially when you knew they were going to die. Speaking of the murders I enjoyed the increased blood, they didn’t go overboard with it & it still felt slashery. I enjoyed the opening as Kevin Williamson & Wes Craven have never had a problem poking fun at themselves & were entertaining doing so. I thought Emma Roberts was good in her role at 1st but she isn’t cut out for the “psycho” jealous thing & that came across poorly acted. On the other side Rory Culkin was very good, and David Arquette returning as Dewey was great in the role again & IMO the best of the original cast that returned. I’d also like to see this again as I’ve done in the past w/ the other 3. I’m a fan of the series & this one didn’t stray too far so I consider it a win.

  15. 3.5/5, very entertaining….a hell of a lot better than the third film.

    • They should have killed the entire cast (big three) just to bring them back in SCREAM 5 as the ACTORS who played the CHARACTERS in the four movies ala Craven’s NEW NIGHTMARE and then have a new “real-life” copycat killer stalk the characters! Thing of the possibilities there: Drew Barrymore, Jamie Kennedy and many more could come back as their “actor-character” meta-selves!

  16. Just saw Scream 4. It was okay. I was a little bored at times. They went for the blood not the scares. They sortof ripped off their own movies. I am suprised about that. Wes Craven doesn’t usually go for the rip offs. I was a little suprised as to who the killer was. I would give it 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5. If you like the other Scream movies you might like this one. If you havn’t really seen the other ones you can see it but you might be a little confused. If you like blood and gut movies. I say go see it. Our theater was dead. I am saying its going to make around 50 million for opening weekend. We will see what happens. Good luck to the cast and crew. I hope it works out.

  17. I thought it was amazing but I’m still confused about what exactly the reporters were saying at the very end about Jill. Were they calling her a hero or did they not know she was the villain yet? I’m so confused about that! What were they saying and what did I misunderstand? Please help me! It’s buggin me! I want to see it again, the one killer I saw coming, but I was shocked about Jill! I hope Kirby didn’t die and I don’t want them to ever kill off the originals! Especially Gail, she is a favorite! But seriously someone help me figure out the ending!

    • No, the reporters didn’t know Jill was one of the killers yet. They were reporting on here exactly like she had planned and that was the irony at the end; the fact that Sidney didn’t die like she had planned was going to ruin all that.

      • Awesome! Thank you sooooo much!

  18. Some minor flaws (dark red blood, some pacing, missing lines/scenes) but I liked it.

    I actually liked some of the twists. They were surprising regarding the killer(s).

    Bold, brave, and entertaining.

    • Is this a joke?

  19. Awesome film, in my opinion is the second best Scream movie since the original. It’s really unpredictable.

  20. So somebody tell me how Jill went from her house to the barn back to her house to kirbys and being there for long enough that all that first part of the scene takes place and then have sydney show up halfway through when she only left a couple minutes afterwards

    • Your forgetting the second killer

      • No, you’re right Brandon. When I went to see it with a buddy we were thinking the same thing. Charlie is watching the stab movies with everyone else, so it’s Emma Roberts that tries to kill Gail. And then she books it home to kill her mom, which she admitted to doing. But where in there did Kirby pick her up? Kirby would’ve seen the squad cars outside after the attack happened. And it couldn’t be Charlie cuz he was with Kirby and the annoying kid with the camera stuck to his face. Was there a third killer that’ll be revealed in the next one like the half brother from 3 directed the people from 1 and 2? Or were the killers one of the things ehrun kruger changed when the weinstiens fired kevin williamson. It could’ve been a completely different killer(s) and they didn’t catch it when they were in re-writes. I think it’s a clue to the fifth one though. This will come back in a later sequel.

  21. I’m also assumming that it was Jill who killed sydneys assisstant

  22. i cant believe you know who were the killers!!! When the second one was revealed, my whole theater screamed WHAT THE F***!?, damn, LOVED THIS EFFIN MOVIE CANT WAIT FOR 5CREAM

    • It was sadly obvious, probably the easiest of the Scream films to figure out.

  23. There were 2 killers sweetie. Jill (Sidney’s cousin) and Rory (Jill’s friend).

  24. I was devastated when kirby died…I thought that since they didn’t show her die…like she was still alive when we saw her last…that she would become the “new” sidney in 5 and 6…hopefully maybe that’s true…but i thought the movie was amazing…im my opinion its the best one yet…i mean we need the first one as a basis for this one…but its definitely on par with the first one…i had no clue it was jill until she reached for her mask…i was thinking jill was gonna be made the new sidney…but i was wrong…i cannot wait till 5 and 6…hopefully kirby is somehow still alive…

    • True that, so wanted to Kirby to stay alive and kick psycho geeks’ ass at trivia

  25. I was disappointed. Not the rejuvenation of the series it needed to be. I certainly don’t know how this will be the first in a new trilogy.