Saw VII Writer Talks Plot Details

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Saw VII 3D header2 Saw VII Writer Talks Plot Details

The latest installment of the Saw franchise has experienced serious behind-the-scenes turbulence before the cameras have even started rolling.

The disruption involves the director of Saw VI, Kevin Greutert. Originally, Greutert departed the Saw franchise after the sixth film in order to direct Paranormal Activity 2, but for contractual reasons he had return for Saw VII. Entries Greutert wrote on his blog indicated he was none too happy about the whole thing.

However, moving on from the controversy, things appear to be going ahead as planned with Saw VII. Dread Central recently got a chance to interview writer Patrick Melton about the latest Saw film (amongst others projects). Melton talks about such things as the bigger (better?) traps we’ll see utilized this time around, and how it’s “definitely the most expensive and ambitious Saw movie that we’ve done.”

Of course, the writer of the movie is obviously going to say stuff like that – but nonetheless I’m sure it will fall on glad ears of the gorehounds out there who lap up every Saw film, never mind the weak characters or underdeveloped story. Here’s what Melton said about what we can expect from Saw VII:

“In this one we have bigger traps and more traps and more characters – especially characters from the past (films) – than we’ve had in probably any other Saw movie. It’s definitely the most expensive and ambitious Saw movie that we’ve done. Some of it is in response to last year’s Saw VI, which, while being the most critically acclaimed Saw film in a while, didn’t do particularly as well (at the box office) as everyone would have hoped, so we are going pretty far with this one in terms of the scale and intensity of the traps and the amount of twists, especially into the third act, which is just a plethora of twists and reveals.”

Saw 570x320 Saw VII Writer Talks Plot Details

For those wondering whether we’ll see Saw continue beyond the seventh movie, Melton addresses that very thing with the following:

“I can’t speak much of what the film is, but once you see it, you’ll understand that there is quite a bit of resolution (to the series). There is a place where it can go, but it’s been undecided at this point if the series will continue. If we end it with this one, then the entire franchise and story will be wrapped up in a nice pretty package.”

When Melton mentions that characters from past films will be returning, I can’t help but think and hope that it might include Dr. Lawrence Gordon. That name doesn’t ring a bell? [SPOILER!] He was the doctor from the first movie that cut off his foot and crawled out of the dank and dirty bathroom where he was being held… and we haven’t found out what happened to him since.

If Saw VII really is the end of the franchise, I can’t think of a better way to bookend it than to involve Dr. Gordon in some way (perhaps he’ll be the one carrying on Jigsaw’s work?…).


saw dr gordon Saw VII Writer Talks Plot Details

Will Cary Elwes return as Dr. Gordon in Saw VII?

If you’re interested in reading the rest of the lengthy interview with Melton – which includes him giving more info on Greutert’s reluctant return to the franchise and how he, as a writer, comes up with the twists and turns the franchise is known for – you can head over to Dread Central.

I’ve said it before but Saw has continued well beyond its prime (the first installment was the only “good” movie in my opinion), and seven movies is a running joke that isn’t even funny anymore. I really hope they wrap everything up with Saw VII and just wave goodbye to Jigsaw and the games he continuously wants to play.

saw jigsaw tobinbell Saw VII Writer Talks Plot Details

What do you think of what Melton has said about Saw VII? Do you want Saw VII to be the last film in the franchise or are you hungry for more movies after that?

Saw VII (in 3D) is set to hit theaters this year on October 22nd, 2010.

Source: Dread Central (via Shock Till You Drop)

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  1. You know I liked the first few, but these movies have really gotten boring to me. I watched Saw IV and Saw V partially, but I was so disinterested in it I didn't pay attention to most of the movie.

  2. Oh dear lord. Why are they even thinking about doing another one of these movies. The first few were good but now it is just stupid.

    • dude there getting better each time this one is going to be great but i think they should carry on making them i love this movie have from the start its the biggest gorefest people will talk about for years

  3. I'll be honest and say I like the Saw movies. Yea it's gone on probably too long and the quality has never really been there but I still get a kick out of them. And no I'm not a gore obsessed satan worshipper. I think they should end it here even though I'll see as many as are released but 7 would be a good place to stop. And 3D…why? just why?

  4. Are you kidding me with this…..? Next we'll be hearing about a reboot of the Saw movies. This is worse than the Halloween of Friday the 13th movies.

  5. i really do think that the Saw films have kept a solid plot throught out the series. BUt no matter how you slice it, 7 movies (or more) is just ridiculous. I own every Saw movie and I think they're great horror movies. I also thought that VI was the best one since the original.

