Schwarzenegger Provides ‘Terminator 5,’ ‘Legend of Conan’ & ‘Triplets’ Updates

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Last Stand 2013 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger Provides Terminator 5, Legend of Conan & Triplets Updates

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand may not have lit the box office on fire (despite being a fun action film), but for fans of the iconic action star, the film served as a new beginning, effectively kicking off a second phase of Schwarzenegger’s film career.

Since concluding his political run as governor of California, the actor has lined up a number of upcoming projects, including Escape Plan alongside Sylvester Stallone. However, his re-emergence as a box office presence has also raised the question of which of his most memorable roles Schwarzenegger would be willing to revisit.

Most notably, the Terminator franchise has struggled to find its way in the wake of the disappointing Terminator Salvation. The project has been the subject of much will-he-or-won’t-he debate regarding Schwarzenegger’s involvement, but now that the star has been confirmed (and is moving full-steam ahead with his film career once more), when can fans finally expect to see him back in his most iconic role?

According to Metro UK, Schwarzenegger has clarified exactly where Terminator 5 and some of his other upcoming sequels stand. Here’s what he had to say:

“We’re writing [Terminator 5] now. There are three projects being written that involve me. One is Terminator 5, the other is a Conan movie that Universal is doing and there’s the sequel to Twins, which is called Triplets. We’ll all look quite different in that. The third triplet is Eddie Murphy, so figure that one out.”

The “Conan movie” in question is, of course, The Legend of Conan, which will reportedly act as a direct sequel to the original Conan the Barbarian, ignoring its sequel and the failed 2011 franchise reboot starring Jason Momoa. The initial Schwarzenegger film ended with a flash-forward teasing an upcoming story about Conan as king, a “story [that would] also be told.”

Old Conan in Legend of Conan Schwarzenegger Provides Terminator 5, Legend of Conan & Triplets Updates

The Terminator and Conan follow-ups make a lot of sense, given the affection fans still have for those franchises (and the studios’ hopes to keep them alive and relevant). However, Triplets seems a bit riskier. Twins is still regarded as one of Schwarzenegger’s few financially successful forays into comedy, but it’s also not exactly a sequel anyone was asking for. This doesn’t mean that Triplets can’t be successful – it is simply going to be the toughest one to sell to modern audiences. Book of Mormon stars Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon are writing the film.

For those looking forward to Schwarzenegger sequels, the fact that scripts are being written for the three films is encouraging, though it provides little indication when any finished films will be released. Last we heard, The Legend of Conan was hoping to start filming this year (which is fast becoming a long shot, given the actor’s schedule), and Terminator 5 was being written by screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. Director Justin Lin previously turned down the project in favor of current blockbuster Fast & Furious 6, but he has since turned down the opportunity to direct Fast & Furious 7. Perhaps now he can find a way to fit Terminator 5 into his schedule.

Which of the upcoming Schwarzenegger sequels are you most looking forward to, Screen Rant readers, and what other roles (if any) should the star revisit next? Let us know in the comments.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on Terminator 5, The Legend of Conan and Triplets as the films work their way to production.

Source: Metro UK

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  1. I’m really interested in the Conan movie – sounds good! Terminator 5 I’m skeptical but could be convinced with the right story. Twins I have real desire to see happen I’ll most likely skip it when and if it hits theaters.

  2. Del Toro for Terminator 5. Let’s see that one.

    • Yes!

  3. Conan and Terminator need Schwarzenegger.

    I did not see Salvation but I heard that when John Conner caught sight of the cgi Arnie that he ran for it. When the only remembrance that Conner would have had of that model was as a father figure. He would have thought he had found a friend.

    • True, the only bad Terminator that looked like Arnold was the one that his mother encountered. But I’m sure his mother told him a lot of nasty stories about that one. But in that timeline I think he probably realized that it wouldn’t be programmed at all to help him.

      I have very vague memories of Salvation, though, I don’t even remember that. Guess I’ll have to re-watch it at some point.

    • No, Chris Fawkes, just no. When Connor runs into a T-800 that looks like Arnold, he is caught off guard, and does indeed run, since ya know, it’s a terminator (not the same one he was allies with before), and it is trying to kill him. He of course remembers what the T-800 looks like, but he knows that this is a different terminator.

