1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

“A different set of Jaws.”

If you have never attended a midnight showing of the 1975 camp classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I may go so far as to say – you have not yet lived. Thirty-five years later, the movie remains a fan favorite for lifelong devotees and new initiates alike. This gem still screens at special midnight showings in theaters all over the world; so, it’s not too late to join the party. Just remember to bring snacks to toss at the screen, and don’t wear anything you are terribly attached to. The in-theater, sing-a-long experience is tremendous, but the film can still be thoroughly enjoyed at home.

Rocky Horror, for those who haven’t seen it, is a musical-horror-sci-fi-comedy hybrid; starring Tim Curry (Dr. Frank-N-Furter), Susan Sarandon (Janet Weiss), Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors) – and wait for it – Meatloaf (as Eddie).

Here is the brief synopsis:

A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

The musical maintains its cult-classic status, and finds its way more and more into mainstream media as a pop-culture reference. The television series Glee just did their Halloween special Rocky Horror Picture Show episode, which featured guest star/cameo appearances by both Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf. In addition, Glee’s Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison performed the roles of Brad and Janet at the Wiltern theater in Los Angeles, this past Thursday, along with an all star cast that included: Jack Nicholson, George Lopez and Danny DeVito. The performance was in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the film.

Lucas Grabeel, Evan Rachel Wood & Danny DeVito Perform In The 35 Anniversary Celebration Of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' In Los Angeles

Take a look at the original 30 second trailer for Rocky Horror below, and take special notice of the tag line. Genius? Yes.

As an added bonus, here is the original title sequence to the film, set to the title song “The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Science Fiction Double-Feature.” Please do, once again, note the character descriptions below the character names, a personal favorite is “MAGENTA (A Domestic).”

Thus concludes our tribute to hilarious Halloween howlers. Pick one up to enjoy tonight; and let us know what some of your favorite campy, fun, ridiculous and frighteningly funny horror films are. Happy Halloween to one and all!

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