‘Scream 4′ Spoilers and Discussion

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Scream 4 Spoilers Scream 4 Spoilers and Discussion

While our readers are already discussing director Wes Craven’s latest Scream installment in the comments section of our Scream 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re not ready to be spoiled for Scream 4 but are looking for a Scream 1-3 refresher course make sure to check out our Scream Trilogy Primer for a summary of the original films.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. I thought the beginning of the movie was great an dI thought that the mobie overall was pretty good but when you sit down and think about it, there was a lot of missed opportunities in the film and a complete lack of compelling and believable motive on the killers’ parts.

    First off, i this is indeed a new trilogy, where do you go from here? I mean who is going to be teh next killer? 5 times after Sidney? Another family member? Nothing left there. I, unlike most, think that Scream 3 put a good wrap on the series. It was a trilogy that connected all the films together and one where the killer had the propper motive. Here the motive was just notthere for me. So her little cousin that was raised in a nice neigherbood, in a nice house, and was deeply disturbed? Not really sure that fits, regardless of the fact that Sidney was her cousin.

    Also there are supposedly NO RULES in a fourth installment and yet Sidney, Dewey, and Gale all made out alive? EHHHH

    DOnt get me wrong I liked the film but if they go beyond this one tey are just idiots. The killer will have to be a random person because if they have another family member or a boyfriend as the killer I will lose it.

    • @tasouli

      If you think about it, it was basically Sidney’s mom that started this whole thing. They’re could be more people after her, you never know…

      • Billy would disagree.

    • If I may be so bold, I’m going to tell you what I would do if Scream 5 and Scream 6 were in my as-of-yet unproduced screenwriter hands. Bear in mind, I have only outlined the killer and motive. You read that right, one killer in each sequel.

      “Scream 5″ — I’d really put the “New decade. New rules.” tagline to use here. First, the ‘name cameo’ wouldn’t come in the opening scene. It’d be at the end. And it’d be as the killer, not a victim. Breaking the rules further, this killer does not appear anywhere else in the movie except at the end when he’s revealed. That way, the audience is just as dumbfounded as Sidney as to who the guy is. If I may, a brief part of the reveal. Keep in mind, it’s only an outline. In full, the scene would be much longer.
      Sidney: Who are you?
      Killer (unmasked): You don’t recognize me. I’d accept that, I really would, I can guess how many people stare at you on the streets, and never able to make eye contact, you’d never know it, or them. But you should know me. Our eyes have met on a personal level. You know, even to this day, now fifteen years later, I’m told how much I look like him. I can see why you wouldn’t recognize the resemblance. After all, the last time you saw… my dad, a steel pipe had impaled itself through his face.”

      My killer would be the son of Officer Richards from Scream 2. This eye contact he refers to would be detailed further — he personally delivered info about his father’s funeral to her. She never showed up.

      “Scream 6″ — My basic idea for Scream 6 is this… By the end, Sidney is the only survivor. But there’s a catch, and it’s a doozy. The rules would also be broken here. The killer isn’t caught in the traditional sense. Yes, a man wearing the Ghostface costume is shot down, but there’s a problem: the mask was glued to his face. Now, somewhere in between, Sidney clocks Ghostface in the… face. Later, her fiancee appears with a broken nose, which he blames on a car accident when he was trying to get to her. Again, after the glued mask sequence, we cut to time later with Sidney and her husband (fiancee from earlier) when she accidentally slams the door in his face.
      Husband: You broke my nose again.
      Sidney: What did you say?
      His back is to her.
      H: You broke my nose. g******.
      S: That’s not what you said.
      He turns, placing something to his mouth.
      H (as the voice): Well, whaddaya think I said?
      This killer’s motive will put the others to shame. It’s far more outlandish and crazy, but it’s one that’ll hit Sid the hardest, and may stay with her forever. That is, if she decides to keep the baby. Oh, by the way, Sidney is about nine months pregnant when this reveal goes down.
      Motive/reason — This killer was friends/accomplices with Billy, Stu — here’s the mind f*** twist — and Cotton Weary. Say, Cotton Weary was at Sidney’s house with blood on his coat the night of her mother’s murder. Say, Billy and Stu set him up only so they could exonerate him later in case they got caught. But Cotton, consumed by his lust for fame and fortune, betrayed the pact. Say, this new killer’s part in the plan is the grandest of all. That baby sidney is carrying inside her, it’s not her husband’s. It’s Billy’s.
      Husband: I didn’t become a fertility specialist for nothing.
      Then, like most murderers these days, Husband simply shoots himself in the head. The final scene would be at Billy’s grave as Sidney visits with her daughter in tow. Sidney lowers herself to the headstone.
      Sidney: I forgive you.
      Then she strolls her daughter off.
      The CAMERA rolls to the back of the headstone. On it like graffiti is a drawing of the ghostface mask.

