Schwarzenegger and Stallone Team-Up Flick ‘The Tomb’ Retitled ‘Escape Plan’

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schwarzenegger tomb release date Schwarzenegger and Stallone Team Up Flick The Tomb Retitled Escape Plan

Lionsgate/Summit has the tag team of action legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone headlining a new prison escape thriller, which had originally been dubbed The Tomb and set for a theatrical release near the end of September this year, but is now arriving two weeks earlier under the title Escape Plan.

This long-awaited “event” pairing old-and-creaky muscleheads together comes not long after the actors’ most recent solo vehicles The Last Stand ($12 million U.S. gross) and Bullet to the Head ($9.5 million) failed to pull in the same crowd that flocked to fellow old dog Bruce Willis’ A Good Day to Die Hard ($66.8 million), despite Schwarzenegger and Stallone’s movies earning much better reviews – and proving to be genuine testosterone-fueled action movie throwbacks.

Escape Plan is now scheduled to arrive in U.S. theaters on September 13th, where it will compete with Machete Kills for the attention of moviegoers in the mood for some lunkheaded entertainment. The September release date suggests that studio executives don’t expect Arnold and Sly’s onscreen (mis)adventure to match the success of The Expendables franchise, but with the right marketing angle there’s no reason a solid turnout has to be written off as impossible (seeing how it does feature two Hollywood icons).

Arnold Schwarzenegger The Last Stand Schwarzenegger and Stallone Team Up Flick The Tomb Retitled Escape Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Last Stand’

In fact, when Last Stand and Bullet to the Head‘s weak box office was broken down on the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, our editors agreed that the weak trailers featuring cheese dialogue – chunks of which didn’t even make the final cut – and focusing on Schwarzenegger and Stallone being “old,” didn’t help to win over the doubtful opposition (or a younger generation that didn’t grow up watching those guys slaughter bad guys and shout catchy one-liners onscreen).

Both titles, in my humble opinion, are solid callbacks to old-school action that were put together with greater skill and appreciation for movie history (and changes in the pop culture landscape over the previous decade) than recent blockbusters such as the fifth Die Hard flick or G.I. Joe: Retaliation; not to mention, the popularity of Olympus Has Fallen demonstrates there is, in fact, demand for entertainment that harkens to the bygone era of 1990s machismo fare.

Early descriptions of the script by Miles Chapman (Road House 2: Last Call, Cybergeddon) and Jason Keller (Machine Gun Preacher, Mirror Mirror) indicate that Escape Plan could be another quality offering from Arnold and Sly. However, with the original title of The Tomb being exchanged for a cheesier alternative (seriously, it sounds more appropriate for a comedy), one has to worry about the possibility that misguided marketing will rear its ugly head again…


We shall find out what happens when Escape Plan opens on September 13th, 2013.

Source: Lionsgate/Summit

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  1. Good decision to change the title.

  2. Nah, give that a miss i think. The only reason A Good Day did anything at the box office was because it was a Die Hard movie with a massive fan base.

    Apart from committed 80’s action junkies who else is really bothered that the two big boys are back together and as it turns out they weren’t that bothered when they flew solo.

    Anyone…. you sir at the back, oh you’ve got up to leave. Nope aint noone.

    • After seeing your failed attempt at wit, I suggest you stick with your current line of work.

  3. Awful name for a movie! Sounds like a Tyler Perry movie, what are they doing to our heroes?!

    Vinnie Jones and 50 Cent are in this, sounds like a fail to me

  4. The Tomb sounded intriguing but Escape Plan is the nutshell of the movie.

  5. The Tomb sounded to Indiana Jonesish IMO.
    However Escape Plan is not a good title.

  6. Having it compete with machete kills IMO is gonna kill this movie because Rodriguez filmed the first one almost like a Tarantino movie. Guns, Knives, & blood with half naked chicks so if that’s any indication of how the second one is filmed well then the movie should have kept the title. The Tomb

  7. Back in the day, I had an idea for a match up with these two. Stallone as an undercover cop investigating bad guy Schwarzenegger, by the end it switched to Schwarzenegger as an undercover Interpol agent and Stallone as the real dirty cop. Called it “To the Death!”

