Scarlett Johansson’s Pregnant – What Does This Mean for ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’?

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Scarlett Johansson Pregnant What does this mean for The Avenger 570x294 Scarlett Johanssons Pregnant   What Does This Mean for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Over the last six years, since Marvel Studios introduced a whole round of superhero films rolling out in phases, we’ve been treated to eight unique films within a continuous timeline. Yet not one of these films has featured a female character in the lead role, with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow coming the closest to getting an actual storyline.

The Black Widow first appeared as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Iron Man 2, who was tasked to keep an eye on Tony Stark by Nick Fury, before moving on to co-star (as well as have her own story arc) in the hugely successful The Avengers. Her next appearance will be in this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where she’ll help the Captain uncover a vast conspiracy. And now with The Avengers: Age of Ultron gearing up to begin filming, and the Black Widow’s part in it said to be very big, this latest news comes at quite a surprising time.

E! News has exclusively revealed that Scarlett Johansson is expecting her first child with fiancé Romain Dauriac. The pair, who first went public with their relationship in November 2012, just announced their engagement back in September. While we’re very excited to hear the happy news and bid the couple a hardy congratulations, the question on most people’s minds now is: How will this impact The Avengers 2?

Johansson is currently preparing to go on a promotional tour for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then she’s scheduled to join The Avengers 2 cast overseas on April 5th. However, E! News also reports the actress is already four to five months along in her pregnancy, leaving very little time to get a plan in action before filming begins.

Scarlet Johannson as Black Widow 570x322 Scarlett Johanssons Pregnant   What Does This Mean for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Luckily, an inside source has revealed that shooting for the sequel will be arranged to accommodate her pregnancy:

“They’re going to fast-track her scenes.”

In other words, expect all her filming to be done as soon as possible.

Although this is the first we’re hearing of her pregnancy, it’s hard to believe that director Joss Whedon hasn’t known about it for at least a little while. At this stage, her ability to do physical stunts is quickly becoming an issue, and measures need to be taken to ensure production runs smoothly.

Usually, filming would try to hide a pregnant actress behind props and carefully placed camera angles, but seeing as this is such an action-oriented role, it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle it in this case. The likely guess is they’ll use Johansson for close ups, keeping a body double around for far away shots. One thing’s for sure though, her tight leather suit won’t hide her pregnancy for much longer.

avengers hawkeye black widow Scarlett Johanssons Pregnant   What Does This Mean for The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Then there’s the matter of a solo Black Widow film. While still a long way out – and not even a sure thing at that – it’s possible the film’s future could now be in question. If Johansson puts her career on hold to raise a family, the proposed film might very well get stuck in limbo.

Then again, we may be all worrying for nothing. Plenty of actresses have families and go on to have incredibly successful careers, even in the action movie genre. The good news is, she’s definitely still in The Avengers 2 and, as far as we know, her role won’t be truncated.

What do you think of the news, Screen Rant readers?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier will arrive in theaters on April 4th, 2014. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is scheduled to premiere on May 1st, 2015.

Source: E! News (1, 2)

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    • Um… have you SEEN the Avengers????????? She and Hawkeye are meant to be!!!!!!!!! You can’t do Captain America/Black Widow, it doesn’t work that way. And if you’ve seen CATWS you know that she belongs to Hawkeye. The arrow necklace????????? Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  1. she is still on fire

    • Meh, just that one part of her. I think that was just an std. Floats like a black widow stings when she pees.

  2. I don’t think it will much of an issue, especially with current technology. Remember that Penelope Cruz was pregnant when she shot the 4th Pirates of Carribean movie, so there are several possible ways to work this thing out:

    1. Use body double, just like Penelope who was replaced by her sister in action scenes.
    2. Use CG body double, the same way Rocket Raccon, Groot and the Hulk were filmed. And then after she gives birth, she can fill the spot by acting in green screen. Remember, the scene where the Avengers gathered for the New York battle? Iron Man and Hulk wasn’t even there. They added them through CG (You need to view the behind the scene footage to know this). Even Tony Stark was CGed in Iron Man 3 after RDJ had that small accident on set. Rocket was filmed using Sean Gunn to fill in his spot, and then replaced with the proper CG.
    3. Rewrite the script… though I’m not sure this will be the case, considering Joss Whedon doesn’t even stated his thought about this (yet), which probably means it’s NOT a problem.
    4. Introduce another character to fill in her part, probably… Wasp? Naah just kidding with this one.
    5. Schedule the shooting properly. If she’s in fact 5 month pregnant, that means she will due in around May, so still plenty of time for her to catch up with filming in June/July. Remember that we already know different actors had spoken different start date of shooting (some say March, other say April), so that means it is specially tailored to fit their tight schedule.

    The main issue with this news is the credibility of it, considering ScarJo herself hasn’t responded about it publicly/officially. Let’s just wait and see, and if it’s true… we’ll see baby bump during Winter Soldier premiere.

  3. Remember when Rachelle Lefevre got replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse due to a 3-day scheduling conflict? I am very curious to see how the double standard works in Hollywood. What are they going to do with the much higher profile Scarjo? She will be in her last trimester throughout filming. The sad thing is, her character is mostly there to look hot in a tight outfit and do some unrealistic ass-kicking. They might as well give all credit to her body double. Or call Bryce Dallas again.

  4. Hopefully it means she
    ll stop acting and someone else will take over the part. She’s terrible.

    • you are just jealous that she’s prettier than you!

  5. Well, this solves two problems that many fans were worried about: her smoking habit and the fact that smoking plus all the exercise she’s gotten over the course of the movies made her lose her curves.

    Unless she wants to seriously injure her baby, she’ll have to have stopped smoking. And many small-chested women find their figure changed in a positive way after pregnancy. So her curves should come back (and maybe she’ll finally beat her smoking habit, which will eventually age her prematurely anyway, ruining her “young role” career.)

    I am sure they will easily be able to get a body double and use CGI.

    And personally, I like her a lot as Black Widow and would be very upset if they got someone else. I’m happy for her and hope her baby is born stress-free and healthy.

    • Sexist d-bag

  6. Black Widow doesn’t wear a leather suit.

  7. the movie was already filmed. movies are not made overnight. there are budgets that every studio has a deadline. these movies are not made overnight. so I do not understand why this article is concerned about her being pregnant when the movie was made most likely before she got pregnant or big enough so that it was noticeable. it can take at least 2 years or more to make a movie get with the program

  8. are any of you commenters producing this movie? I did not think so. So how can you assume that they just started filming this avengers sequel movie? Its online so it must be true! No. anyone who is in the film industry already know this movie was already filmed just like with the winter soldier. This avengers sequel is finished. Movies are not quickly made.

    • GUY… theyre still filming.. youre a lil lost.

      • Just a tad bit. Stop acting like you know everything, when, honestly, you couldn’t be more wrong. They are still talking about it everywhere. If it’s still a concern to everyone working on the movie, then it is still a problem, meaning her filming isn’t done. Get with the program, get out into the world and find out what’s going on. Or just don’t comment about things you know nothing about. And before you hassle me about not knowing what I’m talking about, you said, “anyone who is in the film industry already know this movie was already filmed,” but I doubt /you/ are in the film industry. Over half of my family is in the “film industry”, from filming and costumes to producers and actors. I know what the h*ll is going on. Stop pretending.