      THE END

      Oh, what I wouldn’t do to write these sequels.

      • @triguous

        Wow you are a beast. You just put Kevin to shame haha buttt, I have to disagree with Scream 6.
        I just don’t picturing Sidney having a baby, if anything I think Sidney dies in the 5th movie. And if they do make a Scream 6, it will be without Sidney and continuing with Dewey and Gale. And in the 6th movie, Sidney’s dad is going around killing everyone. And bam, Gale and Dewey dies. The end.

        Haha I really don’t know.

      • I don’t want to be a dick or anything, but I am so happy you’re not writing 5 and 6. Those sound about as bad as Scream 3. Are you Ehrun Kruger posing as triguous?

  2. While I somewhat enjoyed the film, I am extremely irritated that there were so many clips from the teasers/trailers/production stills that were not in the final film. I kept waiting for Gale’s “Do it if you have the guts” line, the video clip of “What’s your favorite scary movie?” written in blood on the wall, seeing Marnie actually get killed and strung up on the ceiling (from one of the production stills), to even the scene of the kids sitting next to the water fountain. There was even a scene from the first teaser with Kirby’s character holding up her iPhone with a video of Ghostface playing on it. Does anybody else wonder what happened to these not being in the theatrical release?
    Overall, it was incredibly disheartening while watching the movie and seeing the scenes not be included. As an avid “Scream” fan, I was extremely excited when the first teaser premiered; all of those mentioned elements, especially Gale’s line, were very powerful in the marketing campaign. So, while I can understand some scenes being removed for story purposes and whatnot (I realize it happens all the time), some of the clips not seen in the final version remain baffling. Why wouldn’t Gale say “Do it if you have the guts!” before being stabbed? It’s a line that’s perfectly Gale, and the fact that it was edited out feels odd and unnecessary; she’s been a fighter since the first film, so why make her appear weaker this time around? Also, why would they cut down Marnie’s character being killed? Were they trying to appease the MPAA, because Jill’s kill scene really took the cake as far as gruesome goes. In the end, I just felt cheated. Don’t sell me on a film with a bunch of witty one-liners and cool looking scenes in a trailer that, in the end, don’t even make the cut. Like I said, I realize this happens all the time, but I cannot recall a film that has suffered from it as much as Scream 4.

    • Correction: I meant Olivia’s death, not Jill’s… stupid Stivo…

    • “There was even a scene from the first teaser with Kirby’s character holding up her iPhone with a video of Ghostface playing on it.” — This scene does appear in the movie. Ghostface was added to the phone for the trailer. The thing I don’t understand is this — when I read reviews of Scream 4, they all the listed the film as having a 1 hour 51 minute running time. When I purchased my midnight showing tickets, the film’s running time was listed as 1 hour and 43 minutes. Where did those 8 minutes go? There had better be a blu-ray director’s cut. I wanted much more of Brittany Robertson.

      • I hate to say you’re wrong about the Kirby scene, but unless I was asleep the two times I saw it, it wasn’t in the final version. Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing, though. There was Kirby showing Sidney her phone broadcasting the webcam stuff from Robbie, but that was it. What I’m referring to was in the very first teaser released at the Scream Awards on Spike. That scene was not in the theatrical release.

        • Remember, we might just be seeing alternate takes/angles of the same scene (there are a few of these in the final cut as well). The teaser scene does look like it takes place at the Cinema Club meeting. There are posters in the background. It depends if she remains seated in the movie’s version — I can’t recall if she does or not, but I thought she remained seated but with a lean. She sits up in the trailer.