    Now that could mean just going up a flight of stairs.

    • Your idea still sounds intriguing, except someone put a third leg on that tripod and now calling it TWO GUNS with Mark Walberg and Denzel Washington. It’ll be out in July.

  8. Stallone playing the world’s leading expert on prison security
    may be a a leap too far of faith for Stallone even in his prime.
    Sly can be credible even as an aging action hero but not brainiac.

    Jim Caviezel is in this and I wish he was the lead who enlists
    a couple of imprisoned old school types to help in his escape.

    The biggest problem with the new title is the word plan.
    This is a movie about the action and not about the plan.

    • @Robert Palmar

      That idea you have with Jim Caviezel… “a couple of imprisoned old school types to help in his escape.” That’s the movie I want to see. No question, the title of a non-franchise movie is the essential ingredient.

      But for all this, nobody has seen the actual movie, yet, so who the hell knows anything? Except, the two stars are running buddies and are in this flick together due to the success of the EXPENDABLES.

      • My reply below was meant to you, Frederick, and not myself.

    • If the screenplay is up to the concept this can work.
      The buddies do have a record of success together.
      I like my notion and appreciate the endorsement.
      I am hoping Caviezel still has a substantial role.

  9. I like the previous title as well. Escape plan does sound like it could be a comedy or chick flick.
    If the movie is good though, then I guess the title won’t matter. I hope it doesn’t lose money again like the previous Arnold/Stallone movies did though, since those didn’t deserve it from what I’ve heard.

  10. The Tomb was bad planning.

    Considering the ages of these two.

  11. This could easily make a billion dollars… if it was still the 1980’s.

  12. “The Tomb” probably was too clever a name for this kind of movie and today’s audiences. But why didn’t they rename “The Last Stand” to “Sheriff Kills Bad Guys”? Or “The Expendables” to “Jungle Action”?

  13. Always like Arnold. I actually wanted to see “Last Stand”. But, it came and it went really fast in my 1 theater town.

    Outside of the first 2 “Rocky” movies, the first “Rambo”, and the “Expendables”, I haven’t liked a lot from Sly. He has made just a ton of bad movies, in my opinion.

    This will be in my “kill a weekend” department. If I am bored and we need to kill the weekend when it comes out, I might give it a shot. Truthfully, the “Tomato meter” might decide it for me.

  14. A prison designed to be escape proof is center stage for these players.
    The film therefore might better be called “No Escape”— plus there looks
    to be no escape from Arnold and Sly trying to do this stuff once again.

    • When these movies are no longer an ATM for the studio, Sly and Arnie will “escape”.

      • Agreed. As long as that pin number works it that account will remain open.

  15. I don’t know that “Escape Plan is the right title, but it is a lot more appropriate than The Tomb”, which sounds more like a cheesy horror flick or something off the syfy channel.

  16. I wanted to see both “The Last Stand” and “Bullet to the Head”, but my local theater didn’t get them (turns out they were closing it down at the end of February) and I didn’t want to drive the 1/2 hr to go see them. I will definitely be checking them out as soon as they’re available to rent from RedBox or Netflix. The good news is that there will be TWO new theaters in my town by September, including one that will play limited run films. So I will definitely be seeing this when it comes out!

  17. Both titles are pretty bad.

    A combination could be cooler: “Tomb Escape”


    “Tomb Raiders” (Guess that’s taken though)

  18. I think it should be called Lock Up 2

    • @Pyronaut

      Probably would sell more tickets. But then we’d be stuck with LOCK UP 3.

  19. Good to see these guys still working though. If done right, the movies can work too.

  20. The tomb felt like their version of die hard and face/off that both Schwarzenegger and Stallone were considered for. It was good. Very good. I would like to see arnold and sly together again in expendables 4 or some other film.