2. Army Of Darkness

“Well Hellllloooo Mr. Fancy Pants.”

Here is the most frightening part of this article: I, a committed lover of camp and horror (emphasis on camp), a woman who has seen horror movies that most people would never dream of (Slumber Party Massacre and all ensuing ideations of the “driller killer” included) have just recently been introduced to the the genius of Army Of Darkness. Horror, tragedy, total geek-fail, I know. Let us all take a moment of silence.

Thank you.

OKAY! Thankfully our own fearless leader Vic Holtreman, rectified years of deprivation when he insisted I watch the film before writing this post. Thank you Vic, you have introduced me to what is now one of my favorite camp masterpieces of all time. How I have, up until this point, experienced such a glaring lack in my camp education will remain one of life’s great mysteries; like the loch-ness monster or why President Obama was asked to “weigh in” on The Jersey Shore on The View (add to that, why he was on The View).

For those who have been similarly Army Of Darkness-deprived, the film is the third and final instalment in master horror director Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy. Also known as: Evil Dead 3 , Bruce Campell vs. Army Of Darkness, or, my favorite, The Medieval Dead, the film picks up where Evil Dead 2 left off. In it, our hero Ash is transported back to 1300 A.D., where he must fight the army of the dead for the magical book the Necronomicon, so he can save the village, mack on the girl, and be sent home. The film unequivocally solidified Bruce Campbell’s status as a cult icon, and hero to the horror fan masses.

The seamless blend of horror and slapstick, exceptional use of site gags, high-speed zoom-ins, and hilarious POV shots, make this film stand out as the work of a master craftsman. The “spike POV” shot, and jump into the chainsaw arm, in the hell-pit at the open of the film, are particular favorites of mine. It is also important to highlight the fun way this film illustrates the idea of a man in a battle against himself, and the, not so subtle, cultural references — such as a twisted Gulliver’s Travels.

Camp is one of the most underrated, and difficult to achieve styles, of filmmaking. When it is done well, there is simply nothing better, and this movie is a tremendous achievement in the world of camp.

There are too many golden moments in Army of Darkness to be counted. Thankfully, one faithful fan has compiled a video of some of the films choicest one-liners. Now, I am not one to pick favorites amongst the children, but “this is my boom stick” and I have a very special bond.

Check out the compilation video below (Please note, this is NSFW, due to language, and well, general content):

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