  3. I KNOW this is far fetched…. But I don’t think Kirby died. I think they left her to die but she could have survived. I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up in Scream 5.

    • @ B

      Refresh my memory, was Kirby Jill’s friend who called Sidney the ” angel of death”? Im just asking cause if she did survive she could take her anger out on Sidney since Jill & Charlie are both dead now while at the sametime theres a mystery killer try to do a remake him/herself by goin after all 3 original survivors & whoever gets in the way.

    • Dude, totally agree with you. My friend and I were discussing how all the new blood was killed off. Then he brought up the fact that Kirby didn’t die on camera. Yes, we see here get stabbed but we don’t see her die on screen. So I believe that could be possible. I’d love that. Kirby was my favorite character. Tatum/Randy. Hellz yeah!

      • scream 4 is mental ;D (y) its so amazing , the start ! when jenny goes to the garage and then he closes the thing rite on her back ! ouch..! :L and the car park seen is also amazing ;)

  4. Okay so I went on to see scre4m and it was okay alot of it could have been a whole better. Why did no one from die from the old one and everyone from the new one is killed off? Yeah it made its statement clear don’t fk with the old flicks but now you got 2 more as they say to make how is that going to happen now? the only thing is two options are jill lives and if you didn’t pick this up from the movie which I had a good hunch the stocker bf wasn’t the killer women r so evil. Is the look on sid face when she knew about the plot to. Billy and the other guy killing eachother and knew about the stab wounds of the reporter is there a outside source that got to jill?

  5. This movie was ok. Kirby will be back. I will have sex with her. Anyways, I think that the box office won’t be high enough to dictate a theatrical sequel. Screams dead.


  6. I know Scream is supposed to be poking fun at the horror series. This installment does a great job at that. But there comes a point where it just gets ridiculous. I heard everyone saying “the ending to this movie makes the movie.” For me, it made the movie worse. I did not believe for one second that Jill was the murderer. Also, the whole movie people are talking about how this place is a small town. However, after Sidney calls the police, it takes them forever to get to the house. I know that is playing with the genre or whatever, but it was just ridiculous how long it took them to get there. Also, the long drawn out dramatic ending was funnier than it was suspenseful. I don’t know. The ending just did not work for me and it was not believable for a second. At least in the other Screams, I could clearly see why these people were the killers. This one was just making Jill the killer for shock value.

    • This wasnt about poking fun at horror movies – it is about poking fun at reboots. It wasnt just Jill as the killer – it was her and Charlie – just like the original – so that can be believable, with is obsession of movies and her obsession over Sid and Sid’s fame. Therefore, not only was the movie a reboot – but Jill was trying to basically make herself a reboot – a reboot of Sid and her story – background, events and survival.

    • You do realize that them taking forever to get out to the house.. PROVES that it’s a small town.. right? “Small town” means there is almost ALWAYS country farms and a bunch of country land around the city, most of the time up to 35-40 miles OUTSIDE of town.. which means, this house, which they went to AFTER a party in a barn, would have been a long way away from town, once again proving, this is a small town, and considering Duey is a Sheriff not a “city cop” it proves that point even more, on why he is always in on these cases, because the Sheriff department is in charge of “county” crimes, not city crimes..

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I loved the fight at the hospital! But Jill seemed a bit strong for a teenage girl. But whatever, I loved it! :D

  8. I think they should leave it at scream 4. I love all the scream movies but no more sequels. I liked the ending but I hated how all the new people died but all the old ones lived. I love sidney, Gale, and Dewey but one of them should have died. Overall the film was good.

  9. I loved this movie! It was equally as good as #2, and in some ways even better. My only complaint is that although the extremely high body count made the movie entertaining and gave it more scary scares, THERE ARE NO KIDS LEFT! I think Scream 5 could be great with Kirby as the new Sid, Robbie as the new Randy, and that deputy girl who likes Dewey as the new Dewey. Then bring in some new kids like they did in Scream 2. I do think Robbie and Kirby might have survived, considering their attacks were the least brutal. Robbie even made it back to the house before collapsing, and if I remember correctly, Kirby was only stabbed once.