    With that, I'm looking forward to a good conclusion to the series.

  6. the halloween remakes wrent that bad, and firday the 13th was ok, but could have been better.
    i hope this is the last of the series, but he pretty much said (indirectly) that if they do make heaps of money then there will be yet another saw on the way.

    i've only seen one of them in the cinema (the latest one) and i fell asleep, when i woke up (near the end of the movie) i knew exactly wtf was going on and what the 'twist' was.
    its becomeing to predictable now, simply because the twists are repeated throughout the series, its not like there are new twists etc.

  7. It's not the gore, it's the plot.

  8. I can't sit thru any of these silly blood & guts movies – they are so BORING! I wish they would stop making them period!

  9. The first one is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. The sequels are all garbage. This series should be dead by now.

  10. #1 was a masterpiece that could be watched 2 or three times without difficulty. #2 upped the ante slightly. I think it's the best of the lot. 3 through 5 is just… excessive. I do like that, as of 5 (haven't seen 6 yet), it's essentially about the police and their desperation just to figure this crap out.

  11. #1 was a masterpiece that could be watched 2 or three times without difficulty. #2 upped the ante slightly. I think it's the best of the lot. 3 through 5 is just… excessive. I do like that, as of 5 (haven't seen 6 yet), it's essentially about the police and their desperation just to figure this crap out.

  12. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. haha. You all are so clever and original. I want to hear something from those of you who do not like Saw, and do respond. I want to know what films you like? waiting…

  13. Hey jwalka…you like Halloween, and you are calling Saw predictable? Come down off your high horse crap sucker. Get a brain.

  14. Why is Saw VI the best since the original? You are talking to a Saw fan here.

  15. I see Hannibal as your picture…tell me: why do you like Hannibal Lecter but not the other Saw films…the rest of the franchise?

  16. One more thing…if there are any Paranormal fans reading this, please state that you like Paranormal. If you are a Saw Franchise fan, state Saw Franchise. We will see the numbers.

  17. I have to say. I love all of the Saw films. It just wouldn’t be halloween without a saw movie in the cinemas! For 6 years, i have been thinking to myself “this will be the last one” then another one appears. I love it. I get a thrill and a buzz when i hear things about the new ones, and i can watch every film back to back with ease without getting bored.

    I have seen each film probably about 10-20 times each. Either on TV or just watching them on DVD with friends who have never seen them before. Anybody i have ever watched them with has loved them! I agree to an extent that they are dragging plots out. But they are in no way predictable for me.

    The best one for me was probably 3. That was the point when everybody said the films were definatley over because he accually DIES! But i have to say, they have done really well to get them all the way up to 7. And i hope there is an 8th too. I LOVE THEM!


  19. I like more saw movies! They are the best horror film for me come on please more saw! >:)

    • I love saw personally. I think the twists are genius and I’m a fan of blood. >:)

  20. Im a BIG FAN of horror movies SAW is been one of the BEST FRANCHISE among most horror movies.

    But BEFORE becomes BORED TO VIEWERS : a great franchise MOST HAVE GREAT ENDING


  21. Everyone here is to critical. Saw revamped the entire horror genre of movies. Since the scream trilogy (which i am sad to hear they are opening back up) there really hasn’t been a good horror film much less franchise. Saw brought more to the screen than most films have tried and with the spawn of saw there have been other films willing to push the limits. If it wasn’t for the saw franchise there wouldn’t be movies trying to trick your mind like there are now, saw reinvented the twist in a story plot. The films are amazing if u actually “watch” them and get into the plot. Another thing, have the posts i am seeing say you fell asleep watching them, maybe if u paid attention u would have more respect for it. I would love to see anyone on this page try to do better, including the poster. That’s all.

    • Thank you, seriously. I love this movie, it’s absolutely ingenious, and I couldn’t have put that into better words myself.

  22. I am ‘SAW’ man. To my mind no movie can compete SAW Series. But I just want to say that I like SAW movie just because of Mark Hoffman. He is my favorite character. It is my life desire to meet him, so see him personally. It is just request to the director / writer of ‘SAW’ that Mark Hoffman should survive. He has been trapped in SAW VII (3D) but I wish that he must release himself from his trap. I will impatiently wait for next episode.

  23. I love horror movies, and i Absolutly LOVE SAW, i loved the last one. it was amazing, and anyone who hasnt seen it has to! i hope to make a horror movie someday, and follow in the directors footsteps for this movie, becuase im also a fan of blood. :)