      See the movie before you comment on it.

      • Yeah, it was the guy who played Arnold in a little seen TV movie about his life with CGI added to his face/head to make him look the way Arnold did in the first Terminator movie.

        And Connor ran from it because it was one of many T-800s in a production line and was trying to kill him after being switched on.

        I still honestly can’t see how Salvation “struggled” when for me, it was a great movie, showed Connor as paranoid of all cybernetics, becoming the leader of the resistance by the end, showed how he got his facial scars and did a great job of moving the story closer to the huge battles we were teased at the start of the first movie.

        The only weak link in the franchise was Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines because Clare Danes and the guy playing John Connor seemed to be devoid of personality and the plot seemed to conveniently place characters in situations instead of leading naturally towards them.

        Kristanna Loken was pretty cool as a cold and emotionless robotic killer though. She was the only highlight of that movie.

        • @Dazz

          Especially when her boobs expanded.

          I like Terminator 3.

          Salvation suffered from….A Good Story, a little bit loss in the second act.

          But, No Arnold many people panned it.

        • The Sara Connor Chronicles was well written and a lot better than the last three Terminator movies. If you love the Terminator story line, I highly recommend the show.

          • It’s a shame that like many shows now-a-days it ended before its time also.

  4. Personally I’m stoked about Triplets. At least it’s semi-original and could be a sleeper hit.

  5. Well, a Conan the King movie would certainly make sense at this point in Ahnold’s career.

    People will go see Terminator 5 if he’s in it as well. People will never believe a geezer being a Terminator so that’s a good disguise. :D

  6. Arnold doing terminator 5, t

  7. I loved that Jason Momoa Conan flick despite its critical drubbing. Justin Lin for Terminator 5 or transformers 5, happy with either!

    • Me too, I enjoyed the Conan reboot.

      Apparently, it was closer to the old comic books of the 30s and 40s than the Arnold movie.

  8. Arnold is back doing t5, twins 2 and Conan 2. I hope they are good films. Still can’t wait to see Escape plan with him and stallone which will be really good to see like the expendables. This is what they should have done years ago. I hope arnold works with Jim Cameron again on true lies 2 or some other good action film. Same with John Mctiernan on a sequel to predator or something else.

  9. Basil Poledouris score for Conan The Barbarian was brilliant and absolutely perfect for that film, I really think they should bring him back again to do the next one.

    Would also like to see Mako and Gerry Lopez as well, his companions in the first were half the fun.

    Grace Jones and Tracey Walter in Destroyer just didn’t have the same chemistry with him.

    Terminator franchise lost the plot after T3, T3 was great as far as action was concerned but I could never buy Skynet as a self aware software program, that was just silly.

    Would have made a lot more sense if Cyberdine had a second lab working on the new processor, Miles Dyson’s lab being unaware that his work was being farmed to the second lab. So even after they destroyed the chip and the remains of the first terminator they still had a core database of the work up to that point.

    Would have made sense there was a delay in introducing Skynet, longer to develop the chip without the broken original as a guide.

      • @Jeff W

        Firstly, I have to say you’re looking a lot prettier these days! :)

        Thank you, it was my first thought when I saw the reveal of Skynet in T3, wasn’t a bad film just the writing lacked logic. Hardware is the real brains in any machine, not the software.

        That was really my only big gripe with it, considering The Terminator and T2 were built on that premise of a radically designed processor which can think for itself, and becomes self aware. Self aware software? I think not.

    • again I recommend the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    • Senior Citizen Terminator that always has to be oiled from an oil can

      • As C3PO once said “This oil bath is going to feel sooo good. I’ve got such a bad case of dust contamination my joints are almost frozen.”

    • Nail on the head… he’s looking like a rusty calculator now.

  10. Terminator 5 should be about sending the Terminator back in time, the way they did it in Back To The Future II. That means awesome scenes where a new story/timeline is incorporated within the first (and/or second) Terminator movie.

    An older John Connor and the same (slightly older looking of course but what the heck) Terminator model (almost) running into younger versions of themselves, that would be amazing.

  11. The Problem is.

    They need to stop sending Terminators into the Past. It is not working.

