The upcoming San Diego Comic-Con got me to thinking about what other venues there are for our readers and what is really available out there – I’ve taken a look around and came up with a short list.  This article is for all of you who might not be able to make it to San Diego.

With that said, let’s get on with it.

In case you haven’t heard, the 40th 2009 San Diego Comic-Con is coming up.  It’s just a little event that takes place every year.  Somehow, like a little snowball starting on its downhill journey, it has built momentum and size on the way down to become what it is today.

It’s gained enough momentum through the years to have outgrown its moniker of a convention for comics and has become TV-Movie-Web-MovieStar-Comic-Con.  (I’m sure I left out a few labels.)

Don’t worry, the convention in San Diego has a massive exhibit hall and close to half of it is taken up by comic distributors.

sdcc08 01 Science Fiction Conventions Great And Small

Thunderbird 2

They also have toy distributors on the floor for those really hard to find items that you’ve forgotten about until you see them in all their glory on display at SDCC.  Once you see the toys, your wallet then gets incredibly thinned out or gets a worn out spot as you keep taking it out and looking at what you have that you can spend.  Then putting it back.  Then pulling it out…  it’s torment, but it’s the best kind of torment.

sdcc08 02 Science Fiction Conventions Great And Small

Space 1999

If you need a break from spending and window shopping, you can always just walk the hall and catch the enthusiastic fans who take the time to create some incredible costumes.  I am envious of the time they have, but we show our appreciation by asking them for a moment so we can take their pictures for posting on our picture websites, or editorial entertainment websites.

sdcc08 03 Science Fiction Conventions Great And Small

sdcc08 04 Science Fiction Conventions Great And Small

Continue reading to see a list of alternative conventions…

When you get done with the floor, the purveyor of all that is “geek” can choose to check out the panels that the studios have put together to preview their newest and upcoming attractions.  Or they can choose to help market old favorites like Farscape and the like.

sdcc08 05 Science Fiction Conventions Great And Small

Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer on BSG panel

Needless to say and from what I can tell, SDCC is the cream of the crop or right there at the top with a few other organizations.  This year, all tickets sold out weeks ago so I’m anticipating a huge crowd no matter what hour of the day I’m at the convention.

But enough about Comic-Con.  I’ll bet there are some of you out there that would like to go to something like this but can’t afford to transit to San Diego.

No problem.

There are actually lots of options out there for the wanna-be attendee.  True, they may not have the studios or star power that may show up to market their wares to the general public, but nonetheless, there are events out there that bring together the fans to have some fun.

The main organizers are Comic-Con, which puts on numerous venues like Wondercon  or APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco.

The New York Comic-Con is put on by Reed Exhibitions and their next event will occur on October 8-10, 2010 to be held at the Javits Center.

Dragon-Con puts on a few conventions. The next one coming up is in Atlanta, Georgia on September 4-7 2009.  Some lined up guests are Dirk Benedict, Joe Flannigan, Claudia Black, Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy and many other notable names.

Creation Entertainment has been putting on conventions for fans for 38 years.  Some of the shows they focus on are Star Trek, Stargate, Xena, BSG, Farscape, Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and a bunch of other fan favorites.  They have a Stargate convention coming up in Chicago on August 21-23.  Supernatural in Vancouver, BC on August 28-30.  They also have a lot of Twilight conventions.  There’s one coming up in Atlanta on July 10, Minneapolis on July 17th, Phoenix AZ on August 14th, and so forth.

Redemption conventions focus on Babylon 5 and Blakes 7 venues.  Their next event will be on February 25th, 2011.

I’ve also been to smaller events and even if they don’t draw the star power, they still manage to snag some personality appearances and they do what they can for you. Other notable events are put on by The Baltimore Science Fiction Society, New Mexico Fantasy Con, and even the Starfury organization.

There’s opportunity for all and even if you think it’s not big enough to warrant, you might want to give it a try and see what fun you can muster out of it.

Small Representation of Convention Listings

Below, I’ve compiled a small list of convention websites.  I’d be willing to bet I’ve missed a whole bunch of organizations.  Feel free to add your favorite or most accessible convention to the comments section of Screen Rant to help build our list.

Arisia Science Fiction Convention Annual Boston convention
ArmadilloCon Annual Austin convention
Balticon 33 Baltimore Science Fiction Society
Bubonicon New Mexico fantasy con
Capricon Motivating people to read and write speculative fiction
CoastCon Mississippi
Comic-Con Wonder-Con, Comic-Con, THE Con
CONduit Science fiction and fantasy in its many forms
CONvergence Diversity of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Creation Entertainment Star Trek and sci-fi
Dragon*Con Covers the gamut of the genre
I-CON Multi-track convention
Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci Fi Con Monthly comics and science fiction convention.
MarsCon Fan-run science fiction convention
MidSouthCon Memphis
Minicon Fan-run science-fiction convention
OSFCI Oregon
Philcon Philadelphia Science Fiction Society
Redemption For fans of Babylon 5 and Blakes 7
Starfury 2001 A UK Convention site
StellarCon North Carolina
Toronto Trek Toronto, Canada
Vulkon Ent Activities for fans of all ages

As always, comments are welcome from our Screen Rant readers.