Scarlett Johansson’s Pregnant – What Does This Mean for ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’?

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Scarlett Johansson Pregnant What does this mean for The Avenger 570x294 Scarlett Johanssons Pregnant   What Does This Mean for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Over the last six years, since Marvel Studios introduced a whole round of superhero films rolling out in phases, we’ve been treated to eight unique films within a continuous timeline. Yet not one of these films has featured a female character in the lead role, with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow coming the closest to getting an actual storyline.

The Black Widow first appeared as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Iron Man 2, who was tasked to keep an eye on Tony Stark by Nick Fury, before moving on to co-star (as well as have her own story arc) in the hugely successful The Avengers. Her next appearance will be in this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where she’ll help the Captain uncover a vast conspiracy. And now with The Avengers: Age of Ultron gearing up to begin filming, and the Black Widow’s part in it said to be very big, this latest news comes at quite a surprising time.

E! News has exclusively revealed that Scarlett Johansson is expecting her first child with fiancé Romain Dauriac. The pair, who first went public with their relationship in November 2012, just announced their engagement back in September. While we’re very excited to hear the happy news and bid the couple a hardy congratulations, the question on most people’s minds now is: How will this impact The Avengers 2?

Johansson is currently preparing to go on a promotional tour for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then she’s scheduled to join The Avengers 2 cast overseas on April 5th. However, E! News also reports the actress is already four to five months along in her pregnancy, leaving very little time to get a plan in action before filming begins.

Scarlet Johannson as Black Widow 570x322 Scarlett Johanssons Pregnant   What Does This Mean for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Luckily, an inside source has revealed that shooting for the sequel will be arranged to accommodate her pregnancy:

“They’re going to fast-track her scenes.”

In other words, expect all her filming to be done as soon as possible.

Although this is the first we’re hearing of her pregnancy, it’s hard to believe that director Joss Whedon hasn’t known about it for at least a little while. At this stage, her ability to do physical stunts is quickly becoming an issue, and measures need to be taken to ensure production runs smoothly.

Usually, filming would try to hide a pregnant actress behind props and carefully placed camera angles, but seeing as this is such an action-oriented role, it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle it in this case. The likely guess is they’ll use Johansson for close ups, keeping a body double around for far away shots. One thing’s for sure though, her tight leather suit won’t hide her pregnancy for much longer.

avengers hawkeye black widow Scarlett Johanssons Pregnant   What Does This Mean for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Then there’s the matter of a solo Black Widow film. While still a long way out – and not even a sure thing at that – it’s possible the film’s future could now be in question. If Johansson puts her career on hold to raise a family, the proposed film might very well get stuck in limbo.

Then again, we may be all worrying for nothing. Plenty of actresses have families and go on to have incredibly successful careers, even in the action movie genre. The good news is, she’s definitely still in The Avengers 2 and, as far as we know, her role won’t be truncated.

What do you think of the news, Screen Rant readers?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier will arrive in theaters on April 4th, 2014. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is scheduled to premiere on May 1st, 2015.

Source: E! News (1, 2)

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  1. Do some reshoots and kill her off at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

    Then bring in Wasp or Miss Marvel for Avengers 2.

    • did you read the article? they said whedon’s script features a heavy black widow presence. they already started filming, you think whedon has the time to rework the script that significantly? especially considering her death would also have a significant affect on the dynamics in avengers 2.

      • Did YOU read the article? It says they haven’t started filming yet.

        My suggestion would be to do everything she does in the movie at the end of filming and hope when that time comes the kid will be out and she won’t have to worry about jeopardizing the fetus with stunts or falls like she would with fast-tracking.

        But congrats to her anyhow.

        • YEAH, I DID READ IT.

          Filming may not have started but it’s VERY CLOSE, so going off of the previous guy’s post, how the heck do you think Whedon could rewrite the script so significantly, get everything to work out logistically, and take out ScarJo’s presence? Note, I’m merely reference the other guy’s suggestion that ScarJo be completely written out.