    They keep trying to kill John Conner and he keeps foiling them…The most advanced Terminators did not have the direction of the T-800…Darn thing kept going and going and going.

    • It’s interesting, the whole manipulation of time via time travel, really Skynet beat itself.

      It created time travel which resulted in both a Terminator and Kyle Reese being sent back into the past.

      Now if time travel hadn’t been invented Kyle Reese couldn’t have gone back in time and John Connor wouldn’t have existed in the first place, but then again the broken chip from the first Terminator wouldn’t have been found to be able to do research and create Skynet, so in effect Skynet had no choice but to create time travel and send the Terminator back in time.

      It’s almost as if the future war was a different time-line to our own, so when Skynet sends the Terminator back through time its actually sending it to our timeline, not the past of it’s own. Parallel universe?

  12. You start off by asking, “Is there really, honestly a movie here, anywhere?”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger confers a sharp taste in the mouth when at the age of 65 (though he appears younger) that he danes to portray a creditable character with his legendary limited acting skills. His acting hardly bares any fruit; it’s the “action” in his movies…which takes us back to that sharp taste in the mouth.

    His mere presence, as it were, doesn’t bring “class” to the proceedings (like, say, a Morgan Freeman) and so we’re left with a “geezer with a gun”. This, in itself, relies upon a mature or otherwise doddering demographic, at best; worse, a younger generation expecting and equally youthful Schwarzenegger.

    Arnold’s opportunity to excite the fanbase is his substantial presence/performance in THE EXPENDABLES 2 then later THE LAST STAND. Enthusiasm over his comeback seems exclusive a return to his former glory.

    Again, my question: “Is there really, honestly a movie here, anywhere?” TWINS is a quaint popcorn movie back-in-the-day whose audience has moved on. (Eddie Murphy can be annoying.) CONAN is a herculean warrior, not a sedintary king sendings others off to fight his battles. (Arnold no longer has the muscle tone for the character or the role.) THE TERMINATOR, by far his best performance, is a model no longer in stock.

    Whether a believer, skeptic or cynic when it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, if the man “act” his age, he might prove a wonderful character actor (with the right part and under good direction). Outside these parameters…that taste-in-the-mouth thing.

    • Can’t agree with you more. All 3 of these franchises need to be left where they were. Hollywood needs to stop with all the needless reboots and sequels just for the sake of cashing in on a name. Out of any of Arnie’s movies, the only one in my opinion that could possibly warrant a sequel after all this time would be True Lies, but even that to be honest would never capture the same glory of what the original did in its day. I think Arnie is trying too hard to recapture his past and is suffering from regret after his long political career where he never had the limelight or adoration that he did with his acting career. If he wants to come back and work on new projects, fine. But he really needs to man up and not go dragging old franchises through the mud, knowing full well he could never really fit back into those roles. And I’m sorry, but adding Eddie Murphy to a Twins sequel is just asinine. I guess they plan on saying something like, “Oh, there was a hidden black scientist that was never photographed, blah blah blah.” It’s just complete and utter crap.

  13. OMG a triplets movie! Can’t wait for that one!

    Legend of Conan is gonna be epic!!

    • @Guardian.

      You excited for Triplets?

  14. “Terminator V” needs to return to its roots; thus, the sequel needs to be a science-fiction horror movie.

  15. well if he’s doing terminator and conan I think he needs to get in shape, he looks so old. silvester stalone is in better shape

  16. All Terminator 5 needs is the return of John Connor leading the resistance set several years after Salvation with Kyle Reese being sent back in time during the movie and then finding Arnold as an older captive that has been in Skynet prison for decades and his only means of staying sane is to use the gym.

    His presence could be explained as him being a convict who, instead of being turned into a cyborg like Sam Worthington’s character, was used as a likeness for the T-800 model, kept alive to be studied and make the robots more human-like in their actions and then forgotten about when the base got destroyed and he was trapped within the ruins.

    His insight would then help Connor and his resistance fighters and hopefully the movie will have enough plot and good will to warrant Arnold’s character’s death so that the final movie can go ahead without him and close off the story once and for all with Skynet losing the war, Connor dying in battle and a monument built from Terminator parts in the spot where he died as a permanent reminder for the whole of mankind of the man who helped save the world.