    • That’s impossible because Dewey and Hicks even checked his pulse and it didn’t look too good. And i think Kirby is still alive too. But she won’t be the new Sidney bc Wes Craven said he will be bringing back Neve Campbell as Sidney, and so on with Gale and Dewey, so yeah =)

  10. Well if you think about it, Williamson said that it would be good wrap up for he series if they don’t move on. SO if they make a fifth one, then they could bring Kirby back, but if they dont, Kirby could live OR die.

  11. It’s too bad Jill never met Sidney’s brother 10 years ago during the events of Scream 3. Both would of got what they wanted if they worked together to kill Sidney perhaps?

  12. Interesting thoughts on the ending and Scream 5 possibilities


  13. Wait I’m confused ?? Wasn’t all 3 the killers?Trevor,Jill and the long haired geek!?i thought there was a mention of Trevor helping to kill so and so and then Jill turns on him and kills him!Ir then shows she is with the geek but then she soon turns on him too! I was confused at the end too with the reporters saying she was a hero??!!

    • The killers were Charlie and Jill. Jill’s plan was to make it look like the killers were Charlie and Trevor.

    • Did you not watch the movie. If you don’t know who the killers were I have to ask what the hell you were doing in the cinema during the reveal?

  14. I think there was a 3rd killer in the 4th movie, but won’t be revealed until the 5th movie. I would like to see Hicks as the other killer, since that scene in the hallway with her and Sidney was a bit weird and awkward. And Hicks gets upset she doesn’t remember her, and she goes after.. hmm.. sounds interesting.

    • @ Shelley

      I too was suspiscious of Hicks of being the killer/one of the killers in the 4th film. I also think she would be great character to have as the next killer for the 5th film after what you just said, & her and Gail got off to a rocky start but doesn’t mean she wouldn’t still have feelings for dewey etc. And i remember people chanting to Sidney the murders were because of her return to woodsboro. As Dewey mentioned in Scream 2, serial killers are typically white males, so it would be better to have her be the only killer maybe since she’s female & finishing what Jill started and thinkin she can get away with anything cause she’s a deputy. She did seem odd in that hallway scene with Sid.

  15. If Gale or Dewey would have died, I would have been ultimately ticked and highly disappointed. And we all know Sidney will never die, well I hope not. <3 I love scream… And Dewey!(;

  16. @Wallywest:

    Thank you, glad someone finally agrees lol. She was just weird. And it makes perfect sense, if i was Wes Craven and Keven Williamson, that’s how i would do Scream 5. And bring Kirby back, and her and Sidney could team up. And Hicks ends of killing Gale in 5… maybe killing Sidney, as much as i want her to live… but if they do a 6th movie, they should just lead it off with Kirby.
    Idk, it’s a long shot. But who knows, i wish i could talk to Wes Craven lol i will tell him my idea haha

    OH here is the total box office for Scream 4:
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $32,380,994 47.7%
    + Foreign: $35,540,925 52.3%
    = Worldwide: $67,921,919

    • @ Shelly

      You’re welcome. I agree about Kirby & Sidney could team-up, especially if it means Sidney loses her life the next time since in she came close in the 4th film than any of others. If they had to kill someone off outta the 3 in the next film, id go with Dewey since i like Gail & Sidney little more. Plus it makes it easier those two stick close together & catch whoever killed Dewey. Then again Gail would work too, only i’ll miss her undercover work at solving who’s doin the murders etc, and maybe Dewey or Sid or both gets killed in the 6th film. I do know id hate to see this franchise get rebooted for real, and if it does, id feel sorry for Wes Craven cause i wasn’t impressed with New Line’s Nightmare On Elm Street reboot as i hoping it would be. And that was my favorite piece of work of his.