          • People actually die IRL in the middle of films and they figure out how to make that work. She’s a professional actress with a “heavy presence” in one of the largest sequels in film history and she can’t use birth control properly?

            I say they’re better off cutting their losses now and being done with it. They could just replace her with another actress for the role of course, maybe one whose waist isn’t so embarrassing to them they feel the need to photoshop it like they did for the Winter Soldier posters.

            Emily Blunt is still bemoaning turning down the role, hire her.

            • C’mon. You are making it sound like getting pregnant is a bad thing. Actors and actresses have their own personal lives as well.

              So based on your logic, I guess many companies should be firing all lady employees who they found to be pregnant and hire new cheap junior staff?

              • It’s not wrong to get pregnant man, but you don’t do it after you have already signed a multi-million dollar deal that requires you to be a super hero in a few months upon which half a billion dollars of investor money is riding.

                You wait until after you’ve filled your contract and then you take a break. Sorry, but I’m sure with Avengers money, a condom and BC pills are within reach.

        • Actually they have started filming. The main cast hasn’t arrived for filming yet but the overall movie already has in South Africa.

    • Kill her? That escalated quickly.

  2. Congrats to her. As for Age of Ultron, that’s what scheduling and all that is for. So, no worries whatsoever.

  3. Scarlett has come a long way and done a fine job with black widow. But if wants to raise a family
    you move on to a russian actress and continue her character. Next man up concept, end of story.

    • Yup. Cally me misogynistic, but getting pregnant in the middle of a multi picture contract, sabotaging the production, could justify getting replaced. If she couldn’t be bothered using contraceptives and couldn’t wait with starting a family for another couple of years (when she’s getting divorced anyway… it’s Hollywood after all. :D), then someone else should get the chance to step up to the plate. Most people probably wouldn’t be that sentimental about a minor character, even though she did a good job. They did it with Norton, they did it with Howard. I’m sure they already have a file with a list of replacement castings for her character in some drawer as well, just in case.

      • Replaced? Yeah, because making movies is the most important thing ever. LOL!

        • I didn’t say that. But just because she decided to focus on something more important it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an effect on the things that are less important to her (e.g. making movies).

          Having a kid is indeed one of the most important things one can do, but it still stops you from doing less important things. You are forgetting that there are two sides to this. It’s not all about her. It’s first and foremost a business thing, with her just being a small cog in the machine. And yeah, if she can’t do the job anymore that she was hired for, she can get replaced, believe it or not.

  4. That is great news for her family. I am sure that they will work it out just fine. Maybe they could re-write the role so she could have a husband in the Age of Ultron. Who knows, but this is so cool for Scarlett.

  5. In a CG-heavy film like this, I would not be surprised if they even digitally removed any baby bump in post in any up close shots. Think about reducing people’s physical stature in Hobbit and LOTR Films. Surely removing a pregnant belly would be easier…

    That and the aforementioned camera tricks and body doubles. No one will even know.

    • Yeah, that’s definitely an option. You forgot the most obivous example: Steve Rogers aka Captain America before his transformation. ;)

  6. I for one never liked her in the role so maybe recast or kill off the character at the end of the movie.



    On a related note: someone posted a funny comment on fb about this where they changed the title to “Age of Ultrasound.”

  8. Let them just mention in the movie that hawkeye impregnated her. Problem solved.

    • Used Spermatozoa Arrow amiright?

  9. I think Joss Whedon will know what to do.

    • Looking at pregnant Scarlett…yeah, he surely knew what to do and know how to solve it.

      “Come not between the mama and her child”
      All hail the Weed

      • What are you talking about?

        • Sounds like old “Goosie” or whoever was smoking the weed. Astro-turf-heads aside, Black Widow pregnant? Looks like Hawkeye was shooting more than arrows! Or maybe since it is a “Black Widow”, Spiderman is the culprit??

          • Astro turf, haha.