    As for Conan, all he needs is a group of people setting out from a village with him after a villain has run roughshod through it so that Arnold won’t have to do a majority of the action but can still get the killing blow on him to become king.

  17. I am looking forward to seeing all three movies. I am most excited to see T-5.

  18. Terminator 5 is a film I would like to see. For me Terminator One is the best and a return to this minimalist (lower budget) but ‘R’ rated scenario is something I could go for. I do wonder why Arnold would not of have started with a return to a ‘franchise’ film instead of The Last Stand because he needs to build his fan base again. I also thought the Last Stand was an excellent film and deserved to do better financially. Also, I do wonder if Arnold couldn’t tap his friend James Cameron on the shoulder and see if they couldn’t squeeze in an effort of some kind between the Avatar films.

  19. I want a King Conan movie & T5 the most. However, I’d also very much like to see a return of Dutch.

  20. The 2011 reboot of Conan was a huge mistake and he should have gone back to this sequel YEARS ago. I guess better late than never.

  21. Dylan! You son of a B….!

  22. I think the first thing Arnold needs to do is hit the gym. I know he’ll never have the physique he once had when he played those roles before, but maybe he can buff up enough to be somewhat convincing.

    • @Dan

      Well they can always use CG to iron out his wrinkles a bit, when it’s done right it comes across quite well.

      The younger version of Anthony Hopkins ‘Odin’ in Thor comes to mind, thought that was quite effective.

  23. I’d love for him to return as John Matrix and make the Commando sequel that eventually was retitled “Die Hard”. I’m sure one or two of you may have heard of it.

    I mean, if Stallone could get away with using the original Beverly Hills Cop story he pushed for (before he was replaced by Eddie Murphy) and releasing it as Cobra several years later…

  24. Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I told you I`ll be back you bitches”

    • “Bunnies” ? And it should be “I’d” (be back) – unless you want him to be quoting himself rather than referring to his insatiable blood lust…for bunnies.

  25. Anybody see the DVD extra for T3 wherein we see a comedic Arnold speaking with someone else’s voice about the robot he’s building? It’s very funny, and ends with the boss complaining about the voice, to which a man with Schwartzeneggar’s distinct voice responds “we can fix it.”. Oddly I believe that herein lies the coolest way to bring the actor back to the franchise.

    Nobody expects grampa Schwartzeneggar to look like an ideal specimen of robo-human perfection anymore, and we’ve all seen him play both sides of that character anyway. What if the man he plays in T5 is the aging specimen upon which the T-800 was based? He is a human that was there captive and template, but presumably has become a freedom fighter, and can encounter John Connor or not. That way they can redo the last film’s 80′s Arnold/CGI Torso meld for as many Terminators as you want to burn the skin of off and fill with bullets, etc, but leave the human role for the aging actor. Why he was chosen, etc could be very interesting. Maybe the terminators would recognize him as one of their own, even? That’d give him the creeps…

    • I said this yesterday already, why not read the thread.

      • Well I would have, but when I saw your name I skipped over it. Only kidding. But Im sure that whatever you said, I said it better, so I accept your apology. I don’t always have time to read everyone’s thoughts, but I do keep an eye out for people who tend to have good thoughts.

      • Well I found your earlier comment, but it had little in common with mine. Aside from NOT having Arnold play a cyborg and being the template for T800, our posts differ in content. (meaning I wasn’t redundant).

        I definitely do NOT want him to play a scientist, nor the inventor of the cyborg, which are both huge leaps I would think are misguided. A more natural fit for a hulking man that the machines based their automatons upon would be a warrior that fights in the resistance. He is chosen and captured but spends the film fighting against the machines and the waves of himself that his template has allowed. The pieces are there, but especially considering it will be an ACTION movie, let’s not make Arnold freaking Schwartzeneggar portray a scientist before he picks up a gun (and takes to it rather quickly).

  26. sorry, but from the first comments about why john ran from arnie when he saw him. I thought it was because he was told in a previous film that in the future he kills him. Therefore he see him and thinks, cheese it!

  27. T5 probably be renovated into a quasi reboot like X-Men First Class. But then again, that was Salvation so. The Conan reboot could work in theory but audiences didn’t seem to care about The Last Stand when they were trying to market only his star power without the franchise behind it.