6. Beetlejuice

“Barb, honey… we’re dead. I don’t think we have very much to worry about anymore.”

If you have not yet seen Tim Burton’s fantasy masterpiece, well, you have lived in a state of unknown, but very real, cinematic destitution; alas, there is hope for you yet. To get you up to speed, here is the quick synopsis:

A couple of recently deceased ghosts contract the services of a “bio-exorcist” in order to remove the obnoxious new owners of their house.

The bio-exorcist in question is none other than Michael Keaton, in one of the greatest roles of his career, Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice and Keaton were one of those magical marriages of actor and character. He embodied the devilish charm of some mix between Loki, and a used car salesman. The portrayal was comedic perfection, and remains forever one of my favorite fantasy characters and stories. The cast is rounded out with Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara, and Jeffrey Jones. Beetlejuice is full of stunning visuals and landscapes, richly drawn characters, wit, whimsy, occasionally creepy moments and heart-warming relationships. It is classically Burtonesque in that, the characters in the story who are seemingly “strange and unusual” (i.e. dead) are often so much more sane, together, and grounded than the supposedly “normal” members of society.

Take a look at a flavor of the fun you can expect from Beetlejuice:

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