Schwarzenegger To Play An Angel In ‘Black Sands’

Published 3 years ago by , Updated August 2nd, 2013 at 9:22 am,

Word got out that Arnold Schwarzengger would follow up his supporting stint in The Expendables 2 and his comeback starring role in The Last Stand with a leading turn in another action-thriller: Black Sands, a new project directed by onetime stunt supervisors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh (the upcoming Act of Valor) based on a screenplay by The A-Team writer Skip Woods.

The film was then being described as a Commando-style flick that would pit a loner (Schwarzenegger) against a vicious weapons manufacturer; now, the project (which has not been retitled Black Sunday, despite reports to the contrary) is said to be more of a genre mashup.

Arnold Fans has the scoop on Black Sands, which will reportedly star Ah-nuld as an immortal warrior (he describes his character as “kind of an angel”) who battles the aforementioned criminal and his heavily-armed thugs. Principal photography on the project is slated to begin on location in Belen, New Mexico on April 1st, 2012, with a mid/late 2013 release date most likely in mind.

Some of Schwarzenegger’s best blockbuster titles have managed to successfully blend sci-fi and action movie tropes (ex. Predator, Total Recall, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, etc.). However, things didn’t turn out so impressively the last time Schwarzenegger appeared in a movie that crossed a straight-forward thriller with supernatural elements, ie. the 1999 critical dud End of Days.

Everyone is currently waiting to see if Schwarzenegger still has what it takes to convincingly play a badass onscreen and carry the bulk of a movie – as The Last Stand will (theoretically) prove to be true. The creative talents attached to Black Sands know how to construct an entertaining popcorn flick, but that won’t matter so much if the film’s leading man isn’t still up to the task of playing the hero…

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Black Sands as more information is released.

Source: The Arnold Fans

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  1. Arnold as an angel…even “kind of an angel”? Really? Arnold?

    Mmmhmmm…Yup. Very believable…


  2. Sounds Fyyucking dumb

  3. Good to see Ahnuld back.

  4. almost every movie sounds stupid on paper. the final product is a different movie.glad to c Arnold back, now we just need mel Gibson back and we have two of the greatest movie stars back where they belong.

    • Would love to see Gibson back as well, but the Hollywood hypocrites seem to enjoy building themselves up by continuing to put him down, I’m guessing because he is a relatively conservative Christian, albeit a fallen one. (Ironic how it was alright to have Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, in the Hangover movies, but they took away Gibson’s part in the sequel, because he was a drunken name-caller.)

      • I’m betting it has more to do with the fact that he insulted an entire religion. Sexual violence and cheating seem to be much more forgivable in American society, boisterous protestations notwithstanding.

        After all, consider that Chris Brown (music), Kobe Bryant (sports), and Newt Gingrich (politics) are still popular and successful. Granted, there are possible examples of this idea breaking down (O.J. Simpson is now laughable, at best, though much of that has to do with the controversy surrounding the trial and Simpson’s activities afterward; John Edwards cheated, BUT he also broke the law), but the concept, overall, holds true…unfortunately.

        I am not one to defend the idiots who seem to inhabit a good portion of Hollywood (and sports and politics and education and…), but I must warn against jumping to conclusions about decisions made by these people. Remember that Tom Cruise made a fool of himself, lost face, yet managed to (eventually) return; Arnold Schwarzenegger is, just now, experiencing his ressurgence after having shown himself to be a scummy cheater.

        Consider this, please…

        • Well, insults to Christianity abount in Hollywood, so I can’t say I agree with your premise…

          • Well, I never said that religion is the only career-destroyer, just that it is considered socially more troublesome than other gaffes, screw-ups, and idiocies. Plus, Gibson very specifically insulted a religious group, not just said something or wrote a script with an inappropriate message. THAT was my point.

            • Ironic how for some, a knock against a religion made while drunk is career ending, and for others, like liberal propagandist Bill Maher, deliberate and habitual provocative speech against a religion is career building.

              • There is one major difference in the two examples: Bill Maher will attack ANYONE he feels is at fault for something…People might consider him offensive, but they know he’s will, in some way, offend everyone. Commentators and talk show hosts on BOTH sides of the political divide use similar, if not often even worse, tactics. Gibson attacked a specific group in a hateful manner.

                Oh, and being drunk is NEVER an excuse. He chose it, he did it, and he (many people firmly believe) meant it.

                You keep trying to turn this particular issue (Mel Gibson’s foul-mouthed stupidity) into a political one…It simply was NOT. It was just Gibson running off at the mouth in a very very bad way. It’s likely that provided audiences still find him a viable actor after enough perceived time has passed, Gibson will make a comeback (whether successfully or not remains to be seen) just like the aforementioned celebrities.

              • @ Jeff

                Bill Maher is one person i can’t stand. Just the sight of him irritates me. I notice when flip thru HBO channels i notice his show on but never stop there but wonder what he’s rambling on about at that time. I wonder when the day comes when Michael Moore has his own show aswell.

              • m.gibson is an actor,he shouldn´t make religious or politic things,it´s his own fault that nobody wanna see him on screen. and,you see it in his eyes,he´s totally weird.

      • Thanks couldn’t say it better my self !
        Would love Mel back…,man i miss him !

  5. reboot the predator franchise- after pred 2- bring back dutch.

    • They already did that with Predators and it was only somewhat successful.

      • it was piffle, because they didnt have arnie/dutch
        remember predator was a SHWARZENEGGER movie firstmost, without the oak its nothing.
        adrian brody? seriously? the pizza delivery boy hero from avp requiem was more convincing.
        arnie needs to get back to predator asap and ride that mutha to the stars.

        • @ ben

          The returning female soldier mother character was the most convincing imo in AVP-R. Rest of the cast wasn’t just right which i found lacking in the film.

  6. I liked PREDATORS and it’d be so awesome to see Dutch show up in the next one. He could say “You mimicked my every move to defeat them last time; good job!”

  7. If there’s a chopper and he has to get to it, it will be a hit.

  8. Agreed. Though I love the director’s work on that Border war movie he is making, I am underwhelmed by his first couple starring vehicle choices.

    Predator would to me be a natural fit to return to form. An aged and perhaps more whiley Dutch would be quite interesting and a bigger splash.

  9. He is really keeping himself busy since he came back on the scene huh.

  10. Back to the 80’s
    …. hold on…people have moved on from meat head production films.

  11. I wouldn’t mind Arnold having a large or minor role in a Predator sequel.
    Im more curious & waiting about whether or not he’ll be in T5. Hopfully that film will be R-rated, better directed, & still set in post-judgement day till the end of T6 if they get to that point of-course.

    • I think Arnold is already confirmed to return in that movie. The studio is just waiting on another director or Justin Lin to return. And seeing how there’s two fast and the furious sequels coming, they’ll probably find someone else.

  12. For god sakes people…. he’s really knocking on now, the muscles have turned to gloop. What’s the attraction to see pensioner with a gun? you’re not likely to see him on stage in a Shakespearian role either.

  13. just come bach. you said you would be bach.