Sci Fi Channel Announces Their Summer Line Up

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sci fi logo 150 Sci Fi Channel Announces Their Summer Line UpFor the TV based sci-fi fans out there, the Sci Fi Channel announced the dates for their new and returning shows for their summer programming schedule.

On the list is that wacky science town of Eureka, with it’s third season starting up July 29th. The new season is going to be introducing some new characters to the show.

Their surprisingly successful series, Ghost Hunters International comes back with only seven new episodes, but new is new and they’re slated to begin on July 9th.

I know in the past I’ve knocked the show around a bit, but I get the draw of the show and can appreciate it.. to a higher degree than I used to.

One of my personal favorites, Scare Tactics makes it’s return to the network with it’s third season on July 9th. I loved that show, where people set up their “friends” to scare the cr*p out of them with staged stunts. Sometimes a little overboard, but the premise really appeals to me!

For those of you wondering about the the surviving Stargate franchise show, Stargate Atlantis kicks off their 5th season on July 11th.

The fifth season is slated for a 20-episode run, introducing a new alien race and the show’s 100th episode will be included in this run. On tap for guest or return appearances are Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) and it’s noted that Amanda Tapping (Col. Samantha Carter) will also make a guest appearance as Robert Picardo (Richard Woosley) assumes command of the base.

Ug, I’ve never been a big fan of Woosley, but I’ve enjoyed Robert Picardo’s work on different shows, like the holographic doctor on Star Trek Voyager, who was in search of his personality development.

And as far as guest appearances go, I’d love to see Teal’c make a return trip to Atlantis. It was very entertaining to see like minded aliens spar in an obvious even physical match in the episode Midway. In the end they came to understand each other. I’d like to see a spin-off with those two. That would be fun.

Source: SciFi Wire

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  1. Robert Picardo is a regular now?

    geeze, im so behind on stargate, i best get back into it

  2. I have a real hard time gettiing into Stargate Atlantis.
    They are always changing things .
    I just get a feeling of insecurity from that show.

  3. Carter only had a single season as a regular?

    Seems a little like a gyp, considering her character was woefully underused in the last season, in my opinion.

    Well, I suppose this will make it rather easier to “date” which season you’re watching re-runs.

    Woolsey is in charge of Atlantis? Must be season 5.

    Carter? Season 4.

  4. Rob: Picardo was on the show intermittently and now it looks like he’ll be a regular. I think it will be a great role for him.

    Gary: To be fair, it is a flying city and all!!

    Jerseycajun: As far as Tapping goes, don’t worry. I think I’ve heard she’s off doing another Sci Fi Channel show.. I';; try to look it up and get back to you here.

  5. Maybe they can have some weird female alien chase Woolsey around, trying to marry him, and in the end he thinks, hey, why not? 😉

    Agree, the character isn’t great but Picardo I like, so glad he is getting work.

    Teal’c And Ronin would be very cool (think this has come up somewhere else). I did like when they had that other guy for one series, forget his name, who was a human from another world. Having two ‘aliens’ gave them something to compare.
    Teal’c could be Ronin’s Bra’tac!
    The episode they did together went a bit Hard Boiled Cop, which is a very good thing.

  6. I think it will be very interesting to see Woolsey develop as he experiences the reality of actually facing the dangers on the front line instead of just doing Monday morning quarterbacking.

    While I’m a fan of Tapping, she almost wasn’t even on the show even during her one season, pretty much a waste, really. And the show she is moving to is called “Sanctuary” and we talked about it here.


  7. Thanks Vic!

  8. Vic, Bruce, run your lead articles through a grammar check program. “Its” not hard to do.

  9. Sci Fi on balance continues to be one big yawn. They don’t promote their best shows well. They screw with the most loyal fans (Farscape, Battlestar Galactica.) They promote their website and then don’t deliver the web based product. (Battlestar Galactica streaming video.)

    What paranormal, horror, and “reality” shows have to do with sci fi, I’ll never know. You’d think there was not enough true science fiction (classics or independent) to fill their schedule.

  10. Lost has done well during hiatuses by posting the equivalent of webisodes. (“Missing pieces.”) The genre–mystery, puzzle, ensemble cast, multiple time frames-lends itself well to 2 or 3 minute incidents which fill in some gaps. These would normally be considered deleted scenes, except I think Abrams and his team are master marketers and know how to keep the fan base stoked.

  11. Thanks 790.. it was late, I was working on multiple projects.. I should have waited to post, and done a triple check…

    Jimmy, I was just watching the “Missing Pieces” and all they did is create more questions.. arg.

    790: The Doctor was definitely developing personality: “the Doctor’s program evolved to become more lifelike, with emotions and ambitions, and he developed meaningful and complex relationships”. In an additional episode, all his personality subroutines were removed for a bit and he went back to his emotionless professional interface.

    (I never missed an episode.. sigh.. I’ve been outed.

  12. Everyone makes grammer mistakes Jimmy. 😉

    Stargate,(aarrgghgh) the tv show that came into my life based on a average film and then wouldn’t get canceled.
    First it burned Farscape off the air, then stole the lead actors from the show.
    Now it has captured Robert Picardo. Of course I’m happy for Picardo, but seriously I hate that franchise O so much.
    The day its finnaly canceled I’m throwing a BIG party!!!

    Oh and Bruce the Doctor on Voyager was NEVER trying to find a personality, he only wanted a name. He was FULL of personality. 😉

    Sci-Fi channel has given us LEXX so I can’t say I hate the network but gheeessssssshhhh come up with something new. There’s plenty of Sci-Fi shows looking for a home.

    PS, (IMO), mini-web-a-sodes are the LAMMEST gimmick around….

  13. Jimmy,

    Regarding grammar: Bruce published this one without running it past the “Vic filter.”

    I’m a stickler for proper grammar AND spelling.


  14. I agree with the sentiment that it would be refreshing if there was more SF programming on the SF channel. TBH I am incredibly mystified how they can produce the “mutant beast of the month’ movies so fast and still not see them develop a new SF series out of the tremendous volume of works that are out there that cover the gamut from bug eyed alien conflicts to the search for meaning in the cosmos.

    Not picking up the opportunities that presented themselves with Farscape, Firefly and Jericho bothers me, those are franchises that obviously instill passion in their viewers and would supposedly be the target core audience for the channel, yet…..

    Would love to see them pick up something like Brin’s Uplift War, Bujold’s Vor Series, Glen Cook’s Black Company and try and do it justice. Instead of dropping more cash on killer shark movies.

  15. Well I have to disagree. I’ve seen every Voyager ep as well as own them all on dvd.

    If anything The Doctor wanted to be treated as an equal during the first few seasons. Empathy was something he lacked but as he went along he bacame more human.
    After that all he wanted was a name, respect and independance.
    He earned the crews respect by season 2, got independance from the holo-emitter in season 3 and became considered a lifeform in season 7.
    He finally picked a name (Joe) in the final episode “Endgame”.

    Personality, he got that from Dr Zimmerman his creator, as you can see in the Episode “Life line” in season 6.

  16. Bruce,

    Lost’s “Missing Pieces” only give you more questions?

    You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

  17. Hey Jimmy: I don’t mind more questions, if a show actually answers them, but I find myself not having any answers and just building a “library” of more questions as more twists keep getting thrown at us.

    It’s most unsatisfying for me. (For the record, my wife watches the dang show and I sit down with her, otherwise I would have bailed on the show long ago.)

  18. I guess Dresten Files has been put to rest, too bad…