  17. Honestly, I don’t understand where all the dislike for this film is coming from. I saw it and while, yes, it wasn’t perfect, it stood head and shoulders above most of the crap horror films that the studios have been churning out recently (which was obviously what the film itself took so much delight in mocking). And what most people seem to forget is that Scream was conceived as a parody/comedy to begin with, so why are you surprised that there is so much humor in Scre4m? I have a feeling that the end product was largely different from Williamson’s original concept, including certain deaths and probably the very identity of the killer(s). Craven himself said that the film was altered as such to make the original concept for the trilogy impossible, so for those of you out there confused as to how Scre4m could be the start of a new trilogy, the answer is that the Weinsteins probably were concerned about the direction it was taking and wanted something more open-ended until the box office numbers rolled though. I believe that Williamson left the project because he didn’t like what was being done and, had he been given total control, the flaws that exist would probably be much more minimal or totally non-existent. For me, the film was very smart and a ton of fun, and it really makes me sad to see so-called “fans” of the series and the genre bashing it just for the sake of having something to gripe about. There are few to no horror flicks like the Scream franchise, and to see it die because people have minor grievances while mindless schlock like Saw and Paranormal Activity are churned out just makes me question my faith in the industry and its fans. And as for the missing scenes, i greatly look forward to the Blu-Ray TRUE version. Im guessing its a hell of a lot better. Support Scre4m! And let’s hope that the next time Williamson’s genius gets a little more faith. I’d be sad to see the franchise die just when I was getting excited about it’s rebirth….

  18. Ok, for those who have scrolled down far enough to read this. Thank you
    Lets start as much as i loved Kerby, shes dead. Stabbed twice in the belly and left for dead….Hopefully im wrong but i doubt it.
    As for a possible story for scream 5.. Sidney is attacked yet again. gets her head bashed in and ends up in a coma.
    Then Gale and a now divorced dewey team up to find out what happened…Meanwhile Ghost face killings start occurring targeted at gale and dewey ( i.e peps gale and dewey work with cops, reporters,).. someone dosent want them to find out who they are and why they attacked sidney in the start of the movie.

    Scream 6 . Sidney wakes up and is pissed off. Wakes up to find that Dewey has been killed and the killer hasnt been found. She teams up with Gale to finish the trilogy. This time the killer is killing people to get sidney and gales attention.. teasing them,” I killed A brother and a husband “. ect. Eventually the killer is reveled as…….???

  19. I think we all feel Kirby as a promising character in the story. Yes, she was stabbed by Charlie but was her body found really dead. Try to compare her death to the other gory death of the rest of the new cast. It wasn’t that brutal and if Sidney survived being stabbed ONLY ONCE near the stomach, then Kirby might also. She can be a replacement to Sidney but I don’t know if Wes Craven or Williamson would be brave enough to kill the all-time movie heroine. While, I don’t like Robbie much, I can see his great potential to be the modern-day Randy Meeks who gives the precautions and new rules to Sidney. They should also (FOR ME) kill anyone in the trio…

  20. Sidney was stabbed more than once. What’s with all the fascination of Kirby outta curiousity?

  21. Bc she’s hot.

    BUT, i don’t really care if Kirby comes back. It will always be about Sidney, no one can replace her.

  22. @ Shelly

    I know what’s her name grown up since i first seen her in Remember The Titans but i don’t find her that attractive. I agree, i don’t care if Kirby comes back neither cause her being another survivor & possibly be killed for sure later has been done already with two different characters in Scream 2 & 3.

  23. Was I the only one out there kind of hoping that Jill would get away with it? I don’t have the foresight for two movies, but 5cream could be really interesting based on Dewey’s suggestion that Sidney might not remember anything. Instead of the big secret killer reveal, it could be fun to watch Jill manipulate the main trio. Of course she’d have to keep on killing, sort of like Pringles…once you pop you can’t stop, and naturally to keep the spotlight on herself a la Kardashian. Of course she’d need a new partner or two, and then Kirby will come out of a coma or something and reveal Jill as the killer to the trio.

    And as an aside, I would’ve loved if Jill had been Sidney’s daughter, given to her aunt because she couldn’t handle a baby after all the trauma of Scream. The continuing carnage surrounding Sidney would easily explain why she stayed away from Jill and Kate, and would have made a much sicker and tragic twist when Jill is revealed as the killer.