‘Scream 3′ Writer Ehren Kruger Is Rewriting ‘Scream 4′

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scream 4 ghostface Scream 3 Writer Ehren Kruger Is Rewriting Scream 4

There’s a bigger mystery plaguing the town of Woodsboro than who’s behind the ghostface mask in Scream 4 – it’s the case of the disappearing cast.

First Lake Bell jumped ship and yesterday we learned that Lauren Graham is out as well. Both actresses cited scheduling conflicts as the reason for their departures but Zap2it is suggesting there’s more to the story.

Apparently Ehren Kruger has been doing on-set rewrites of Kevin Williamson’s script. Kruger’s credits include the American remake of The Ring, Reindeer Games, The Skeleton Key, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and the upcoming Transformers 3. However, fans of the Scream franchise may remember him best as the guy who ruined Scream 3. Kruger was brought on board that film when Williamson became too busy with other obligations and managed to deliver a script that turned Scream 3 into the same type of film the series had originally set out to parody.

While this started out as nothing more than a rumor, the official Scream 4 Twitter page confirms Kruger’s involvement but insists that it doesn’t mean Williamson has been sent packing:

Yes, Ehren Kruger has been brought in to do a bit of polishing. But no, Williamson isn’t “out”.

Williamson is currently working on the second season of The Vampire Diaries so it seems likely they brought in a new writer simply because he was unavailable. It seems a bit premature to begin calling into question the future of the franchise like Zap2it is doing. If the script for Scream 4 needed last minute rewrites that badly, Kruger is certainly an unusual choice. His is not a name that’s going to inspire much confidence in fans. This is the guy whose original script for Scream 3 included jokes about Gale (Courtney Cox) farting when she got nervous…

What’s more, the changes Kruger has made to Scream 4 have not gone over that well with some members of the cast. Allegedly Graham, who was playing the mother of Emma Roberts‘ character, decided to leave the film after learning how dramatically her role had been reduced. Another casualty is the character played by Hayden Panettiere, who has now been “dumbed down significantly”. It seemed a little odd that the recently cast Erik Knudsen was said to be playing a role very similar to Randy’s (Jamie Kennedy) from the original trilogy, because that’s also the way they originally described Panettiere’s part.

I’m afraid the news gets a little more discouraging. Director Wes Craven tweeted back to Zap2it regarding their story and said:

“I have not been given control of the script.”

I wasn’t resistant to Scream 4 and I hate to be an alarmist, but none of this is terribly reassuring. The previous two sequels were being constantly rewritten throughout production and we all saw how well those turned out.  Halfway through Scream 2 they dropped an entire subplot about the killer(s) targeting victims with the same names as characters from the first film.  In Scream 3, the last minute tinkering resulted in the removal of all the satire and references to horror movie clichés – no big deal, seeing as how they were only the genesis of the entire franchise :-P.

How do you feel about this latest Scream 4 development? Do these eleventh hour changes make you nervous or do you think Craven and Co. can still salvage a decent film out of this?

Source: Zap2it and Twitter.

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  1. I will save my money and skip this bomb in the making.

  2. the third movie was the worst keep this twat away from it

  3. Sounds like bad news. But even if it goes straight to DVD i’ll still give it a watch.

  4. Damn, I was really hoping this wasn’t true.

  5. “frowney face :( ” i was really looking forward to a film with this good of a cast too. i’m not familiar with this particular writer but i do know his work and this is not good news. Wes Craven should now by now what works and what doesnt. its his movie, he should grow some balls and take command

  6. I don’t understand what the big deal is. Williamson completed the script. He wrote it. Ehren Kruger, a very fine thriller writer (have you read or seen Arlington Road?) is doing some polishing. That happens all the time. No big deal. Hopefully they’re not trashing Williamson’s script. If the actors are leaving because they don’t like what’s happening, then I’m not so sure…but I’m not convinced that’s happening.

    • Arlington Road is a good film and script. It’s also ONE out of FIFTEEN produced screenplays. If he had a few more Arlington Road’s in his resume and a few less Reindeer Games, this probably wouldn’t be an issue.

      Polishing is one thing. And you’re right, a lot of scripts are refined once production begins. But it seems pretty late in the game to be dramatically changing the characterization of main characters.

      I still think if they decided the script needed a rewrite that Kruger was the wrong guy to bring on board.

      • polishing and re-writing are differnt terms as well, if i were Craven, i’d jump ship. this has PG-13 ALL over it

  7. I have a bad feeling about this.

  8. Scream 2 in my opinion is one of the few sequels that was better than the original and the first Scream was a classic. Scream 3 was an unfathomable disaster that was sorely missing not only Kevin Williamson’s sense of humor but also his ear for dialogue. It felt less like a new entry in the franchise and more like the spoof version of Scream glimpsed in the opening of Scream 2. Please god let this not be true, or let Kevin Williamson get the final rewrite on it!

    • i didnt really care for S@, or S3..i will give them this…very few sequels get the same rating as the original

  9. Well I can’t say that I was thrilled about a Scream 4 in the first place and now I have even more doubts about it with Ehren Kruger doing rewrites. It sounds like it’s all getting a little messy and that can only spell disaster.

  10. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

  11. Kevin Williamson isn’t leaving. He’s in Atlanta shooting Vampire Diaries. So, they brought in Kruger just to assist if any thing needs to be changed, since he worked on Scream 3. But, Kevin’s script is still being used. It’s still his story. The actors who dropped out were just because they had other shows to shoot during ther schedules for the movie. So, Scream 5 and 6 will still happen, like they said before! :) Hopefully… They said the cast was upset over this. But, there not because it’s not true!

    • its all shenanagans to me, its gonna fail cuz of the rewrites

  12. What’s the point of getting Kruger on board??? What little hope I had for Screm 4 is ebbing away.

  13. I never gave a crap about the second and third Screams. And those feelings only got WORSE on repeat viewings. A 4th Scream is not desired or required.

    Gremlins 3 however…. :)

  14. good movie scream series.

  15. I liked Scream 3. However, Scream is my favorite scary movie b/c the ending messed my teenage mind up! And sometimes rewrites are necessary especially when scripts are leaked on the Internet.

  16. Just watched 1 and 2 back to back. No real desire to watch part 3 as it is a s*** end to what started off good.

    I did notice how they dropped the copycat deal in part 2 where the killer was targeting ppl with names from the first. It is not entirely bad, however, as it would have meant the car crash scene wouldn’t have really worked and that’s one of the best parts. The ending in part 2 is dumb, though.

    It is sad that part 3 didn’t have Dewey as the killer as the whole superhuman thing is both hilarious and awesome because it’s in a way making fun of the fact that test audiences wanted to keep him alive. Like “You guys wanted him alive, now look what you did. More people are dead. : D” Lol

  17. good.

  18. very good.

  19. I’m so sorry, but SCREAM 3 for me was the “Ultimate ‘SCREAM'”… Scream 4 was only surprising and amusing… SCREAM 3 for me has a lot of runs and chases… More fun from Parker Posey and Deon Richmond…