            You are forgetting the obvious, whomever it was is dead.

        • If clown is not funny clown must go *shoots in th hea

          • ^Seek Help^

    • I think Joss Whedon will know what to do. Whether it is reducing her role in the movie or incorporating her pregnancy. In Joss I trust.

  10. Here’s an idea

    Have “Black Widow” undergo plastic surgery (i.e. change actresses) because her cover was blown and her face became published in Russia or somewhere so they had to change her appearance for the time being

    Then if Johansson can ever come back undo the plastic surgery and BAM

    Black Widow lives :3

    • That is just about as bad as the convuluted and unnecessary explanation The Matrix had for the Oracle. Mark Ruffalo looks nothing like Ed Norton, nor does Don Cheadle look like Terrance Howard. And although it’s a different franchise, Maggie Gyllenhall doesn’t resemble Katie Holmes in the least bit. My point is, if a superhero franchise is forced to change actors between films, the best way to handle it is to ignore the elephant in the room, and just enjoy the movie. Trying to explain it away with dialogue just brings more attention to it, as in Matrix: Revolutions. Besides, replacing Scarlett doesn’t seem to be the road Whedon is taking anyway.

  11. Uggh, just like a woman to go and screw up your epic world building multi movie superhero film.
    Well, lets just put it in the movie and make the audience wonder which of the avengers is the father.



    p.s. : I’ve recently watched episode V again.

  13. Lets go to old times when a woman was played by a man, no need for my brothers and sisters to sit down and clean the shots, no need for smart shot angles, problem would be solved for ever.

  14. Sigh… See, kids, this is why you should not have sex before marriage.
    Eh… congratulations anyway, though I guess this means less screentime for Black Widow.

    • Are saying if she was married she wouldn’t be pregnant? Strange theory.

  15. … I’m going to hell for this, but wouldn’t the Hulk be willing to take care of this problem. ;)

  16. just make scarlet witch take her spots. she should not get a movie ticked off on her contract. she clearly never planned for this and marvel wont wait for her. she cant do anything except talk because its too risky.

    i wonder if the contracts have anything in them about pregnancies.

  17. Mmmmm im gonna beg for buttermilk.

  18. Black Widow got Knocked Up lmao

  19. Scarlett will look bloated up like Marion Cotilllard in some of the TDKR scenes.

  20. I’ll bet its not Hawkeye’s :)

  21. Too bad this couldn’t have somehow been worked into the Marvel one-shot accompanying the Blu-ray release of Thor: The Dark World! If the character of The black widow gets pregnant it could be the ultimate cliffhanger it could be anybody’s did the black widow ride the energy portal and go have a one night stand with Thanos? maybe!

  22. What do you mean, “pregnant”? No one has sex with her. She’s a virgin for all I know.

  23. Run the Liberal playbook and have an abortion to keep film continuity in place. All the Liberals involved in this project will totally support this. I’m being facetious!

    For real congrats! Let her have the baby and then shoot her scenes.

  24. they will definitely not be able to do reshoots for Captain America, as it comes out in less than a month, they should just fast track and let her do her up close shots then use a stunt double for her action scenes so not only can they get her scenes done fast and she doesnt have to take on any physical scenes

  25. Fast track her scenes, use a stunt double for fighting and close-up when normal shooting. After she delivers re shoot some of her scenes to correct if needed.

  26. Hire a black woman for the role. I mean, she is the “Black” Widow. And apparently race isn’t important in these things so, yeah, recast the part.

    • really? are we still on that subject, in a completely unrelated thread? just get over it already. the new JS/HT is gonna be an african-american. if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. by bringing it up, you only spur more interest, which seems to me would be the last thing you and your ilk would want.

      congrats to scarjo, not that she’s reading this anyway.

  27. A pregnant Black Widow was always going to be central to the plot of A2. The who’s the daddy question will be the main driver of the story. SPOILER: Ultron IS the father.

  28. Lol some of yall are indeed a trip , smh yall are something else.